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University of Texas - Health Science Center at Houston Reviews

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Great school! As far as UTSD is concerned there is not much seating in the lunch room and the cafeteria is small and runs out of food quickly.
I visited university of Texas and like all the teaching and learning that was marvelous it was up most it made me thing how I’am going to spend my time in college
I am in the pacesetter BSN program. This is a very fast-paced intense program, but is very worth it. You are done in 15 months only! The professors so far are amazing and prepare you very well for the NCLEX!
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The professors are kind and willing to work with you if you reach out to them for help. The campus is huge and open and there are lots of opportunities. You get a quality education, and if you take advantage of the resources offered you can be very successful in your field. This is a great school for extroverts. As much as you put yourself out there, you will get more then double that energy back. There’s something for nearly everyone, and if you don't see what you like it's really easy to make a club or talk to faculty about what you really care about.
The UTH School of Nursing is where I will be attending school. I have had a great experience thus far, with learning about what is to come and getting registered for courses. They offer multiple information sessions both during the application process and post-acceptance to give you an idea of what will be required. Everyone is dedicated to making the learning experience as best as possible for future nurses.
This is quite a school I recommend. I would like to join it when I finish my undergraduate. I'm willing to give my best! And be positive despite it all. I appreciate everything and I am content!
The experience was great. Professors were amazing. The food there was awesome. The area around the campus very isolated, which is best suited for that type of preference.
The professors were helpful and wanted you to succeed and understand the material. The on-line courses were challenging and fair. I would have liked more access to professors when taking classes off campus.
My overall experience was wonderful. The people were friendly and kind and also willing to help. The campus was clean and well built; easy to get from class to class. And finally, the area was beautiful and i happen to go during gorgeous weather so the scenery was amazing!
I have never felt unsafeon campus. Security always on duty
Definitely just a set of numbers to the people reviewing applications but the process was easy. Very disorganized waiting period and no one gives clear answers.
No sports teams here which is expected considering its not a 4 year university
Nursing school anywhere is rigourous, but UTH is pretty tough. But what I have learned is that the level of difficulty during the semester really prepares you for the standardized testing such as HESI and im sure NCLEX when i get there!
There are no varsity sports and only club sports at the recreation center.
I've had wonderful opportunities to expand my research interests.
There aren't varisty sports at UTHealth.
UTHealth provides various resources for students who want to go into Health Professions.
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The campus is very secure with security and police
The campus is all about the next step and planning
The professors are very knowledgeable and motivating
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