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Great school & campus! Wish the food was better though. Academics and professors are great except sucks that you are required to take 3 classes for philosophy AND 3 classes for theology as core classes.
I like that the classroom sizes a re small and personal. But the courses don't transfer anywhere. You can not take summer classes with the local community college. Summer class at this school are almost 4,000 dollars. They only allow you to take certain classes. Not everything I would like is available. And I can't afford to pay 4k for one class during the summer.
I very much enjoy and value UST!!!!! It has given me a great education so far and I feel prepared to go to my masters!!
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Attending the University has been a great opportunity. Being surrounded by like-minded people has also helped with attending the University. Having friends who believe in the same morals has you and also majoring in the same major really has made life at UST much more amazing.
So far I enjoy the university. The tuition is kind of high but that is to be expected at a private institution. Also the overall degree you are getting is worth the money that you are spending.
This university is absolutely amazing. The classes are great and the professors are so helpful. They truly care about their students’ mental health, especially during finals week.
As a cooperative engineering major, my academic career has been frustrating because the department is still very underdeveloped. While general classes like Physics, Calculus, Theology, and Philosophy have been excellent, engineering specific classes have been sub par. My rating is not based on the academic, but instead on the personal. There are plenty of leadership opportunities, and because of the small size, direct contact with staff and faculty is common. The staff has helped guide and support me in my personal, professional, and academic development. I have developed friendships of a lifetime. I paid for the people, not the classes.
I am currently attending the University of St. Thomas for my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. I think the program is a great one. I am currently taking online classes which are convenient for my work schedule. Most of the professors that I've had are great!
I like how caring and invested the professors are. They are willing to go the extra mile to help their students. I highly recommend this university!
The professors are excellent. The core in Philosophy, English, and Theology will change your whole life for the better. If you study hard all four years, avoid majors that give easy As, and you take the time to meet and learn from your amazing professors (you can do that at UST!), then you'll turn out better prepared for life than most kids from ND and Georgetown.
I am currently pursuing a Master's of Science degree in Accounting which I firmly believe will furnish me with the essentail knowledge, skills and resources needed to be successful in the business world. In addition, the University of St.Thomas (UST) - Texas, offers students the opportunity to serve through volunterism. Students are able to help beautify their campus and serve others in the greater Houston community. Moreover UST students, faulty and staff truly embodies the Basilian core values of goodness, discipline, and knowledge.
I love the university, its amazing. You all sorts of people from different cultures that you meet everyday, and connect with. I just wish we had more food option in Crooker, for instance, like; McDonalds, Chik-fila, and Canes. That is not the only thing i would love to see change i would love for the school to have more school spirit, and support at our basketball games. I wish the school was a little bit more bigger also. other than that the school is fine the people here are amazing, and always willing to help you no matter what. Not to mention but i think i made a great investment into getting my education from the university ,because me graduating from St.Thomas on my resume means a lot to everyone. That it why i love my university and glad i chose it.
I enjoy being on small group classes you got to know very well with profesors. I will live if in the future they have a football team .
I love the Catholic life on campus, the friendly staff, and the small class sizes. The University of St. Thomas also gives out a lot of scholarships.
I am so glad that I am able to attend this school. There are amazing people and the school was able to help me plan out my degree. My advisor is the best and helping get everything together for classes. There are many resources available for students.
University of St. Thomas-Texas is a very good University in terms of academics. UST has small class sizes which helps students to engage more in class. The professors get to know the students and help them to master the material.
University of St.Thomas is a diverse school that always emphasizes helping students. They are very helpful with any questions a student might have. The resources they provide for students make the university great. In addition to always wanting to help they are constantly emphasizing on helping the community. St.Thomas is a place away from home that one can consider to be their second home. It is very welcoming to new students and are always checking on the status. I would highly recommend this university to anyone that is seeking to have change and be part of a family that is welcoming to everyone.
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The University of St. Thomas is such a great school. The professors interact with you and care that you succeed. The work load is hard but the professors are with you every step of the way. And if they can’t help then they have tutorial services and other student services that can help out students to be successful.
At the University of St. Thomas, you truly are more than just a number. The campus is in the heart of Houston, where if you want to explore you’ll have right outside campus. In the classroom, interactions and connections are so easily made with professors and classmates. There are a great number of resources available for the the students. And environment is just as easily welcoming, from the library’s quiet space to study, to the old book store’s game room, to the great annual events the university’s student government plans out. The University of St. Thomas truly cares about its students’ academics and health.
I’m a muslim attending a catholic university.
Before I started attending, i thought that I wasn’t going to feel welcomed or that I belong, but on the contrary, I felt like I belong. All the faculty members and the students are very welcoming and they made me feel like I belong. They showed me great support and for that I am appreciative.
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