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I love everything aboout the building. It is very diverse and pretty. They people are very nice and everyone is really welcoming.
The University of the Incarnate Word is a great university with small classes and amazing facilitie.
I am a high school senior about to graduate from high school. I went for a campus tour to the UIW, and even if i do not study there yet, I could certainly say that is a very attractive university. I definitely want to study there, I would recommend it to anyone interested in business majors, and also to anyone who like small-class sizes.
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Incarnate Word is a great private university to help you get a sense of the college experience here in San Antonio. It is beautifully built, open to all forms of religion, and organizes many community events but the cost of attendance and lack of modern updates to the inside of the building do not make it very marketable to a financially struggling college student.
I love the small campus feel. Small classes help me feel more connected with my professors. Learning in class is more of a one-on-one which makes it amazing to understand exactly what is being taught. The professors really get to know you and understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.
I like how the campus is small and classrooms are at a minimum where teachers can have a good ratio of talking to their students. The campus could hire tutors for the 3D Animation department to assist students who are engage in this major to help them understand their assignments more better. I feel like there no one who can help me with some issues in my homework that I really needed to improve on all I have are YouTube videos to watch but I feel that I understand more when someone is personally assisting you with something that you don’t quite understand.
I like the size of the campus, it is not too big and it is not too small. I like that its easy to get to places and the area outside of the university is just as beautiful as the inside.
The whole campus was just a unreal visit. Never realized that a great 4 year school like that could be so "interesting"
I am going on my 3rd year at UIW and this experience has been great. The campus is beautiful. I usually go on runs throughout the campus towards the little trials in the back which is wonderful. I realize the cost unfortunately is a fortune but you’re getting what you paid for I believe. There is some specific areas where they can nickle and dime you but also nothing is free. There is access to a gym which can be crowded but it has everything you need. There is a diverse amount of students which can help you connect and see different experiences and point of views. One thing I would change is the parking space it’s a hassile if you don’t have an early class or really late class but you just show up 30-45 mins early before class and you should be fine. The buildings are really old so their can be problems in the dorms. Other than that I’ve had such a great experience and can’t wait until graduation!
Fix their website, but other than that, I highly recommend this school to anyone who can go. It's an excellent place to learn and share ideas.
I love the professors at UIW. They are always willing to assist students, and are always available for whatever needs a student may have. The atmosphere is very vibrant, as well as it's location in Downtown San Antonio.
UIW is a great school that makes you feel at home and like a part of the family.I have attended for 1 year and it has been a great and fulfilling experience.
The University of the Incarnate Word is a very family friendly school. If you are looking for a small school this one is for you. It is located downtown of San Antonio which is the heart of the city. Not only does it have an amazing location but its staff is also amazing, the administration at UIW is always willing to help the students. It is however a very expensive school but, the one on one that you get from teachers and staff is always worth it. In this school you are not just a number you are a priority. I am currently studying Fashion Design and I can truly say the arts program is on top of it. The amount of information that you get is mind blowing. The program truly shows everything from the roots of fashion to culture appropriation in dress. The school also provides a lot of on campus community hours. I truly recommend this school specially if you are interested in the arts program.
The incarnate word has opened many doors for me and I have not even graduated yet. The friends I have made are amazing. The professors really do care about your future and want nothing but the best. Incarnate is more than some college to me, it’s my second home. This school offers so much for their students and are still
Improving the campus.
The professors for athletic training are amazing. It’s very hands on and they’re there for you whenever you need them. The school has fun events every week! And lots of give aways. Everyone is so nice and it’s easy to make friends. The campus is small enough to be able to hang out with friends right before class and still get there on time. I LOVE IT!
Overall, this school is very open and community like. There is always easy access to teachers and faculty if you need to meet with them, and there are multiple resources available through the school off campus that emphasizes the versatility of this university.
This university was close to home and I felt it would be a way to standout when searching for careers in the field I plan on going into. Professors and counselors were always very helpful in my first year, willing to help me in any area I needed assistance in. Very grateful to be attending.
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I have two relatives who attend this school. The small environment enables students to have a better learning experience and enhances teacher student relationships compared to larger schools.
the whole school seems like a dream come true and I was to excited to be accepted and to commit. I'm glad to have the opportunity to become a cardinal.
I really love the atmosphere at uiw! Everyone is kind and very helpful! Especially on my first day as a freshman, i was completely lost on how to get to some of my classes! I stopped and asked some students for some guide, and they were super sweet and walked me to my classes to make sure i made it to the correct one and on time. It's a very diverse university which i love the most, every race/culture is accepted!
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