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Although it is my first semester at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, I like the professors and the vibe. I have super cool professors who are willing to help me and also make it fun at the same time! I am currently in High School and take Dual Enrollment but so far it has been super great and I am learning a lot about the real college life. I am learning how the work will actually be and how much effort I will need to put in to succeed. The labs are very inter
My experience here at the Vaquero nation has been nothing but a great experience! Yes classes can be stressful, but there are plenty of extra curricular activities that can help ease the edge off. However, one thing I’d like to see change is for our University to start a football team, I’m sure there’s a lot to factor when considering a football team, but the vibe that spreads when volleyball and basketball season starts? I can only imagine what it’d be like for a football season!
The one thing I like most about UTRGV is the fact that it is a relatively small campus compared to other universities. With little effort, your professor can actually get to know you on a personal basis which helps when you don't understand something. One thing I would like to see change is the parking situation. It seems that UTRGV has sold a lot more parking permits than they have room for. Adding a parking garage would definitely be something that would be useful.
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I like how it is close to home and the academy levels are really high. It is a beautiful campus and very well organized.
I am a proud UTRGV graduate. I loved going to a university so close to home. I didn't need to leave my hometown for a big city campus feel. I really appreciated all the help the professors in the Kinesiology department gave me. When attending I always found that the parking was problematic. There can definitely be more parking lots or maybe even a parking garage. I highly encourage more high schoolers to look in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. They really make you feel welcome and like family.
Considering other options, quite inexpensive for the options given to students. Campus environment is comforting as there is a lot of greenery. The food on campus is nice, but in the restaurants and vending machines. Social life is still accessible with the programs and clubs available, not even including my favorite section: the game room.
UTRGV is a great university, this university hace different Proffesions all of them are highly recommended.The proffesors help students in what they need.Pretty Much in everything because in Fresan Year students are lost or they don't know what they have to do.So student ask them for help. The College is big , so Freshman Students have to go for The Tours that are coming and also have to go to orentiation.UTRGV offers you a future.Students have a good experience in College, Trips, Games ,etc. Students learn to much from the profesors so you have to take advantage of them because they care about you.
It is very diverse, the professors like to get involved with the students, we are offered various resources to help with our learning and life as a college student.
Nice campus, lots of programs, university has many distinctions and achievements. It is an affordable college, and it has a lot of different degree plans that are offered.
Overall pretty good. I've heard people have issues with professors or majors, especially in the art department. I haven't personally had any issues. The people are nice and the campus is nice too. Campus police is there if you need them and overall so is all the staff.
This is my second year at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley! I've lived here my whole life and I love it. My first year here was good! The teachers were great! I'm also trying to transfer to the University of Texas at San Antonio to get out of my comfort zone and try something new! I feel that they're could be some more improvement at UTRGV as in police patrolling the campus and more security guards around the campus through out the day.
I went to the University during the summer to take some courses for high school. Overall the campus is great and the people are very friendly. One thing I didn't like was the diversity of the area. I myself am Hispanic and the University is set in an area where more than 89% of the population is of Mexican decent. But what the campus lacks in diversity it makes up in safety,academics and enjoy ability.
Because of their merger with UT Brownsville, their student services center has been very disorganized and it feels as though there is a lack of communication between departments. The financial aid department sometimes takes forever to respond to emails and problems. Overall, it is an okay school but not the best. Tuition is affordable and they offer another grant to students enrolled 15 hours or more and with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
One thing that I would like improvement on is the advising staff. I do not feel that they do enough for students. Additionally, students get assigned a new academic advisor every semester. I would like to see more consistency in this area.
I like this school because it offers my major, very affordable, and its close to my house and family.
Well once I started attending the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, I was extremely nervous because it was a completely different environment from what I was used to. The first day of school is always exciting though. I have been attending the university for three years now. I love how many new people I have met along the way. Now I have so many friends I love hanging out with. Before college and right when I started, I was so shy. Now I personally love attending all the events the university has to offer. The professors I have had are all actually super amazing.
What I like about the University of Texas Rio Grande is that they have humble teachers as well as a whole staff behind them that are willing on pushing you and help you achive your dreams. Something that I think the University should change is that they should open their doors for medical students, for example having more programs available for them but, overall its an excellent campus
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I currently attend UTRGV. I love going there because it’s close to home I just wish some of the things they do would be a little more organized.
The experience at UTRGV is great. The diversity is amazing and the staff is very understanding. Your career starts at UTRGV. UTRGV will make anything possible for your future endeavors.
I would like for UTRGV to help out all majors not just the engineering major.
All majors, should have the same amount of teaching effort and resources.
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