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UDC is a great school and it is getting even better. The staff are very friendly and the students are diverse. This university is a great place to learn important things for your career and better yourself with socially.
Online classes are new to many universities and UDC has adjusted well and is continuing to improve the online class room setting.
Some professors don't show up for class and demand the students to know the material by the next class. The academic portion of the college is weak and basic! The school is very unorganized as far as online learning and the keep of the website for online learning!
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Very poor administration! The school's administration is very unorganized and vulgar for dealing with the students' needs and concerns. I believe that with the right employee training, the university can establish a better way to treat the students because after all we are the ones paying them via tuition!
I have not taken online classes, though this past semester was eye opening. I've taken online classes at another university, but they were designed to be online. This semester there was no plan for going online, it was difficult but I do not fault the university.
The most difficult part about the university is moving between buildings. The entrances are confusing and not well marked, I have to walk into adjacent buildings to get where I actually need to go.
This is the most unprofessional school I have been to. Admin/Financial Aid lost my papers multiple times, and even after submitting them ONLINE, they would still lose them somehow - that amazed me. Certain teachers have been very passionate and helpful, while others simply didn't care about teaching at all. Also, almost all the courses are offered in the evening, I did not know that until I registered for classes. This would be good for someone who works in the day and wants to take classes in the evening. But this was horrible for me since I am only a student and am forced to take almost all my courses at night ( sometimes they would end at 10pm). However, it is super affordable and I know that there are a lot of great students and staff members.
My online learning experience has been pretty good so far. Most of my professors were able to adjust well to online teaching. Some did virtual lectures that were mandatory and took attendance, some threw lectures out the window, and just posted youtube videos and reading assignments. But all of my professors offered office hours and time to discuss the material one on one, which was super helpful. I could also get tutoring online, so that's good. However, I feel like the quality of my education decreased and I cannot wait to get back into the classroom. It is just not the same.
Great school, great professors, campuses all over the city with easy metro access. I am happy to be attending a HBCU and can't wait for classes to resume this fall.
So far the experience has been very new and different but i actually prefer it to classroom learning because it allows me to work full time and get my credits in per semester
The University of the District of Columbia is an affordable higher institution available to DC residents. What I liked about it most was that the professors were effective and readily available to students.
The professors of the online courses were inventive. They know how to make the courses interesting and make the students feel connected.
It is a working progress since not all classes are meant to be online. However, the stimulations for laboratory sessions have been great to explore.
The Professors provide practical experiences and opportunities. It is great to have professors who are willing to provide theory and practical experiences. They all work to match students with internships, professional development opportunities, jobs and practicuums in the workforce.
I took online classes and the work load was larger than that of a regular class, considering the fact that I had to basically teach myself the materials as well.
Im a legacy at this school but the overall atmosphere of UDC is great. There are just some faults with it on the inside, as with any school. But I enjoy my time there nonetheless.
My online experience was pretty good. You did not have to worry about getting up early and going to class. Presenting assignments was ways less stressful and scary. The teacher did a great job explaining things as usual.
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I liked how the classes were not too far away from each other. I liked how the advisors would always be there to help you. I liked how there were big gaps between each class so you could catch up on assignments.
I appreciate the small class sizes which allows for more personalized learning. It is close to a Metro stop, making it convenient to travel to. Extremely diverse school and prides itself on inclusivity.
I have been a student at UDC for 2 years now and I can say my experience there have been great. They cater for all students and it is a very diverse school which practice to be inclusive every step of the way.
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