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It was amazing! it has always been my dream to attend USI and be a member of their cheer team. Their campus was excellent and clean, you have a bathroom in your dorm that you only share with one person which not every college has so that is a plus. They have many options for meals and meal plans, the student to teacher ratio is very low so that makes it even better. I just got accepted so if i get enough scholarships i plan to attend there next fall!
I loved this school. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose USI in a heartbeat. It is fairly affordable with great opportunities for scholarship. The professors are very helpful and caring and really push you to learn and grow. Great school full of great people. Lots of opportunities for campus involvement as well. Very thankful for the community I gained through attending USI.
Moving from a small town I liked how the university was it's own community. there was the city but the school it's self was like a small town. and it was very safe.
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The campus is small enough to get to your classes on time and everyone is so friendly and tries to include everyone to get involved!
Absolutely love the atmosphere here! Amazing school with amazing professors! I love the school so much! Housing is great as it provides a more homey feel than normal forms and apartments at other colleges. Safety is amazing! There is so many campus call booths around if you feel unsafe. The activities and other things offered here are amazing! We have an amazing REC and also a park connected to campus which is really cool! Definitely love this school and tuition won't break the bank either!
I am an engineering student at the University of Southern Indiana. The classes are pretty tough, but as long as you do your homework and attend class you should do just fine.
USI is a very average school. There's nothing spectacular about it; the food is average, the academics are average, the athletics are average. There is almost nothing for college kids to do at USI or in the Evansville area, and the party scene is lacking (which can either be good or bad depending on what you're looking for). Overall it's a very boring, bland school.
After completing my first year at USI, I can say that I am in love with this school. I have had beneficial classes, helpful professors, and amazing advisers. The campus is beautiful and safe; I love USI.
The small campus atmosphere offers great student to professor ratio. Unfortunately, I feel as though I have returned to high school. I enjoy learning, but there is limited challenges here.
The University has a good environment and the campus should help you feel comfortable as you walk around. The professors are helpful if you need help, this campus is great.
I love the beautiful campus and all the school has to offer for the price. Certain fees you have to pay like keeping sidewalks clean.
I love USI. They're amazing about including every student and working to make your experience there great.
Personally, I love everything about this school. The academics are great, and the professors are extremely helpful and want the best for their students. There are a number of activities and clubs for students to participate in, and the campus is a great, safe place to be.
There was some difficulty with the financial aid office in terms of basic costumer service. Other than that the University of Southern Indiana is a great school to attend for various degrees.
University of Southern Indiana has many opportunities for their students to get involved. The school is very diverse and offers a lot of different programs. There are different places to eat. One of the best food places on campus is Chic-Fila. They offer great customer services and yummy food. University of Southern Indiana just got Chic-Fila and steak and shake last summer and it is awesome. The university has one of the top nursing programs around. There are so many clubs and sports to participate in on campus. University of Southern Indiana also offers summer classes throughout the whole summer.
I really like USI. It is such a great school, especially for the price. I always feel comfortable and safe, and I have made so many friends already. You can choose to take larger classes in forums or stick with smaller, traditional ones.
I loved living in the on-campus apartments. The food was fantastic, especially The Loft. They made all the accommodations and transitions my first semester super easy and made me feel a part of a family. I had all my questions answered no matter how dumb they sounded. The academic part was pretty good. The college classes are obviously more difficult, but you got all the helpful resources one would need to succeed.
The people are generally pretty nice and helpful.
Most of the professors are easy to get in contact with and are willing to make free time for students who care about their work.
Review University of Southern Indiana
I love the school. It is very broad and there is a lot of diversity which I like a lot. The campus is very beautiful and you will always have someone you can talk to if you have any problems or if you just have questions.
This school was very accommodating to students. The professors were no-nonsense, but still very enjoyable and most of them had lived very interesting lives. The campus is clean and the library is full of resources and helpful people.
They have a beautiful and friendly environment! For a smaller school they give you a lot of opportunities and a truly great education.
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