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They really try and get everyone together as like a family. It feels as though we are all struggling through our classes together.
University of Texas at San Antonio Is a amazing school to be at, I cant wait to attend that school. Because you feel at home and its not so over whelming with all the people it is beautiful.
I have only had one professor that was worth forgetting about, but as a whole, UTSA has been very kind to me. Anything I'm confused about or need answers on can be answered by the appropriate staff.
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the only thing i have against it is that i feel there isn’t as much school spirit as other schools. don’t get me wrong, we all love being ‘runners, but i just don’t feel like a super preppy school. other than that, GO RUNNERS
My experience here at UTSA has been really great, I knew this was the school for me when I was in the 8th grade. Now that I am a student here, my opinion has only grown stronger each day.
My tour was a great campus with great people and even better food.
UTSA has a very safe and secure campus. The alumni has the best school spirit.
When touring the campus, each person that I met was friendly and willing to help. I look forward to being a new student at the college for the next four years.
I absolutely loved UTSA! I am an extremely proud Alumni, who got the best college experience I could've ever asked for. I'm a first generation student who proudly earned a Bachelor's in Psychology and am now enrolled in my first semester of nursing school. I was a Resident Assistant, a member of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, a club soccer player, an intramural referee and flag football player, and a full-time student. I had great SI's, TA's, and amazing professors. My advisor was actually great as well. 100% recommend UTSA to everyone!
I just moved to San Antonio and I totally love everything about campus. The University of Texas at San Antonio has many sources that can help you through the semester. The advising center is very helpful, so they will guide you if you have any concerns about the program you are in. I just love it.
I liked how they have the campuses divided into different sections. The student area is really beautiful and they have close apartments.
UTSA isge very friendly environment they make you feel welcomed and at home. The academic level keep increasing each year which is great.
I truly have enjoyed my time at this school because of the immense opportunities it has to offer. Whether it be grow academically, grow spiritually, grow in your group of friends, UTSA makes it possible. I've been able to use majority of the resources it has to offer, and will probably end up graduating without having tried them all! There are so many things to do. You'll never end up bored. You'll find people with the same interests as you, and you'll be able to share many wonderful moments with them! Professors are understanding and kind, yet stern and ready to teach. UTSA, overall, has improved in many areas, and its three campuses allow students to visit different areas of San Antonio and still be connected with their school. UTSA is the place to be! GO ROADRUNNERS!
This is my first year of college and I had been wanting to come here for three years now. For me, this school is the perfect college because it is not too small but not too big. It's not as expensive as some larger universities in Texas are, and they have a good diverse range of majors.
For the most part, I love the school. They are very open to change and students have a voice when it comes to school policies. There are also plenty of opportunities presented on and around campus. I do however, believe the housing could be better.
I have been extremely satisfied and content with the student life at UTSA. I believe that college should not only be about the academic education, but the fellowship and social connections as well. UTSA’s student life has not failed to provide an exemplary way of making our lives as students easier and feel more at home through their opportunities, clubs, sports, etc.
I love UTSA, I find that it has a ot of resources to help its students succeed. There is a lot of diveristy in the students, and you can easily find a way to fit in easily.
Everyone is so nice and they treat you with respect. From the teachers to the students they are there for you if you need it . Applying to this school would be the best choice if you were looking for a good career.
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I love the location and how it such an inviting enviroment! I know some alumni that attend UTSA and they love it there. Whether it is from making friends or attending classes. They say it is for everyone
The University of Texas at San Antonio is the best school I’ve ever attended. I’d urge others who have never been here to give it a go. It is totally worth it!
My honest opinion Utsa is a great school my experience coming back from beating cancer , shortly after I decided to attend Utsa and students and teachers welcomed me with open arms. Campus life and food are great and I have plenty of options also I’m glad the campus is handicap friendly I’m very appreciative to be attending the school
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