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The University of the Ozarks provides a quiet and peaceful learning atmosphere. I am currently a senior there and have grown from both my time in the classroom, campus organizations, and friendships made. In my time spent I have improved my academic writing skills and have made valuable friendships with my professors, whom will help me to fund my future. I don't have a negative word to speak against the University. It is the best small town atmosphere you could ask for.
To me, the University of the Ozarks will make any student that comes here feel like family. Since the school is small, everybody knows each other. There's never a time on campus that I feel lonely because I have people around me that make feel apart of the school. The faculty is also very supportive of the students and intellectually challenge us to get the most out of our education.
I love U of O; it's a fairly small liberal arts college with a friendly community surrounding it. The campus is very diverse, with tons of students from Central America and Africa, as well as a few from France, Germany, and Japan. The professors are excellent, but there isn't enough of them really. The biggest issue with the school is the fact that it is trying to recruit more and more students without expanding faculty or housing. On top of that, the school has made the GPA and ACT requirements obsolete, so students apply that are wildly underqualified for the level of university education U of O has. It's a great school that I'd recommend to students with GPA of 3.0 and ACT of at least 25.
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It’s a nice small campus with beautiful scenery, the faculty is very hands on and always open to help if you have any questions, the overall campus is just a pleasant experience
There have been a lot of negative changes in the past few years, everything is a lot more strict and a lot of the faculty and staff are leaving. Do not go here if you need a job to pay living expenses!! You can only get a couple of hours a week on campus and it is nearly impossible to find a job off campus.
The faculty was very welcoming. I also fell in love with the diversity. They make you feel that they're really interested in you.
I love the University of the Ozarks. It's size sometimes causes petty campus politics but you can't beat the fact that everyone knows you!
If I could leave zero stars I would. I was so excited to go to this school, and especially with the new Lens program that they introduced this year. However, it was only introduced so the current provost could have a good looking resume when he applied to be a president at a different college. With the new Lens program it is super difficult to graduate on time. Actually, if a student is going into education, they can't graduate on time, and the University has admitted this. However, they are doing nothing to fix it.
In addition, I was more academically challenged in high school than I am at this college. I'm transferring to the University of Arkansas after this semester, and that is probably the smartest decision I have ever made. The only positive about this college is that the class sizes are relatively small, and the professors care. On the flip side though, since the college is relatively small, some classes are only offered once every four years.
U of O is one of the most beautiful colleges I have ever seen. When I went to preview the campus the atmosphere was just so friendly. It made me feel like I was at home.
It's a great small school, the education is amazing here. The only thing bad about Clarksville is that there is nothing to do within 20 minutes.
its great ,i loved it
Our public safety team is literally one of the best there is. They do not take anything lightly and will enforce whatever rules they need. They even put in new security systems that is accessed only by our id's to prevent break ins.
I really love the classes and that class sizes that we have. There is a broad range of classes to choose from.
We have a job fair on campus every year that is very helpful with graduating seniors. We also get a career corner email every week about the internships that are in arkansas and surronding states that help. It is really great.
The dorm hall i live in was built during the great depression and has only been remodeled once. Most people try to take clothes from the laundry room that is not theirs, the kitchen is not good and all. It is too expensive to live on campus, but it is very convenient. The people here are okay but not the nicest.
The athletics here are phenomenal. The students always get so pumped going to any of the games, the entire school supports each sports team. So they have plenty of fan support and school spirit. The facilities are great too they recently remodeled the gym and it is a very adaquate enviroment.
The university is a fantasic university. The classes are challenging but not so hard you want to cry, but the students that go here are not that great.
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Due to the increase in the class size there has been limited housing available but they are working on adding new apartments so this will be resolved. I live in the King dorm and while the rooms aren't very large, they are very well constructed and convenient for getting to classes and anywhere else on campus. A cleaning crew cleans at least twice a week so it's never very messy and the resident assistants do a very good job of making sure everyone is satisfied and following the rules. It's a great place to live especially for the freshmen.
Even though we do not have a football team, we have everything else. It's not hard for even the less active people to find a sport they belong in (for me it was shooting sports), and everyone here gets involved by either being on a team or going out and supporting one another. It's not that we really care about the sport if we don't participate, but that we care about our fellow students and seeing them do well. Sports help us all to get involved and become closer as a class.
This university is amazing! I wasn't entirely sure what field I wanted to go into but luckily there is something for everyone here and due to the required courses I get a chance to expand my thinking in order to get involved with so many different groups of people to find my niche. It has so many different programs and organizations on campus and is so involved with the community that it is not difficult to form bonds with people, and the faculty and staff are alwahs so accommodating and helpful because they want to see us succeed. I would choose this university a thousand times over if given the option because I feel as though I really belong here and everyone is so nice and the environment is amazing around here it's not difficult to de-stress when the workload gets overwhelming.
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