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The University of Tennessee is very clean. The buildings are always kept in the best conditions.The people are super welcoming and friendly and I felt at home as soon as I stepped foot on campus. As an out of state student, I feel like I will become very comfortable here and make a great life of my own here in Tennessee!
The University of Tennessee, is an amazing school. The campus is big, but not big enough that you will get lost. There are many great professors on campus that care about your learning. Social life is good, with many outside organizations to join. Sporting events are also fun to attend. Hopefully football will do well not that Butch is fired.
This is the most amazing college I have ever visited. Not only is this campus extremely large but somehow it makes you feel like you are in a very small setting
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I love how easy it is to get around Knoxville and the atmosphere. The school spirit is amazing and the people in Knoxville are so friendly. I come from a small town in New England and although Knoxville is a city, it has a small town welcoming feel to it.
The campus is very well put together, and easy to get around. I toured the campus once,but have been on the campus multiple times. I loved everyone I met, and enjoyed my surroundings.
At the University of Tennessee there is a large campus, which can seem overwhelming at first. But once you start walking around you'll realize that the schools doesn't feel as big as it looks. There are a lot of restaurants both on and within an easy walking distance from the school. The professors are always willing to help out if you ask for it. They are flexible and will try and work with your schedule.
University of Tennessee is a school filled with pride and excellent research and academics. I would change the lack of dining options, we need more healthy choices on campus.
It is a very clean and social-friendly campus to live in. When you need help, help is everywhere. Because it is a huge campus, transportation might be a struggle, but because it is huge, you will like the scenery that is presented to you every time you leave your dormitory. Everyone in the campus including the professors are very nice and always ready to help you if you are ready to receive the help.
I love The University of Tennessee. There is always something to do on campus. There are also many ways to get involved on campus and find your community. Coming here can be a shock for some, and it forces you to adapt to a new environment. Due to this, you will truly grow on the campus.
The University of Tennessee has a beautiful campus and an open environment to explore. The classes are relatively spread out, forcing students to become more engaged and seeing things around campus. There is definitely always something to do. Walking down pedestrian walkway is an easy way to find clubs and other sponsored organizations to become involved in. However, it does suffer from usual college issues. Some professors make it their goal to help and assist you while others could care less if you pass or fail. For Dining UT gives a lot of options but only makes few available on the weekends, and those have been known to cause aggressive food poisoning. Football games are a sight to see but not crucial to the experience. Also the organizations and opportunities for a diverse array of students make it something for everyone. Overall Tennessee is a large university with a lot of people. This can be a very great or dim place depending on how you make it.
The University of Tennessee is a good school with many highly accredited programs. The issue is it's not a great school to go if you want a close relationship with fellow peers and professors this is not the place. I would like to see a more caring atmosphere here rather than the students being just a number.
I am a transfer student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Ever since I have been here, it has given me a positive vibe. I think I am seeing my dreams coming true. There are many and many opportunities here to educate oneself and to develop oneself as a human. I am glad I am a student here. Thank You, UTK.
UTK puts a lot of money back into their grounds and educators. I truly appreciate my educational experience here.
I really love UTK. They provide so much learning support and you don’t feel all alone on such a big campus. Many classes are set to work in groups so you can get help.
The new vol experience was fairly monotonous with repeating the same thing throughout the whole time.
UT Knoxville is a diverse campus that offers a variety of learning and social experiences. It offers help in all areas of campus living, learning and career guidance. The City of Knoxville has a large variety of restaurants and events. And of course, the sports at UTK are among the best.
The University of Tennessee is an impeccable college where student learn to grow to their fullest academic potential.
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The overall experience is very well. The veteran's department still needs a little work pertaining to communication. Their willingness to really work with incoming veterans who may be attending college for the first time as an adult opposed to a traditional student could be a little better. Also, I really wish they offered more courses for non-traditional students who would like to attend courses in the evening after working a 9-5 job.
I'm currently enrolled as a freshman here in UTKnoxville and in the little amount of time I've been here I've already grown as a person. The campus is massive and fun to explore. I love the people here and the all around hospitality that is provided. I extremely enjoy the activities that students can participate in here especially the clubs. With the eighteen credits I have under my belt I can safely say that I still have time to go out and enjoy the library, school sponsored events, and my friends/clubs. All in all I know I will enjoy the coming semesters more and more each time.
I love UT. Its a big school and can be hard to get plugged in but once you meet a few people it feels smaller. The academics are excellent. The student life is incredible. I feel like my education is definitely top priority and I love it.
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