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What I love about this university is that it is small and you basically know everybody. So in reality you don't feel out of place and you can easily gain tons of friends the first day by just walking across campus.
I personally love this small University. The staff is great and I love the education I am getting here.
Best Doctoral program in the area. Professors are available to assist throughout the 3 year program.
Review University of St. Francis - Illinois
A great small school! I was worried about going to a Catholic college because I am not Catholic, but everyone is welcoming and so nice. I loved the school, the teachers, and the people.
I do not really know I do not keep up with the sports
my experience is wonderful at my college. I am learning what I need to know for my future.
People are jerks, and it's boring.
If you're not an athlete, you're nobody. This place is super cliquey, it's worse than my high school. Gossip is everywhere, and if you're different (not cis, not het, not into mainstream politics or entertainment), you will not feel welcome.
I wish we had more security during the day. It would also be nice to hire police officers instead of hiring students. However, the students have lots of respect for each other and I have always felt safe.
Not sure. I haven't been a part of that experience.
I loved my professors and the atmosphere even more so. I could not have asked for a better first year exoerience.
Campus housing was at its best. The building was always clean, rules were always enforced, and the atmosphere was great. Everyone got along and there were never any problems.
Our school doesn't have Greek students.
The school strives itself in not only providing the best education but the best facilities for sports as well. The fan support is always exceptional and it is self evident that the students enjoy being a part of this community.
I believe my school is one of the best Catholic schools around. It has a diverse environment and the teachers truly love what they do. They are always available and I couldn't have picked a better school to become a part of.
I have learned so much at this school. I just wish I payed more attention!
I wouldn't say it is dangerous because I have not had an issue but the area is not the best and had have issues with friends being attacked on runs. Also, the mens athletics do not take this seriously at all.
Review University of St. Francis - Illinois
I absolutely have loved every professor I have had in my department.
I have not had the best experiences with obtaining a room but the rooms are good. The cleaning staff are wonderful and it is basically on top of the classrooms which is great by me!
I love the trainers and the coaching staff but I am not satisfied with the facility on campus. At least we have the local athletic facility for free to students. It is just a shame that it is so far away.
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