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UT is such a great university! Comfortable but fantastic student daily life. Also so many delicious food near campus!
The professors are great and always willing to help.
Great school in an even greater area! The faculty are warm and welcoming, the student body is vast and it's easy to find someone to relate to.
I liked that it was personal. I was able to get in contact with people I met at school for presentations.
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My experience at Austin has been amazing. The city is vibrant and full of diversity. In addition to this, UT really cares about it's students success. My professors are always willing to help me outside of class to accomplish my goals.
Resources are everywhere-- whether for academics, physical or mental health, or equipment rentals. Professors are knowledgeable and the university has a wide range of degrees.
Attending the University of Texas at Austin has been an amazing experience. I transferred in fall of 2016 and wish only that I could have spent my whole 4 years here. The professors are incredible, the departments and those who work in them incredibly varied and experienced, and the buildings a wonderful place to spend time in. Not only is the University of Texas at Austin academically excellent, but it also offers so much more to its students, in the form of recreational facilities, student groups and organizations, and a beautiful campus in the heart of Austin. No matter what your interests, you are likely to find something available to you through the university.
"What starts here changes the world" is an apt motto for UT Austin! You get a first-rate education here, and make memories that last a lifetime. HOOK 'EM HORNS!
My first semester at UT went by so fast. The campus is overall beautiful and the people I've met here are sweet as can be. The professors are engaging, but I mostly enjoy the social atmosphere. The campus has everything you're looking for with the variety of clubs and other events to keep one occupied.
I wasn't originally planning to come to UT but I'm really glad I ended up coming here. I have loved every moment.
I love going to UT! The campus is huge, which can seem daunting at first, but really it just means there is a place for everyone to find their home. Austin is also a great city to be living in. There is always something to do! The professors at UT are great. They all really care about their students and will do what you can to make sure you get the most out of your education.
The University of Texas at Austin is fast-paced academically, diverse, and allows students to explore and take advantage of enriching opportunities. It is challenging, but will help individuals network socially and build upon their strengths in hundreds of student organizations.
I love UT and the environment. There is so much to do and even though there are so many people, you can easily find a home amongst the student body. The academics are very very challenging which is good for developing the world's best thinkers.
One thing I love about the university is it in a great location. The whole city of Austin is centered around the university. The campus is pretty but one or two security infringing incidents have occurred in the past two years because the campus is open to the public and not gated. Professors are a hit or miss as far as being "good." Sometimes I feel that the curriculum is not made to help students graduate but rather it is made more complicated then it needs to be.
Very nice campus with excellent programs. It may be expensive, but it is worth it due to the education you'll receive.
best school in Texas. Professors were kind and caring and all enthusiastic about subject and students' success. Campus was full of student life and offered opportunities to be involved and explore your interests. The location in Austin, Texas as the capital of the state allowed a diverges and dynamic range of events and activities to do outside of campus.
I have loved being at UT Austin. It provides lots of people with lots of opportunities. There are experiences at this school that are hard to match elsewhere. There are all kinds of things that you can experience in Austin that is hard to get all wrapped into one city. Living at UT for one year and off campus the next provides me with a good understanding, I think, of what campus life is like. It's right next to Guadalupe St., which has all kinds of restaurants (Chipotle, Whataburger, Don's) At UT, you never have to search far for food. And the people you meet along the way! Almost everyone finds their place at UT because there are so many different people that you get to meet and hang out with. If I was to change anything about UT, I would make it cheaper of course. I would also make the classes a lot easier than they are. Overall, though, I would say that UT is an amazing university to be at.
I loved that the University of Texas at Austin was such a big school, and had a lot of organizations, classes, majors, and a lot of diversity in people. However, the campus is very inaccessible to persons with disabilities, not just physical, but also for those that are blind or low vision. Navigating the campus is a huge challenge. Many building's don'tt have accessible doors or buttons, even if buildings were new, and braille is not on all of the doors. Some buildings are completely inaccessible for wheelchairs.
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The diversity of thought and freedom of speech is a welcome change when it comes to university guests. I would like our football team to improve.
I really enjoyed the learning atmosphere in my four years at UT but the school could use better safety procedures and more diversity because the racism between the dominant white people and non-whites is very apparent.
The university has challenged me in ways that have benefitted me incredibly, especially through the engineering program. I am able to think about problems in many different ways as well as determine which path to finding the solution is best. The professors at UT Austin are some of the best in the nation
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