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Amazing campus with one of the most diverse and interesting student bodies of any college. Simply a great college loved by all Texans.
My sister is a current student, and she constantly raves about how amazing UT is. It is a great school in several aspects, and I look forward to attending if accepted.
The academics here are great, but the atmosphere isn't for everyone. I personally had a hard time making connections here.
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When I went to visit the University of Texas in Austin, I was genuinely satisfied. I began my tour in a class and I had an amazing time. The students were very interactive in the lesson and the professor was very interested in what they had to say. The environment was very welcoming, the campus was very calm and the everyone seemed kind. The building were amazing and it felt very comfortable to walk around the campus. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour.
Beautiful campus right in the heart of downtown Austin. Very large campus with all types of people from various backgrounds. Rigorous coursework, but there is a good support system and many facilities to help out. Good culture overall.
The last summer I was attended in a program called Sharpstown Summer Scholar Program which will help students to know about each university around Texas and one of those school is University of Texas at Austin. The teachers brought us to those university in the last week, and that was the first I had a tour at University of Texas at Austin. The guilds that helped us in this tour were telling us about the story and explain us about their experience in this university and I was impressed a lot. I love the place, I love people in this university and I want to study in this university.
The University of Texas at Austin has a welcoming campus in an exciting city. The food and live music provide a lively atmosphere and add to the academic experience of the university.
My sisters go to UT and when I go to visit I love everything about the campus is great and so is the surrounding city of Austin and they’ve told me many good things about Greek life and their classes.
UT Austin has it all: a vibrant and diverse community, location right in the middle of an amazing city, and plenty of professional opportunities. There is a strong school spirit prevalent in every student and something for everybody.
I actually haven't attended, I'm just applying so don't take my review into consideration. And this review also requires me to have at least 100 characters so I'm adding this extra sentence for that reason. Sorry if this skewed your results.
The University of Texas feels like home. Everyone here is very welcoming and there's also a wide variety of students from all different backgrounds, making the diversity extremely wide. I love it here because the food, the people, the culture all together makes the environment and campus life really incredible.
I love the Campus such a Beautiful place to live and go to school. I think it is a very excellent place to find your way in life. Also, I would like to go to school here
It lies in the heart of the city of Austin. It is a wonder to behold. It has the 9th largest campus. The teachers actually care about you here. They will try to work with you and make sure you succeed.
I love UTA and its educational program. I am a two year All-state band member, and to be a part of the UT marching band is my biggest dream.
i love that there is a variety of majors and the overall atmosphere. At UT everyone is so nice and they have great tour guides. Ut is the best university in texas and its nice that they are not strict on test scores.
I am so glad I chose this school. UT allowed me to explore all of my interests and be challenged intellectually while also giving me the opportunity to spend 4 years in Austin, Texas -- the most incredible city!
A beautiful campus surrounded by the liberal and diverse city of Austin, Texas with many resources just a walk away from campus
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UT has the worst teaching program. They put you in schools where teachers get paid to sit back and relax while UT students do everything for them. I haven’t learned anything, but I have taught.
A good college for any person to be involved with. You get more bang with your buck when compare to other schools. This school is a must if your looking for the ideal college life.
UT Austin has a beautiful campus located in the heart of Austin. They have a very diverse campus. The campus is very beautiful.
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