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I toured the University of Texas, and it seems like a very nice university! I can definitely see myself going to this school in the future.
The University of Texas at Austin is the premier university in the state of Texas. Faculty is among the best in the world, with some being the top of their respective fields. Professors genuinely care about their students, and do whatever they can to help everyone succeed. I recommend this school to all of my friends.
Although it was not as diverse and i thought it would be (we have a very small black community), I still love UT.
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I loved all of the opportunities the students are given to succeed in life and in the career they hope to be in.
UT is such a powerhouse of a college. Everything you could think of is at your disposal there. If you want your school to feel like a city within a city, this is the place for you.
Great school, but super pricey!!! They have a great education program that allows you to intern at different schools. Definitely recommend. I have never had any problems with this school and there is always something to do on campus. There are plenty of clubs to join and very diverse groups. So excited to be returning in the fall! I have one more year left and it's bittersweet because I am really going to miss it.
Most of my classes and professors at UT have been great and I love all of the friends that I've made but I feel like UT needs to do better to make certain student resources (such as tutoring, health services, and libraries) more accessible.
As a newly admitted transfer student to the University of Texas at Austin from a small community college, I was overwhelmed with the amount of resources, organizations, and various opportunities UT has to offer. The professors are incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond for their students. The learning level is more strenuous at this university, but for those who truly love to learn and want as much as possible out of their university experience, this school is the best choice.
The university is extremely diverse and everyone there is really nice. Everyone always seems to be in a rush though so it makes life a bit more complicated but if you ask for help you'll receive an answer regardless. Everyone is intelligent and every high expectation I had of that school was met.
The university of Texas is a great place to go to school in my opinion. The city of Austin is a great place with things always going on so you’ll never be bored and the academics are great. My only issue, being a black male on campus, is that the ratio of us to black women is 1:2 and that ratio only makes of 5% of the IT population (including staff). So diversity is a issue here in my opinion.
I loved the campus environment. There is a large variety at UT Austin and I felt welcomed everywhere I went. I also love the vast amount of student organizations on campus and the opportunities I had to connect with likeminded students.
UT Austin offered a lot of resources to further equip students for academic and personal development. Additionally, UT has opportunities that will help students excel after college. However, the school is not really that diverse.
I studied as a Biomedical Engineering Major at the University of Texas at Austin. While Austin is amazing, and overall UT was not a bad experience, it is a school that could afford lecturers for their science and engineering courses, like Ivy League Schools, but instead forces professors who only want to work in their lab to teach classes. This leads to terrible teachers who don't want to be there and don't care, rather than just hiring a people who want to actually teach.
I love UT because of its diverse and beautiful campus. UT has many places to study and socialize with different settings. There is something for everyone at UT. From courses to clubs UT offers the most a public university can in the heart of Texas.
I love the professors that teach here. They really do care about your education. What could change is the pricing, they just increase it little by little. The area around the university has many different places to eat or to have fun at when you are not studying.
I liked how one could have the opportunity to pursue multiple interests, with double majors or different programs. In addition, the staff is very nice and caters to each students' needs. I felt very welcomed, and the college culture is very lively.
I enjoy seeing how welcoming the University of Texas of Austin is. There is so many resources available to students that makes leaving home easy. Overall, the universities atmosphere is inviting, and allows for students to have an enjoyable experience.
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There's a lot of diversity here and you have so many chances to open your world view to new information and experiences. The campus is big and they've really increased the safety to the campus lately. People here are so friendly and the university offers a variety of courses that would be sure to challenge you academically. Overall, it's a great experience attending this university!
I transferred to the University of Texas at Austin this past semester. I had high hopes for this university, and UT managed to exceed every expectation I could possibly imagine. What starts here truly does change the world.
The University of Texas at Austin or (UT) has been my dream school ever since I was overseas. I walked onto the campus, it felt like home. I have visited the campus a couple of times and everyone on campus was helpful, students and staff members. Even students who are graduates of the university were helpful and generous. I loved the campus because it shows the quality of education is worth the tuitions you're going to pay, it shows that you come here to study and make a difference.
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