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The University of Tennessee is an amazing college! It not only provides and excellent educational experience but creates the sense of family! There is always things available to help you become more engaged on campus and to find niche. If I had to do the college experience all over again, I would definitely attend UT!
The University of Tennessee is an excellent place to go to school. The university maintains an atmosphere of learning and education but is also intertwined with many fun activities. I've had a blast learning here and I think that this is an awesome university.
Beautiful campus and polite people. I love visiting the campus and can't wait to be a freshman there in the fall. It excites me that I get to spend time there and learn more about myself and get closer to achieving my dream
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The University of Tennessee has been my home for one year. The professors have mostly been great and the ones who aren't are easy to avoid. The local scene is friendly and as a mountain biker I couldn't ask for more as Knoxville is becoming a mountain biking hub. The city itself has a hipster modern feel like something from SoHo New York. Tuition and fees cover a lot more than expected with access to a ton of services. The cafeteria food is hit or miss, try and avoid eating at PCB and go to the Stokely cafeteria instead. The food tastes much better, whether it's from the nicer atmosphere or simply better food. Dorm living isn't too bad on this campus, Hess Hall is seriously underrated with its central location and having Dippers in the lobby is both good and bad depending on your metabolism.
I love the atmosphere and surrounding community of the school. The only thing is there is a lot of construction...
I have visited University of Tennessee Knoxville in my high school senior year. Internet told me there were only Caucasians in the campus. While they are part of the school, I saw many other students with different ethnicity. I am attending University of Tennessee this fall of 2017 and I can't wait to be a part of Vols.
Words can not describe how lucky I am to be attending The University of Tennessee. This school has helped me become a better person and a better student. The teachers, staff, and students are the nicest people I have ever met. The professors work day and night to make sure that you understand the course material that they are teaching. They respond to e-mails very quickly, and offer office hours to students who need a little bit more help outside of the classroom. When explaining the student life, one could say that the Vol community is actually one big family. We all help each other no matter what. I have made life long friends at the University of Tennessee just by sitting beside someone in a classroom. You always feel welcome no matter where you go because everyone is so welcoming. The only thing I would change about this university is the amount of parking spaces that are available to students. Other than that, I have no negative comments about this school.
The university has a great learning environment with friendly students and experienced staff and faculty members. I love going to my classes and meeting up with fellow students and friends from groups on campus.
I like that the University of Tennessee has a diverse campus. The education is worth the hard work that you put in to get a degree. The campus is safe and I believe anyone would love to go here.
There is always something to do on campus. There is plenty of people around to talk to. There are so many resources to help students succeed.
I loved the large, diverse campus in Knoxville. There were always many different opportunities and experiences happening on campus. I know that my experiences was not indicative of everyone, but I had little to no counseling by my "academic advisor" that could have really helped me prepare for success after graduation.
Tennessee is a college that allows and promotes growth. Along with that factor, the resources and networking opportunities provided are endless.
My experience so far with UTK has been amazing. I feel like I'm apart of something there. There's always fun and there's always studious times. The other students all mainly nice and the faculty is very helpful. It is great so far.
My whole family has attended Utk from my aunt, uncles, mom, and dad. Every single one of them values the education the university offered them. I myself look forward to studying architecture and military science and know the University of Tennessee offers programs to accommodate my dreams; all I have to do is put in the hard work and learn using their great facilities. During times that I am not working, however, I may enjoy the school's excellent football stadium, an all I can eat food plan that will prevent me from ever being a starving college student, and thr several parties often going on campus. My only complain about the University is the tuition, but isn't that everyone's?
I love the dorm I live in, Orange. The people I've met, and the memories I've made.
I transfered in at the spring semester form a community college so it took a while to adjust, but now I love it here.
The admissions process is a breeze with the help of the admissions department. They are very quick to answer any calls or emails from what I have experienced.
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The university of Tennessee, truly is a place that you can call home. The students and staff treat one another as family. There is currently a lot of construction and renovations going on, which makes getting around a little messy. However, every improvement has made this campus even more beautiful and practical than it already is.
The University of Tennessee is a great place all around to pursue a degree! The local area is great. The studies and pursuing of the degree may be hard but it will pay off in the end.
It is a gorgeous campus full of resources to help you reach your academic goals. It is a very big campus so there is a ton of walking involved.
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