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I like the atmosphere of the University of Texas at Austin. Yet I'd want to change the scenery; the city is a bit crowded!
Overall, taking a tour of the campus, the exterior was very welcoming. The designs of the buildings and the placement of the whole campus overall is one of the best parts about the school. The fact that they are located right at Austin, Texas makes it one of the best schools for outdoor activities in the city. Although filled with nearly 40,000 students, the campus tries its best to make newcomers feel familiar to the place by creating clubs that help one interact with people that take the same major in small groups.
The college has great people, a beautiful campus, located in a great city. There is so much to do and explore in Austin. UT offers a wide variety of great and challenging classes that help you challenge and improve your skills. They also offer a great amount of help and services.
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So far, I have had a decent experience. I've gotten several amazing professors, as well as a few poor professors that I do not plan on taking again if I don't have to. Several of the math and science courses are designed to be harder than they really are, simply to serve as a way to "weed out" who can and can't handle the rigor of college. The facilities and buildings themselves are fairly nice, but there always seems to be construction going on somewhere in campus, usually in inconvenient places. The University tries very hard to be environmentally-friendly, and their dormitories seem to put a lot of attention into making their residents have a positive experience. There are over 1,000 student organizations and clubs, many of which require members to pay dues or participate in fundraisers. There are several resources for students who are struggling in classes, an office for students with disabilities, and a counseling and mental health center as well.
I love the study breaks, exploring the city, as well as the faculty. The nursing school is amazing! I can't believe I've already been at UT for over two years. It's a great college to go to and learn a lot no only from books, but about yourself as a person. Wouldn't be the same person I am right now if I had gone somewhere else!
It was a great university with great teachers and campus! I enjoyed being able to have a diverse set of classes from classrooms of twenty students to larger ones of more than two hundred. The diversity of the college was my favorite aspect as it opened me to different ways of thinking, cultures and ways of life. This greatly enhanced my experience as a student and I would highly recommend it.
The University of Texas at Austin is a great school but it is huge so you have to carve out your place based on your interests.
The campus is beautiful and is very close to great places to eat and stores. But also on the campus in the dorms, there is food and shops and the people there are friendly. There also is a bunch of activities always happening, so, becoming apart of a community seems easy as a newbie to college.
UT has a diverse array of student organizations and clubs, to some of the best professors in all of Texas, UT definitely is the best for academics and student success.
The University of Texas at Austin seems like a great school for me because of my passion for my business, with UT business school being top 10 in the country.
The University of Texas is in a prime location in central Austin and is home to a diverse and enthusiastic student body. Existing in the paradigm between traditional, conservative Texas values and liberal Austin culture, UT is an incredible place to broaden your perspectives and learn from others. While the cost of living and a lot of fees associated with the academics of UT are a pain, the overall experience is worth the time, effort, and cost.
It's a nice campus dedicated to giving you the best education and experience, but everything is really expensive.
University of Texas in Austin couldn't be placed in a more better place. Austin is the best city for colleges students. It's fun and loud and has so much energy which is what they want.
Great resources and great professors. Enthusiastic degree program. All student services helpful and available. Interesting coursework. Bad traffic. Austin has a high cost of living.
The pride that the school has for itself is incredible. The university has so much confidence in the work the students here are doing, with good reason.
The University of Texas at Austin is the best public university in Texas for many different fields. Being surrounded by all of the great faculty and students is worth it alone.
UT is an amazing school located in an awesome city that gives students a lot of options to blow off steam from midterms or finals. The party scene is pretty good and fairly accessible, the athletics are top-tier, the school spirit is even stronger, and the professors are mostly friendly and passionate about what they teach.
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Academics are challenging, but a good opportunity to learn and think critically. The overall diversity of the campus is huge. The athletic games are fun to attend to; many school traditions. The campus is always under construction, so sometimes there are streets and walkways that are closed. The west campus area has the student living apartments and many markets and food places making it convenient for students.
Best decision I have made so far in my life. Although it is a big campus, there is still a sense of family. There is always something happening on campus. And my experience so far has been incredible. When you become a longhorn, you are the best of the best!
Austin is a beautiful city. The university is in the center of the city so there are many things you can do after a long day of studying!
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