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I love the UT campus. I especially love the cultural diversity and open mindedness of the students. The professors are some of the best in the country. All in all, I am proud to be a Longhorn!
I liked UT Austin because it has one of the best mechanical engineering programs in Texas. It is a very nice school because it is very old style school. It's reminds me of Arkansas.
UT Austin is a large university, which can be overwhelming at times, but it also means that the space and opportunities allow you to carve out whatever educational and career path you chose. You are surrounded by experts in every field.
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UT Austin is a very vibrant campus. There are always various events going on, whether it be related to academics, community involvement, or just fun activities. So many opportunities exist to become involved and to make your college life enjoyable and interesting.
The diversity of the campus is by far my favorite part about UT. Not only is the campus diverse but my major I wish to pursue a career in which is pre-med is amazing. This university is known for medicine aside from business which is the primary reason why I want to attend. The professors like HW Brands who I want to take a course with and other professors are amazing.
I have yet to start my journey at the University of Texas at Austin. Upon my researches, the school has a lot to offer. It provides students high quality education and long life experiences.
Amazing campus as far as campus life and social activities available. There is always something going on any day of the week and there are so many extracurricular activities that you can be involved in such as intramurals, clubs, organizations, many which are not exclusive to income.
I love studying and working part-time at the University of Texas at Austin. The teacher are readily available for office hours and are enthusiastic about teaching. The environment is friendly and fun.
The University of Texas at Austin is a very academically challenging university. However, this makes success even more rewarding. The professors are great (for the most part), the campus is beautiful, and there is a diverse and large amount of organizations that students can join. I would absolutely recommend applying to this university.
Lots of opportunity to learn and socialize. Classes can be small to big. It is very diverse. Transportation is friendly (bus, train). There are UT bus and regular local bus. Both are free with your student ID. There are plenty of restaurants and campus events.
Great campus overall, some lower economic levels of housing adjacent to the university have a negative effect, however the education is superior, the opportunities are excellent and the overall equipment, buildings, teachers are superior. I am obtaining a great education here at UT Austin with excellent guidance and superior mentors in my field of study.
UT is so full of opportunities and resources. Professors and counselors are there to help at any time. I also feel safe at this campus. People all the way up to former presidents have reached out to help
This university is full of diversity and opportunity. It is easy to make the large campus small with a ton of niches. The physical campus is centrally located in Austin that allows for an exciting and unique college experience. Austin gives numerous opportunities of education beyond the classroom. The professors have intriguing life stories and a lot of experience.
The people here are so conceited, constantly reminding everyone that we're "the best of the best" simply due to most of the students’ high school class ranks. While it's not bad to have school spirit, this gets excessive. Additionally, I'm not sure why the students are so comfortable openly discussing and using illegal drugs on campus. You'd think "the best of the best" would be aware of the detrimental effects controlled substances have on one's body… Since UT Austin is primarily a research institution, most of the professors have very impressive credentials and the knowledge to match. Though, intelligence does not always transfer to teaching capabilities. While I have had a few outstanding professors, they have been overshadowed by the number of poor professors I've encountered. There are those that simply read straight from a PowerPoint--in a monotonous tone I might add--and there are others that simply rely on the students to teach themselves within a flipped classroom setting.
I like that UT has a strong academic curriculum that prepares you for the real world after college, graduate school, or health professions school. Students are competitive, but you can always find the resources to succeed both in the classroom and outside the classroom. The study spaces are great on campus too. In addition to this, you get to meet people from all over the world.
So far, I have really enjoyed my time at UT. Austin is a great city to live and study in. My classes have been both challenging and fun most of the time. The student body is very diverse.
I have had an amazing experience here at UT. There is everything you could want in a college; school spirit, athletics, hard working students and faculty, and so many amazing opportunities unique to the school. There is such a wide range of things to do both on campus and in the amazing city of Austin.
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The college tour was very informaitonal and the student that provided the tour was also very informaitonal and kind.
Very lively campus. All types of people are seen on campus of different cultures, from various countries. Majority of students are very focused on success and their futures, it's a good environment to keep you motivated. Always an activity going on at campus whether it be career fairs, housing fairs, local businesses or clubs advertising, or an entertainment event. Offers many opportunities for students in every school for every major, hard not to get involved. Recognized as the best public University and UT Austin deserves it.
The University of Texas at Austin is quite a wonderful place to be. Like any school it has its downfalls, however, it exceeds expectations. This place is amazing. Party scene is great and the people here are great too.
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