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I have not started working with post-grad services but I here it good because they help with different aspects of finishing your degree and they make sure everything in complete and in place before you graduate.
My experiences at my school have been very convenient for me because when I need to drop a course or change a course it is easy and fast so I will not fall behind in the new scheduled course.
I love the student body at my college. We assist one another as needed and work great together as a team. Plus my college is very diverse with helps when it comes to difference regarding experiences and the real world.
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I believe that the value of my education is well worth any extra expense I have to pay and I do not mind because I really like the small size of the class room and technical aspects of my university.
I have not had any online courses yet but I have heard from other students that it is unique and has great features that assist well in learning for real word experiences.
The student library is the best and collects great resources for the students to utilize for research.
I am an online student
Offered Business Mangement and Healthcare Administration
I have tried for 2 semester to obtain personal living expenses.
My college offered Business Management and Healthcare Administration
I had no textbooks for 8 weeks because my schedule got changed at the last minute.
I have found Potomac College to be a very military friendly school. In these days of rising costs of tuition. The cost of a college education has skyrocketed. This has in some cases made it extremely hard for a lot of individuals to obtain a college education. The ones who have been the hardest hit are the veterans who were promised by the government that they would receive help to continue their education while serving in the military. They were also to have this same benefit when they separated from service. Sad to say this did not hold true so many did not get the college education that was promised to them. I am truly grateful for the tuition plan Potomac College has in place for those who are in or served in the military. This plan is truly a blessing for military personnel past and present. My hat also goes off to the financial aid department. I just enrolled in school today. The financial aid department has already taken care of all my financial aid paper work. All I am waiting on now is my classes and books. For these reasons I give the tuition and financial aid departments an A+_ jladdisonjr0517
I found the professors very good and flexible. However, there are some difficulties to keep students curriculum. I personally had problems with my map class, because some courses were not more offered and the school had to change my map class; which I did not like.
Being that it is an online college i work on my own time. The fact that there are deadlines comes with the territory. From other students to the staff everyone tends to have no problem working around other peoples schedules.
Unfortunately this is an online college. Therefor all financial aid is over the phone. Though the staff is more than willing to get to know your situation and help in any way that they can. They were able to give me a guarantee that my past experience with another college would not reaccure. So the only reasoning for a B rating would be the fact that there is no face to face interaction.
There always seemed to be issues with student financial aid. It was either misreported of misrecorded.
Teachers Are Human – The teaching staff was very forgiving of students when it came to deadlines for assignments due to life and work issues.
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Just Gets by – I can't say I "like" my school because of so many issues I had while attending. many of the problems dealt with the bursars office and the leadership of the school. Leadership went through many changes which causes a lot of turn over in the teaching staff and very low morale throughout the school. Additionally, it is not marketed well and the alumni organization is practically non-existent.

That said, the quality of instruction is first rate and actually teaches...not just taking your tuition. Much of what I learned, I have applied in my career and would recommend many of the degree programs at this school. Apparently they are well known for their accounting program.

Overall, I am satisfied with the school, but they could make an attempt to be a little more professional in dealing with their students. Additionally, an increase in diversity wouldn't be a bad idea either.
The great things I have to say about the school is its diversity and the size of class. It is really important to create a good communication with students, and I think that since I have been taken courses at Potomac college I am really happy with the environment and the accessibility to information about my program and careers opportunities.
School Facilities – I am basically satisfy with the computer network at school. Since I have my computer, I do not have problems with the wirelless access. Overall, the school provide a great access to students to print their paperworks and I think that is a good thing.
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