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This review will be about how the administration handles the different situations. I had to redo an assignment for one of my classes, and I then got a perfect score. This was not communicated between the staff and I received an email telling me that I was being dismissed from my program. The staff removed me from my classes before telling me (which is not acceptable) and have been very slow in returning my emails. While waiting for responses I tried to re-enroll myself in the courses that I was taken out of (one of which closed from the time I was taken out).
I'm am 100% not impressed with how this was handled. It's setting the student up for failure when you tell them this information 1 week before the semester starts and expect them to figure out what to do next. There are only two things keeping me from transferring: 1.) The tuition is in the range of what I can afford and 2.) some of the classes I've already completed wouldn't transfer over to the same program somewhere else.
The University of Southern Maine has three different campuses- due to this, the students who I have had witness to also attending, are from many backgrounds. Being among such a diverse population of individuals has opened my eyes to the world in which we live. From traditional and non-traditional students, to on campus and commuter students, to undergraduate and graduate students; all of which may come from very different cultures. Being a non-traditional student who grew up in a very close-minded family, I have grown more in my time of attendance at the University of Southern Maine then my whole life.
School is great with tons of diversity, tons of student engagement going on all the time, sports games are fun to go to, the school has a lot of pride. Tons of travel and field trip opportunities, community service, internship and job fairs. The only negative thing would be lack of resources for students, they seem to lack advisors, and it is very difficult to make an appointment with yours when you need it because they are always booked full.
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Something I would like to see change about this school is the food. The food isn't great here. And the RA's are very aggressive and don't let kids have fun. I think they need to loosen up a bit.
I like that they offer high school students the opportunity to take classes there. They have a wide variety of classes that cover multiple areas of interest. ?The application process is very understanding and not too difficult. All the professors I've had are very nice and helpful and accommodating to students needs.
My experience at University of Southern Maine has been amazing thus far. I have been able to connect with the faculty and my peers with ease. I am a commuter student, and it has been incredibly easy for me to blend in with the non-commuter students, and there is such a community of commuter students, which is refreshing.
The University of Southern Maine is an average school in my opinion. While the tuition rates are reasonable, they add a ton of fees on top of the tuition and it makes it too expensive. There are several other options in the area that are less expensive. I was shocked when I got my bill. I transferred from a local business school and the tuition rate was clearly stated and was much less expensive but I decided not to finish my business degree so I sought a different option to meet my interests.

USM has three locations within about 20-30 minutes of each other and offers online classes. The online class I am in expects a lot. It generally takes me a good eight or nine hours weekly to complete the assignments and there is a lot of reading on top of listening to an at least one hour lecture. I won't take another online course here.

USM is not a good match for those who are working full time during the day. There are not a lot of options for after 5 or 6 PM classes.
I like how the faculty makes you feel like a person and caters to your interests, rather than make you feel like a statistic. I don't like how the advertising is geared mostly in Portland, when there isn't even dorms on the Portland campus
I love this college. Portland is amazing. The school offers many majors, and opportunities for the young students. Its fun and affordable.
It's not a traditional college at all which allows me to thrive in my professionalism. It's a college for everyone so I'm always meeting people from a large pool of races and ages, which allows me to grow my prospective. We have the balance of city life that has opportunities and our quiet residential campus that allows a more relaxed and focused attitude.
I enjoyed my time at USM as a commuter, but I can see it being boring and uneventful for on-campus students. Splitting time between the two campuses can be enjoyable or annoying depending on your preferences and major. I appreciated USM's effort to interact with students and the community, and I considered most of my professors to be above average and incredibly helpful. Overall, I found USM to be worth the money (as an in-state student) and would recommend it to any commuter student looking for an affordable and straightforward college experience. There are probably better Universities in the southern/central Maine area for students looking for a more engaging on-campus lifestyle.
I loved the Science program, absolutly incredible! I would say if there is anything i could change it would be to open up more availibity for classes, the classes fill up so fast.
Professors are active in their field outside of the classroom, which I liked. Many programs are getting cut and professors are being replaced by adjuncts which seems to be a problem anywhere you go. English and language programs have suffered from this especially.
Not a bad school but improvement are coming. The school has lots of events going on in the community and is very involved as well with the city of Gorham and Portland. They always has something for the students to do and a local business and have great stuff who want to see you be successful.
The University of Southern Maine (USM) is a great public university that spans two campuses, one in Portland and the other in Gorham. Each campus serves a variety of the different programs available but also offers students different changes in scenery from a city atmosphere in Portland, to the small town feels of Gorham. With the variety of programs available, USM offers all students chances to study where their interests and future careers will take them.
USM is also a welcoming community to students from all backgrounds and stands to make them welcome. There are a lot of resources available to students to use as well as student communities and groups.
With USM, my experience there was one of the best I can say, building strong relationships with faculty, my department and fellow peers as well as a solid education in my field.
University of Southern Maine has a friendly environment. It is very easy to find your way around campus because it is fairly small. There are also a ton of maps around to help you on your way. If there are no maps around, asking someone would do the trick! The professors are willing to help you with any issues or concerns. They have an excellent tutoring program at USM that is free as well! There are so many different ways to succeed here!
Classes and professors are typically great. Campus life however is not the best. The food is terrible and most housing conditions are rundown and outdated.
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I am a music ed major. I have really enjoyed USM. The opportunities that have been given are beyond measure. The hardest thing about the college is getting the financial aid department to help. My bill has been more than expected each semester and it has been a struggle to come up with the additional funding.
DURING MY time at this university, I had a very adept time learning material in classes. The problem for me was the community because it seemed that most of the people really kept to themselfs or were wayyy too publicly open about their private life.
I love University of Southern Maine because of how affordable and accommodating they are to the students. I also love the location and how there is easy access to everything from food to fun. I also like how they have free train passes for all of the students.
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