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I would like to see the on-campus housing and dining services improved. The food quality isn't always the best and there are a lot of maintenance issues with the housing.
The University of Tennessee at Martin Parsons Campus is so home like and a very great place to get an education. It is a smaller school, so there is more one on one time with your professors who genuinely care about you and how you are excelling in your work. I have made best friends and learned so much already through the top notch nursing program where I plan to graduate with my BSN in nursing in 2020. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a perfect college experience!
The University of Tennessee at Martin is a wonderful campus. I knew that it was where I was meant to attend college because of how welcoming the environment was. The small town life is perfect and I highly recommend touring if you are an agricultural major or veterinary technician.
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I go to the extended center in Selmer. The faculty there are great and very helpful. The classes are small which gives a great student to teacher relationship.
My experience at The University of Tennessee at Martin was amazing. I toured the campus and was able to focus on the field of study I am leaning to. My major will be Health and Human Performance with emphasis on Exercise Science. The instructors were very nice and informing. I was able to tour the different types of dorms and quickly chose mine from the options I was given. My experience went really well and this will be the university that I will be attending.
The University of Tennessee at Martin is a beautiful school full of wonderful faculty and staff. Everyone here seems to always have a friendly face and I couldn't see myself at a more perfect university for a small town girl.
I haven't yet started here, but can't wait! I've toured three times, twice with my Ag class and once with my mother. It is a great campus and everything is relatively close. The professors I met were nothing but nice and encouraging. My friends that currently attend all say its a great school and that the classes are content filled with a low student to teacher ratio, which is important to me. It is also a fairly calm campus from what I've heard with very few parties. The dorms are nice and clean and the food on campus is great.
I Love the campus at UTM. They are a very inclusive college and the community in the town is full of wonderful people.
I left Martin after 4 years. At the time I found that what the majority of African American students were getting was the short end of the stick. However, the student relationships and the staffs acknowledgment has changed a lot for the better. This was 11 years ago. Im returning the Fall. I look forward to the change.
My overall experience at UT Martin was fairly good. I enjoyed the people and the atmosphere was so peaceful and beautiful. The setting is more of an intimate one on one type of setting. Great for studying and getring work completed. On the other hand, it could be a little too calm at times. Some weekends you just want to travel to a more upbeat location.
Great community. Professors really care and do what they can to help you succeed. Lots of on-campus support.
The family like atmosphere is absolutely captivating to anyone's eye. It's not a big college campus, but isn't small, so you know everyone and can find new things to do everything week with your new lifelong friends.
The University of Tennessee at Martin is an all around great school. The campus life is energetic, the professors really strive for that one on one experience, and the town it's located in is so friendly and welcoming.
Ut-Martin is a great self surrounded college that has great opportunities not for only students but also professors.
There is so much to get involved with. There are so many clubs and organizations to connect with. It has a great campus atmosphere also.
So far it has been a wonderful experience with some great classes! The instructors are easy to talk to and very willing to help students with any questions. The courses are appropriate for the major that I’m in. And in the career that I have chosen.
I had an okay experience. It is a safe college to attend and very friendly staff/professors. I Would recommend to any upcoming students.
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Professors are easy to get along with. Beautiful campus. Cafeteria food is not the greatest. However, the food court options are pretty good.
UTM is a great place for education and it offers online education as well. It allows you to graduate from the University of Tennessee system but online.
UT-Martin is a great University. Is a small campus where you do not have to worry about getting a one-on- one with the teacher unlike being in a big campus University. I love how Diverse this University is compare to others . The teacher are all amazing and they care about your well-being in the class they want you to pass and they will help you.
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