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It is located in Philadelphia Center City. The buildings are along Broad St & I get to see alot of the City. The classes are awesome. I look forward to continuing my education here!
Being able to attend this university is such a huge privilege. Not only do I get to study the work I have wanted to go into for years, but now I am surrounded by more like-minded people. It is an incredibly comforting college, though there is definitely hard work. However, the overall experience makes the work all worth it.
UArts is a complicated school. A lot of the teachers here are magnificent and work really hard to make students feel comfortable and informed. The dorms are also huge! There isnt much that happens on campus that people attend but there are parties every weekend. The biggest obstacle is the tiny population size. If you don't mind recognizing everyone you go to school with then this is a great place to immerse yourself with others that share your love for art.
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I am a Dance major at the University of the Arts. So far, I am completely in love with the school and the dance program. I love how all of my teachers are still working professionals and a lot of the upperclass work professionally too. Where the university is located in Philly is just a great way to put yourself out there and start networking and getting to know the business.
So far i have loved this school and have had fun. I was tired a lot and my body was in pain from all the dancing, but i loved it. I can't wait for next semester and to learn more about dance. My other classes were fine and not too hard. It was easy to balance my schedule and still have free time.
the university of the arts offers a unique experience for young artists looking for ways to dive into the philly art scene and meet other artists doing the same. the academics are pretty average with a few really cool professors here and there. the school does seem to cater to those who choose traditional arts (i.e dancing,acting, illustration) over others, but if you find yourself shorthanded the staff is pretty welcoming to new ideas.
Classes are fun and interesting
if you're not sure what to do, the school won't be able to help you. Thats why self motivation is key.
The quality ranges according o the building you're in.
the key to being successful in college is to keep yourself motivated no matter what. My school is great for maintaining the motivation of every student.
The school is pretty diverse
Drugs are pretty accessible because we're located in a city. However, there isn't too much peer pressure given the mostly chill environment.
Overall, courses are pretty easy. Some common core courses could have more structure and a better written curriculum.
As a result of the great location and staff, students can find a wide range of job opportunities after graduating.
The campus is in Center-City so it is relatively safe.
I't can be expensive, but the location and space provided is wonderful
We don't have greek life.
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We are a Conservatory so we do not have sports.
I Enjoy my school very much! As an artist, I love the creative atmosphere, location, and diversity at UArts. Overall, I've found it to be a perfect fit for me.
It's hard for the administration to be in charge of safety throughout the campus, seeing as though our campus is center city Philadelphia. They try their hardest to have plans, advice and guards to protect students while walking around the city, but it is not a regular college campus. I have to cross S. Broad Street multiple times a day to get to different campus buildings.
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