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1,490 reviews
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I did a college visit on the UIW campus back in October 2016. Their campus is as beautiful as I'd imagine; I loved the classes, programs, and opportunities they offer. I don't have any things I would change. This university is my dream and I can't wait to attend there.
Taking after hour classes. Love the school and the classes. Don't like the availability of some classes. Also, offer online classes at a higher price.
The University of the Incarnate Word is a wonderful university to attend. Their focus on each individual student is profound, and what makes UIW who they are. From the smaller classes, to the "everybody knows everybody" type of vibe, UIW provides a feeling of individuality to each and every student that attends.
The University of The Incarnate Word has been a great investment for myself. It has opened my eyes to so many opportunities that I had no idea existed. I hope to make the institution even better once I'm an alumni.
Overall, our university is a nice place to study and get your education. I truly believe in the values of the Sister's of Charity--Education, Service, Truth, Innovation, and Faith. Our University is growing and changing rapidly but it still preserving has a small campus feel environment. The people in the community are helpful, caring and engaged in the development of the student outside of the classroom. I love that the university is really close proximity to the airport, downtown and easily accessible to fun venues. I love the university and hope you do well if you choose to attend a Catholic Institution. You will not regret your experience at UIW! Home of the Cardinals!
While attending UIW for my Bachlors degree I had a very memorable expierence. The class size was small and it was easy to create study groups and friends. The teachers were open if help was needed outside the classroom. I would highly recommended this school to others.
I currently attend UIW, I have loved every minute of it. The atmosphere, instructors, and entire staff are simply amazing. I immediately felt at home and made friends.
I love the small class sizes and personalized experiences. The professors there are really there to help and want you to succeed. Outside of one or two experiences, I have had a great time with my classes. My only con for this is that it is a religious school, so expect that viewpoint to come up from time to time. However, it is 100% bearable, speaking as someone who is no where near religious. It is a small school, so be aware that social opportunities are based on sports events, Greek life, school sponsored events, etc. Making friends can be a little challenging, but that is to be expected from college in general.
UIW is overall a good school. I started out as a transfer student out here halfway my sophomore year and I loved being a student there. I loved the beautiful campus, the amazing professors here and the city of San Antonio overall. I really enjoyed running in the headwaters trails on campus and I loved making friends here on campus. There are some things that the University could work on and that is improving food service at cafeteria, improving police services and also making aid a little bit more easier on the financial side. But I am satisfied about earning my education there at UIW and I will never forget the memories that I made in that University that I love to call home! Go Cardinals!!!
This Fall 2016 was my first semester at the university of the incarnate word. For the most part I enjoyed the peacefulness of the campus because it is very small and intimate. Although, as I realized how much it is per year ($30,000) is expected there to be plenty of attractions or exciting things at this college. Sad to say that there are not many things to do in my spare time on campus, which makes me wonder where all of the students' money goes to. For how much we pay I'd think that the university would have many nice things on campus. Truthfully I have not satisfied with the campus and it has not been worth my money. I would really love for the campus to be remodeled or renewed to become more entertaining for students.
Incarnate word is absolutely homey to me. I come from a very small town so the student to teacher ratio was perfect for me and I didn't feel homesick to often since it gave me that feel. The professors are great and work with you! The caf is personally not the greatest. But they have fresh fruit on the daily and breakfast is great!
Since I came from a class of 25 in high school I really liked how small the class sizes are. The campus gives off a peaceful vibe that doesn't make the stress from classes so stressful.
If you're a student who still wants to feel like you're in high school... Not the place for you. Very quiet and grown up atmosphere.
I love most things about the school. I can go online or in person or a combination of the two. The information I am learning is very relevant. The professors are engaging and friendly. The only thing I seem to have trouble with is advisors. They have a high turnover rate.
I would not recommend this school to anyone. Horrible staff and a waste of money. It is very overpriced for the education you receive. The dorms always have ants and the food always has hair in it
I transferred to this university from another local university because of their online program. After being hired by a local company and working full-time hours, I had to find a different school, one that had an online program. Not only did UIW meet this requirement, but they also had classes for working adults, such as night and weekend classes. I am currently in the latter program, which is called ADCAP. It is a program that allows adults to complete full four-year degrees completely with night, weekend, and blended (online and classroom) classes. The educators here are the best and very dedicated to the students. The discounts for veterans are second to none.
I attended and graduated the BSN program May 2016 and loved the experience. Professors were intelligent, helpful and passionate. I enjoyed the beauty of the campus, surrounding areas and also the community activities and events hosted by the university. Most importantly, I loved the universities' commitment to ethics and commitment to the underserved and surrounding community.
I started their BSN Program this fall, and I am very satisfied with the campus and the program itself. All the faculty members are extremely helpful and truly want you to succeed in the program. The campus is beautiful and I see a lot of diversity within the students and faculty. Transferring to UIW was pleasantly smooth and everybody went out of their way to ensure I had everything completed before the program started. The local area is awesome regarding places to eat and there is a ton to do if you are not on campus but want to explore the area. The only complaint I have is the parking can be frustrating and constantly have to follow someone that is walking to their car in order to find a place to park. If you have classes very early in the morning, you should not have that problem, but if you come mid-morning or afternoon, it is a different story.
UIW is great if you want to dedicate yourself to academics. Very welcoming to everybody. However, sometimes athletes get a sense of priority. Small classes make the learning environment great as well as the friendliness of professors and students.
I wish this university had a wider variety of English courses, and courses in general. The professors are amazing, extremely passionate and knowledgeable, caring, and kind. Friendly community.
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