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University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley Reviews

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What I liked most about the university is that students are afforded opportunities to gain valuable life lessons. Students engage in challenging activities in the campus environment. What I would like to see change is the cost in the books they have to offer.
It is a great school where you can meet new people and where many career opportunities are available for students to achieve their goals.
Great school, feels like home. I feel like I belong here. I love the culture found in the school and the diversity. I would definitely like to see more dining variety! Either in the cafeteria or more restaurants.
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Great instructors at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley. I took a few classes from this school and got amazing professors. There was not one instructor that I did not enjoy. I enjoyed the style of the professors as opposed to other professors from other colleges.
I've only taken my basics at this college, including MATH 1304, ECON 2301, and Federal Government and Politics, via Dual Enrollment during the past two summers. I personally believe that this college offers excellent services to students. For example, I recall taking my College Algebra class and being offered tutorials for our midterm exams and finals within the second week. The professors at this institution are also stunning. They know their subjects very well and enjoy teaching their students. Overall, I believe UTRGV is definitely one of the best colleges out there, and I will definitely plan to attend this college once I graduate from high school.
The Universtiy of Texas at Rio Grande Valley has improved me academically and socially. The people and residents are very open and nice to anyone new. In comparison to most colleges, UTRGV's campus is very safe and very conveniently located. If you are planning to stay at home for your studies make sure to have this school in your list of potential options. GO VAQUEROS!
It's student friendly environment and neighborhood, a great medical program and revolves as a part of the community. it definitely deserves more sponsors
Overall good university that could impact a student. Has good food and has good communication with professors . Overall has a great support system for students and international students.
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in my opinion has a very safe and friendly environment when it comes to incoming freshman or students from other schools looking to transferring over. Professors at this university are willing to help you with whatever you need.
Very nicely, built university fit for students who are beginning their first experience as a college student. Reasonable college tuition, fun clubs for any major, a diversity of students, and division one sports.
Very good University, the only downfall is that some teachers are not as good as they seem. Also the soccer team for the guys is good, but most of the team are from out of state or from a foreign country, so is tough for students from Texas to make the team.
I've never been to college there but my brother and my best friend go there and its wonderful they say. i've gone to the campus a couple times and they are the friendliest.
The other students are welcoming and the professors are very open to helping students if they need the extra help.
It's getting better and rating higher academically and the people are very nice, but it doesn't seem to have a very good social network
UTRGV is a overall great campus. The parking..not so much. There are alot of students attending this campus and not alot of parking spaces. The mornings are the worse. Other than that, the campus is great to meet new people, interact, socialize and join tons of organizations on campus to get involved. I've been here for almost 2 years, and never had a problem being involved. Great campus and tons of majors, minors and student organizations to choose from!
University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley is a school you should consider, whether you're looking to start your college career there and transfer out or stay there for the whole four years. The campus is nice, and it's relatively affordable. A downside is that the Rio Grande Vally area does not have much for students to do recreationally, outside of the events hosted by the school, but it's a nice place to live, and the cost of living is also relatively cheap.
Although it is my first semester at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, I like the professors and the vibe. I have super cool professors who are willing to help me and also make it fun at the same time! I am currently in High School and take Dual Enrollment but so far it has been super great and I am learning a lot about the real college life. I am learning how the work will actually be and how much effort I will need to put in to succeed. The labs are very inter
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My experience here at the Vaquero nation has been nothing but a great experience! Yes classes can be stressful, but there are plenty of extra curricular activities that can help ease the edge off. However, one thing I’d like to see change is for our University to start a football team, I’m sure there’s a lot to factor when considering a football team, but the vibe that spreads when volleyball and basketball season starts? I can only imagine what it’d be like for a football season!
The one thing I like most about UTRGV is the fact that it is a relatively small campus compared to other universities. With little effort, your professor can actually get to know you on a personal basis which helps when you don't understand something. One thing I would like to see change is the parking situation. It seems that UTRGV has sold a lot more parking permits than they have room for. Adding a parking garage would definitely be something that would be useful.
I like how it is close to home and the academy levels are really high. It is a beautiful campus and very well organized.
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