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I've had a great time at UTRGV the past 2 years. Just the atmosphere and the whole aspect of the college has been a fun time. The professors are very hard working and a lot of the ones I've had are very dedicated to having all their students pass. Minor but still important is all the food services that are provided to students nearby.
Your experience really depends on the professors you choose, the classes you take, and the people you surround yourself around with. I feel like this applies really to any college you decide to attend. All the classes I have attended have treated me well it is all about the effort you are willing to put on your part. Some professors are more understanding than other. Choose wisely.
awesome professors, great campus, beautiful location, awesome REC center love this campus graduated with my bachelors from here and doing my masters here
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I've been a student off and on since 2006 with the University of Texas at Brownsville, now called UTRGV. Due to different life events and circumstances I've had to prolong my education further then I anticipated. The University of Texas Rio Grand Valley allows me to go to school around my busy schedule. I work two jobs and have a family of 5, so for me it is very important to be able to take brakes in between and continue when I am ready to do so. Paying for my education has been the breaking point between returning to school or waiting another semester to save money to pay for the classes. I would like to see more affordable rates for all courses and less charges for extra fees. I find it unnecessary to pay for gym, library and computer fees if you never use them on campus.
The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley has prepared me for my future career in accounting. The professors are always willing to help students learn the material, and guide you in case you have any questions.
I like the hospitality of their workers. I really like the campus. During my admission process, the help I received from the workers was awesome. They went always an extra mile to help me the best way possible. If it weren't for one of them working her butt to help me, I probably wouldn't be a UTRGV student right now, so I know that talks a lot about UTRGV and how good their personnel is.
It's close to home and I enjoy the atmosphere of the Edinburg Campus. The student union and the library are my favorite places to hang out in between classes.
The University is good in the sense that they have good professors, at least in my experience so far. The diversity at the Brownsville Campus does not have much variety, the party scene is almost nonexistent, and the tuition is average. Other than that I think they have variety in sports, the campus is pretty and the housing is nice. Overall I think it's a good university.
Over all this University is amazing, they have great people and even better staff, from the janitor to the lunch lady and maintenance man. All these people seem like the most uncommon people that could help you with your college experience but its the total opposite. The students here are great and friendly and will give you advice on who to take and what teachers are better for a better experience. The professors are the best over all they help with everything and make sure they ask a lot of questions so you can either understand or get a better knowledge of the materials.
I really enjoy the campus. I like how there are two campuses where many students can do to depending where they are located. I also enjoy the different clubs that are on campus. It really shows you how the students are very friendly and how caring the faculty really is.
Almost every student you encounter at school will always greet you with a smile. This school runs on positivity and great energy which helps SO MUCH when you’re barely getting any sleep, meeting homework deadlines, and having to work alongside being a full-time student. I have had a great time meeting other fellow students, and experiencing the student life. The clubs are great, the gym is fantastic, the positivity that radiates is almost unrealistic. Campus is always clean and organized with security always patrolling. There is always room to get involved with extra-curricular activites, and UTRGV students try to get the word out there and try to get you involved in clubs that would really fit your lifestyle. Life is great being a student at UTRGV and showing people that Hispanic’s from the very tip of Texas can achieve just as great things as other people from well-known colleges.
It's a great environment! This campus is easy to navigate through and has beautiful scenery as well. It's constantly evolving to provide it's students with great academic experience. Their services are well enforced. They can provide a clear answer to any questions you have. UTRGV also provides students with exciting events to attend. Creative flyers can be seen everywhere promoting these events such as game nights, karaoke, trivia nights, movie nights, etc. They have many clubs students are welcome to join and their athletic department is amazing! This campus definitely makes the college life a fun and easier life.
UTRGV has brought growth and jobs to our community. Without UTRGV we also would not see so much diversity.
Going back to this school would be like going back to an abusive boyfriend. ............................................................................................................................
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a beautiful campus, filled with compassion and capability to develop yourself as a strong candidate in the work force. This campus is respectable, safe, and accomplished. The only item I would change about this campus is the restricted and limited parking.
The Univiersity offers a variety of things. Such as free WiFi, very friendly college. There are a lot of things to do in college besides studying and doing late night projects. They host a lot of events that are educational and very resourceful! Everything that you need, clothes, things we need for school are always there to purchase with no hassle. There’s new construction sites for the university that will make it stand out. They have a variety of majors in which you want to pursue.
The Brownsville campus is great. There is plenty of seating area to work or eat and it has an overall peaceful atmosphere.
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So far, my experience has been great. I am in my third year and UTRGV feels just like home. I wouldn't trade it for any other school. I love the diversity and the culture. I also love the sports and clubs.
UTRGV helped me gain skills that will help me in my career. I met students, faculty, and staff that inspired me to reach my goals and be something bigger than myself. Attending UTRGV was worth it because I made a lot of great memories and was part of many organizations. The faculty is very caring and challenges you to be a better student and citizen.
UTRGV obviously comes with pros and cons. Since UTB and UT- Pan Am merged, UTRGV has many more classes and majors available for students with more professors and more class times. Yet, due to this merge, UTRGV has had some issues concerning parking and tuition raises. UTRGV's tuition has raised yet is still one of the most affordable Universities in Texas. Overall UTRGV is a great school.
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