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Im not in UTA but i plan on going there around fall of 2018 i have been there a couple of times and have a couple of friends that go there.
I enjoyed the student environment at UT Arlington because there are endless opportunities to get involved on campus. I especially enjoyed participating in the Baptist Student Ministry on campus. The staff at UT Arlington desire success for their students and were extremely helpful with any question I ever had. There are study session for almost every class I took, which saved my grade several times in a couple of classes. The campus is also clean and safe, which is important to me in a place where I spend much of my time.
UT Arlington is the fifth most diverse university in the country! Experiencing so many cultures was an incredible experience which I am strongly grateful for.
While completing my application for graduate school, hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast. It was challenging getting all the necessary documentation to them by the deadline. Their admissions department was phenomenal in emailing updates to me and taking the special circumstances into consideration. Very professional and courteous.
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I'm a freshman and so far the school is really good. I've already made friends and my professors take the right amount of time to cover the material we go over. There are many groups and clubs that I would consider joining. Also the campus is beautiful and has many spots for studying.
I like the campus size and although it is a big school it was easy to find my way around the campus.
Contacting special departments can be difficult at this school. But the classes online and the layout of are really good.
UTA is the most diverse school I've been to, and it adds some uniqueness to it. Apart from their excellent academics, they have plenty of extra curricular activities to be a part of. It is an honor to be a Maverick!
Very great school. Always expanding to create new opportunities for different students. Lots to eat in the area and dorm rooms are always available
Everyone here is so nice. The campus is absolutely beautiful. There is always some event going on, with something to do.
Beautiful campus. I'm about to start this fall as a sophomore. Can't wait ti get started. Wonderful councilors and help from all the staff. I was worried that I would or could get lost in registration. But it was pretty straight forward and with the help of the staff it did not take anytime at all.
UTA was not originally my first choice but after joining I came to like it quite a lot. The campus is actually quite large but the main areas of focus are very near that it doesn't feel that big. It is known for it's diverse student population and has quite an active campus.
I loved it so much, everyone is so nice! Little no to parties, there is never a dull moment on campus.
The community, staff and students, are very friendly and the environment is kind of clean and very welcoming. Aside from the many constructions currently being operated, the school life is very calming and peaceful.
The University of Texas (at Arlington) is a very good college. The first thing that stands out at UTA is the diversity of the students and teachers. So many people, cultures and backgrounds exist here and get along comfortably. The campus environment is very open to its freshmen, with many clubs, groups and general people friendly to new people regardless of pedigree. Several teachers at UTA have already presented themselves as possessing open insight and clear knowledge. It has been refreshing to see college teachers with unique and effective teaching skills combined with realistic outlooks on student ability. Out of class there are many organizations to put ones time too, plus a decently outfitted rec center where one can focus on things other than class. The school itself provides a good balance between effective academics and places to decompress; a real students school.
Love the friendly enviroment. The students and faculty are great to students and will help you in the right direction.
I am a transfers student, and the transferring process went very smooth. The academic team are all very nice and they keep you up to date with everything you have to do for everything to go as easy as possible.
I am finding the transition to be very difficult. Because of that my gpa has suffered. This will be my third semester and I plan pn it being a much better onr. I am hoping to get my gpa back up to 3.4.
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I like the classes and the living options. It's more of a commuter college so if you want to party and go to a lot of events this is not the school for you but overall it's a great school with many helpful resources
UTA is mostly composed of commuter students so there is not a strong sense of school community or school spirit. If that does not matter to you and you intend to focus on your studies rather than parties or sports, then this school might be a good fit. If you're looking for a sense of community you will most likely not find that here. The academics at UTA are very good and there are many amazing professors in all subject areas. The campus is lovely and tuition is very affordable.
The University of Texas at Arlington is a school that has a diverse staff and student community.

The students are courteous and give a helping hand when one needs it. There is plenty of support for students whenever they are facing obstacles or difficult personal situations.

The professors are helpful and there when you need them. Some of our adjunct professors are extremely passionate about what they teach and they bring in industry experience to the classroom and teach the students applicable material in addition to the curriculum of the courses from the school.

The environment is friendly, comforting, and competitive. It pushes us as students to be and do our best at all times.