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University of Texas - Medical Branch at Galveston Reviews

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Have had a good experience so far, all the professors want to see students succeed and are usually easy to communicate with.
Friendly environment, helpful professors and great study atmosphere. student are very motivated and study groups are always available. safety is very good on campus and the local area is very nice. there is a lot of diversity on campus as well and many opportunities.
Professors are very helpful. Great experience, great nursing school. The University as a whole wants students to succeed.
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So far, I am loving it! I am accepted for the Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and it is a beautiful campus! Everyone there is extremely nice and willing to help each student achieve their personal goals.
UTMB is a fantastic school and upon graduation, students have so much opportunity in the healthcare field.
Career prospects are great, and the faculty want to help you out.
Overall quality and value of the courses and professors is great.
No sexual assault on campus that I currently am aware of
Great affordable options with solid amenities and convenience
Affects the social atmosphere of campus positively.
Love the school, have good opportunities, great faculty that takes the time and genuinely cares about students
High student involvement, strong team performance and fan support.
While the school does reside on an island, the educators here are passionate about teaching their students the essentials of nursing. I have not met one facility member who did not want me to be successful. Although it is true that nursing school is quite a ride, I would not have picked any other institution.
I just graduated with my Bachelor's a couple months ago and will be starting on my Master's Degree in one week. However, we have started orientation activities and so far, I love it! The people are very friendly and welcoming. They are also passionate about helping students to succeed and I am looking forward to my time here.
The prices can be quite high, and locations can be unsafe
From what little interaction I have had with admin, they seem like every other school - fairly inattentive.
There are a lot of good looking people here, and most people are very friendly. People are willing and eager to meet new people and help out when possible.
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The financial aid staff is great to work with, they are prompt answering questions and good about laying out objectives to complete the process for the student.
I do not live in campus housing but some of my friends do and they love it. Its clean, close to school, and affordable.
There are many dining options off-campus. Some are a bit far but prices are reasonable.
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