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While the classes for math and science are very difficult here, it is a well-rounded school that is relatively cheap in terms of tuition.
I went to UTD for a Scholar's Day event and I think everyone was really welcoming. The campus itself was really neat because it was clean and easy to get around, with guides and offices that are more than willing to help.
The University of Texas at Dallas is a going university. I've been there once and Instantly I told to myself that this is the college I want t go to. I'm a high school senior and I've been looking at colleges now and got accepted to this one, and I really cant wait till I attend in the upcoming fall of 2019.
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I am passionate about the University of Texas at Dallas and everything it stands for because of the people and the programs there. The people I have encountered who attend the University of Texas at Dallas are some of the most humble, kind, and willing to help individuals I have ever met. The education opportunities for this university our great. They offer my major of pre-physical therapy. However, what is most important to me about the University of Texas at Dallas is because of their campus outreach program. This is a religious organization that is available on campus. The people involved in this organization are genuinely the most godly and beautiful people I have ever met. The opportunity for faith growth that campus outreach offers is incomparable to anything else and I am beyond grateful to the University of Texas at Dallas for having it as an available program.
UTD is an excellent school! The professors are nice and willing to work with you. Finding a parking spot however is really difficult. There are too many people, and not enough parking available, despite having several parking garages built recently.
I did an Internship for Capital One there. I was at UTD from Monday through Thursday and well we stayed in the building most of the time, we had tours around the campus and even the dorms. It is a great campus with great people, such a great diversity. The food there is great, and the staff/professors are amazing, we had chance to talk to some them about the different careers offered there.
This college is a well-rounded school and is very welcoming. It is a great experience and is ranked very well in Texas.
Although I am not a student at this college, I am familiar with it because i plan on attending this school after my senior year of high school, I have heard great thing about it and experienced some of those things and the Staff is incredibly kind and passionate in what they do.
The school is relatively expensive and barely any good food choices. I don't feel connected to the school at all.
This University is the most underrated university in Texas. The benefits of the school that they describe and create are amazing. The Campus is not too large and its also not too small. The convenience of the campus and the campus life has no disadvantages. They have fair prices on all the required classes, books, and other materials. Because classes are so small and the professors are very understanding, the students at UTD are very comfortable with the environment and I'm pretty sure if anyone else would go to this school they would think the exact same thing
UTD is a great university that offers a quality education taught by excellent teachers. The activities that take place at the school are abundant and there are several groups that the students can join. Although the social life on campus isnt really that great, I am getting my money's worth.
What I love about UT Dallas is the diverse group of students and culture that the campus has. My school embraces weirdness and nerd-iness and people are welcome to be themselves.
The university brings together a variety of different cultures so if you want to study in an environment where you will be exposed to different cultures and learn alongside smart students from around the world this is the place for you.
First semester but no complaints yet. I enjoy everything the school has to offer and how involved it seems that everyone can be.
As a community college transfer student, I love experiencing university life. The campus is pretty lively for a non-traditional school (i.e. not a football-oriented atmosphere). It has its downsides since I would like to be experiencing those things, but at the very most, education is my top priority. I definitely get the best of the best as a student here. The faculty is helpful and supportive, classmates are productive and interactive. It's difficult to get both. I'm really lucky to be a part of this environment!
Extremely helpful staff and students. Everyone is willing to guide you to the correct department or class room.
One of the top schools in Texas and has an impressive batch of professors. Students and culture are comfortable. Challenging but not impossible. Overall really good experience.
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i'm just a freshman, but i've fallen in love with campus and life there. all of my professors are awesome and i'm excited to take on the rest of the semester with them. the dorms are the best ive ever seen. the dining hall and student union have great food options.
i'm really glad i go here.
I love the school, and the teachers are all pretty solid so far. However a few of the teachers I have seem to have difficulty being enthusiastic about teaching which is my only gripe about my classes.
Very diverse campus, not too big, focus on academics, therefore lacking on the social side. Professors are very involved.
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