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I may only be on my second year here at UTEP, but think it is a great school to attend. The education is great, with their engineering and nursing programs advancing at such a fast rate. All fields are spectacular, but UTEP is very prideful about their sciences. The staff here is very helpful and nice, I've never encountered any problems with them. Student life is great s well. There are always people walking around campus passing out flyers for upcoming events; whether its an art gallery, games, or celebrations for students, such as Minerpalooza. I highly recommend this school to anyone perusing a higher education. I hope your experience is as great as mine.
I am very blissful because I am about to be a miner. Utep is as a small world that made me fall in love of the facilities beauty and the warmth of its people since the very first time I saw it. In general , the university experience is the combination of senses and knowledge that help us to improve and build our profession , personality, and that become an extremely important part of our lives. I have the assuredness that Utep has that and more for every student and person that step on there. There are bunches of lessons, people, and opportunities that are waiting to be discovered in Utep. I couldn't be more excited for this new opportunity in my education and my personal life.
UTEP has great, skilled professors who are always accessible to meet one on one with students who demonstrate willingness to learn. The Chemistry department has excellent resources to assist students in mastering the difficult concepts, and a unique peer-led class that allows students to learn from their fellow peers who have already mastered the course. The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the students are dedicated and driven.
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I find it this university to be a good school. There is many diverse people and many friendly people you will meet . Some classes may be tough depending on the professor but you will manage . Over all I find it a good school with great resources like the technology center and the writing center are very useful. I haven’t been to all the centers or resources but I’m sure they are great as well . There is a lot of support there is tutors who really help you understand the material. The safety part is very good as well , there police officers are very friendly and helpful.
This is a great university with amazing professor and classes. This is a commuter campus, so student life is not that big.
Good university. I like how different it is to other universities. The diversity is amazing. El Paso is a community that's free of racism and many of the other issues that other campuses face.
The University campus is big. It has great professor's who are dedicated in helping students complete their courses. It has convenient library hours and it is a great place to complete your education goals.
UTEP is known for their academic competition, students choose UTEP for their high quality of education they provide. Ranked as the top university in social interactions, the high number of graduate students, how much the faculty is involved in the student body life and improving their research. UTEP is very affordable and is well known for their emerging institution education. Getting involved in UTEP is easy, with over 200+ clubs to choose from.
It has been great so far in past 2 years of college. I met a lot of new friends and great professors, everyone gets along very well in that beautiful campus. Their food is great! Sometimes the school offers free food around campus, since the school itself has a lot events and fun activities to do. There is a lot of safety in this university, campus police roams around the school to keep us safe and make sure nobody gets hurt. I believe that the professors are the best here, there are really great with helping the students and they give their best to teach the students so that we can be successful.
This university has a large beautiful campus. The professors are not always easily understood but the diversity of the school is great.
The opportunities that the University of Texas at El Paso has to offer is wonderful. The University has many internships to offer as well as work study, 3D printing and much more. THe professors are always willing to help.
It's a very diverse college. I've been going here for 4 years for the program they have; Upward Bound. Everyone is very nice and amazing and helpful
The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is a very diverse campus with many different programs to peak student's interests.
What the university needs is a big improvement on the social integration. The school needs to bring the students together and build a community which the school lacks of in the present.
I like the environment and how everyone is friendly or helpful. During a gap, many students just go to the grass area and lay down, enjoy a book, do homework or even nap and it is a little break that we all need every once in a while. The staff from mike loya or other buildings are harsh and not helpful sometimes but other than that everything is quite enjoyable, at the end it is college and you make it as best as you can.
The University of Texas at El Paso is a great university to attend. The students who attend are friendly and welcoming, it's easy to make friends and team up with others for help. The actual campus is a good size and very nice. There has been quite a bit of remolding but the aftermath has been worth it, all the new buildings and areas are clean, updated and intriguing. The professors work well with the students and are very educated, and interact a lot with students always offering extra help. I have learned and taken away something from every class I have taken.
The campus is really nice and the scenery is great but the Admin is subpar. Really good school for engineering and nursing and also really affordable. They have a good amount of opportunities for the students to get a job right after college.
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UTEP has offered me so many opportunities. The professors with which I have studied with are very dedicated to their students and passionate about their work. The institution places great emphasis on undergraduate and graduate research and offers paid research opportunities through multiple programs at the university.
I love the different cultures coming together and being able to express our different ideals and beliefs in one place.
The school is located near downtown. There are many restaurants nearby. Also, there are bars and clubs nearby if you are interested in the night life! I am a freshman. So far, my instructors have taught well! A lot of work is required, but I'm sure that goes for any university. There are students of all ages. The parking is TERRIBLE. The school has purchased all parking anywhere near the school and parking permits are needed everywhere. I tried to buy a parking permit but there were no more available. So I was forced to walk a mile to classes, and even still had to pay at parking meters. I didn't mind the walk, but sometimes could not find parking. Another thing I didn't appreciate is that there are no places where I could pump my breast milk, since I am a breastfeeding momma. I always had to pump in restrooms which seemed unsanitary and quite frankly stinky at times. My adviser has been great! She is very helpful. I really do like the school, these were just a few concerns of mine.
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