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Assignments aren't always clear but professors do respond to emails in a timely manner. I don't like that we have to find our own preceptors in grad school.
The flexibility of online classes allows for better work/school balance and allows me to continue to work and go to school full time.
UTEP is well known for being one of the friendliest universities it’s an awesome experience where you get to met new people all the time, it offers a variety of majors and minors to choose from and the profesional environment it provides.
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A change on online classes , certainly a struggle for all students however professional professors take upon the challenge making it a fun and easy experience.
UTEP overall has been great and due to the pandemic, it's been difficult to engage with student activities. Despite that, I was still able to participate and have a successful semester. If I could improve one thing about UTEP, I would change the process of trying to find aid for scholarships and opportunities that would help me pay for school.
I had to take my classes online this semester but I had a great semester nonetheless. UTEP professors really go far and beyond for us students to learn and comprehend what they need us to learn.
I had very good professors and classes were very easy as well as fairly accommodating to being online.
My freshman sure was fun and challenging all together. Going online because of COVID was certainly different, however professors did their all to make sure the transition was smoothly. Being online is challenging itself but the school surely outdid themselves with the transfer. All that’s available within and outside the school also does meet your needs, at least it does to mine.
Is not worth the money, for the reason that most of the teacher are angry and don't want to help the student.
Horrible my teacher didn't explain any topic right making the excuse that "You are to mature to investigate yourself the book without any more inforamtion".
Most of my professors have been great during these difficult times and I have not had an issue with any of them
I love my Uni and the experiences I have had at school so far. I hope we can soon go back to physical classes
The University of Texas at El Paso has focused all of its attention towards online courses due to this virus, Covid-19. All of my courses are being taught online. The online courses are highly and efficiently orchestrated. They are very well structured and they are easily understandable. The professors that are teaching the courses are very open, well-educated, and helpful to their students. I have great respect to all of my professors I had during last semester. Overall, the online experience is very educational and structured.
The University of Texas at El Paso is a wonderful university that offers a great variety of degree plans. It has a very open and accepting community with its many clubs and organizations. The professors are highly intelligent and well adverse in their teaching capacities. The campus is very large and beautiful. The overall experience of this university is very welcoming to new students like me.
I like the degree plan for art majors and how they have you take hands on classes that aren't part of your major in order to help your growth.
Zoom was used for some busses classes, others required that we take charge of our own schedules. The teachers respond well through email and make time during office hours to make sure you understand what is going on. Some instructions are confusing due to some people struggling with technology such as myself.
So far I’ve had a great experience at UTEP, I was definitely nervous to see what college had in store for me, but I ended up liking my classes and becoming the president of a student organization. The library has been the best place to get some work done especially during finals week.
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I thought the online classes were going to be a bit difficult to transition to, but because my professors were organized in everything they did they managed to make it a smooth transition for most of us. They important thing to keep in mind is to constantly be checking blackboard and your email for any updates.
I am an older student so online learning scared me at first. It was difficult to adjust, but the online environment, Blackboard, was very user friendly, thus easing my fears.
I attended the FAST TRACK Nursing Program which was mainly held in the newly constructed nursing building. It was a very positive experience. The building was beautiful. The simulated lab made learning easy and fun. No doubt nursing school is the hardest thing I have every done, but the environment in which I was able to learn made the experience worthwhile.
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