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University of Texas - Southwestern Medical Center Reviews

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Like I said: medical school. We are strict, and we demand excellence from our staff, facilities, and students.
Again, married and living off campus. However, with the lack of student housing or Greek life, parties are likely to happen far from campus. As a grad school, very few people here are underage. And if you are interested in partying, drugs, or underage drinking, you aren't likely to make it at our school.
Dallas has world-class dining, wonderful mom-and-pop restaurants, and every chain you could imagine. No matter what your budget or tastes, you will never go hungry.
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Dallas has it all: museums and culture, sports, amusement parks, and a vibrant night-life. The metroplex is an excellent place to be single or raise a family.
With no real student housing, distance to dorms isn't a factor. Parking is plentiful, and public transportation is convenient and cheap, so cars aren't necessary but also not a nuisance. Parking enforcement is strict but fair.
We are a medical school, so sports aren't important. We have an excellent student center with outstanding equipment, lots of intramural sports, and a gorgeous campus to walk/run on, but no intercollegiate sports.
I feel that this school has given me a world-class education and an environment that encourages learning.
World-class library with many, many computers, private and group study rooms, free Wi-Fi, and excellent tech-support. Also many satellite labs.
I pack a lunch. When I do eat it's decent.
I've been married for almost a decade. I'm happy and have no interest in my classmates.
I have no clue if it exists at my school, no interest in it, and no opinion one way or the other.
Finding an apartment to stay in off-campus is easy, just very expensive.
I received the aid that I needed and the process seemed to be an adequate and take the fair amount of time and paperwork that you would expect.
It is a great campus, but the community can be a bit dangerous. Also, parking in very slim, and some of the equipment in the classes are very old, or many times may have technical issues. Also, accessing the internet in some places is troublesome.
If there is a drug scene at UT Southwestern, I am unaware of it. I don't know of anywho who uses drugs. Although alcohol is used socially from the popular crowd, it is done off campus and in the privacy of ones home, not on campus.
Its very hot during the summer. The spring can be scary when storms come due to tornadoes. It can also snow in the winter and no one knows how to drive in it.
It's a medical center, so the selection is limited, but the programs are renowned!
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We have VPs in every class that are responsible for organizing the social functions for the class. They often do night parties, which can be cheaper for students and a nice way to get together
It's great campus, and the school works hard to keep us safe! However, it's in a lower income area of Dallas, which has its own implications. I don't feel in significant danger though.
The Nursing program at Southwestern is great. In one year you achieve your LPN. They do not accept everyone, so you are placed in a class where everyone wants to be there. The class size is small and you get a lot of attention from teachers. The supplies they have are also excellent.
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