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The University of Tennessee at Martin has proven to challenge my abilities as a student. I struggled to find solid friendships in high school, but Martin has become a safe haven for someone with mental difficulties and trust issues.
I had some good experience and some bad experience. The school overall is a really good school but the students can be clique-ish. It's definitely segregated. All the black students hang around their own kind and all the white students hang around their own kind. I think that's the only down side to the school. The only down side about my experience at UTM was the people I was hanging around. There weren't really my friends and there was this guy that I was head over heals with that distracted from my school work and made me miss out on a lot of other things I could have experienced more during my time there.
I enjoy UTMARTIN. It's home away from home to me. I enjoy the small campus environment and the ratio for the professors are 1:5. It feels like a family campus and I really enjoy that. The thing I would change is the diversity of the campus .
Review University of Tennessee - Martin
Martin has been so helpful through the transferring process and all of the teachers are very helpful.
It's an awesome college and I have fun and learn at the same time. I feel very safe here and it's basically my home away from home. I have also made so many great friends here, locally and internationally.
UTM is a great small college with lots of fun, small-town quirks. The students are clique-y and the faculty members are sometimes unsupportive, but overall it was a good place to go to college.
Great small town feel. Professors try to help you learn the material rather than just memorizing for tests.
I loved this place made it feel like home away from home! I was nervous going there at first because it was 400 miles away from my home town but I love it. The campus is beyond beautiful and it is a safe environment.
My experience at UTM has been one for the books! The resources for success are unlimited on campus. The advisors are extremely helpful, and they will help guide you to reach your ultimate goals. The professors truly strive for your success and are always there to listen and help.
The teaching staff that I have had the privilege of encountering have been very approachable and seem to genuinely care if know the material being presented. The campus is very clean and well organized other than the occasional problem of having to walk really far to class. It has been an enjoyable for me so far here.
What appears as a small town is made up within the University. The amount of love and support that I have received from the staff and other students has truely made me feel like home for the last three years.
UTM is a great school! Large enough to meet your needs but small enough to keep you engaged. The staff is very detail oriented and walks students through the process to make sure that students are successful!
If I could go back in time and choose another university my choice would always be UTM I have made lifelong friends and earned a degree in proud of from here.
I would like for classroom reviews to be taken more seriously by instructors. I would also like for instructors to stick to a set schedule and possibly only change schedules when it is absolutely necessary and not just because they felt like it.
The University of Tennessee is a great place to receive a degree. I feel that it's administration have areas in which to improve . I also feel that it's all what "YOU" make it, and if you plan on attending this university it will be very important to balance your Play time and education time.
I am very comfortable here. I felt right at home right away. It's easy to get in contact with my professors and there are labs that I am freely welcomed to whenever I need help.
As I have stated before, I am new to campus so I don't know everything about it yet but the school has counseling centers and seems to be very safe and attempting to keep it that way.
Review University of Tennessee - Martin
I love my dorm. It's nice and spacious, and it feels like I'm in a comforting home. I wouldn't dorm anywhere else other than Phase one.
I have only been at my campus for one semester, but sports and intramurals are very important from what I have seen so far.
I was nervous about going to a university and one so far away from home; However, I loved my first semester at UTM. The people are friendly and it's in a small, comforting town that reminds me of home.
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