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I would like to change the campus atmosphere, its very dull. The campus was decorated for homecoming and I believe we should have decorations up around campus year round.
UT Arlington is a diverse university with people from all over the world, exposure to such various cultures helps create students who can thrive in our cosmopolitan world.
I love the diversity of the college here. It is number five in the country in diversity among the students attending.
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My favorite part of UTA is the sense of community. Students can get involved with so many different clubs and school really focuses on preparing their students for the "real world".
The classes there were of great quality, but I would love to see more improvements on offering scholarships or grants because I feel like it is hard for some students to find the right offerings for them. Also, the campus is kinda small, only offering a limited amount of housing, and some of them are even too costly, it would be great if there are more dorms available and cheaper for students to afford.
I love everything about the university it makes me feel at home. UTA is a great school to attend. The class are great and the people on are campus are awesome. Arlington is a great community to be in
Initially wouldn't accept my transfer credits so I had to retake a lot of classes wasting time and money to get where I am now, but it was worth it.
UTA has been a fabulous school to obtain my graduate degree. The program is entirely online. the professors are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.
UTA is one of the most diverse universities around. I am currently a grad student and love my colleagues, my professors and the newer downtown campus available for business students. I did attend for a large portion of my undergraduate classes as well and had nothing but success. The campus life is amazing. If you have an opportunity to live on campus, it is definitely a oncfe in a lifetime experience.
My school visit to the university of Texas at Arlington was absolutely amazing . This school had met all of my requirements for my dream university. The campus wasn't too shocking big and it was very diverse , the class rooms were pretty big though , but on the other hand , the school had so many student founded organizations and clubs . UTA is an incredible institution with nice staff members and great food options .
The campus is a great medium sized campus. Not too big, not too small. They have a great Architecture program. The campus is also growing and they are adding some new on campus features like a dining hall and residence halls.
One of the main things I enjoy about UTA is that it is extremely diverse. With coming to this campus I have met plenty of people from all parts of the world.
I love how diverse the university is. There are many associations on campus to get involved in. It is a friendly environment.
Overall I would say this is a perfect school if you are a transfer student. This school brings forth a lot of opportunity and diversity. If someone was looking for a way to be involved in the community and a school that is all about their students I would say this school is for them. Now, along with the pros I do have to mention some cons. The downside to this university is how expensive it is, for 23,000 a year, there is no teacher's aid to assist when professors are not available, it cost to do everything on campus including printing, there is always a line to enter the library, and due to construction parking is very limited. I attended another university before coming to this one and their tuition was 10,000 less and I never had an issue with any of the above.
I do like it here. The campus is quite beautiful for Texas. I've had almost completely positive experiences with professors. The only negative experiences I've had is with professors of 3000's level classes.
As being a college freshman student in the University of Texas at Arlington, I have learned a lot. Each of my professors are really nice and are determined to help me. What I like about this university is that is a very outgoing university. There is a lot of opportunities to succeed in the path of my future career of becoming a nurse. I also like that I feel safe when being on campus. The UTA police do take their job serious and make sure everyone feels and be safe. What I would like to see a change on is a decrease in the number of students on classes 250+. There should be several classes so students don't have to attend a class of 250+ students. It's really hard for students who have to sit on the back pay attention to the lecture and be able to see. I always need to be 30 minutes early in order to find a seat on the front to be focus in the lecture. Other than that, the University of Texas at Arlington is the great fit to continue my education.
The school is good however I feel that the campus is kind of ugly. I also hate the fact that we don’t have a football team even though we are a D1 school.
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What I liked about this college is that it had different facilities that were easily located and were not very hard to find. the people are great at this university and very friendly, I can easily take the bus from my home to the university and visit at any time.
I liked all the student body as a whole, and they helped me make my choice of attending their next fall more easier
This was one of the top schools on my list of dream colleges. The campus is very nice and filled with helpful staff. All my professors so far have been great!