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Online schooling has been alright, except for the multiple platforms to keep track of in order to do work.
I transferred in my Junior year in the middle of the pandemic. The campus is huge, and I was a bit taken aback by that. I don't live on campus as it became a quarantine zone for all the students that did move back. In addition to that, it was ranked the second most dangerous campus for LGBTQ+ students, which was a deal-breaker for me to move on campus. Overall, It reminds me of any other college.
Knoxville just captured my heart once I stepped on campus. Big school atmosphere while small colleges within the university offer a more direct and effective learning community. School spirit is so strong even during the bad seasons. Knoxville has so many places to visit and has a little bit of everything, for everyone. Don't write this school off until you've had a proper visit to Rocky Top.
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As well as can be expected but professors show how much they care about you, your grades, and your well-being
I Love the University of Tennessee because it is a diverse campus and it is a lot to do on campus. It is also located in a really convenient area!
I am a student taking classes online. I perform better with online classes and have more flexibility with them.
The professors have been incredible and the education has not wavered since last year. They have made my freshman year fantastic.
It was pretty awesome they have been an incredible school. I am very proud to be able to say that I am a Tennessee Volunteer. This education has been incredible.
I had a great experience in online learning. The professors were very welcoming and offered many opportunities to learn and ask questions. The professors were engaging and really seemed to want us to learn. They offered online office hours and study sessions. To me the educators really wanted us to learn and feel like we are getting a great education. Even when it has to be online.
I had a great experience at the University of Tennessee. The educators all seemed to care about teaching the students the best material. I felt challenged and was given many opportunities to grow. The student engagement was great. The University knew how to get the students engaged in the activities and offered many opportunities to get involved. Overall a great experience.
My online experience at the University of Tennessee has been overall very good, however it was difficult to connect with my professors and classmates when I wasn't able to see them in person.
I love attending the University of Tennessee, however their lecture classes can be pretty big and their Chemistry department is not the best. Overall, I've had a great experience so far!
In person classes are often far apart, so except a lot of walking as campus is pretty big and hilly. Dorms are across the board either you have a good one or a bad one.
Most professors made online classes easier and I was able to be more successful in those classes as well as being more understanding of difficulties.
The University of Tennessee is a wonderful institution. The campus atmosphere is wonderful and the nursing program is fabulous.
I’m a nursing major so my online experience was different than most. I still had one weekly in person class as well as labs and clinicals. My professors were very understanding with the complications that came with distance learning.
A lot of professors just put the work online and did not teach enough. I also got an A- in a class that I had a 92 in which is not very low.
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I love the Knoxville area and the atmosphere on campus. It is a large campus so you never feel lonely, and there are so many clubs to join. It is a really fun school.
Terrible university of nazis and bigots. The whole management of the university is completely rasist and transphobic.
The campus is very student oriented, and will work with students, but there is a lot of information to keep up with in order to succeed.
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