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University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center Reviews

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Faculty are second to none! It's amazing learning from the very best cancer research facility in the country. I wouldn't change a thing!
MD Anderson is really focused towards students and helping them pursue there goals as a medical professional. The staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. We can go to them for any help.
Tests are ridiculous, and while professors know what they are doing, conveying that knowledge isn't their strong point.
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I love my school! I am glad I decided to attend this school.
Although of course a little pricey if you're use to dollar menus
its houston folks, big town
train system sucks. bus system is good.
Medical dosimetry degree, and there are about 5 other programs. high workload, great curriculum.
top instructors. registration is electronic but they do have some glitches
a lot of foreign students
its a hospital campus...lets get real. NO drugs
hot and muggy for 6 months
Medical dosimetry is a high paying developing career field. I would do it again
best school in the US for medical dosimetry
We have several Starbucks located on campus. We have the main hospital and several other spots that offer healthy dining options. The food is good and you have several places to choose from. We also have Chick-fil-a in the main buildings Cafeteria.
Houston, TX is a very urban and diverse culture. With lots of attractions including the Texans football stadium. Lots of different restaurants and dining options. We have a variety of museums and a zoo located in the medical center. We also have theaters and music halls. Many things you can do with the nite life and local clubs. Plenty of hangouts for everybody to enjoy.
Because MD Anderson is a hospital we don't have a student center just a student lounge. They do have a wonderful library with study rooms that can be reserved. Their is also a lot of places within the hospital that you can study with great views. The labs are state of the art and you work with great equipment.
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My school is number 1 in the nation for cancer treatment. It also is one of the two schools in Texas that offers a Bachelor's degree for Diagnostic Imaging( X-ray, CT, MRI, Education, Ultrasound, Education and Management) in the Diagnostic Imaging field. I am learning from the worlds best institute and it is truly an honor.
There are a few computers to use in the student center but most students are expected to have their own laptops. You get a printer card with an allotted amount on it to use, its more than enough. Wireless access if given to you when you're accepted into the program.
The people at my school and smart and outgoing. They've worked hard to get into the program. They are very diverse; coming from all backgrounds and walks of life. All ages, ethnicities and interests.
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