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I absolutely love to call the University of Texas at Dallas my home. I love everything about this school. As an ITS major, I spend lots of time in JSOM, our Business School. The professors over there are amazing and really love to see it when their students are succeeding. Overall, I really love this school, and although I am only a freshman, I know that I am going to graduate from here!
It is unlike anything I have ever experienced! People from my town and race don't get many opportunities to come up here at all, much less attend school here, and so far, this opportunity has provided me with so much. This is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.
If you are looking for a part school this is far feom it. Mainly an academics school, overall good school
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When I visited The University of Texas- Dallas, I thought the campus was eye catching. I also learned that the university offers challenging courses to stimulate one's intelligence level. I do, however, wish there were more student activities rather than constant studying.
The University of Texas at Dallas is an excellent school for those seeking a rigorous academic experience, with a tried and true community among those who live on campus and those who attend school events often. The school creates a "tight-knit" feeling among students due to its smaller size, which has made my experience here far greater than I originally expected.
University of Texas at Dallas is a rapidly growing suburban college in Richardson. Academically, for many students, it is the primary choice for students who wish to pursue a 4 year degree from the many cities that surround it. I agree that, in the beginning, it may be difficult to meet new people since many students are commuters, but it is easier to make new friends if you stick to an organization or club for a period of time. Personally, I enjoy this campus as I'm very involved and I'm provided with a balance between education and my social life. I would recommend this college to those who are looking for a smaller size campus and closer proximity to family and friends, but also to those who are willing to get a good college experience.
I absolutely love this school, I would highly recommend it if you are interested in more of an academic experience because it is not much of a party school. The class sizes are good, occasionally you will be put in a 300 student lecture hall, but you get used to it. This is more for bigger freshman classes that everyone has to take like chemistry or intro to courses. Great for math because you get put into smaller classes and there are countless resources available to help you succeed.
To put it simply this school is what you make of it, it is not like your regular big name schools in the sense that it isn't like a blast of fun by default. If you want to have fun and participate in extracurricular activities you are going to have to try extremely hard compared to other schools.
Personally, I really liked the feeling the campus gave me. It is such a heartwarming place. The people I have encountered were friendly. It is a campus that is not too big. I loved leaving my dorm 5 minutes before class and still make it on time to class. I would like to see some more school spirit.
I like how the university is close to home so that way I save on on housing and food. Overall the university is great. Haven't had any problems with anybody nor anything, so really recommend it to anybody.
UTD has good professors. The food kind of sucks but its a pretty good for the most part. It is very new and pretty.
University of Texas at Dallas is a great place to start off your college life. The dorms are great if you're planning to stay on campus. There are so many restaurant options to choose from in case you're hungry. There is great diversity on campus.
Talking about academics, the professors are really good and help you not only to get good grades, but give you the feeling that you've learnt something by the end of the day.
UTD is great in that it offers a lot of scholarships. I personally recieved a scholarship where I don't have to pay for tuition or lab fees. The courses have very knowledgeable professors. It is a very good college if you are looking for an Engineering, Technology, or Business career.
I love how diverse UT Dallas! There are several resources around campus that can help a student be successful academically and socially. I do wish the campus was not under construction almost all of the time though.
UTD's academics are pretty grueling and good at preparing students for graduate programs, but the social life definitely needs improvement. An official football team or more emphasis on Greek life, as well as working on improving the physical appearance of older buildings such as SLC or Founder's North would help a lot.
The university of Texas at Dallas have many resources to help you prepare for the carrier you want to achieve, but I fell that some of their lower division class are too easy like physics 1.
Although it is not incredibly hard to get into, UTD is a very competitive school. Cost-wise, it is on the lower end of the spectrum.
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I attended to a different school before UTD and I can tell the big difference. UTD is a school about academics and about learning. I love that is not a big party school because it keeps students focused on their studies. There is so much help for everything. UTD Is the best school ever!!!
Everyone here is so friendly, and the opportunities are endless. The professors genuinely care about the students. Moreover, the campus itself is beautiful.
This was my second semester attending. I had a total of four classes. They were very relaxing and enjoyable environments. I had a good time this semester and I am looking forward to a third. The friends I made were very welcoming. The campus at first seems like a dry place. But once you find your place of comfort that feeling quickly changes.
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