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Although my education is going well, there are a few things that I wish were different with the university. One of these is the organization and communication that happens. Every semester I've had some kind of an issue such as the university losing documents I submitted multiple times and listing wrong due dates for tuition payment deadlines.
The University of Texas at Tyler is a wonderful Campus with alot of experiences. I take the online 100% BAAS program and I will tell you the professors are wonderful. They want you to succeed. They want to see you strive in your success to a hopeful career. My overall experience so far has been amazing and incredible.
Everyone at UT Tyler has been very nice and helpful. The buildings are nice, and there are many extracurricular activities to sign up for. This is my first semester to take courses on campus and it has been amazing thanks to the students and instructors at UT Tyler.
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I just started at UT the beginning of the semester, but so far I really enjoy it. I graduated from a community college during the summer and transfered to UT. The first day, I got lost and one of the security guards was so nice. He walked me to my class and showed me where everything that I needed to know was. Seems like a very good school. I would definitely recommend.
The campus actually looks great! Has a decent environment with ok people & a strong grip on academics!
UTT has a very diverse student body and lots of ways to get plugged in on campus through the student organizations. It’s a smaller campus which makes it easy to walk to your classes. The professors are always willing to help you however they can.
Tuition and fees are somewhat affordable. Professors are always willing to lend a helping hand. The school has advanced technology which helps propel learning. it is a safe community. Great resources are available of students. Most department are very helpful in guiding you through any issues you may be having. It is a great school to build potential future networks. There is great diversity which helps make every individual feel very included. I really cannot think of any negative about this university at the moment. Hence I have given it a 5-star rating
This is a great school overall! The campus is scenic, there are plenty of resources for students on campus to help with job searches, tutoring, etc. UT Tyler is just big enough to feel like a university, but still small enough, in size and in enrollment count, for you to feel like an individual rather than a number. This goes for your interactions with the professors as well. They see your face every day and learn your name. It is very easy to build a strong professional relationship with your professors should you desire to. The school is growing and we need more parking, it makes no sense to pay as much as you do for a decal and then have to park down the street to get to class. We also need more advisors for certain majors, mine included. Those are my only critiques.
Though I do love UT Tyler so far, I wish the university would put more effort into helping the students who truly struggle financially. Having more scholarship opportunities and larger finanical aid dispersments would help keep students continuing their education by not having to worry about finances.
I want to see more funding opportunities, more on campus jobs and more doctoral programs at the University. The university also needs to collaborate more with companies to absorb its graduates.
Great study environment. It is hard to navigate and get ahold of the enrollment center to take care of bills, class schedule, and financial aid.
UT Tyler is a small beautiful Campus in a small quiet town that is growing. The biggest thing for me is communicating with the professor and that is possible here because most of the professor's here care about their students. With the small student size here (Under 10,000) Its easy to make friends inside or outside the classroom because there aren't 40,000 other students everywhere you walk. With a easy way to network and my ability to be a "go-getter" I was able to connect and get to know the chairman of my major, marketing. I am really happy I decided to come to UT Tyler and explore the parts of east Texas I never seen before. I plan getting my Masters degree here after I receive my Bachelors degree in 3yrs.
UT Tyler is a good school overall, but I wish there were more academic programs and activities offered here.
I think overall this school is very nice. It has helped me learn a lot about my degree and I have been able to meet a wide variety of people. The staff is very willing to help with questions inside and outside the classroom. The campus is also very beautiful.
The campus is very nice and well maintained. The engineering staff is, for the most part, good. Dr. Indic is by far the most innovative professor and has had the biggest impact on me.
I am attending UT Tyler as an online graduate student. I have visited the area and admired the beautiful campus. The professors are exceptional. The courses are very challenging but thorough. The athletics are the top of the line as the baseball and softball teams both head to the world series. I cannot say enough positive things about this university. I am proud to be a student and future graduate.
It is a very nice school, although in a quiet area, the professors and academics are very good. The campus is very nice and has very good atmosphere.
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Most people think the University is small and not like a normal college. Although is doesn't have a football team, it has almost everything else. The nursing and engineering program here are well-known and successful. The advisers are pretty terrible at helping you choose anything, and I found it difficult to get involved in any extra activities around the university because I never saw them recruiting or advertising to join. I wish the student body was more close nit.
The University of Texas at Tyler is a great school to focus and study for your major. The professors in the nursing building our super helpful, and will do anything to help you succeed in your courses.
University of Texas at Tyler is great for the students who don't want to have a class with 100+ other people for a class. Although it is growing, it is still a small school which is ideal for those wanting to develop a relationship with their professors.
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