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University of Texas - Health Science Center at San Antonio Reviews

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I had a wonderful experience while applying to this school. The faulty and staff are very welcoming and eager to help applicants and students with any questions. The current students were also very welcoming and kind to incoming students. They treat each other like family instead of rivals. Instead of adding more stress to the process, everyone here made it easy for me.
They accept CLEP and it's such an opportunity to save money. It's a nice incentive via that we can all do. Let's apply it!
This is school is great if you are looking into joining the medical field. They offer a lot of different programs.
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Awesome school! I can't wait to attend here this summer. I know that faculty genuinely care about their students. The campus is beautiful, and I like that they are building new facilities for the students. The location of UTHSCSA is a great spot for students and visitors.
The faculty and staff are friendly. The campus is designed beautifully and the food is above average.
I enjoy the school so far, it is a high rated school that is connected to a level 1 trauma center. I look forward to eventually getting my MD here.
I loved everything about UTSA. Their dorms were great, there was great weather, lots of research opportunities, and just a great atmosphere.
The Health Science Center is a friendly campus. It has modernized bits of the campus with the latest technology in some areas of the campus. It has also kept the older buildings and architecture clean and in good condition. The nursing school seems to be overlooked at times in regard to updating, technology access, and food access. However, the Health Science Center is a large campus so updates take time to come around. The focus of the school is health and education. There is not much of a party scene in the sense of fraternities but rather, it hosts events for professionals to relax and enjoy socialization as well as celebration. These are often in the form of bar-b-ques, movie events, or guest speakers.
it was an amazing experience. every one is very nice, sweet and helpful it is so big and there is an amazing criminal Justice program there. my brother went for the program for criminal justice and he loved it he told me all about the program and he also works there he is part of the rec. center its where people go to work out. there is a lot of of stuff to do at utsa is there is cool people there to do it with. it is a good size college and there is a good amount of people who go there. my visit was amazing i wouldn't change anything about it. it was so perfect and i really enjoyed it so much and i hope when other people go they will see what i am talking about and what kind of experience i had and hope they fell the same way i did about the college.
Overall the courses I've taken have been the basic courses for nursing. My professors were good and I was able to communicate and gain a great relationship with each of them. The class size was a little bigger than what I am use to. All of the class styles involved lecture or hands on during clinical. The professors did their best to teach all of the material we need to know for our foundation to nursing.
I've only had one professor approach me about a job opportunity and I've only received one flyer about a job fair.
We receive notifications via email when there is a crime on or near campus. We were required to do online modules in regards to safety and sexual assault on campus. We have a number on our school IDs if we need to be escorted to our cars late at night. Our police station in located right next to our school.
We do not have greek life at my school.
The only athletics in our school include intramural sports. I would say about 10% or less of the school is involved in intramural sports. The facility that is used is the gold's gym located right by the school. I think it could use a little renovating.
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio is a well-known university in San Antonio. I would say a majority of students leaning towards the medical field and planning on staying in San Antonio aim to go to this school. For my overall experience so far, I would give the school a rating of 3/5. I say this because the nursing school is currently undergoing changes in their academics, faculty and requirements for graduation. My cohort as well as upcoming students will be the first to go through the changes. As of now it's apparent that the professors are going through change and at times it would affect my overall learning experience. However, I know that it's for the betterment of the overall program and I know that it is hard to go through change. Would I choose to go to this school if I could do it all over again? I would probably look further into other schools before choosing UTHSCSA all over again.
We have police officers that patrol the campus 24 hours a day for the students.
The admissions staff was very helpful and guided me along throughout the admissions process.
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Since University of Texas Health Science Center is a profressionals school, there isn't a big athletic program. There is a workout facility and intramural sports.
I would choose my school all over again, because the professors collaborate to provide the best possible education for the nursing students. The professors are always willing to make time to meet with the students during their office hours to assist students in their courses.
The teachers have been great and truly instructive. They have focused on teaching what is important for my future profession and certification. All the teachers have had open doors for assistance.
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