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The University of Texas at El Paso, is an university that reflects a diverse community that embraces diversity. It has an excellent engineering department and an excellent bio science department.
I would love to see more active student life on campus more often. The campus itself is really nice and they are always adding to it so that’s always exciting. I wish there were more ways to get involved at school.
I would like for UTEP to put more into the forensic science program and in the future be able to give Masters' Degree for this major and many others that they do not offer. Also, UTEP should become more diverse.
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My experience at UTEP has been nothing but pleasant. The resources available are extremely helpful for students who need assistance. Many classes are flexible and make it possible to maintain other priorities as well, such as jobs and family. My only concern about the classes at UTEP is that many degree specific courses are only offered at limited times, making it difficult to take the courses necessary for the completion of the degree at a students' desired timeframe. The professors at UTEP are very interactive with the students and provide all means necessary for the success of the students. The students are very involved as well and have the abilities to express themselves in this safe environment. Overall, although UTEP could use some minor improvement, the campus is still my top choice based off of my experience and I hope that other teachers, students, and staff feel the same way.
I have visited UTEP times, and my visits were satisfied, it is a great college and it has excellent students that make you feel comfortable. I am convinced that UTEP is the college I want to attend.
Great school, great opportunities, just need to reach out and you get a lot, I like it. I enjoy attending this school
Fees are a bit high, but the professor-student ratio is great and the professors are extremely knowledgeable and engaging.
Overall I think it's like any other college you have your good experience and bad ones. Sometimes they are student friendly sometimes they are not. Make sure not to change majors if you are half way done, sometimes you may start all over again.
I love the community at the University of Texas at El Paso. Students are super friendly and always whiling to help one another. What I would like to see evolve is the alumni organizations. More events that incorporate the alumni association and even mentor some students would be wonderful.
I love Utep there is so many options on what major you can choose and what classes you would take the only thing I don’t like very much is the individuals who sit outside and try to scream at us about how being gay is bad and how we will all goto hell.
It is an amazing school, that overs a ton of great classes with great professors. I have walked the campus and was surprised by how big the campus is and the set up. I am very intrigued with UTEP's Gold Digger dance team. They perform at football games, basketball games and events at UTEP. They also have a lot of different sororities for many times of different people. They also have so many events that are really cheap for students, which is really nice considering most college students are often time broke. The overall feeling you get from this school is amazing. This school also helps you grow as a person.
what i liked about utep was the school sprit that everyone had. utep also held the monster jam which was pretty cool too.
There are many things I like about my university. One of them is how friendly most people are. People are generous and willing to help when you need it. Another thing is how it has helped me get outside of my comfort zone. Before entering college I was very shy and had trouble making friends. When I joined organizations at UTEP I broadened my social circle and made life-long friendships. Also, I am very happy with my major and have had great teachers that have inspired me even more to become a teacher. On the other hand, what I would like to change about UTEP is that most students are not involved on campus. Most students in my major are not involved but the explanation can vary from work to many different reasons. Also, more attention to the Education building because it is very old and worn down.
They have a great Geology / Earth Science program with many opportunities to be involved in. The courses offered are 'hands-on' and the skills that are learned can be transferred to a working environment. Many employers visit the school on a regular basis to inform students of employment possibilities and internships.
I enjoyed the environment the school tradition is really felt. The thing I would change is the parking space.
There are not as many opportunities when attending this college. My biggest problem with this university would have to be with the professors . There are many professors here that should not be working there and as a student who is paying to be in these classes I would like to learn about the subject and not be belittled. The problem is also that utep does not get rid of professors that are not good because somehow it is always short-staffed. Besides that everything else at this school is average.
I appreciate the community and the fact that is an HSI. The graduate facility for Health Professions is a bit antiquated and should be updated. The staff for my program are very reliable but can be rather unorganized. Overall the program is strenuous and challenging. I like it here.
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I will be starting UTEP in the Fall of 2019. I've visited the campus twice already and I simple love it! I've spoken to other students, athletes and some of the administration. From my experience and my research it is the perfect school for me! I'm excited to be a future Miner and high recommend this university to anyone!
Lots of changes, but amazing teachers and staff. Very nice landscape. Just wish they would apply some of that to the older buildings.
The people are friendly and its a lovely campus! Theres a lot of places to study and the scenery is beautiful. The students there have school spirit and overrall really friendly.
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