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My experience here at the University has been what any college student wants to find, People that want to see you succeed. Also if someone has seen you struggle most don't hesitate to lend you a hand. I also love how my professors offer help if you don't understand an equation, something that was taught during lecture, and also something that was assigned in homework. Also everyone on campus is very helpful. I hope that when i transfer i find a college as good as UTPB.
I am a graduate student and feel that the counseling program is top-notch. Professors are always available and respond quickly, employees are helpful and friendly, classes are small and diverse. The atmosphere of the campus is conducive to learning for all levels of students and tutoring readily is available. The campus has a high level of safety and I would feel good about sending my child to live here. There are also plenty of jobs available for students in the city of Odessa.
I transferred to UTPB and immediately fell in love with the atmosphere. The campus is small enough where you can make friends and see them around. The campus is surrounded by many restaurants and grocery stores. Overall, UTPB is a great school academically and socially.
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Academically, I’ve enjoyed my time here. The campus is fairly easy to navigate and is small, if that’s what you’re looking for. As for student life, there could definitely be more to offer and could see improvement in that area. Athletically wise, there’s a lot to look forward to for the future because athletics is fairly new to us. The surrounding area is alright, you’re in a decently sized city in Odessa and Midland is fairly close to which is a bit larger. My overalls experience at UTPB as been well and I look forward to see the turn around and improvements made to the university.
I really like the overall lay out of how to become an academically successful student. There are many help benefits on campus to guide one at almost any time of the day especially since you are link with multiple advisors to help you along he way. There is nothing I would really like to see changed because after my first year of college I felt I needed everything that was available to me to be successful in my freshman year.
Everyone is so helpful and really wants to see you be successful! The professors are always available to help and they are understanding of how life as a college student can be.
Overall my experience has been good. No problem seen here. Although I have heard that tuition is increasing soon and that would not be good. The one thing that makes UTPB a sometimes more preferable school is the price. So increasing it would not be good for their enrollment numbers.
I did not think that I would love this school as much as I do. It is bigger than a 2 year school, but it is not too big that it is overwhelming. Rather than being in a class with 400 people, you are in much smaller classes and the professors really care to get to know you. There are so many resources available to the students that many of the students use on a regular basis. Housing, recreational, dining, and student activities are many of the things that make this school so great. Falcons up!
The teachers at this university truly care about their students and try their best to make sure the students learn the material they are supposed to learn
I chose to attend the University of Texas of the Permian Basin because it was close to home, and a relatively small campus size, which I preferred over a large school. My experience here has overall been enjoyable, the students and faculty are all very friendly and helpful, and I truly believe that the professors want to see you do your best and be successful. However one issue I have had with this university is the lack of communication. I did not know about the club fair day because they sent out an email about it thirty minutes prior, and had no other form of advertisement. Finding out information on who I need to talk to about my classes and finances has also been difficult because there is no one who helps you with all of that. Overall I enjoy attending this university, but I do feel there are a few things they could improve on.
For those who want a good education university of Texas at the permian basin is the place to go. The classes are smaller so connecting with the professors is a lot better to get help. The campus is smaller so getting lost is not an option also it’s a very safe and secure campus.
I have only visited there, but I will be attending in the fall. I am transferring from another university and I am excited to attend>
Very good school of business and very good career services department. I loved my accounting profs and career services does a great job of researching their careers topics and helped me find my first internship. They also have two job fairs per year.
I would like to change the organization of the University. Not everyone is on the same page but the professors are amazing and really care about your success.
I have had many great experiences with UTPB. The campus is great and everyone is so welcoming. You get into athletic events for free if you are a student and the atmosphere there is amazing. I am just a dual credit student so I really have not spent a full day on campus, but for the one day that I have been the professors were super helpful.
It's clear that the staff at UTPB genuinely want to help students and see them succeed. It was a great experience. This school has plenty of options for those who need financial assistance as well.
It is a great university. The professors are great as well. It needs more student activities. It is a small university.
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the representative was very polite and gave me good info about the school. I did a lot of research on the nursing program an I am really interested in it. the campus in Odessa is really beautiful and the Stonehenge gives the campus a unique feeling.
I felt that the University of Texas of the Permian Basin was extremely helpful in all regions of my enrollment process. They walked me through every aspect of it.
Try getting any help from the Grad studies department or financial aid - it is non existent.

Repeated phone calls and emails have gone completely unanswered. Finally decided I would attend somewhere that had the staff to answer questions and not just ignore their students.
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