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This is a great school, with great employees in every department that I’ve encountered that are very eager to help you in your journey.
Incarnet word is a good school to goto for a degree in anything science related. It is a private school so it is a bit pricy I recommend apply for scholarships early on before attending. The classes and the professors are top notch and for the most part they make sure you know the material you can almost always ask for help from the professors and they will be happy to help.
The thing I loved about the most about UIW was the engagement that was given to me by the professors and advisers. College atmosphere was great with sporting events, festivals, and any other events happening on campus.
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So far, my first year at the University of Incarnate Word has been wonderful. It has met my expectations and beyond. One of my favorite things about the university is the class sizes. I love how small the classes are. They are usually made up of 15-20 students! it makes it so easy to focus and learn. You really get that one on one time with your teachers. The teachers are so kind and genuinely care about you as a student and will help you do everything in their power to help you be successful. I would definitely recommend this university to my high school friends.
The University of the Incarnate Word is a wonderful establishment. I am active duty military and they make taking classes too easy. The administrators are prompt and courteous. The transcript department cleared many classes from my previous colleges. All in all, the best school I have attended.
The campus life is fun and the location isn’t too far from downtown. It’s big enough to meet new people but small enough where the teacher to student ratio in the classroom is perfect. You really can get 1 on 1 help from your professor. One thing I would change would be renovating the older building or move to bigger land. UIW is land locked so the only way to build is up. It’s staring to get a little cramped.
I couldn't have chosen a better university to attend. The diversity is amazing and my professors are simply the best. They are willing to work with you through any difficulties you might encounter. Overall it is an excellent university and I am proud to be a cardinal.
They are very direct and open to people but can be very dead set in their beliefs. This has led to judging because this is considered a Catholic University. Diversity needs to be celebrated more.
If you are active on the campus and with organizations, this university can easily provide some of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.
As a former student athlete at UIW I was very disappointed with the athletic facilities and coaching for a division 1 school. However this is where the negatives end, the campus is beautiful and the classes are great. The location in the heart of San Antonio is also great for the full college experience. For a athlete I would consider other options, but for the average college student UIW is a great school.
Although it is one of the nicer universities in San Antonio, I was disappointed with the lack of financial help provided for and available to students. I think we will see many changes in the next few years.
I absolutely love everything that UIW has to offer. I have enjoyed the professors that I have taken, currently and in the past. The campus is gorgeous, especially during Christmas time. UIW has grown so much since my very first semester. The campus is upgrading, and the campus life is becoming more interactive making school as fun as possible. The library is awesome! It creates a comfortable and quiet environment to effectively study.
UIW was a great place to go to college. It is a small school that allows you the same opportunities that many large universities offer. The professors are there to help and always have an open door policy. I liked having small classes because it allowed me to ask questions during class and not just be a number within a crowd. There are so many different programs offered at UIW and the campus continues to grow every year.
University of the Incarnate Word is a great school that helps you feel as if you are part of a huge family. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. The staff is great and small classes means a better ability to get to know your teachers. The teachers are great. The school is in a great location with so many activities are around.
It's great it's like a big high school. You meet and see familiar faces everyday on campus. It's great!
I enjoy attending the University of the Incarnate Word because it makes you feel noticed. Class sizes are small so you always have the opportunity to voice your questions and concerns. Professors get the chance to know you and are never too busy for their students.
I love the integrity behind the school. Ever since we got a new University President, the community seems more connected with our principle core values. My personal experience with professors is the reason why I stayed at UIW after changing my major. It is an incredible feeling to be surrounded by an environment focused on higher thinking and spreading knowledge.
A very good diverse community, academic professors are excellent, and superb activities involvement.
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After waiting twenty years to go to college, I couldn't be more excited to be part of the Cardinal family. From the application process to finals and everything in between, the process has been smooth, the professors have been encouraging and the support is so much more than I could've asked for.
I loved the staff, they were professional, easy to reach, and very understanding. I also loved the formatting of the classes and how the curriculum flowed throughout the semesters.
UIW is a home away from home. You will always find a place you belong to here. The environment and community overall is extremely welcoming.
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