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The school is relatively expensive and barely any good food choices. I don't feel connected to the school at all.
This University is the most underrated university in Texas. The benefits of the school that they describe and create are amazing. The Campus is not too large and its also not too small. The convenience of the campus and the campus life has no disadvantages. They have fair prices on all the required classes, books, and other materials. Because classes are so small and the professors are very understanding, the students at UTD are very comfortable with the environment and I'm pretty sure if anyone else would go to this school they would think the exact same thing
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UTD is a great university that offers a quality education taught by excellent teachers. The activities that take place at the school are abundant and there are several groups that the students can join. Although the social life on campus isnt really that great, I am getting my money's worth.
What I love about UT Dallas is the diverse group of students and culture that the campus has. My school embraces weirdness and nerd-iness and people are welcome to be themselves.
The university brings together a variety of different cultures so if you want to study in an environment where you will be exposed to different cultures and learn alongside smart students from around the world this is the place for you.
First semester but no complaints yet. I enjoy everything the school has to offer and how involved it seems that everyone can be.
As a community college transfer student, I love experiencing university life. The campus is pretty lively for a non-traditional school (i.e. not a football-oriented atmosphere). It has its downsides since I would like to be experiencing those things, but at the very most, education is my top priority. I definitely get the best of the best as a student here. The faculty is helpful and supportive, classmates are productive and interactive. It's difficult to get both. I'm really lucky to be a part of this environment!
Extremely helpful staff and students. Everyone is willing to guide you to the correct department or class room.
One of the top schools in Texas and has an impressive batch of professors. Students and culture are comfortable. Challenging but not impossible. Overall really good experience.
i'm just a freshman, but i've fallen in love with campus and life there. all of my professors are awesome and i'm excited to take on the rest of the semester with them. the dorms are the best ive ever seen. the dining hall and student union have great food options.
i'm really glad i go here.
I love the school, and the teachers are all pretty solid so far. However a few of the teachers I have seem to have difficulty being enthusiastic about teaching which is my only gripe about my classes.
Very diverse campus, not too big, focus on academics, therefore lacking on the social side. Professors are very involved.
I have personally not been to this school yet but I plan on transferring next summer. Based off of all the research I have done on this school I am extremely interested in attending and all the reviews I have read of the living area are good as well.
One of the characteristics I look for in schools is diversity. I value diverse student, faculty, and staff populations. UTD has provided me with that. I also love that there are so many different cultures, backgrounds, and disciplines to study. Most importantly, I have been greatly challenged in my graduate studies of molecular and cell biology. This school will definitely help open the door to medical school.
While attending the University of Texas Dallas' guided tour, not only was the entire trip very organized, it was a very exciting and educational experience. The school provides very affordable on-campus transportation and is part of the Dallas public transportation route. The campus is beautiful and spacious with lots of places that are good for studying and socializing. They also have many tutoring programs and clubs to help enhance the learning of their students. The school also has a large variety of club sports for more competitive players or sports teams for novices to join. The athletics building is not only in good condition but is also clean and very organized.
I think UTD is an amazing school! The campus is extremely diverse and everyone there is very academically driven and inclined to be more.
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UT Dallas may not be the place for crazy parties, Greek life, or sports games (unless you love chess) but it does have great academics and great opportunities for jobs right out of college. Being so close to such a large city and with great education it opens many doors for your future.
UTD is a college for research students and students focused on employment after graduation, student life is an option here not a necessity. That being said, if campus life isn't a top priority then UTD is a solid choice. The resources offered for future employment is amazing. Every day, week, month there is a top tire company on campus recruiting or interviewing for internships and job opportunities. Majority of the schools professors and instructors have worked in the field they are teaching. UTD is a top tier school hidden in the Richland suburb of Texas. This school is built and ran to build you up educationally and experience wise for your future career.
People underestimate UTD but it honestly one of the best schools ever. You meet amazing people and build connections like never before. The professors are absolutely amazing! Do yourself a favor and go to UTD.
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