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I appreciate the community and the fact that is an HSI. The graduate facility for Health Professions is a bit antiquated and should be updated. The staff for my program are very reliable but can be rather unorganized. Overall the program is strenuous and challenging. I like it here.
I will be starting UTEP in the Fall of 2019. I've visited the campus twice already and I simple love it! I've spoken to other students, athletes and some of the administration. From my experience and my research it is the perfect school for me! I'm excited to be a future Miner and high recommend this university to anyone!
Lots of changes, but amazing teachers and staff. Very nice landscape. Just wish they would apply some of that to the older buildings.
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The people are friendly and its a lovely campus! Theres a lot of places to study and the scenery is beautiful. The students there have school spirit and overrall really friendly.
Better sheduling with and organization with orientation. I wish more information would have been giving to me about financial aid or about my books. more supply on the books most needed. Better help with getting financial aid done.
I like University of Texas at El Paso because it has a lot to offer. It offers great classes and majors. It always is a clean campus no matter where you may be at. It also has a very safe vibe to it too. Emergency buttons throughout the campus. One thing I would like to change is more parking for students. Sometimes you have no where to park and have no choice but to park farther and walk miles to the campus.
The University of Texas at El Paso is a very resourceful area for studies. UTEP has every tool in mind that can be used to help with studies. There is also the staff and many people you can talk to about really anything that comes to mind. Every staff member is very helpful with any question a student has
I like the campus life. The area is beautiful and they have decent things for students. I wish they could change how the faculty helps students to offer them better help with financial aid and advising.
The fact that UTEP is a commuter school really takes away from student life. People just want to go to class and go home immediately after. I wish there were more involvement on part of the students attending UTEP
I love the energy you get from UTEP, tye staff could be a bit more helpful in guiding you through the process but overall its great for the money. It's very diverse and they offer everyone an opportinity to reccieve a degree. The area is very college friendly, however the parking situation coukd be better.
The campus is huge and you can easily get lost. There are a lot of things to do right on campus as well as right around the area. There are lot of students there, but not much of a diversity. Mostly Spanish speaking students due to the area that the school is in. Due to the huge populations, most of the classes are an average of 150 students. Trying to get to know your professors takes more effort than needed and when trying to get a letter of recommendation wouldn't be very personable.
As a high school student taking sophomore college level classes, UTEP is obviously a school that is considered a safety net for most young adolescents in El Paso. As for my experience in the school the professors have been really professional and rational towards my college experience, and provide additional support outside the course.
The unique quality or trait that students of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) have is their common history and backgrounds. El Paso has a low rate of college graduates. Less than 20% of the population attends college and of that 20%, only 11% find local jobs. Our generation is considered privileged and fortunate to have the opportunity to attend college. UTEP has a whole has low diversity. Most of its student are natives of El Paso or international students from Mexico, Canada, Asia, and South Africa.
The campus is nice and you can travel from different buildings within 10 minutes. The installations are good, the people are friendly and so is the staff. I am a foreign student and definitely got adapted quickly.
I personally like the University of Texas at El Paso in the sense that it is very diverse within the academic portion of the campus life. There are plenty of majors to choose from. Not only that, but the expenses are affordable in terms of tuition and fees. I do believe that the social gatherings are acceptable. Because it's a grand campus, there are lots of people to meet.
There is a lot of diversity at this university and the students are very friendly. The faculty and alumni are nice but tend to stick to only their jurisdiction meaning if you ask a question about financial aid and you are talking to someone from registration they will not answer it and make you go stand in a line to ask someone else.
UTEP is home to some of the nicest and hard working people anywhere. The food within the city is amazing, and the opportunities UTEP provides to a student are exactly what one needs to be successful.
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I may only be on my second year here at UTEP, but think it is a great school to attend. The education is great, with their engineering and nursing programs advancing at such a fast rate. All fields are spectacular, but UTEP is very prideful about their sciences. The staff here is very helpful and nice, I've never encountered any problems with them. Student life is great s well. There are always people walking around campus passing out flyers for upcoming events; whether its an art gallery, games, or celebrations for students, such as Minerpalooza. I highly recommend this school to anyone perusing a higher education. I hope your experience is as great as mine.
I am very blissful because I am about to be a miner. Utep is as a small world that made me fall in love of the facilities beauty and the warmth of its people since the very first time I saw it. In general , the university experience is the combination of senses and knowledge that help us to improve and build our profession , personality, and that become an extremely important part of our lives. I have the assuredness that Utep has that and more for every student and person that step on there. There are bunches of lessons, people, and opportunities that are waiting to be discovered in Utep. I couldn't be more excited for this new opportunity in my education and my personal life.
UTEP has great, skilled professors who are always accessible to meet one on one with students who demonstrate willingness to learn. The Chemistry department has excellent resources to assist students in mastering the difficult concepts, and a unique peer-led class that allows students to learn from their fellow peers who have already mastered the course. The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the students are dedicated and driven.
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