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I really liked the area! It was close to the city and stores, which I liked. Their open house was great, I learned a lot about the college. The campus was beautiful. The area felt safe as well. They have two campuses, and they have a bus to drive students between them. I've been accepted and am planning on attending this year. I can't wait until 2019 when they finish making new dorms on their second campus.
Being a freshman in college can be a weird experience but USM helped me through that experience and made the transition from high to college as smooth as possible.
When I chose The University of Southern Maine, I chose it based off of affordability. For the price that most students pay in and out of state, it's a nice school, but it can't offer everything a big school can offer. The Portland campus is nice and the Gorham campus is fine. The professors are able to give more attention to individual students because of how small the classes are and familiar faces fill my walks from one class to another. Personally, I want a bigger school and more major programs that a bigger school can offer but there are benefits to a smaller school. I would like to see residential, on-campus living on the Portland Campus because living on the Gorham campus doesn't offer as many opportunities as living in the city of Portland would offer. All and all, if you want a small school and to not be overwhelmed by your class load your freshman year, I recommend the University of Southern Maine.
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I've fun, new college experiences and made many new friends so far. There is a large amount of diversity among students. The university provides a great learning environment for all students.
I would like to see the diversity and the opportunities for student application to change. To be able to see more opportunities to do things outside of school work and sports.
My experience, so far as a sophomore, has been average. You get what you pay for. Most of my professors have been really nice.
The environment is pretty good. However , since the university is divided into three places it seems pretty small . Overall the academics is good. Don't expect many parties or programs if you are a commuting student.
Though I'm just beginning my journey in attaining higher education, this university stands out as being remarkably clean and organized. From word of mouth the reviews I've read of USM, there is little reason to not want to attend this school if you reside within the Portland area. Its financial services staff and advisors are professional and diligently serve to ensure that students succeed, and the professors are dedicated to their students. Thus far, I'm rather quite impressed with the experience.
It's a good school with great teachers. It has a commuter lounge and a large cafeteria on the Portland campus. There are many places to study around campus. My only complaint is the increase in tuition.
It will be nice if there can be a Reduction in tuition as well as in housing and dorms.

I know a friend whom would have love to attend but, cost of living expenses and tuition wouldn't allow that.

USM is a great place to be to define your tomorrow and achieve all your dreams and goals.
USM is pretty quiet in terms of student life. Not much goes on in the Gorham campus. Some professors are better than other and the amount of HW is manageable.
Great art program that is definitely underrated (much like USM as a whole). Two major downsides are poor cafeteria food quality (same program that provides prison food) and terrible parking situation (not nearly enough parking spots- visitors during sporting events and commuters always take up resident spots, which are already very limited as it is). But it's affordable and so much more worth it than paying for some overpriced, fancy out-of-state school.
I've enjoyed my first semester at USM. The school overall is okay! I love the Music Department. I'm a Music Education Major, and I couldn't be happier in my department. I love the music staff and most of my classes. The food is okay, The campus is okay, there's a town square that's in walking distance with Hannafords, Goodwill, Burger King, Rite Aid, and theres a shuttle that takes you to the Portland Campus, and downtown Portland is about a 20 minute walk from there.
USM is a very involved in the community and is very open to diversity. The culture is phenomenal and school pride permeates every aspect of student life.
The University of Southern Maine is an amazing, diverse, and supportive campus. Not only is everyone in Maine kind, but the employees and students at this school are polite, generous, and extremely considerate of one another. The only thing that I personally would like to see changed is the temperature of the food. It comes out cold most of the time, but for a school having that as the only complaint is pretty wonderful.
Great location in Portland Maine. The only downside is that there are 2 campuses. The food is decent, but could be better.
University of Southern Maine is an amazing school with three campuses with tons of options! The athletics are super competitive and the academics are fantastic. The school is also extremely affordable for both in state and out of state students.
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I like the on hand experience during the SBS classes I have been enrolled in and relating to it while doing the community engagement volunteering . I would like LAC to sports even if is just intramural.
The party life is non existing and always get shut down which is annoying but its a good school if you are not trying to party.
This school is cheap and will get the job done if you want to stay in Maine. It is a commuter campus so most kids go home on the weekend so it is hard to attain the "college experience". Parking is terrible, other students aren't interested in making new friends, and professors constantly talk about how the school is spending money on everything but the teachers.

If I were to do it again I probably would have gone to Saint Joe's or UNE. (Having wanted to stay in Maine)
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