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University of Southern Indiana is a beautiful campus. The advisers here help their students succeed and plan the right track for them. They have many programs for students, and allow students to study abroad. I do wish their was a program that was strictly event management. I also wish we had a football team.
This college could be excellent but I decided to rate average due to several factors. They let go some of the best professors and replace them with some who have no idea how to even teach. They have lots of academic workshops and a decent amount of social activities but non-usi students/family members can typically go to. I live off of campus with my Fiance and find it difficult to balance my school social life and our relationship because it is hard to blend the two. Their campus store is overpriced, the food kinda sucks, and Summer Semester prices are crazy.
They have always been so helpful and such a great resource to go to when I need answers! They have always been direct and clear with instructions and issues.
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They offered me a full ride, which was great because I transferred from Texas. The professors are knowledgeable and kind, but push for your best work. They expect dedication and quality in everything you do. It's a good public school with a lot of options.
The University of Sothern Indiana is a wonderful place to learn and grow. There are lots of wonderful professors who are interested in helping you succeed.
I have only been at this school for a year now, but in this short period of time I have learned so much. All of my professors and advisors have been excellent! There is nothing I couldn't ask them for help with. All of my classes that I have taken have been very nice, some were hard to start with a little bit of a struggle with, but overall great learning classes.
i enjoy USI very much! i love the size of the school; its not too big or too small. its the perfect size. the teachers make sure they are avaliable to students and make sure that the students know their resources for help. only bad thing is the amount of parking. it seems like there are more students than there are parking spaces.
I always feel included- they always create activities for all of the student to partake in! I just wish they had even more.
The University of Southern Indiana was one of my first choices to choose from after high school. I applied early during my senior year, and when I found out I had gotten, I was very excited. The location is a very nice area and is away from central parts of Evansville. The tuition is not too bad, and it is close to home. I have met some interesting professors here at USI. The professors in my major are extremely nice, and I was so invested in one of the classes that I joined the club. I participate in the club frequently and talk to my professors often. Even though I'm still a freshman, and it's my first year, I have really enjoyed the college experience and expect to continue to succeed in my classes.
When I took my first tour I fell in love. It was the most personal experience I have been on. I had a one on one conversation with the counselor. The tour guide was so involved in the tour and was asking and answering questions the students wanted to hear, not only the parents. Then, when I arrived on campus it felt like home.
I like how it a small college and can get anywhere without having to take a car and go to the area. The the classes can be small and big but most of them will be small and for most people they like small classes so it a positive in the end.
The campus community is incredibly welcoming and close knit. Walking between classes you can always find a familiar face to stop and chat with. The professors are incredibly involved and will do anything to make sure their students succeed. Furthermore, the campus is breathtakingly beautiful. Main campus is distinguishable by its iconic cone, prominent Rice Library, and modern-age business center. The wooded nature, walking trails, and Reflection Lake on the outskirts of campus also contribute to the university's beauty. I would also brag on the activities and programs at USI. Some free events include painting classes, free movies & popcorn, building stuffed animals, blow-up obstacle courses, dinners, and more. USI has also provided free admission to community attractions such as the zoo, ice rink, museums, hockey games, trampoline parks, and laser tag/mini golf. Conclusively, I would definitely choose it again and could not imagine being anywhere else.
I believe USI to be a wonderful campus, because my sister goes to school here currently and is loving evry bit of it. I have heard about the wonderful clubs at the college and would like to join one of those. There are some churches i would also love to get involved in to get to know other christians. The dorm life to me is great also, there are dorms for freshmen through seniors, off campus appartments also. I also love how they keep there syudents safe with there security. They have good food choices also. There is lots for students to do daily.
As of now, I am wrapping up my freshman year at the University of Southern Indiana. Even though I will be transferring to Ball State University in the next school year, I still loved my time here at USI. I was so nervous about entering into my first year of college but at this university everyone works together to make sure that you feel prepared and confident in your school work. Being at the University of Southern Indiana has confirmed my future career goals and has made me so excited for post college.
My favorite part about USI is that is a decent size and secluded. The campus is well kept, the majority of the professors are helpful and genuine, and there are multiple ways to get involved. With the price of tuition and housing, it is easy to say that student's get their money's worth. It is definitely an underrated university.
The teachers are pretty chill. I like the overall atmosphere of the school and I love the easy commute between the dorms and the campus. There is a ton of stuff to do on campus.
We need more extracurricular activities and events related to current affairs on campus . The public transportation is not good. The area buses cover should be increased and a system should be there to make the transport fast. I hope you helps
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The campus is beautiful. It's actually the second biggest Campus in Indiana acre wise... but don't quote me on that. The students, adjuncts, professors, employees, and guess are incredibly nice/helpful. University of Southern Indiana is also located in the third biggest city in Indiana so there's a lot to do. And if you like Mexican food, I suggest you go to La Campriana.
University Of Southern Indiana is an amazing school with many wonderful people. This is a very underrated school that has much more to offer than given credit for.
Bang for your buck! Good academics with not privy tuition. If you get involved you will enjoy your time.
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