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My professors have taught us how to become informed and educated practitioners who focus on client-centered care. I look forward to being colleagues with them in the near future.
Knowledgable and inviting staff. Student body is dedicated to their studies and show it well. Excellent campus!
University of St. Augustine has flexible programs to earn a graduate level degree. These programs are designed to fit the needs of a busy lifestyle.
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University of St Augustine provides an awesome environment for becoming a Physical therapist or Occupational therapist. The professors are active within the community as they practice at least once a week, while continuing to educate you in the classroom. They are able to provide real life scenarios and make the "textbook" information relevant.
The credits that they ask for are the pre req that is available on the website. It is standard to other PT schools and as long as you have taking the classes and received a passing grade your credits will be accepted. It's a very simple process.
It's very easy to communicate between faculty and peers. The workload is very intense and school should be your focus. Together the faculty and my peers help make the process an easier one.
The career fair is an excellent way to network with PTs and learning about other companies along with what they have to offer. Alumni are also constantly contacting us and informing us about job opportunities that they know about.
I love how close our class is! We are the best of friends and are always helping each other out. Also, being able to have close relationships with faculty is key to networking and being successful in class.
Every trimester our school hosts a career fair where we get the opportunity to network with PT marketers across the county.
I would like to take the time to applaud USA for their international internship opportunities. Although the application process to do an international internship is extensive there are wonderful opportunities available and the support from the staff is very encouraging. Students have been to Puerto Rico, Belize and Australia just to name a few.
If you are looking for a high intensity program this will fit you perfectly. USA is very challenging, but because it is an accelerated program you must be prepared for long days and late nights in the lab or studying. I feel that USA molds us to be exceptional therapists are able to handle anything that comes our way.
The curriculum is very challenging at the University of St. Augustine. The teachers expect a lot from you as a student, but that is how it should be in a doctorate program. Everyday, I spend a couple of hours outside of class, studying and completing my schoolwork.
I would choose USA again if I had to do the application process all over again. They have a very professional and challenging program and I am excited to progress and learn all that I can about the profession of physical therapy. At USA, they teachers truly care about you as an individual. They want you to succeed. As they teach, they want you to fully understand and retain the information given. I have not been a student for long, but I can already tell that this program is like a big family, pushing you to be the best you can be.
This school has a pretty tough course-load but doable if you stay organized and know how to prioritize. The OT community is small and fosters study groups that don't get too overwhelming. The curriculum is well spaced out in that there aren't too many really hard classes in one term.
Everyone wants to help you succeed- students and teachers alike. I like how teachers can be pretty flexible if you know how to ask for what you need.
It has been a struggle to adapt to the amount of work I have, but I am able to do it with great communication from faculty and dedication on my part. Studying with others after class before leaving campus means that I can come home to my husband and actually watch a TV show with him, instead of studying away from him in another room.
I don't like online courses with a full courseload, but they are making it possible for me to graduate early, so I work hard at completing them. It is difficult to manage the amount of coursework at this time, but everyone is in the same boat and everyone helps each other to understand the material to help all of us succeed.
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I do not know about this area of the university yet, so I cannot review it yet, other than I do receive emails often from the career center, so they seem proactive for student success.
Most of the professors are incredible, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to study here. There are many opportunities to get involved with specific areas of interest later in the program, but for the most part you are in a class with about 45 other students who you eat, sleep, and breathe with, in all of your classes. You will find who you click with and will find your study partners, but everyone will get along, because you have to in order to succeed in the DPT program. Solo-riders don't do as well as those who have at least one strong study-buddy.
I can't speak about most of this yet, but USA is dedicated to letting students know about upcoming internships via email and has a network to help maximize your probability of finding a job after graduation.
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