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I have not yet started my freshman year on campus, however the campus has a "homey" atmosphere and I would not change anything about that!
My experience has been great. This school is a faith based private college and I’m enjoying the curriculum thus far.
I love the school. It’s a small, community serving school. The focus is on how to get the best, high quality education, and how to give back. It’s amazing.
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To be honest, coming here feels much like the atmosphere of high school, which is what I wanted to escape. There is mandatory events the students must attend and I just feel like their is a sense of freedom lacking. The school would be great for someone who is made to be in a small school, but that person is not me.
Great school and a tremendous value, especially for graduate students who are looking for an accredited institution that is also highly ranked by U.S. New and World Report.
I loved the opportunities that this school gave me. This school gave me a whole new outlook on how to make the most out of everyday in many ways. This school is always adapting and revamping itself to the needs of the students and is hearing them loud and clear. The campus is beautiful to live on and is very convenient. There is a nice family ora that it gives as this school is not that heavily populated which makes for the best friends that i hope to take with me after my degree.
I loved how it wasn’t that big of a campus, it’s in a small town and it’s close to home. All the staff and students there on my campus Visit was really nice. The dorms were really nice and they felt at home.
While the University of the Cumberlands is not in a very populated area I love this school. It is a very personal environment from student life to academics. I am a part of the softball team at the school, which is like my own little family. Im glad to call this place my home.
Its a good college, Its a religious college, so if you aren't on the religious side of things, this might not be the place for you. Good professors, sometimes they forget how online schooling works, but they learn fast and it always works itself out.
The graduate programs have a smaller than average student:instructor ratio. The rigorous academic curriculum means that you will work hard, and earn a strong, reputable degree.
I'm a returning grad student and their program has made it possible for me to return to school while being a stay-at-home Mom!
University of the Cumberlands initially made my list to consider based on the cost and the draw of online classes (helping me spend more time with my family). But as I researched the program and spoke to previous students, I was impressed by the quality of the education and the teaching. And it has not disappointed! It is a great schedule for someone who is working and has a family, and the coursework and teaching is thorough. I feel prepared for my field! ”
The University of the Cumberlands is a very small college in which you can form a real, quality relationship with your professors and peers. They care about your education, but also make you realize that your future is in your hands. Most of my classes were entertaining and kept me engaged.

My only problem was how small it was. I've always longed for the big city life, and there's not many activities around town without having to drive for a little while.
I love the close knit community feel of the campus. The campus itself is beautiful and you can walk to all your classes! The professors there really care about their students. I have been able to ask professors about future career decisions and get helpful answers! The campus atmosphere is warm and friendly and that welcoming feel has made it like my second home. If you choose University of the Cumberlands, you will not be disappointed.
So far, college is pretty great. I suggest living on campus so you can have full access to everything and hands length. Classes are manageable if you work hard at it. The food is pretty good.
I loved my time at Cumberlands. I stayed for all four years, and It was very calm and peaceful, since the mountains are really the only thing to do besides study around there. If you're serious about education, it works well. However, the administration had ignored me when I asked for help on several occasions in several different departments. The staff here do not care and are not as polite as they appear to be, apart from the professors, who have only treated me with great kindness and genuine interest in me as a person. This place as a whole only cares about your money, and they largely misuse it on campus as well. It was a mixed experience for me.
What I experienced at Cumberlands was once in a lifetime opportunity. The school itself is just amazing. The faculty always try to help the college students. From the highest level of the faculty to the lowest level. They just want the best for their fellow students. I liked how they tried to make the diverted students for an example the Mexican students feel comfortable and make them feel like they were at home. To make them comfortable and feel as if they were at home they celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I would like to change the way they do their testing at the end of the year. I would like for them to give out the test around the middle of the school year. I also liked how students helped each other out and how they interacted with one another.
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I have loved being at the University of the Cumberland's since I have been attending there since 2013. Everyone is very nice and friendly. The teachers are willing to work with you and actually take time to help you. It is a great environment and I am going to miss it when I graduate.
This school is the perfect small town university in this nation. It is defiantly a great fit for anyone who doesn't want a lot of attention placed on them but wants to improve themselves quietly or by their own standards then this is the best place possible. I have been at this particular university for two years now, and i have worked my way past my first failed class to making a 3.0 GPA. All has been because of my teachers and friends I've made here since leaving my comfort zone in my other little town school Jellico High school. I would recommend this school to anyone in this world.
I loved the University. The campus was beautiful and all the students were so kind. I really liked the small classes.
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