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I like how close everything is and how many things there are to do around the city, but there are no grocery stores near campus, and you have to pay to claim credits, and just about everything.
It is an honor just be a student here at UT which inspires to not be average, but push myself as hard as I can. The environment here naturally motivates students to do better, to try harder, to be bigger. It is competitive and definitely intimidating, but that is what levels us up, each student rising one at a time.
I really enjoy attending the University of Texas at Austin. It offers great academics, a plethora of professional opportunities, astounding school spirit, and many different organizations that help build a well-rounded student.
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There is so much to do, and the teachers are all very passionate about their subjects. I feel like there are a lot of resources that are open to students who need help, and the culture is amazing!
UT is an amazing school! UT is very diverse and the curriculum here can be compared to that of an Ivy League university. Tuition is not that expensive.
UT Austin is already known to be a prestigious university and definitely lives up to its name. Student life for myself was competitive, fast-paced, but rewarding and a lot of fun. For every sleepless night, there was always a night for socialization so it was the essence of work hard play hard. All faculty and staff also do everything in their power to make the experience worthwhile.
I really enjoy the schools atmosphere and environment. There's so many different organizations that you can get involved in; you're sure to find something for you. There's also so many great resources that very easily accessible. Just very expensive.
I feel the school drives on diversity and commitment to Liberal view. However, I've gotten the feeling that the lower class doesn't have a chance in staying in the school as much as those from a better socioeconomic backgrounds.
I'm loving this college so far! Amazing people, professors, and environment. Lots of classes to choose from and everyone is very helpful.
A very welcoming university with a diverse community that is sure to bring you four or more years of a well-rounded education.
The campus is large and full of different people. They offer a variety of programs and clubs and even if there isn't one for you, you can easily create one with a friend! The classes and professors are phenomenal! The campus is actually quite beautiful and there are all sorts of places to grab a bite to eat or study.
UT is very welcoming to all individuals and I feel as if everyone is able to find their own place here. The students are very open to talking to others so it is easy to make friends. Professors are always willing to help you out and if you attend office hours it will definitely help in the long run. UT is a great place to go to school due to the surrounding area. There's always somewhere to go and something to do.
So far the University of Texas at Austin has been a great fit for a college for me besides the expenses. I love the atmosphere and the acceptance of diversity within the university.
The University is very lively with many friendly people. Something is always happening on campus and in Austin.
Going to the University of Texas has, so far, been an amazing experience. There is always something fun happening on campus, and there are always opportunities to meet new people. My class sizes are small, so I am able to get a lot of one-on-one time with my professors and teaching assistants - they all know me by name. It's super easy to get involved. I never feel unsafe when walking alone on campus. School spirit is high, sports games are fun, UT's students love being Longhorns. Facilities and architecture across campus are truly beautiful. Going to Texas has been wonderful, and I wouldn't change my decision to attend in a heartbeat.
The sheer number of students on campus may be intimidating, but UT is home to an incredibly inclusive community. At UT, you will no doubt find friends and activities you love, as well as excellent professors to learn from. UT is an amazing, world class university that has something for everyone.
The University of Texas at Austin is in the middle of a rapidly growing and incredibly diverse city. Not only are the research resources and professors amazing, but you get exposed to a one of a kind experience through the vast array of personalities and cultural differences boasted by the university as a whole. It truly is a great place to live and learn!
Review University of Texas - Austin
Best university in Texas and arguably the South. Campus is liberal, open-minded, and encouraging. Plenty of job opportunities and internships available on and off campus. Never had a problem with a professor thus far.
A fun, big school located in the great city of Austin, Texas. Austin is the place to be in the country - it's a city with a great night life, fantastic job opportunities, and a quirky personality. The University of Texas is a big school, but it offers lots of avenues for students to get connected to others and has incredible research opportunities.
The school is well known for its academic success. Students are respected and challenged. The atmosphere is positive and diverse.
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