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I love my university due to the diversity. UDC has a large number of international students. the professors are knowledgeable. the student body is wonderful. I enjoying attending the university.
Coming from DSU, I really did not know what to expect. My first day stepping into the building, I felt welcomed. The Financial Aid Office was more accessible and easy to deal with. The professors care if the students understand the lessons they teach. I met some good people in the building from peers to admin.
I like the class sizes. I enjoy the diversity. Teachers who understand that everyone doesn't get it the first time.
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I like that it is a great community. The people are great, the atmosphere is fair, and the school is fun.
Overall the University of the District of Columbia is a great school. It is a diverse school that focuses more on education.
UDC is as hard as you make it to be. As long as you show up for class on time and take advantage of the resources you will be fine.
My experience with Udc is slim because I haven’t been there yet to see what it’s like to be in college.
UDC is a nice school if you are looking for somewhere to start. It has a general list of majors you can find. When first applying, it was kinda difficult because I didn't do certain things rights, but other then that; it's a good school. I also had a problem getting my loan disturbed, but it was solved in a matter of 2 months.
So far my experience joining the Firebirds has been the smoothes onboarding experience ive had from any education institution.
I like the university of the district of Columbia because have the tools that need for my education that want have the great careers and is easy for can go and study full time. I s a amazing university have the programs that need a student.
My first experience at UDC didn't give me that wow factor that you would see at a away campus would. For example I always pictured college to be huge with lots of dorms and everything all in one place. At UDC there are at least 4 campuses and there are two community campuses which I think is crazy when it could be all together. Something that I would change about UDC is the different locations,more student lounge areas,more extracurricular activities like sports teams.
My experience at the university of the District of Columbia is very good the professor are very interactive with that classes, campus life is spot on from communting around the campus as far as going class to class. I feel very safe on campus all the time there hasn’t been a time where I felt uncomfortable while transitioning to class and to my dorm at any point of the day
As a new comer to the college scene, I expected the college life to be as everyone keeps saying it would. I imaged living on campus, with freedom to party and sleep late because classes don't start till 1:30 pm, but no. My major is computer science and I had to start on the community college which wasn't what I expected either. Classes reminded me of high school, egger students ready to go home or to work, playful classmates. Overall even though UDC's rating from me is low, I still enjoyed myself and now am changing my major to Digital Media and moving to the main campus and yes, living on campus.
I love UDC. Its the greatest experience I have ever had. Wonderful place and I hope you choose this year.
I am having a very great experience at the University of the District of Columbia, what i will want to see change is a high rate of students graduation every year.
Overall, I think the school is great. The professors are very nice and helpful, the classes aren't too big so its easier to connect with the professors. what could improve would be places to eat. there arent many places around the area and i wish meal plans were included in tuition so i dont have to buy lunch everyday.
6 months ago i moved to America for college. I expected to feel lonely and homesick but University of the district of Colombia took me in their family and made me feel comfortable and at home. The school is amazing, has amazing staff and students and if you fail a class it's not because of any professor, it is because of you because they help you and try their best for everything at get a A or B. The school is very diverse, the campus is small but in a urban area. The campus is very safe , the campus police are very protective but friendly and there are fun activities for everyone
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It a great school where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their goals, no matter what is your race, religion and social class.
The university of the District of Columbia is overall and okay school. It has a calm environment. The people at the school are friendly and the teachers are always willing to help you.
I attended UDC-Community College for one year. There are many amazing professors who take a keen interest in students.
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