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It is a very diverse any open school that welcomes anyone for any reason.
They do a great job at trying to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated, no matter your circumstances or concerns.
Although friendly, they can be a little too 'Politically Correct' sometimes, and are not always approving of more traditional views or opinions.
However, their teachers are wonderful and very skilled at their positions and in their fields. They provide great experience and insight into your field.
Just keep in mind that, even though they claim otherwise, if you are in the Visual Arts side- you will never meet or deal with people on the Performing Arts side, and Vice-Versa.
Further, their security is horrid, so take matters into your own hands when you can.
I’m a freshman at uarts and i love it there. the only complaints i have are in regards to the office of residence life which handles student affairs and housing. the dorms could be better and the school as a whole is pretty disorganized but the people and teachers are great.
pretty incredible facilities and staff, many complain but i feel it is due to their own lack of effort.
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I went to Uarts as a freshman and transferred because the school is a relatively easy and a low competition school. The infrastructure of the school is so terrible that it's suspicious because the tuition is ironically so high. Classrooms particularly in Anderson are falling apart with pieces of uplifted tile in corners. The elevators have holes and are always broken. There is no student life and no campus. There are no lounge areas to sit and eat while doing work like a study hall with the exception of the library. This makes the school very unaccomidating and isolating for commuters who are left to occupy either empty classrooms or the library between classes. Liberal arts classes are severely inflated. There is rumor that the school is bankrupt and it is easy to see why.
I really like how kind and welcoming everyone at the University of the Arts has been so far. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, there is never a dull moment. If you are an artist looking to explore what you have the ability to do, UArts is a school that not only encourages you to do so but provides you with the resources to flourish. At the moment, I only wish for a little more attention towards the film program. So far so good!
There is too many "gen eds aka core" classes that they claim help with your major but truly do not, tuition is incredibly expensive and have to constantly spend money on supplies that is not covered by tuition, facilities suck, everything is usually always broken, hardly any classes when it comes to major, like 6 classes is okay? NOT
apart from the food and the dorms, the rest was perfect the professor have thier diversity and the classroom mates are few which is better whne it requires attention
The University of the Arts was the best choice for strengthening my music talents. I needed a University that offered a major for Music Technology, but also one that gave me the exposure to Business, and Entrepreneurship. All of these elements are instrumental in rounding out my education as well as preparing me for my future in the music industry.
The community is a supportive and progressive piece of the Philadelphia art scene. This heavily influences the the attitude and overall environment of the school.
The Campus is amazing. There are many student events, and more importantly free food! The professors are down to earth and easy to contact if you forgot to ask a question in class. I was in the Animation Department, It is a pretty cool/ hands on and informative program. The community is great and there are many places to explore in Center City Philadelphia.
this school made me completely hate the art I came for. If you're someone looking for a musical theatre program that will prep you for Broadway, this is not the place. they are very anti-Broadway. They only do one established mainstage musical a year and the season is never diverse. The best part of the program are the faculty. They are very genuine for the most part. but the students are very immature and cliquey. It feels like high school.
The University of the Arts is incredibly diverse, with a staff like no other. As a Graphic Design Major, I have interacted with people who are generous in sharing their knowledge, and who exert their experiences for the students to learn from. Whenever I need help, whether its's for a project or even just advice, teachers are always willing to assist me. The class sizes are small, which allows the teachers to have more one on one time with students. This helps us develop skills faster and more effectively. In terms of the campus, the school is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, where there are many clothing stores, places to purchase food, and hotspots within 2 to 5 minute walking distances. I've had the most amazing experience at this school and highly recommend it to any other artists who are innovative in their field.
It's hard to meet people outside your major, and when you do they are just judgemental. Everyone looks at everyone like " who is the best in your major?" instead of wanting to help each other.
I love all of my core classes here for dance. I would just like to see changes in our dining hall and a school gym to be added.
I love the people here, the location could not be more perfect. The food is subpar, but our room on campus is far bigger than most rooms I’ve seen at other schools. Overall a great community.
meal plan is terrible and required to all freshman and others living on campus. main dining hall is only open until 7:30pm which sucks and the second dining hall opens at 8:30pm and closes at 10:30 (which only has burgers and pizza) and there is minimal student life unless you are willing to partake in "Beyonce lip-sync battle". There are absolutely no frat parties or large parties at all or on campus at all. (extremely strict on alcohol ect. RA's will walk around the halls sniffing for weed late at night) -there are only small house parties off campus by people who rent apartments (if you get invited to them). Amazing academics for specified majors, but you are forced to take a lot of high school level core classes that have nothing to do with intended major. Students are extremely immature at this school.
I am a current UArts freshmen Dance Major, so my opinions are biased towards the school.
Here's some of my opinions on the school:
-Literally in the heart of Philadelphia (S Broad Street/ Center City)
-Terra Hall, Gershman Gym, Anderson Hall, Hamilton Hall, & the dorm buildings all on or close to S Broad Street
-Terra Hall contains 17 floors pertaining to The Arts! :)
-Beautiful & spacious dance rooms big windows
-3 floors for dance with 9 different dances rooms (1 room for tap)
-Including the big Gershman Gym, there are 10 different dance rooms
-Very knowledgeable, engaging, open-minded, & creative teachers & faculty
-Terra Dining Hall & Mangia both consistently have the same food every week and could improve, although the food is still good and the staff is friendly
-Dorm rooms could be much better in terms of appearance and comfortability for the price we pay, although it is still livable
-Security is good with doormen/doorwomen & school cards needed to access all buildings
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The people here are amazing and really care about both you and the art work you make and how you grow and expand your creativity
The University of the Arts is an incredible school in a great location, and provides an excellent learning environment for young artists. The faculty is well-handled to teach this material, and the courses are interesting from the start. The only complaint I have is the school's overall organization. Otherwise, the school is an excellent institution that provides for the start of many careers in the arts. The focus on worldliness, mindfulness, and diplomacy through the arts and in social practice make the students not only better artists, but better people.
The school's biggest major are dance and theatre and those getting the majority of the funding. I'm a music composition student, the smallest department in the school of music and we don't get much more than the other performing arts majors. We have composition lessons (obviously) and rotating instrumental chamber groups that sight read pieces for recordings that usually don't go that well. The practice rooms are poorly maintained with crumbling walls and untuned pianos. But the teachers are really what makes this school worth it, most of them at least. If anyone is interested in jazz, this is definitely a school to consider. Anything like classical or modern scoring- not so much.
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