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University of Texas - Austin Reviews

5,339 reviews
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The advantage of having many people on campus is that there are diverse activities to get involved in. There are different ways in which one can get connected to one of the communities. However, at times, because of the amount of people, there is an issue of safety.
I liked how the campus was so diverse and open. The only thing is that the dorms are too far of a commute from the health science buildings.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the university. The area seemed lively and diverse bursting with many cultures colliding together.
The climate is really great, a lot of openness on campus. But the student activity organizations that stand outside and try to recruit students can be annoying.
I love everything UT has to offer in academics and culture around the Austin area but the change I would like to see is that the university to give students more of a convenience.
Great atmosphere, great people, great professors and staff. Beautiful campus, perfect proximity to downtown Austin!
I loved it. I worked in the housing department while in school and the diversity there was inclusive and accepting.
The University of Texas at Austin gives students the ability to accomplish challenging courses with helpful teachers and amazing resources. I believe this school has helped me grow in a lot of ways. The environment itself is extremely enjoyable, and the experiences fulfilled through this college experience has been enlightening.
The University of Texas at Austin is a wonderful university that not only gives you the valuable academic education you're paying for, but is also the perfect environment for students to explore themselves and what it is you are meant to do in the future. I am a science professor and have loved just about all of my professors. They are here because they want to be and love their job. Having a professor that is passionate about their subject area has made all the difference in the world in my studies. In my third year, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
This university has a very good engineering program and staff. Their sports teams are also great and the professors are very friendly. Overall the campus seems friendly and very well protected.
I love the atmosphere and the events. There are so many organizations to be a part of, and they fit all people. You can even make your own club if you don't feel represented. Also, there are many tutoring resources. The buildings are great for studying - there are so many libraries to choose from, old and traditional to new and modern. There are lots of good restaurants nearby.
The University of Texas at Austin provides the dream college experience with many organizations to join and great academic programs to excel in. The school work is not to be taken lightly and classes tend to be very rigorous. But the many extracurricular activities and chances to meet new people make up for this. Overall it is a good university filled with great experiences.
The campus is really spacious and big. There's multiple clubs and academic outputs. The library is huge! A good place to study in peace. The dorms and cute and tidy.
I am so honored to be a University of Texas at Austin student. I love the campus and feel very proud to have been accepted at such a prestigious school.
This university is the definition of a true college experience. With 40 acres of land, the university is so diverse. There is something for everyone and many clubs one can join. The friendliness that is spread across campus is one you won't ever forget. The University of Texas at Austin surpasses any expectations you could ever have!
The University of Texas at Austin provides a great experience to its scholars but does not return the investment students pay with their tuition. UT Austin charges extra fees to its students in every occasion possible such as: school ID, transcripts, gym memberships, etc. I believe UT Austin could do a better job at allowing its students money, considering the expense of tuition. Additionally, I believe that some of the campus facilities such as the PCL, could be renovated, considering the large endowment the university has.
Went to UTA for a visit, and was blown away by what I saw. Group leader was very helpful and informative, and worked hard to answer all of our questions. Campus is beautiful, and wonderfully diverse and has a community atmosphere.
The community is so supportive of academic endeavors, and faculty are genuinely enthusiastic about helping students conduct research projects. I've developed connections with some professors that will last beyond my undergrad years.
While the large campus may seem overwhelming at first, people make you feel right at home with many organizations.
I'm not very much into the huge party scene, but there's plenty to do in Austin like exploring south congress.
I did not like my experience in the dorms. They were VERY expensive and restricting(not allowed to copy your key, limited community kitchen access, had to move completely out within 24 hours of an exam once....) The food included was relatively healthy, but often had no flavor, was undercooked and had preservatives.
Overall, I've met amazing people from many different backgrounds who have enriched my experience because they keep me learning, even outside the classroom.
If you want the large-college experience, UT is a good choice. Located in the heart of Austin, it is right by the Capitol building. It offers many libraries and on-campus museums, first-rate professors, and plenty of clubs to be social in and make new friends.
I love the diversity and fast paced learning or the university. The teachers are helpful and the students are friendly. It's great being around a variety of culture, food, and career paths.
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