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I felt the environment of USI was very friendly and my tour guide was very helpful when we asked questions.
I love USI! The professors are amazing and you aren't counted as just another student. The professors take the semester to get to know you and will wave to you outside of class. The dorms are very clean and have a decent amount of space for being a dorm room. USI has a ton of clubs to get involved with. The workers in the loft are so friendly and always inviting. I've never seen someone so excited to serve me chocolate chip pancakes.
University of Southern Indiana is a terrific school for anyone. Being here you will meet a lot of people and build bonds with them. This is a school that makes you want to come back any time you are here. Academic wise, the teachers are very intelligent and considerate with their students. Not only do they hope their grades are good, but they also want their students to learn and and strive to become successful young adults in today’s society. Our sports teams are outstanding, they continue to stive to win and achieve their goals without giving up at all. Perseverance is key to being a screagle, its very hard to give up at this school, because teachers and other students preserve you and make sure that you are doing the best you ca do. USI is definitely a college anyone should try to attend because, it is another place for you to actually call home
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I like the space and the diversity of the school. I like how the school has a way of showing students on how to improve.
University of Southern Indiana is has a beautiful campus. They have great sized dorms, great food, and a great atmosphere. They really hope to see you strive to be successful! Love my college!
great school with a close-knit community, is near downtown and feels like a small community. the people are not the friendliest, but it is easy to make friends and enjoy the campus community. incredibly safe campus.
The campus is very clean, modern, and a good size. The campus has a lot of options for food. The diversity of the school is outstanding and feels very welcoming. The theater is absolutely gorgeous. The only problem is I believe there should be more parking options. I love the ability to live on or off campus
It's a fun time and there are many things to do with your friends. ON the campus there are many places you can eat including Chick-fil-a.
Very relaxed campus, nice dorms, definitely worth it's cost. A mix of good professors some not so good ones. Housing around campus is cheap.
Honestly, I love it here. Yes, some of the courses and proffessors are difficult, but they are trying to make sure that you are prepared and that you achieve your best potential, while you are still in school. They offer many different things to help their students feel comfortable and acclimate themselves into the working field of their choice. There are many different advisors who are always willing to help. I do wish that the campus would focus of diversifying their students more, but besides that I would highly recommend USI to anyone.
As soon as I arrived on campus, I was welcomed. I would pass students on the sidewalks they all looked happy to be at USI. The campus is vibrant in color and makes everyone feel at home. This isn't an extremely large campus, but it's just big enough to find what is best for every individual.
It's only been two weeks and a day but I don't like it here. I just feel out of balance because of the lack of diversity here. I'm sure it's a great school, it's just not a good fit for me.
The school is midsize which I think is perfect. I am pleased with the teaching and all the opportunities at USI for the students to get involved.
What I like most about my school is how well everyone works with you. I have a certain work schedule and I have never not been able to get my schedule to work the way I need it too. The atmosphere is also very welcoming and the campus itself is located by itself and everything is close together, which is nice and safe.
I loved it. It was a great school with a lot of opportunities. I was able to have more opportunities here than I would have at a larger school.
The facilities are clean. The professors are very kind, reachable, and prompt. The classes are easy. The support staff are awesome. Great bang for your buck. Overall very friendly place to study.
This campus is so welcoming and has great community involvement. The freshmen, especially, are encouraged to join organizations, meet new friends, and stay active. This helps you stay healthy, avoid homesickness, and make the best of your college experience. I love the USI community because it feels like home.
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Professors will help you get the help you need
Very diverse campus
Have apartments for upperclassmen and some freshmen
Al of my professors worked with me, especially those in the LA department. All of my professors entirely cared about the classes they taught and their passion showed through. Semi-small campus that’s easily navigable and has plenty of things to offer.
I had a very good experience at USI. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, answering very thoroughly any question I or others had .
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