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The family like atmosphere is absolutely captivating to anyone's eye. It's not a big college campus, but isn't small, so you know everyone and can find new things to do everything week with your new lifelong friends.
The University of Tennessee at Martin is an all around great school. The campus life is energetic, the professors really strive for that one on one experience, and the town it's located in is so friendly and welcoming.
Ut-Martin is a great self surrounded college that has great opportunities not for only students but also professors.
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There is so much to get involved with. There are so many clubs and organizations to connect with. It has a great campus atmosphere also.
So far it has been a wonderful experience with some great classes! The instructors are easy to talk to and very willing to help students with any questions. The courses are appropriate for the major that I’m in. And in the career that I have chosen.
I had an okay experience. It is a safe college to attend and very friendly staff/professors. I Would recommend to any upcoming students.
Professors are easy to get along with. Beautiful campus. Cafeteria food is not the greatest. However, the food court options are pretty good.
UTM is a great place for education and it offers online education as well. It allows you to graduate from the University of Tennessee system but online.
UT-Martin is a great University. Is a small campus where you do not have to worry about getting a one-on- one with the teacher unlike being in a big campus University. I love how Diverse this University is compare to others . The teacher are all amazing and they care about your well-being in the class they want you to pass and they will help you.
LOVE THE CAMPUS AND THE GYM FACILITIES! I cannot wait until I get started! The people are extremely nice and helpful.
U.T.M. has an outstanding agricultural and animal science program. The teachers definitely care about their students, and are available for extra tutoring when needed. They are also very friendly and help graduating students find jobs coming out of college. There are numerous clubs that meet throughout the week such as Veterianry Science Club, Cattlemen Association, and FFA. There are other student organizations, such as campus ministries that help guide students spiritually and keep a strong sense of community. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I have had bad experiences in some of the other field's teachers, such as the science and english professors. Also, the honors program is a good program, but sometimes there are not enough honors classes offered, and this can ruin your schedule.
The best thing I liked about the campus so far was being able to transfer in and getting all the help I needed everyone was very helpful and going out of their way to make you had every question answered
I love being a student here at UT Martin and I am UTM proud! My school is the very best in Tennessee. All of the programs are the best, the food is great and everyone is just plain lovely! At UT Martin you will feel like you are at home <3 I love it so, so very much!
It is a great school that offers many opportunities and experiences. I would recommend visiting this school and taking a tour.
Martin has really made me feel like I am going to reach my goals. I am glad I picked Martin. The food should change.
You feel welcome at UT Martin as soon as you step on campus. Everyone is very friendly and will not hesitate to talk! The campus is very clean and has a lot of nature to view and enjoy. However, there is not a lot of parking space if you live off campus, which you will probaboy want to do after your first year.
The University of Tennessee at Martin has proven to challenge my abilities as a student. I struggled to find solid friendships in high school, but Martin has become a safe haven for someone with mental difficulties and trust issues.
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I had some good experience and some bad experience. The school overall is a really good school but the students can be clique-ish. It's definitely segregated. All the black students hang around their own kind and all the white students hang around their own kind. I think that's the only down side to the school. The only down side about my experience at UTM was the people I was hanging around. There weren't really my friends and there was this guy that I was head over heals with that distracted from my school work and made me miss out on a lot of other things I could have experienced more during my time there.
I enjoy UTMARTIN. It's home away from home to me. I enjoy the small campus environment and the ratio for the professors are 1:5. It feels like a family campus and I really enjoy that. The thing I would change is the diversity of the campus .
Martin has been so helpful through the transferring process and all of the teachers are very helpful.
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