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I just graduated. UT was an amazing experience and taught me to work hard and play hard. It's a great university with some of the best professors and resources around.
This campus is filled with so much life from the architecture of the buildings to the staff of the school. When attending The university of Texas at Austin I had automatically knew that this was the school for me and i could have no other in my eye. Although I had to keep other in my eyes as a back up plan.
The University of Texas at Austin provides such a rich, diverse, and rewarding experience! No matter what you are interested in, there are student organizations and like-minded peers to connect with. I was actively involved in everything I could put my hands on.
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Burnt orange country for sure! The University of Texas at Austin is by far an extremely well rounded college with great professors. There is so much opportunity to enjoy learning, joining academic/greek/spirit/social organization and exploring life! Worked hard to get to UT and it has been everything if not more than what I had wanted, expected and living it. Hook 'Em!!
I would like more fairness amongst students from different backgrounds. I am given opportunities but not as many as others.
UT is a great place to go to college because of the challenging academics and enriching city of Austin.
Great school: offers a lot of opportunities, vast of students, very diverse. Great food. Pretty scene.
You have to be motivated and focused. I believe we should prioritize education over everything and I feel that the university of texas at austin does that. However this means that you have to be responsible and hit the ground running, no one holds your hand here, you have to ask for things and stay on top of everything.
The environment on campus was beautiful and the every person was very inclusive. The classes on campus are what interests me the most is the professor to student ratio. It is not common that such a large school would have such a reasonable teacher to student ratio. Also, the student recreation centers are what really seals the deal for me. The memberships are included in tuition and available to every student.
I love the school. It’s got a really good majors. They need to update some of the buildings. It needs a better way to teach math and chemistry.
I am currently a student at UT Austin. The academics are well above average, however professors are not very forgiving even in the cases of emergencies. THe social scene is very high if you put yourself in clubs and orgs.
There are myriads of opportunities here for students ranging from academic to leadership. I have encountered numerous people who are professors and staffs at UT. They all want you to be successful.
When I first came to UT Austin it was like shock and awe, you know compared to high school UT was like a goldmine. Lots of different stuff to do, diverse interest and all but also extremely liberal. I never got involved in frats or anything so I can’t speak for that, but academically UT is very challenging. They do not make it apparant as to what they expect out of you, meaning you really must talk to the TA’s and/or professors no later than the first assignments.
I’ve never visited the university, but I’ve heard very good things that lured me in. To be specific , ive been told the dorms , sports, campus life are great & enjoyable. I hope I can reach a considerable amount of money in order to attend.
I would like to see less construction occurring around campus, it backs up foot traffic and makes it harder to get to class on time. It is a very good school academically.
The University of Texas at Austin is a very diverse school with something for everyone. They off lots of guidance and really try to make such a big school seem smaller. There are thousands of clubs and opportunities to meet people with similar interests
Very diverse, exciting and intriguing. The students are friendly and the staff are inviting. The streets of Austin are a bit crowded but the campus is pretty compact so driving is not really necessary. The weather is welcoming and walking to different classes definitely feels different than what it felt like in high school. Even if a student was not interested in applying to this university, the campus would definitely win them over. They offer a lot of recreational opportunities which I think is great. Jobs are available as well and there are lots of restaurants or cafes nearby. There are a lot of resources available to the students that makes UT stand out above all the others. They have a wonderful school of engineering and I am personally interested in the McCombs school of business.
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The University of Austin has a large, beautiful campus with an abundance of resources for students and learning. It also has a large sports culture and is locating in a great and booming city, providing potential near-by job opportunities upon graduation for its students. However, it stresses more diversity than it actually has and is very difficult at times, which may be rewarding, but who knows?
Attending the University of Texas at Austin has given me tremendous opportunities and endless experiences that will shape me forever. My classes have been academically challenging and make me change my way of thinking. I have received amazing support from fellow peers and organizations that want nothing but the best for me and help me excel in my academics. The diversity of the campus empowers me and strengthens me to recognize that I am not a statistic but a student who has high dreams. My aspirations in life are to continue my education at the University of Texas at Austin and major in mass communications and media. As a little girl growing up, I dreamed of being a news anchor for Univision 23 due to seeing an anchor with my name, Karen Falla. After college, I plan on to work for Univision 23 as a Latina news anchor.
The University of Texas at Austin is a very nice, welcoming campus. The student body is incredibly kind and supportive. The Longhorn spirit allows the community to come together with unity and love.
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