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I love the whole vibe of the campus and the classes. Some professors weren't all that, but hey its college. Overall UTSA is a great school and I do not regret attending the school.
The school was a very nice institution to attend, there were so many amenities and resources made available to the students. The campus in itself was a very large campus but the faculty and employees of the school worked to make the school feel like a home away from home. Communication from the financial aid department would be a wonderful improvement. Financial aid is the lifeline for many students who decide to further their education and it is critical that the people who work in that office clearly and plainly express requirement and deadlines necessary for the students to continue their education with the minimal amount of stress as possible.
What I enjoyed about UTSA was the campus life. Each and every week their was some event taking place on campus. they had everything from free food events to a Kehlani concert. Along with that UTSA also has a strong student body that can get together to accomplish anything like when we won the Pink concert and got to see Zedd perform. What I thought could be better at UTSA was that communication around campus. their have been times where events could take place on campus but you would not know about it till last minute
Review University of Texas - San Antonio
What I love about The University of Texas at San Antonio is definitely the diversity. It is a huge campus and it is beautiful.
I have been attending at the University of Texas at San Antonio for about 3 years now and have to say that this a great school, and is growing to becoming an even bigger school. They just became a top tier school, and just reached over 32,000 students. Professors are incredibly hard workers, and are able to give their best in the classrooms. They help prepare students to real life situations, and are flexible in their meeting times. The campus is not too big, nor is to small, and is rather a comfortable place to study, hang out, or other activities. The food is delicious, and the dorms are very nice. What surrounds the main campus is a bunch of activities for students to do while on their days off such as Six Flags, Top Golf, Indoor Skydiving, and a mall known as La Cantera. Overall, this a university where so many opportunities open, and where so many friendships begin.
As a freshmen it was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. Everyone was so helpful and even if you do struggle their is a lot of help that you can get for basically any class. And all around the campus is so much life and places that you can relax at. They hold cool little events during the year on the campus that are fun and you can enjoy with friends, they have a lot of clubs on basically everything.
Good collage, but also my first so I'm not sure what others are like. The student life is nice, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and make friends if you are willing to. Not much of a party scene, but I haven't really looked much.
UTSA is a fun, and energetic community that welcomes all new students with open arms. There are several events held on campus for students to enjoy and plenty of organizations and clubs for everyone and their unique interest.
I overall love the University of Texas at San Antonio. At first I wasn't sure how I would adjust being a transfer student from out of state but it went by smoothly. Everyone around campus is very welcoming and they have their own community.
UTSA is the school that I currently attend. In fall 2016, I was a Pre-Nursing major with the hopes of transferring after 2-years and attending the University of Texas Health and Science Center to finish out my degree. However with the help of my advisor I changed my major and I could not be happier! This university has taught me so much about myself and where I want to head when I finish college and ultimately decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. The professors here are always willing to help you out with anything that is happening inside the classroom.
I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio for five years and I can honestly say I have no regrets picking this college to attend. It I liked that UTSA was so diverse. I never felt as if I stood out in a crowd or was not welcomed by a certain group of students. There are a lot of universities in Texas that are predominantly one race or one ethnic background and I was looking for a school that provided me the opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds. If there was one thing I could change about UTSA, it would be to implement an actual school of medicine and school of nursing. The school, I feel, was centered around business and engineer majors and only have pre-medicine and pre-nursing programs available to students. I hope to see this advancement towards the field of medicine sometime soon.
This university should be ashamed of itself; it prioritizes profits over students on a daily basis and makes no effort to communicate any administrative decisions with students. Furthermore, the student body is full of reprehensibly, academically challenged individuals who are either 1) here to transfer to UT Austin (which is no better of an institution) or 2) perennial underachievers. There are, however, some very niche groups of students on campus who turned down Ivy League universities to attend UTSA on conditional terms, but the entire premise of this deal is that UTSA is the stepping stone (read: sacrifice) to attend another certain university in the area. If you had a single significant achievement in high school, do NOT even consider attending this institution unless you're in a special niche program that separates you from the general, underwhelming populace.
UTSA was a great choice for me. I'm very pleased with the return on my investment and am proud to have been a part of this university during this period of tremendous expansion. If the next 20 years stays this dynamic, it'll be one exciting ride.
UTSA provides a genuine college experience for its students. While attending this school, I gained a vast perspective for education and the nursing profession. The courses were challenging but very beneficial. Student life is amazing at UTSA! You truly can network and create relationships that last a lifetime on this campus! There's literally an organization for any and everyone!
UTSA has a large professor to student ratio. Personally, that created a lack of attention needed to do well in the class. Some classes include too many group projects but are lacked of instructions of how to be sufficient.
I like that everything is so close to each other. It is a really nice campus and I can not wait to finally be a student there.
I like the diversity and all the faculties available to students. There is always events to get involved in campus life and help to improve yourself
Review University of Texas - San Antonio
I enjoy going to UTSA. The school isn't too small or too big. The professor are understanding and knowledgeable. The school holds student activities every month.
I Love the University of Texas at San Antonio. The campus is very beautiful and the people are truly amazing. The professors care and overall it is a wonderful place to be. There is so much involvement with the city of San Antonio.
I have been going to UTSA for the past two years and it has been the greatest experience ever. There are many educational paths you can take to mold your future at both main and downtown campus. The great diversity that the school offers make for a great student life .
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