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What I like about UTEP is that is a school with a lot of dedication to the Hispanic side and International students. Thanks to the high amount of Mexican students, the University often organize and create cultural events dedicated to the Hispanic culture and they also help international students to get everything that they need in order to graduate such as financial aid tutoring, flexible payment options, bilingual teachers, excellent social places and comfort zones, etc. I would not change anything about this University because it has more than a student could ask.
i would like to see UTEP become less of a bureaucracy, unfortunately the paperwork involved in attending UTEP makes the whole experience very stressful. However, the professors are very knowledgeable and kind.
What I liked about visiting UTEP is that the people and advisers there are very friendly along with the professors. I also liked the food court in the east wing of the building. I had a bit of a problem with my major change and the staff made the transition as very easy as possible.
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its cool it is always fun to attend and it always makes me excited to go to class its super clean and comfortable i do feel safe and its always great to go and learn asbout new things in my accounting feel it always fulls me up with excite
I really like the facilities in the campus. Especially the engineering building. They have a lot of machines that help students learn. They also compete in all sorts of competitions all over the country.
UTEP it's a very safe school that helps you to make you college experience more satisfying. The school is very big and has a lot of sources to get help.UTEP it's a very safe school that helps you to make you college experience more satisfying. The school is very big and has a lot of sources to get help.UTEP it's a very safe school that helps you to make you college experience more satisfying. The school is very big and has a lot of sources to get help.UTEP it's a very safe school that helps you to make you college experience more satisfying.
Landscaping beautiful on campus. The professors are overall great. Non smoking campus and friendly environment.
My overall experience is great. The university is constantly growing with its resources. The campus is beautiful along with the warmhearted students. My 3 years attending this university has been exceptional.
I am an upcoming freshman and visit the campus every opportunity i get! Its such a beautiful campus, the people are amazing
I never usally do reviews like this but I feel this is need to be said. Utep is one of the worst colleges I have been to. They truely don't care about people who are not from that area yet they want us to flip the bill. They lie about how many things their are to do in the area alone. High Schoolers are forcered to apply to the college for no reason but some do not want to even go there. Over priced and the teachers suck.
My extended family lives in El Paso so this would be real nice cause I would be able to go visit them and we would just be able to connect and just be a happy family.
From what I've seen and heard about UTEP, it is a phenomenal school. I am still a high school student who is planning on going to UTEP hopefully. I can't wait to be apart of the miner family and be able to have that college experience.
So far I have loved my experience at the UTEP. Having classes that are walking distance has become so convenient, allowing me to make my schedule closer in time and getting my day in school over with faster. The staff is also very helpful and on top of what they are doing, when I have an issue or question I can count on them to get back to me shortly after. My teachers have helped me greatly as well as the teachers assistants they are very open to answer questions about not only the classes they are teaching but questions about college in general. Another advance of utep is the union which is where they have food court. This makes it easy to be able to grab some lunch/snacks in between classes and continue without haveing to waste time leaving campus.
UTEP definitely has an open and welcoming environment. The campus is beautiful and full of so much diversity. I've developed friendships with other students here that I am so grateful for, as well as the relationships I've been able to establish with the amazing instructors and other staff on campus. I've made it this far with all of their help and support.
The campus is easy to navigate, the professors are generally competent and engaging. The administrative staff are very helpful, and councilors are available for any questions.
My experience at the University of texas at El Paso has been great so far. At the University of Texas at El Paso I've made new friends and although many UTEP students are local I've met people from all over the country and some from out of the country. I have had overall good professors that really do try and help every student of theirs. I've also joined two school organization one is called American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). There are also a lot of resources available to anyone from every department such as writing centers, math tutors, chemistry tutors any class essentially.
The University of Texas at El Paso has a very diverse community within the campus grounds. The educational opportunities have endless possibilities. The campus is huge so depending on your budget will be the difference between parking nearby or having to take a shuttle. The only downside is the tution expense and this fall it will be going up!
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UTEP really offers a lot of opportunities to set students up for future success. As a multimedia journalism major, I have had to opportunity to build a portfolio and gain experience that's applicable in the job world, rather than just learning theoretical stuff. My main complaint is that, like the rest of El Paso, everyone at UTEP (Professors and staff included) tend to put everything off until the last minute. If you transfer, admissions takes forever to look over your transfer records. A lot of professors do not grade assignments until the last couple of weeks of the semester, although they expect students to turn assignments in on time. This makes it hard to improve on your work when you receive no feedback all semester. But, at least from my experiences in the Communications department, the professors are experienced professionals from their field who have real world experience and a lot of knowledge to share.
The University Of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is a good school and is very affordable. I like that they offer many support groups for whatever it is you need, especially for your academic needs, such as tutors, or note takers. another thing I like about UTEP is that not only are these aids available, but a lot are offered for free, which is nice when you are a college student on a tight budget. The atmosphere here is very pleasant and inviting. I recumbent this school if you are looking for an affordable school.
Chill place to study, everyone is chill. Some professors really do care about their students, others don't but that's everywhere. The university if really growing, they are bringing in more stuff to do and are improving the campus.
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