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The University of the Cumberlands is a private 4-year college. It's relatively small considering the surrounding Universities. It's located in a small rural town, never is much to do. As of now, I'm trying to accumulate scholarship money to transfer out.
Obviously, one can find a party anywhere on a college campus if they chose to be a part of that scene, but from where I stand, The University of the Cumberland's does a very good job with keeping the students safe on campus. There is a lot of activities offered during the week and even the weekends to keep the students occupied. I went kayaking the first weekend I was there and camping like the third weekend. There is just so many activities with people who seem genuine and are very kind. I love the atmosphere at the college and the opportunities/ resources available for me. The school is also very strong in their academics and there is a lot of majors offered especially for its small/ medium size. The counselors and advisers on campus have been helpful with talking out the required classes and majors that I could possibly declare. I am currently undeclared but I have time. I am excited to be at the school and am excited for future activities to join and people to meet.
Great college and professors. I am online criminal justice major and the classes are 8 weeks per class, so 4 classes per semester. I have learned a lot this way. Highly recommend those who work for this school. It is structured well and all classes coincide the same.
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I have had a wonderful experience with the University of the Cumberlands. I am currently enrolled in some dual credit classes through the university. They have made it really easy to understand everything that is going on and have notified me about everything that needs to be done in order to do my best in the classes. They also make it very easy for you if you ever decide to change paths and want to go somewhere else, they will simply just transfer your credits over.
The Cumberlands is an amazing school that provides so many opportunities for growth! The professors are so nice and willing to help, even with letters of recommendation. The campus is super safe and holds up great values. The only problem with is it is not handicap accessible. Not all dorms and buildings have an elevator and only one building has a wheelchair ramp.
UC was a wonderful family-like atmosphere. There were many sporting events as well as campus activities events to go to in the evenings. Professors were very caring and even invited students for a home-cooked meal. Great school if you're looking for a smaller, Christian, environment.
My experience so far with the Univeristy of the cumerlands have been good. I have had someone register my classes for me where it was my first time attending school. The only problem I have had is no return on emails. which makes it kind of frustrating when your new to the school.
I have enjoyed attending my college for the most part. One thing I have found that I was not very fond of was that a lot of the professors do not grade and submit feedback quickly. A lot of times I have wrote three-four essays before receiving feedback on the first one. This would cause me to continually make the same mistakes on my essays and be counted against me when I had no idea this was something the professor wanted changed.
So far great experience! Great school. Teachers care. I feel like I am going to succeed and accomplish my goals here.
My overall experience with University of the Cumberlands up to this point has been nothing but great! From the application process, applying for financial aid, campus tours, housing selection, the list could go on and on the staff and everyone have been amazing!
I received my Bachelor of Human Science with an emphasis in mental health counseling. The degree offered high-quality courses with very helpful professors at an affordable rate.
University of the Cumberlands has a beautiful campus, the professors are extremely nice and the students make you feel at home. The athletics are great and I love how everyone supports all teams!
I really like the small class sizes and it’s a clean school and I feel safe.. the cost is really good too.. there is a large verity of food options
Great professors. Fantastic online experience using iLearn with a knowledgeable IT staff. The online library is amazing, plus access to real librarians makes everything reachable.
The campus and the population were much larger than expected. I felt very pressured into participating into optional events, and as an introvert it was very unwelcoming. Dining options were poor. Overall, I felt very unwelcomed as a student on campus.
I have not yet started my freshman year on campus, however the campus has a "homey" atmosphere and I would not change anything about that!
My experience has been great. This school is a faith based private college and I’m enjoying the curriculum thus far.
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I love the school. It’s a small, community serving school. The focus is on how to get the best, high quality education, and how to give back. It’s amazing.
To be honest, coming here feels much like the atmosphere of high school, which is what I wanted to escape. There is mandatory events the students must attend and I just feel like their is a sense of freedom lacking. The school would be great for someone who is made to be in a small school, but that person is not me.
Great school and a tremendous value, especially for graduate students who are looking for an accredited institution that is also highly ranked by U.S. New and World Report.