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University of Texas - San Antonio Reviews

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I loved the local area around UTSA and its distance from downtown san antonio and other places alike,
I feel like the experience was very interesting and the people seem very energetic and happy about where they are and what they are doing. The school is not bad at all honestly the only thing that I would say to change is the Maintenance
This University is an amazing school with great opportunities. Even though this university has been a commuter campus, it is very welcoming.
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I love the campus life, football games and the diversity. I wouldn’t change anything. San Antonio is great location for this school, when the sun rises its class time but when the sun goes down it’s football time.
Good school to go to. All the students like it and they have a great time studying what they want to and the sports are really good. In the Games the crowd is so cheerful.
Great campus, friendly faculty and staff who care about the success of their students. The food could be better and I feel like they could offer more academic majors and electives.
UTSA is an amazing university and easily one of the best in Texas. The campus is extremely diverse and the professors are generally very helpful. Getting involved with student organizations is highly encouraged and school spirit is big at UTSA. The academics really prepare you for after college. I already have a job lined up for after graduation (Fall 2018). If you're looking for a top university in the country, especially in Texas you should definitely put UTSA on your list.

Side note, UTSA is ranked 1st in Cyber Security in the United States.
10/10. Great Diversity and Great Professors. Beautiful campus to sit and hang out with friends and acquaintances. Business Advisors are helpful.
I do like many things about UTSA for Instance environment, diversity and education. I think UTSA environment is really good in sense of beauty and nature. its like as a student I will go over there every day studies in that peaceful environment. Also, all the students at UTSA are from different background which shows us that UTSA have diversity which helps students to learn about different culture. lastly, education is pretty good and convenient because the do have online classes and good teachers which reflects students bright future,
best college i have attended they are so inspiring and encouraging here they let you explore and be free and do not discourage you whatsoever.
I spend most of my days here, anywhwere from two hours to twelve hours. Very long days, campus isnt very boring so that helps.
University of Texas at San Antonio has been a great experience. I enjoy this school because of the diversity and great professors. I miss my family but the school has a great variety of activities and organizations you can get involve in. I joined the Impact organization and this organization is great reinforcement for a first year student.
I live a few towns over from San Antonio but when I went for a school field trip it still felt like home to me. The school has a lot of impressive departments and an overall beautiful campus. If I had the choice I would definitely go here for both the comfort and good education
My experience at the University of Texas at San Antonio has been great so far. UTSA is a very diverse campus with clubs/organizations for everyone. If not, you can great your own. UTSA also has a great location. However, I would like to see change in their parking. Since I started, parking has always been an issue. There has been a small change with the accessibility to Bird Bikes, which are electric scooters that facilitate your transportation on campus. Moreover, all of the professors I have had have been great. UTSA has a lot to offers to it's students. I definitely recommend UTSA!
The thing I like the most about the University of Texas at San Antonio, is the amount of support the community gives the school as well as the opportunities!
I am a sophomore at UTSA and really love this school. They have every course you will need to get ahead. My professors have been great and are willing to meet with you to discuss any of your concerns or questions. Great campus.
They really try and get everyone together as like a family. It feels as though we are all struggling through our classes together.
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University of Texas at San Antonio Is a amazing school to be at, I cant wait to attend that school. Because you feel at home and its not so over whelming with all the people it is beautiful.
I have only had one professor that was worth forgetting about, but as a whole, UTSA has been very kind to me. Anything I'm confused about or need answers on can be answered by the appropriate staff.
the only thing i have against it is that i feel there isn’t as much school spirit as other schools. don’t get me wrong, we all love being ‘runners, but i just don’t feel like a super preppy school. other than that, GO RUNNERS
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