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I enjoyed the atmosphere of the campus. It is well protected. It's campus security is well alert and you never have to worry about walking in the dark alone because they will accompany you. It is very easy to make friends. It offers many different clubs as well as programs to benefit the student and make their college experience worth while. Plus they have the best turkey burgers. They are to die for and they are affordable. They are super good and if you are to take anything away for this review is that their turkey burgers are the Wow that made me sound older than I actually am.
Love the small classes which creates a tight-nit group with the students and the professors. The food is great. The scenery and events are lively. I can always find something to do. (Free food at these events is a bonus.)
UOP is a great school, with a beautiful campus, family-friendly atmosphere, and excellent educational programs. As a recent graduate, I felt safe, and valued as a student. Most of the faculty have doctoral degrees, and they truly care about providing an excellent education.
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The University lacks diversity which I feel plays a big part of college and the real world because you're not going to be around only one or two races. And to be more diverse they need to open up more to the different cultures and different races.
I really like the small classrooms and how much attention you can get here as a student. I would like to see the tuition go down though.
On my campus tour, it was amazing! I learned about all the extracurricular activities on campus ! My guide was great! I am looking to apply here !
University campus life is quite friendly and smoothing.

Because of the small campus size, there is more accessibility towards the assistance you need from professors and learning educators.

The clubs and programs are quite nice. Programs and facilities are instantly there when you need it.

I guarantee that it will be easier for one to make friends in the campus as the environment accepts people from many different backgrounds.

I gave this three stars because, the tuition cost and textbook/facility prices are RIDICULOUSLY and UNREASONABLY expensive.

I would suggest going to a different institution or transferring from community college if you cannot afford "to pay for tuition" even with financial aid plus scholarship.
My experience so far at the University of the Pacific has been great. I love that the class sizes are small enough to where I can actually get one on one time with my professors. The campus is also so beautiful its like it's own world outside of the city it is surrounded by.
The main features I like about the University of the Pacific is the smaller campus and population. The smaller campus is easier for me to navigate and find classes, while the smaller student population allows for a smaller classroom. The smaller classes allow for more interactions between students and the teacher, with more attention on the students. Professors are generally easy to contact, and are very dedicated to helping you
Not many people outside of NorCal know about UOP, but it really is a great school. Everyone on campus is so friendly, kind, and always happy to help. Not to mention, the campus is beautiful. As a student, after my first year, I've already built relationships with professors, thanks to the small class sizes and outstanding faculty. I feel like going to school here is really preparing me for my future!
Very friendly and beautiful campus. Small student body and small classes (usually no more than 100 for a lecture). Professors usually very easy to approach, and generally friendly student body who help each other out often. Greek life is prominent, especially the professional fraternities. Downside, it's in Stockton.
This is a small yet beautiful campus surrounded by nature and is nearby quite a few shopping centers, restaurants, and stores. With such a small campus, the classes have less students which means it is easier to talk to your fellow classmates and professors. Even the lecture halls are petite compared to the University of California lecture halls. Unlike public universities, the professors here are always available to help you during their office and no appointment is needed. For such a small cafeteria, there's a surprising amount of diversity in the food. The food on campus is within reasonable price and quite tasty. As with all universities, public or private, there is a fair share of awful professors as well as incredible professors. And last but not least, the biggest downside is the cost of tuition is so high that unless you have rich parents, you will need to take out multiple loans to pay for the tuition.
Very pretty campus, everyone wants to see you succeed. Lots and lots of available help around, like tutors, study group, individual meetings with teachers, etc.
University of the Pacific is a great place for students who want a more personal relationship with their professors.
I love this school. Being a part of the Conservatory of Music on campus has made me more aware of many things going on in myself and in the school. I have found out more about me at this school than I even realized. I am so happy to be ready for college and very prepare to see what comes next in my life and see what the future holds.
I like that the classes are generally small, even for freshmen GE classes. All of the professors I've had so far except one, are very helpful, and you are able to establish a more personal relationship with your professors due to the small class sizes. All of your professors will know your name, and they really care about helping you individually, how you are doing, and care about making sure you succeed, especially in SIS (department of International Studies). Another pro is that since its a small school, everybody knows everybody for the most part, and everybody is very friendly. For this reason, its also easy to make and find friends, and you'll see the usual students you see around the usual times you see them when you go to the cafeteria, the lair, the gym, or the library.
The Freshmen dorms, the walls are VERY thin, you literally could hear everything so it could get annoying if your floor or neighbors are loud and you want to sleep, study, or just want some peace and quiet.
The school is small, but that means that the professors actually care about you and know who you are.
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University of the Pacific is a great school. Campus is small and classroom size is small. Cafeteria food isn’t that great, but compare to other schools, it’s decent. There’s various club and work opportunities. Campus safety is also good because Stockton is not exactly a safe place. There’s not much around campus, but there is a mall and some variety of restaurants. Stockton is also about an hour from major cities like San Jose and San Francisco.
Just finished my first year at UOP and I am glad I came here. The academics are great, professors are well experienced and genuinely care about helping their students succeed. Every professor so far has been available for office hours and even encourage you to see them any time of day and they are really helpful. Student life is some what boring. There’s hardly anything that goes on around campus and a lot of the events are professional assemblies. Campus is really nice and you actually forget you are in Stockton because it’s so calm and peaceful on campus. The campus is safe. UOP has university police officers driving around at all times of day and there are emergency call boxes pretty much everywhere on campus.
It is a very clean campus and everyone is super friendly, some of the courses are challenging so be ready to work for your grade
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