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It's an alright school. It will get the job done. You will get the education you need here. STEM is well funded and professors are good. Liberal Arts doesn't have enough funding (buildings, chairs, and equipment are ancient) but the teachers really care about you. Especially in smaller classes. If you live around the area, it's a very convenient commute school. Not a lot of 'school spirit' because there's no football team. So if you're looking for school solidarity, excitement, wild parties I suggest you look elsewhere.
The University of Texas is a great school and has a wide variety of majors to choose from. The campus itself is a bit worn down at some places but new buildings are starting to be built. UTA has a lot of events and clubs to join so there is never a shortage of choices. Because of its diversity, UTA has many different cultural clubs for everyone and even if you aren't from that culture you can still join and learn about it.
One thing I can always praise UT Arlington for it's its commitment to diversity. It's something that catches your eye immediately no matter what part of the campus you are on.
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I transferred to UTA a year ago but now have to transfer out because of a change in majors. Overall, the school was pretty average. The classes didn't stand out much. If you like a quiet campus, this would be a good one to look into. There are social activities to do and people are around to meet, it just takes some extra effort to find.
I have really enjoyed my time so far at UTA. Although, I am barely on my second year of college, the students and staff at UTA made me feel at home throughout my first two semesters. Everyone there is very helpful and approachable. There are so many activities and clubs to join, it is very hard to not find something you are interested in and not get involved in campus life. As an individual who commutes, It was fairly easy for me to find activities to take part in while I was on campus and didnt feel left out because I wasn't on campus 24/7.
It was a school that equipped you well to take on the job market and also was a very affordable price.
I as an upcoming student to the university of Texas at Arlington has had a great experience with them so far. Everyone is very pleasant and willing to help all the time. The thing I would like to see them change is their pricing for housing cost.
The diversity of campus has brought so much to us as student to better aspect of how people interact together for a common goal.
Flexible online program, no on-site clinical component. Affordable, about the same per credit cost as local community college.
UT Arlington is an extremely safe and diverse environment. The professors know what they're talking about and often make lectures fun. The area on and around campus have decent, affordable dining options, and countless student events and organizations for extracurricular activities.
I love everything about this school. It is tailored to my needs in the sense that I am able to do full time online classes. I have academic coaches for each class assisting in any of my questions or needs I may have. I also have a clear cut schedule for each class, provided with dates of assignments due rather than something vague. I also have access to the library online documents, books, articles and so forth with the ability to narrow my search to the type of item I am needing. Lastly, They have VA advisors able to answer any and all of my questions pertaining to my GI Bill benefits, as well as opportunities for veterans.
It is a nice place, not exactly the "college experience" but it is pleasant if you are someone who is here for an education and nothing else
My experience at UT Arlington was phenomenal. Because of the diversity present in the student population I have met people from all over the globe. The university really allows students the ability to grow as scholars and individuals by providing on campus tools to succeed in class and hosting events to be apart of the campus. The academics and research at UTA is unparalleled. The MAC (maverick activity center) is a model that many universities look to ask an ideal example of a recreation center. I could not have asked for a better, safer, and more diverse university to attend during my 4 years for my degree.
The University of Texas at Arlington is an affordable and adequate institution for all educational needs. The campus is very easy to navigate around and consists of a multitude of diverse ethnic groups. There are also plenty of resources to help students with their learning such as student success centers, libraries with designated quiet areas, and other various things. A wide variety of majors are offered here, and students are able to study anything they want and earn their degree. The professors are very kind and will do their best to help students learn and comprehend the material in order to succeed.
UTA is a great school. The school is very diverse, and every student here is friendly so it is a pretty close community. However, there are some things that do need improvement. For instance, the housing. Certain dorms and apartments are really nice and brand new. While others look broken down and dirty and the furniture inside is becoming worn out. All in all, the school has great campus life, good sports teams, and a diverse and social community.
The University of Texas at Arlington is an excellent school for undergraduate programs as nursing, biology, filming, and engineering. The college is the number 5th most diverse college in the nation, welcoming people from all backgrounds throughout the world. The student body is well structured having majority of student involvement in the representation of the college.
University of Texas Arlington is a great campus and the learning experience is outstanding. I enjoy the opportunities they give and are very helpful on getting you to your degree. I would love to see bigger chances for nursing students to get the chance to be in the nursing program.
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I love UTA because as it is so diverse. As a Muslim wearing the hijab, I immediately knew that this university was the one for me. Everyone is so accepting and extremely helpful. I am a first generation student and I had so much help learning all about college!
I want to attend the university the following fall and since i applied so late i might not get any financial aid but i would still like to attend
Being the first one in my family to go to college, does out allot of pressure on me. But given the opportunity to go is also spectacular, even better is that i could stay here at home while studying to be an engineer. UTa is a world class university. The Professors are very helpful in would take time out of their day just so you can learn the materials. the student and student life here is spectacular.
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