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Deciding to venture out and go to college instead always the easiest thing but for me shooting UTEP was! I’ve attended the university for 2 semesters now and I absolutely love it! The environment, professors and the people on the campus make it such a friendly and welcoming environment and it’s an honor to attend this university! College has not been a hard experience for me like I thought it would be and that for me has a lot to do with the fact that I ended up attending Utep!
I went on a field trip and everything was very nice the people there were really nice and they made it feel nice. They explained the life of a college student and they gave us a clear image on how college was going to be and what we should expect.
I like the environment this university offers to all of its students. There's a little bit of something for everyone.
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I like the fact that the campus is constantly being up graded, from the buildings to the integration of art into the facility. I just wish there was a mode of transportation that was easier to take than walking such a long distance across campus.
Not being from El Paso, I have enjoyed the diversity on campus. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of student interaction on campus and supporting the university at university events such as volunteer opportunities and sporting events.
The new updates at to the University are great but the overall atmosphere is still outdated. There are not enough areas to study or sit down in between classes, especially in the older buildings. And the parking is horrible, even with a parking sticker I am not guaranteed a parking space.
UTEP is a good, affordable college to attend. The counselors walk you through the different steps to take. There are many majors/minors to sign up for. The various professors are smart and good teachers. There are different food options and it is an open campus with many restaurants nearby. I recommend this school as an option for a seeking college student.
I think that UTEP offers many great services to help students be successful. Some of these services include the UTEP Writing Center where you can walk in without an appointment and charge- free to get help setting up a paper or reviewing an essay. Another resource is the UTEP Math Center where you can also walk in and have a tutor help you with any kind of math homework or questions you might have free-of-charge. Although the University has these and many other resources to help a student succeed in their academics, I think there is a downside when it comes to some professors. From personal experience, I have been in courses in which the professors are foreign and they have a really strong accent when they speak and give the lecture. I had some difficulty understanding what some of my professors would say which meant I often didn't completely understand the lectures and would also need to seek help to understand the material with other classmates, faculty, or on my own.
The University of Texas at El Paso is an excellent place to start. Campus life is extremely accessible and fun. All of the students, teachers, and administration are amazing and friendly. There are many clubs to join and different associations that are always looking for new members. Also, the campus is extremely beautiful and happy.
Although I do love the my school, I would love to see it make improvements. One major thing that I would like to see change is the overall moral of students. Many students have negative opinions about UTEP, despite that it is a very good school that gives students a plethora of opportunities.
The professors are excellent depending on you major. But coming from an English degree, I can say that I was very pleased with the lecturers. All the English professors are very nice and helpful and seem to enjoy their job. The thing that i didn't like about my experience were other students. I would have to say that people, are not generally very amicable. So don't expect to get along with everybody in your groups. And i think i'm a pretty logical and kind person. Anyway, at the end of the day it depends on your own personal experience.
UTEP is a comfortable university that really makes you enjoy the college life. One of the advantages is that it's within minutes away from my house and the atmosphere is extremely friendly.
UTEP is an exceptional institution for anyone looking to attend a school with rich tradition. I love the location, El Paso is a great city, and the hospitality is abundant. Class sizes are medium-large, but the education is top-notch. If I could change anything, I would have more events and activities on campus during class hours to bring students together.
The University of Texas at El Paso is an excellent university. The university is extremely invested in the professor student relationship by offering broad hours at which the students can meet with their professors to ask questions outside of class hours. Furthermore, the university is also invested in the success of their students. They have a great tutoring center called ACES, where they practically have a tutor for every class. Another plus side about ACES is that they are open all day until 5 pm. As I have mentioned before, UTEP cares greatly about the student life and success rate, and is why they have built a completely new recreational center for students to workout and feel great about themselves. I believe that UTEP is a great school because it offers ways for students to better themselves and broaden their professional skills, and not every university can offer that.
I’m having a great time overall these past 4 semesters! I love how my degree plan and classes turned out to be. I didn’t expect my major to be this fun. I’m a commercial music major. I go from Monday-Friday and I don’t mind because everyday I’m doing what I love to do, which is play music. Something I would change from this university is having more student activities/trips/and programs. Overall it is a great school
The majors and classes to take are amazing and the building structures are beautiful. Everyone is kind, and polite and it is just a great atmosphere to be in. I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering I spend most of my time doing homework and studying. There are many resources for all courses to get help that is needed. Also, there are several research programs, and internship opportunities UTEP is always enforcing, not for just Mechanical Engineering but all career fields as well. If I could change one thing about UTEP, it would be the cafeteria food. We do not have as many options of food, and the food we do have is expensive. Despite the cafeteria food, UTEP is an incredible University and anyone who attends should be proud to call themselves a miner.
Attending the university of Texas at El Paso has been a great experience. The classes are challenging and interesting. I just wish there were smaller classes and different times availble to take them.
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My experience at UTEP has been an odyssey, since i've had several tasks that I thought they were impossible to do. There has been some subjects where I don't understand something and there is always help from the professor, TA's or classmates. In my experience on going to college, I have met people who are as determine as me to complete their career. There is a diversity of students at UTEP. Also I had enroll in classes where the usage of technology is essential and to others where is completely based on the textbooks. Not only that but also, I have experience stress and frustration of not knowing some of the material covered in class, but once again i have gotten help from many people. I think that college is the best place where you can gain experience and have something to talk about. Also a place where you can enhance your abilities.
The University of Texas at El Paso is a great school if you would like to find diversity and allow yourself the opportunity to meet different ethnicities. UTEP is a fantastic learning experience.
I love UTEP, it offers a lot of opportunities for students (international, transfer, etc.). I really appreaciate the college spirit everyone has.
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