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This private university is very neat! It's expensive;but, all the activities are cool and nice to interact with. Everyone invites all to connect together in many cultural and social groups. The professors are nice and since the classrooms are small, they actually know your name and love to communicate with the class.
The campus is very diverse and accepting. You are exposed to many cultures that are willing to provide you with understanding where they come from. The academics and the professors are phenomenal. UIW is a great place to graduate from and looks good on resumes.
I took a tour of Incarnate Word and all of the residents were very friendly. The location of the campus was beautiful and the counselors were very helpful.
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The University of the Incarnate Word is a friendly and safe campus. Student life is great here. It is not known as a party school. The staff and professors are dedicated to the success of the students.
I am currently a freshman at University of the Incarnate Word. I am a Nursing major and words cannot describe how happy and excited I am for the journey I am entering. Many people do not have the opportunity to go to college, or strive for a bachelor's degree, and to me education is so important, no matter the cost. I am currently trying to apply for as many scholarships as possible because I know it's hard for my parents to scrape up the money to help me out. Incarnate Word is such a pretty school with such a loving community.
I am a student-athlete here at UIW. If I wasn't here for athletics, I wouldn't have come here at all. It's a wonderful school, beautiful campus, lovely people. But the price tag is ridiculous. Food here is ehh, classes are lots of fun, and I've learned a whole lot. UIW is not your typical college experience, but it may be the right place for you.
I've personally have had a wonderful experience here at UIW. I love the campus and I love the surrounding area. Like every college student, there are things we love about the campus and some things we do not like. I like the atmosphere and the student vibe on campus. One thing I would try to like to see change is the food in the cafeteria. They have added two wonderful additions to food on campus however, the food in the main cafeteria is not up to par sometimes. Some of the dorms on campus in all honesty need to be renovated as well.
University of the Incarnate Word is a faith-based university with a diverse student body, excellent professors, and sister schools around the world. The University of the Incarnate Word student-teacher ratio is small, which enables the students and teachers to be more involved, the students to learn better, a community that cares for each other and for the surrounding areas.
The thing I love most about my university is that it is a decent size to where I can socialize but it is small enough to where classes are small. I love getting the little bit of extra attention that you probably could not get at a large university. UIW also has a major called Rehabilitative Science that is very specific for what I want to study.
I like the small classroom they make good learning experiences. The professors are willing to help and answer any questions. It's a friendly safe campus.
Its a beautiful campus! A perfect size for incoming freshman. The dorms are very pretty and they feel just like home once you've settled in. Students are very nive especially to new freshman.
The University of the Incarnate Word is a small, close-knit community. To have fun, get involved in campus life. Academically, most of the professors are wonderful! There are plenty of student resource. The campus is so diverse and accepting. I love it! The food is improving, but there is a lot to do outside and around campus as well, so enjoy the experience by exploring.
The University is beautiful and the professors are so helpful. I am an incoming freshman and i already feel at home.
The university is great, along with the perfect class size. The only downfall is the expense, but for being a private school and having the best professors it's worth it.
University of the Incarnate Word is a one of a kind institution to obtain an education. Not only is it a place to learn, but a place that welcomes various people, from various backgrounds. The one on one learning, small classroom size allows students to effectively understand the courses they are in while creating great relationships with the professors. The educators never hesitate to assist student in accomplishing their goals or assisting them in taking courses needed for that semester. It has truly become a second family to me and I would say it has to be one of the best schools in the nation. The staff goes above and beyond for the students. What I particularly admire the most, is the background of the professors. They come from all over the world with various outlooks on their subjects and a wide arrange of worldly knowledge, allowing the university and the learning to be international and diverse.
I love how everyone is helpful and close. There is always cook outs and social events to attend to get comfortable in college life.
UIW is the best even though I'm going to the adult program they have , IT'S THE BEST!!! THE TEACHERS ARE EXCELLENT !!! STUDENTS ARE THE BEST, we all learn on the same level and we learn off each other , when we talk about our own experiences working at a school settings.
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I love the welcoming atmosphere, the small class size, being part of the community, and the Catholic foundation of the University. Another thing that I love is seeing the sisters being involved with the students and groups on campus.
I'm currently going into my senior year here at UIW and I have thoroughly enjoyed being here. Most teachers are very considerate and are available to talk to you. If I would like to see anything change it is adding more types of undergraduate and graduate degrees.
I love the university! Yes it is expensive, but it is worth every penny. The professors are understanding, well organzined, and are passionate about their jobs. The open-door policy at the university really helped me through my freshman year, when ever I had a question my professor was there to answer. The class sizes are small so the professor aren't overwhelmed by hundreds of questions from hundreds of students. Also, coming from small high school classes, the transitions from high school classes to college classes isn't a huge shock. The university offers a lot of scholarships, grants, loans, etc. to help students pay tuition. As of 2017 the tuition was about $46,000 but with all my scholarships (not from sports or from outside scholarships) my total tuition went down to $21,000. This is a great university and campus life is amazing as well. Everyday there's an event going on so you'll never get bored. I am proud to be a cardinal and you will be too.
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