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I like the uni, specifically the professors. I take classes in another campus that is an hour away from the main one and so I have to take a shuttle to get there; I like that a lot, the fact that the university offers that, but I wish my classes from my major (Translation) were also offered in the main campus. It is tiring having to wait for the bus back in the other campus and get home at 11:30. I hope the university could hire more T&I professors for the next years, faculty who could be part of the main campus so we, students, don't have to go there as much as we do.
One thing I don't like is the strict rules about parking. Fall 2017 was my first semester, the uni is very big and I was very confused and lost, so I made the mistake of parking in a zone that was not mine. They obviously gave me a ticket and so I appealed and told them I was new and confused and I even apologized, they did not care and so I ended up paying 100 dollars for my parking permit this year.
The school is okay. Not a lot happens because there isn't much to do. Both the Brownsville and Edinburg campus have their pros and cons but overall fail create a memorable experience.
What I most enjoy about the university is that the professors are really kind and patience in learning
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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a great college that helps you with any problems your facing
The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley has been a great experience. The expectations set in the university are high and also the academic teaching is impecable. Im a Senior, studying Psychology, and Ive enjoyed the way UTRGV runs things. Ive been trying to graduate from a long time and UTRGV gave me a easy to follow plan for graduation. Even though it is a though path it makes it easy to know what is the next step for me to take. It gives me hope and endurance to finish the race of this career pathway. I truly recommend this university to anyone who asks. My siblings are stepping up to the plate and will enroll the following semester.
It is a very calm and beautiful campus. perfect for those who don't want to be away from home. I'll say that around 90% of the students are latinos or hispanics. It has many architectural inspirations from hispanic culture. The faculty and staff are really accessible and friendly, and the students are also great.
At the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, it is a fun, amiable, scholarly environment. I spent most of my high school summers taking classes on campus. Everything from campus life to the classes is amazing.
I enjoy the ability to express myself and individuality within the campus and pursue a higher education while paying less than other universities usually charge. It is affordable but by no means is it a limited education system as it offers great professors who are willing to work with their students and share their passion for what the student wants to become in their future career. The accessibility of the university in promoting a large group of minorities to continue their education makes me proud to be in this school. Primarily what I would like to see change is the resources the University provides to its students especially the communication between administrators as not many students are familiar with who their dean or president is.
Great school, is not as expensive as other universities but the education is great. It is very diverse and has a good staff.
People are very friendly and opened to meet new people. Professors are punctual and experienced. There is no day where I walk around campus without a smile in my face. I really enjoy my college life at UTRGV.
Every time I went on High School visit I felt like home. The environment is very friendly and easy to be part of.
I love the campus and how friendly the staff and students are. There are so many helpful resources provided for the students to help with academics.
I'm currently pursuing a BBA in Finance at UTRGV and so far I have greatly enjoyed my time studying here. Not only have my professors been very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise but also very accomodating and understanding. I feel like attending this school has been a good investment for my personal development and growth as a professional.
UTRGV offers everything I need from transportation to stress relive activities and tutoring sessions. I am looking forward to their new science Building which would add new majors.
I really loved the atmosphere and the surroundings. Not only I am near my own family, but I also feel welcomed in the university.
A school that gives you the opportunity to be yourself and figure out what you are interested in. students and professors are really nice and you could count on the teachers in anything you need. really good staff.
The University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley offers a number of benefits, extra-curricular activities, and amenities that sets a comfortable environment for all students and faculty. The University also offers one of the cheapest tuition rates in the nation, making it easier for individuals to attend, as well as offers transportation for those in need. With these impressive characteristics it is no wonder why the student population is approximately 28,000, although, it would be nice to see a change in diversity considering that almost 90% of the population is Hispanic (I being a hispanic myself). The area does consist of a dominant hispanic population which is more than likely the reason as to why the student population doesn't contain much diversity. Perhaps more exchange programs and study-abroad programs could be incorporated into the system in order to obtain that more diverse student population and culture.
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I liked that the college has an at home feeling because its not located far from home. I also liked the number of clubs possible to join.
3rd most affordable university in Texas which has one of the lowest student loan debt, with a diverse culture and very sound professors with a very large population
The diversity within the school creates a wonderful atmosphere while at the same time being affordable for students.
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