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The school is typical of the Rio Grande Valley, 90% Hispanic. It has been growing and buildings have been added. However, parking is an ongoing issue and as a student, you are asked to purchase a parking permit. The tuition is a lot less than most school and the university has been adding programs to for different majors and masters.
The campus is friendly and the departments are helpful and accommodating. It feels like they really care and want me in to succeed in their school.
For me it is right down the street located in the heart of our beautiful city surrounded by food, shopping, and a big community.
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I am starting the graduate program in the fall so I have no prior knowledge. I know there physician assistant program is one of the top programs. I like the fact that they off an online program for PAs who currently work full time, this gives us the opportunity to get our masters degree and become competitive with the PAs who are currently graduating with their masters. It is the best program for me because I recently became a widow.
I like the campus and student help centers. The people make you feel comfortable enough to reach out.
Overall a good University. Very well rounded, nice to walk through. Location is very good as well, surrounded by restaurants and Walmart at a walking distance.
The University of Texas rio grande valley is an ever expanding university. Within the past five years we have became a large univerty merging UTPA and UTB. This university has now given opportunity to the Valley for future doctors since it is now a medical school as well.
The instructors have a passion and expertise in the subjects they teach. The school is a quite enviornment perfect for studying.
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a new school. Of course, there will be issues, such as the unorganized Financial Aid department. However, despite that, there are so many opportunities to participate in the campus community and the whole Rio Grande Valley.
At UTRGV my professor was always available, whether by phone or email. The school provided me with plenty resources to aid me, whether it by for work or otherwise.
My experience with this particular college started with a survey done in my school in my knowledge to near by universities. I got invited into a tour around the campus and took it. When I got there, everyone was so nice, and bothered to help me understanding how to qualify or exceed college expectations.
rio grande valley is fun and academic all in one ! I have attended rio grande valley in the summer for dual enrollment while still a high school student and the professors were very helpful in transition with high school and college work
I've been attending the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and it was the best decision of my life. I was able to stay close to family and the quality of education is the same as colleges costing more than half of what UTRGV costs. There is great diversity and lots of Mexican food all around. Overall, the campus is beautiful and peaceful and, at times, filled with activities.
The school itself is an excellent environment to learn in, the atmosphere in each classroom setting is one that makes you want to learn. You can feel at home here.
This college is filled with great teachers and dedicated students. Although, the food is not exactly fine dining it will surely make you feel like you're not that far from home.
A great university with great students and staff! The campus is expanding and there are many opportunities to expand your knowledge and experiences.
Overall UTRGV is a great school that I would recommend other students to attend. The campus is really pretty and the student are nice. Very enjoyable school with lots of events.
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On May 10 I'll be done with my first year of college and I can tell you that this is a great experience for me because of all the diversity that you have here at the university of Texas Rio Grande valley, it's a great environment and the people is nice. Some professor are great at what they are doing and some others are quite lazy. The food at the dinning hall it's quite good but since it's a buffet it's not great. There is places to go eat close to campus which is great for people that don't own a car. Also there is a Wal-Mart right next to the university which it's great for people that live on the dorms.
I like that there is a lot of diversity, a lot of clubs, opportunities to do research, community service.
I chose to go to the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley because of the cost and because it is close to home. I really like the education that is offered here. The professors that are here at this college are great because they care about their student's education and success. The student life is great because there is a lot of clubs on campus that student's have the opportunity to join.
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