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This university was close to home and I felt it would be a way to standout when searching for careers in the field I plan on going into. Professors and counselors were always very helpful in my first year, willing to help me in any area I needed assistance in. Very grateful to be attending.
I have two relatives who attend this school. The small environment enables students to have a better learning experience and enhances teacher student relationships compared to larger schools.
the whole school seems like a dream come true and I was to excited to be accepted and to commit. I'm glad to have the opportunity to become a cardinal.
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I really love the atmosphere at uiw! Everyone is kind and very helpful! Especially on my first day as a freshman, i was completely lost on how to get to some of my classes! I stopped and asked some students for some guide, and they were super sweet and walked me to my classes to make sure i made it to the correct one and on time. It's a very diverse university which i love the most, every race/culture is accepted!
Incarnate Word is a small private university and I enjoy having a close community where everyone knows who you are. There are many opportunities that Incarnate Word has to offer. The school helps to incorporate their mission with every class that is taught on campus which is one of my favorite things about the university.
This university offers many different ways and opportunities to help its students achieve their set goals. The faculty consistently works with students if there is a problem or something that is deterring them from succeeding in their studies, which is a skill that not many other teachers have. UIW has made many helpful efforts to make students lives easier while we are receiving our education, which is a trait that I deeply appreciate.
Very military friendly. They truly love the Military service members and veterans. Counselors are very helpful and will be your advocate if you let them. Instructors are very helpful and will guide you along the way. Knowledgeable in their area of concentration. Just think, I was an on-line student the whole time.
This school was a beautiful campus but the surrounding area was not the best. It would probable be of your best interest to not walk alone at night. The professors were unclear of the material and the financial department was not informative.
Extremely small! I love it! It gives me more time to focus on my studies. Everyone is super friendly and everyone knows each other. It's like a little community.
The campus is lovely and has a friendly atmosphere. Some changes would be nice such as a a smoke free campus or areas that smoking can be contained.
I absolutely adore the campus, the staff I have met are kind, and my professors are great. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with the community, do volunteer service, and ways to network. I feel as though I have grown so much during my time here at Incarnate Word.
very great campus , it deeply feels like home. the scenery and the community is stupendous. highly recommend to attend the university
The university of the incarnate word offers many opportunities for you adults to find out what they want to do in their lives. The professors there treat you like a person and not just a number so they will always be there for you when you need them. There is no doubt that new students to the campus can come in not knowing what they want to do and later down the road find exactly what makes them shine.
The school is small so there is a lot of one on one interactions with professor which really makes you feel like you improve.
I love the one-on-one relationship you have with your professors, most have been very helpful and friendly. I also love the very positive environment, although I would like for there to be a little bit of more school spirit.
I am an online graduate student at University of the Incarnate Word- San Antonio, TX. From the time of application, they have been extremely easy to work with, providing quality advice, education, skills, and other offerings. Not only have I continued looking into additional majors in order to continue attending UIW, I have also recommended this university to everyone I know looking for an undergraduate or graduate education.
The University is well diverse and the teachers are very willing to put themselves out there for your betterment. The campus is small enough that you do not feel overwhelmed but still big enough that not everyone knows your name. The area of town around it has many different restaurants with varying price ranges but all delicious.
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I love that since my field is small, it allows us more time or critiques and feedback from professors and classmates. The only thing I have an issue with is the pricing of tuition and resources such as printing, but overall, my expereince has been great.
The people there are great the campus is very nice and very kept up. The students helpers are also helpful and and any questions you have they will answer them for you.
This is a great school, with great employees in every department that I’ve encountered that are very eager to help you in your journey.
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