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3,178 reviews
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First Year is always scary but at Knoxville I found myself easily adapt to life there. The school is great easy to party on the weekend, I personally wish the dorms were better but they are better than most. Professors are absolutely amazing.
The University of Tennessee is a large campus with a lot of activity. There is always some event occurring on campus. UTK has a number of student organizations that allow you to find your place as a member of the student body.
UTK has a lovely campus and good sense of community. Sports are very popular and lots of fun. The public university is very nice and diverse.
The University of Tennessee is not for a student looking for a community in which they will easily make many friends and live closely with. The university is huge and the school caters to football and greek life to an extreme amount.
Great environment, majority of people are always friendly. Employees around campus are always friendly.
I really enjoy the atmosphere of the school as well as the academic side. I couldn't be happier. The main thing is just to be willing to step over your boundaries and branch out, because that will enhance your experience tremendously.
It was hard to transition from high school into college. I would suggest that they have a mentoring program for all freshman students to help them adjust and learn the ropes of the first year of college.
I love the UTK! Even though it is a big school, it feels like one big family. Walking down ped walkway, I recognize a lot of the people because we have had classes together, and I can still keep in touch with all of them easily. I also have a small major, so we all have classes together and all are very close, making it feel like home.
My time here at UT is one of the best experiences I have ever had, New friends and new faces makes it all worthwhile and I would love to come back here for graduate school.
University of Tennessee Knoxville is a top notch school. Not only does UTK provide a great student life, but also provides a motivating education factor. The campus is stunning and very clean, but the view from the top of Neyland Stadium is the best part. The professors are well prepared and the food choices are unlimited! Go VOLS!!
The University of Tennessee is one of the more diverse campuses that I have had the opportunity to attend. The Professors and staff go above and beyond to insure that everyone is a member of the Vol family.
UTK is a wonderful school. It has the academics and majority of professors are very knowledgeable of the subjects. It also has all the other things us young people want in a college. Modern dorms, support programs to help us during the school years, athletics and a safe campus.
I love the overall size of the school all the staff I have delt with are nice and really strive to help you succeed. As a transfer student transferring from a smaller school it was a bit overwhelming but students and staff are all friendly and understanding.
I have recently just finished my first semester, leading into my second as a freshman at the University of Tennessee and overall it has been an amazing experience so far. From the professors, to all the different activities on campus its an all around awesome place.
There are many cultural activities to be involved in along with volunteer opportunities abound. So far, I have been fairly impressed with my professors and academic advisors as well.
Knoxville is a gorgeous place and UT has an amazing spirit thats lives in its students and staff. The construction that always seems to be going on is a hassle, but UT is becoming bigger and better.
I like how the school feels like home and not a place away from home. The people, staff, and students are all full of school spirit and super nice which I like a lot. The only thing I would change would be the campus student food court, change the hours it is opened to make it opened longer and to allow for food to be taken out of the food court.
Tennessee has been a tremendous experience so far. The academic challenge is all that you can ask for and the campus is very safe. The athletic programs are all on the rise at the university making for an exciting time. There is no better atmosphere in the world then attending a Ut football game. The only negatives are parking spaces and tuition price.
There is too much focus on the athletics and the revenue gained from the athletics. I believe that this transcends somewhat into academics where for example SEC televised events are held with a full band performance blaring on the Hill, where many classes are going on, usually in the mornings. In this way, the "vol nation" cultist sort of attention is distracting in a way from the true purpose of a school: to educate. Other than that, with the research and resources and professors available, I would say it's a pretty good return on the investment though tuition is only rising.
I came into UTK, as a transfer student and I love it. Being a student at UTK is being apart of a culture, which I love. The constant pride of being a 'Vol" is everywhere, the droves of people that come to our games, the constantly moving campus life. I love my university and the experiences that I found there. At UTK, there is a place for everyone, no matter how different you are, you can still be a part of the "Vol" Community.
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