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This is a very under rated university it offers many great programs that can help any one achieve in life. In the future if i attend this university it will be great opportunities to help me explore new worlds and help me find myself.
The 1st time i visited the school was for an event called orange and blue day which is basically a tour of the school. I found this school to be very interesting and big . And i'm looking forward to going there.
One of the greatest experiences anyone can even have. During this time, you will find out who you really are.
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This university is a great school. everything from the academics to the landscape is wonderful. i love the resources that are available for a student and the help that the teachers offer.
This university is progressing very rapidly. The campus is expanding a lot. There are not a lot of places to eat, but it does seem to be improving. Research has become important at this university helping to improve the borderland community.
It is a very good college to attend in my personal opinion I would like to stay here all the time but sometimes thing are not possible.
I like UTEP because their instalations have a good size and are designed very cool.
I was skeptical when transferring from University of North Texas to University of Texas at El Paso. The Military Student Success Center at UTEP is always very helpful when I have question regarding my Hazelwood paperwork and really helped me with all my paperwork when I transferred over. The financial aid is the only issue I have at UTEP. If I didn't have Hazelwood helping to pay for my tuition all my classes would of been dropped due to not receiving my financial aid for the year even though we are already a month into the semester.
I like that THE University of Texas at El Paso actually feels like a college. Im a transfer student from Missouri Valley College and the campus looked smaller than a high school campus. Although at UTEP I feel like I get the full college experience here.
The University of Texas at El Paso is mostly known as a commuter university. Living off campus is the norm, but rest assure that the city of El Paso is a wonderful place to be. Great departments to study in would be science, nursing, engineering, and education. The school could improve in its fine arts, liberal arts, and math departments. Rest assure that very department has professors and advisers who are more than willing to give their time to you, but you must put in your best effort. UTEP's athletics is not the best of the best, but it's the fans that give a great overall experience. UTEP gives opportunity to make your dreams flourish, so why not take the chance?
UTEP is a pretty good university. The outdoor scenery is absolutely gorgeous, the weather is pretty mild(but more on the hot side) and the people are overall pretty kind. Tuition is on the cheaper side here, which leaves room for you to have more money for books and to yourself. Then the professors tend to be pretty chill here as well, they help you as much as they can. Then there's always a lot going on, there's always seem to be some kind of fair going on every other week. But overall, UTEP is a really good college where things are pretty laid back and you can get classes down with some ease.
My overall experience at UTEP is going really well, the University is a very comfortable campus. They provide many resources and help when needed. The professors Iv'e had for the most part aid when ever it is needed and provide substantial material for your classes. The location is great , many restaurants and stores are walking distance from the campus as well as dorms.
I have really enjoyed the University of Texas El Paso. Campus is unique, easy to get around and fulfills all of my needs as a student athlete. The dorm living is convenient, comfortable and safe. Class size has been good, professors are tough and know their fields.
I´m just a freshman at UTEP, but I must say that it is not necessary to be a Senior to feel part of the college at UTEP students really care about others and they are always doing different activities to make students feel part of UTEP. There are many things I like about UTEP the campus is really clean, not that big but it makes it easier for the students to move form class to class. The professors are really good most of them are Doctors, or Engineers, depending of course the section, but they really transmit to the student how prepare they are for their job, and one of the most important things is they show how real life is and how you must work torward not only your college time, but also they show you how you must work during your life if you want to suceed.
One thing I would like to change in UTEP is basically the buildings, make them new or at least complement them with new technologies.
UTEP is a great university in which an y student can growth as a person and as a student because of all the resources available and because of the diversity of cultures involved.
Overall I like UTEP, although it's more of a commuter school. Not a lot of students stick around, so there isn't much of a sense of community or student life. Professors are hit or miss. In my department, Engineering, there's a few really good professors but also several that are very poor. However tuition at UTEP is very low compared to other accredited universities, and employers do see value in a UTEP engineering degree.
I enjoyed being a miner because of they always have activities going on, the advisors are very helpful, and the campus is very green. However, I would prefer if activities were also during Tuesdays and Thursdays and not only for MWF.
Its an OK university if you just want to get a bachelors, but a degree from here doesn't mean much. It honestly just feels like an extension of high school and not like a college
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I've had a good experience so far. I recommend this for everyone international and local. The classrooms are a good size and the teachers know what they are talking about. Wifi is good also. The restuarants around the school are good also.
I enjoy this college and by what I have seen it offers a lot of experience and hands on. It is clean and not as chaotic as many other colleges. It offers discipline and entertainment which I find very pleasing to the eye.
I really like it but unfortunately I have some teachers that forget that their students come from high and everything is new.
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