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When I went to see go to see UTA, I really liked how they were building new apartments so more people can live on the campus. I also really liked how close by it is for me so I don't have to worry about driving out further or going out of state for college. The staff there is really nice and very welcoming.
I appreciate the diversity in my school. There are also resources available for students to succeed academically and career wise. There are lots of research laboratories and we'll trained professionals. However, I will be happy if my school provide more scholarship opportunities for international students, they lack in that area. International students pay out of state tuition and international student fees, it's a whole lot.
The school is very diverse and accessible if you want to live on or off campus. You can get very involved in student life without it ever being too "big". Most classes aren't too big and the professors are very accessible. I would like to see a football team again. Nothing else would really bring all the students together like that.
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It’s a good school but it doesn’t have a good campus life. There’s plenty of things to do in the area around the school though. The professors are good but some are hard to understand. Overall, I’d stay here for the education.
This university is very diverse and has been quickly growing since my freshmen year. All of my professors have been very helpful and approachable, and I have encountered many opportunities that I wouldn't have found elsewhere.
As an Information Systems junior at University of Texas-Arlington, I love how connected the classmates are. There are always study groups and professors willing to help you along, so you can pass your classes. The campus is clean and beautiful to walk around. I love how there's always things happening and of course, the food.
The University of Texas is the fifth most diverse university in the nation and that is a great achievement to all of us. The vast mixture of cultures and students bring a new vibrancy to the campus and offers opportunities to make new connections with people of all backgrounds. The campus is a nice size that's not overly huge and is a big commuter school. There are tons of active organizations as well as sororities and fraternities that students can be a part of and we definitely do not condone hazing of any kind. UTA also has a health services that assist students with all types of concerns from immunizations to mental health and counseling. And a big plus is the awesome library that has so many resources that can help you with classes, exams, studying, research, etc. I really enjoy attending UTA and I hope many others do as well whether they're current or future students.
I like the diversity on campus. A lot of different cultures and regions are represented, which makes for a better learning environment in my opinion. There is a lot to do in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area if you are interested in off campus life and experiencing different cultural things.
The classes are traditional for those of us that like the classroom scene and the activities that are available are always super fun to do.
I like the attitude that the campus radiates as it helps make freshmen like myself feel welcome and comfortable and adjust pretty well into the campus life, the only thing I wish would be change is the notice for tuition payments as they can be usually close and dont give you notice until it is very close but other than that it does create a great environment to be studying in.
Great school with fantastic teachers and a beautiful campus! I just wish that the environment was centered more around the students than the research that the school conducts.
UTA has been one of my favorite places. Everyone is so friebdly there and the premed program is awesome. Nothing to change.
Good campus, great instructors, beautiful campus. I was really nervous because in high school I always heard of professors who didn't cared if you passed or not, but the teachers there proved me wrong.
UT Arlington is great, but it could use a little more improvement. I feel that the staff only care about the money, while it is the students who help each other succeed.
The University of Texas at Arlington is a very professional and friendly campus. I wouldn't change a thing about it.
University of Texas at Arlington is a fantastic school. Its faculty is skilled and helpful. The only complaint I have is that, even though it's a "commuter school," there is insufficient parking on campus.
A decent sized university but doesn't really have the true college feel. Very affordable, campus is small enough that you won't ever have to walk 20 minutes across campus.
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I really liked my time at UTA so far! The music program is fantastic! I learned so much from the interaction from the professors and the small size of the classes! There are some core classes I loved as well outside the music program! Very open minded and diverse school! I will say that the amount of core classes one must take for their major is a bit much, but I do get the concept of trying to prepare students to be ready for anything!
The school itself is fairly nice, I just think they are a lot of talk and little action. They always talk about how great the school is but it just seems average, they don't treat us exceptionally well, or poorly and the academics don't seem to be anything extremely special.
The environment is great, haven't experienced any trouble, there is a lot of diversity/ethnicity and most importantly, great professors!
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