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University of Texas - San Antonio Reviews

3,665 reviews
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The Architecture program has amazing professors. They push you passed your limit. Studio settings are interesting but it helps when you need to bounce ideas off each other. Overall the school has some great professors.
The University of Texas San Antonio, is a great school to go, there is many things to do. One thing I would change about utsa is have more professor, and making sure they go to class and teach. Many professor cancel class without telling you on time
It's arguably the best university in San Antonio. Half the tuition compared to all the other private schools in the city. Tours and Advisors are very helpful. Incredible food court. Outstanding business program. Would like the degree plan to be easier for students to utilize. Other than that it's great campus life.
My time at the University of Texas at San Antonio has overall been a good experience. One good thing about UTSA is that there is always something going on. If it is not an event put on by the university then it is the hundreds of student groups encouraging you to get involved. There are some bad things about the university, however. The worst thing I have experience is the lack of relationship with the counselors. I feel that they could do a little bit more with guiding the students on their paths to success.
I feel very welcomed and beautiful campus. Lots of events and amazing professors. The campus is not huge which makes it much easier to get to classes.
This University definitely cares about it's students when you find the right professors. I did come in counter with professors who seemed like they did not care but when I found the right educators my experience became ten times better.
I love this university so much! Their Environmental science program Is amazing and very close nit. There are always tutoring, volunteer, and internship opportunities being brought to our attention. On the flip side people with bigger majors like Biology and Engineering have bigger classes and the teachers come off as less passionate. Overall I highly recommend this institution.
My time at UTSA thus far has been enjoyable. I have made friends and have encountered very few individuals who are unkind. At UTSA, most professors genuinely want you to succeed, the campus is beautiful, and the food is good. The biggest issue I have had with UTSA has been an advisor who has caused my troubles. She was kind in person but over email very unhelpful and ended up causing me to lose money and possibly force me to switch majors against my will. Though she causes me stress, overall experiences at UTSA are pleasant and I would recommend attending.
San Antonio is a great city. UTSA is in a great spot, right next to the highway which gives you easy access to a lot of places. The Shops at La Cantera (outdoor mall) and Fiesta Texas (amusement park) are extremely close by if you are looking for work or fun. As for the school itself, the UTSA campus seems small to me, mainly because most of the buildings you have classes in are very close together, which is nice when you have back to back classes. Most Professors that I've had so far have been decent, although of course you have your sucky ones just like any University. Although we are a newer college, UTSA has some great programs. We also have a multitude of clubs and organizations so it's very easy to get involved. UTSA is very diverse, just as the San Antonio population is. We have great tutoring services, the library is always open and has computers where you can do your work, or you can reserve a private study room. There are plenty of places to eat too. I love it here!!!
The school has a great campus, and great students. I enjoy going here very much. The classes range from 45-300 students but regardless of the number of students each professor has been very attentive and helpful.
Although this is my first year, I have come across various memorable experiences since my first day. Being introduced to many opportunities from joining organizations to receiving ice cream after being assisted on registering to vote. Due to my lack of involvement in high school it was an interesting transition when being introduced to all the options that contributes to UTSA. The students and teachers are incredibly helpful and understanding of your position, they understand what it means to be in college and how much a student can struggle when they have many duties and responsibilities to take hold.
UTSA is a large commuter school working our way up to a tier one university. in reality the majority of students are not from San Antonio. There's also big portion of students that have come back to school after having kids and working in the real world. One of my favorite things about campus is how diverse students and faculty are. Most professors are willing to help you outside of class and are always eager to teach their courses. There are several opportunities for jobs around here, as well as internships for every major.
The University of Texas san Antonio is a great local school with a diverse student base. The campus is nice but the professors are mostly focused on publishing and not passionate about teaching their respective subjects.
It is a very clean school. students are very diverse. Many food options to choose from. Great professors who care about students grades. They hold extra office hours for students to personally come ask questions. highly reccommend
My experience at UTSA has been great! The professors that I have had and the students I've incountered all have a drive to betterin themselves and becoming the best you can be. This drive I have found to be contagious. Things that I would like to see change is not with the people there but the facility itself. Parking and desk in the classrooms are not the greatest.
A unique environment. A very diverse campus. Students and professors are nice and helpful. Nice community.
UTSA is an amazing university with a beautiful campus. There is a lot of diversity here and many opportunities to explore the city while getting a great education.
Well rounded 4 year university, many ways to be involved on and off campus, construction and parking is the worst lately. The blvd has been under construction causing traffic, they should invest in an app to tell you where there is parking or offer more routes on the shuttles. Professors are very easy to work with and very diverse, make sure to use ratemyprofessor and recommendations from friends/classmates.
University of Texas San Antonio is a great school to spend your undergraduate years. I love that the campus atmosphere is so unified and people are friendly.
My first semester at the University of Texas at San Antonio was amazing. I was exposed to a variety of different people and organizations. The college community was welcoming and helpful. As I go into my second semester I am extremely excited to continue my education at the college.
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