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I love the beautiful campus and all the school has to offer for the price. Certain fees you have to pay like keeping sidewalks clean.
I love USI. They're amazing about including every student and working to make your experience there great.
Personally, I love everything about this school. The academics are great, and the professors are extremely helpful and want the best for their students. There are a number of activities and clubs for students to participate in, and the campus is a great, safe place to be.
There was some difficulty with the financial aid office in terms of basic costumer service. Other than that the University of Southern Indiana is a great school to attend for various degrees.
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University of Southern Indiana has many opportunities for their students to get involved. The school is very diverse and offers a lot of different programs. There are different places to eat. One of the best food places on campus is Chic-Fila. They offer great customer services and yummy food. University of Southern Indiana just got Chic-Fila and steak and shake last summer and it is awesome. The university has one of the top nursing programs around. There are so many clubs and sports to participate in on campus. University of Southern Indiana also offers summer classes throughout the whole summer.
I really like USI. It is such a great school, especially for the price. I always feel comfortable and safe, and I have made so many friends already. You can choose to take larger classes in forums or stick with smaller, traditional ones.
I loved living in the on-campus apartments. The food was fantastic, especially The Loft. They made all the accommodations and transitions my first semester super easy and made me feel a part of a family. I had all my questions answered no matter how dumb they sounded. The academic part was pretty good. The college classes are obviously more difficult, but you got all the helpful resources one would need to succeed.
The people are generally pretty nice and helpful.
Most of the professors are easy to get in contact with and are willing to make free time for students who care about their work.
I love the school. It is very broad and there is a lot of diversity which I like a lot. The campus is very beautiful and you will always have someone you can talk to if you have any problems or if you just have questions.
This school was very accommodating to students. The professors were no-nonsense, but still very enjoyable and most of them had lived very interesting lives. The campus is clean and the library is full of resources and helpful people.
They have a beautiful and friendly environment! For a smaller school they give you a lot of opportunities and a truly great education.
USI feels like a new home and it's a place where I actually enjoy going to classes, not endure them!
USI is one of the greatest schools in the country! The campus is beautiful and spacious with beautiful lakes and wildlife. It is not uncommon to see deer on evening walks on the trails. USI is affiliated with the NCAA Division II. We have an amazing basketball team ranked #14 in the Top 25. Besides sports, we have the best professors. I would recommend anyone to USI.
I love USI. The campus is beautiful and safe. Great area to live in! Safe community. I am so happy I made the decision to come to USI. I have made so many life-long friends. I had amazing help from my advisor and other faculty and friends on deciding what I want to do with my future and they made it so easy. So many people here focus so much on their future. The food is amazing with all of the options. And we have a nationally ranked men's and women's basketball teams making it so exciting to go and watch them play. The dorms are up-to-date and so are all of the buildings. Very nice, new, and clean campus.
There are so many nice teachers at this university. They have been super for me, because this is my first year at a 4-year school. I have an Associate Degree from John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinois. I want to get a history bachelor of science degree. I want to minor in Education. I love going to school there.
I love University of Southern Indiana. I chose this school based on the beauty of campus and how well kept each and every building is. The residence halls are outstanding compared to so many other universities. They are very homey and I have never felt unsafe while living in them. The professors here are incredible as well; they really set you up to succeed.
Attending USI as a freshman has opened my eyes to many opportunities. The campus is lovely and people that attend this university are even more lovely. Being here at USI shows me what it takes to become successful individuals for not just now as a student but for life and I couldn't see myself attending a different university other than the one and only university of southern Indiana.
It's a smaller campus which is ideal for a more comfortable experience. It's kept up very well. I've had very good teachers as well. Many of them are very knowledgeable and helpful to those who need it.
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What I like about the University Of Southern Indiana is that the staff and other students are very welcoming. The campus is very beautiful and there is a lot of support on campus for students in need of mentors and tutors for subjects that students may struggle in.
I loved this school. Great teaching staff, great housing and great social events. I would definitely recommend this school.
What separates the University of Southern Indiana from other colleges is the hospitality and strong sense of community that it upholds. Students who are looking to attend an institution that provides a strong support system and sense of family should definitely attend the University Of Southern Indiana.
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