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It's only been two weeks and a day but I don't like it here. I just feel out of balance because of the lack of diversity here. I'm sure it's a great school, it's just not a good fit for me.
The school is midsize which I think is perfect. I am pleased with the teaching and all the opportunities at USI for the students to get involved.
What I like most about my school is how well everyone works with you. I have a certain work schedule and I have never not been able to get my schedule to work the way I need it too. The atmosphere is also very welcoming and the campus itself is located by itself and everything is close together, which is nice and safe.
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I loved it. It was a great school with a lot of opportunities. I was able to have more opportunities here than I would have at a larger school.
The facilities are clean. The professors are very kind, reachable, and prompt. The classes are easy. The support staff are awesome. Great bang for your buck. Overall very friendly place to study.
This campus is so welcoming and has great community involvement. The freshmen, especially, are encouraged to join organizations, meet new friends, and stay active. This helps you stay healthy, avoid homesickness, and make the best of your college experience. I love the USI community because it feels like home.
Professors will help you get the help you need
Very diverse campus
Have apartments for upperclassmen and some freshmen
Al of my professors worked with me, especially those in the LA department. All of my professors entirely cared about the classes they taught and their passion showed through. Semi-small campus that’s easily navigable and has plenty of things to offer.
I had a very good experience at USI. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, answering very thoroughly any question I or others had .
It was a very fun and adventurous learning experience with lots of free campus events with food. There’s a lot of events with special guests like magicians and hypnosis. It’s a great opportunity to get familiar with the campus and meet new people. There are plenty of internship opportunities and travel abroad.
Great professors faculty and staff. Programs such as engineering and nursing are given the most weight. Computer science isn’t that good.
I love my school. There are a few problems I’ve had that were logistical, problems signing up for classes that were frustrating or not having an advisor that knew what they were doing, but overal I’ve had a wonderful experience here. I’m a theatre major, and that’s really where I’ve found my niche.
University of Southern Indiana is a great university! This unviersity has so many opportunities to get involved in or out of campus. For my first year here on campus I met so many great new people that became great friends with me. These friends become like family and people I can count on, they may live far away but they are still great and stay in contact with you. This campus also has many opportunities to get to know your professors, advisors, and mentors. The University of Southern Indiana brought me not only great friends but amazing group orgianzations to be involved with also, I am currently apart of the Student Ambassadors that give tours of the campus and not only that but for next year I am not your Emerging Leaders Mentor Leader. This places has so many great opportunities that look outstanding on resumes when you go to apply for a job in the future. It is small but a safe campus that makes you feel at home.
Beautiful campus with friendly professors! The athletic program is steadily growing and the school is becoming more well known.
There is a great sense of community and the campus is very safe and beautiful, easy to connect to the community in this college
University of Southern Indiana is a beautiful campus. The advisers here help their students succeed and plan the right track for them. They have many programs for students, and allow students to study abroad. I do wish their was a program that was strictly event management. I also wish we had a football team.
This college could be excellent but I decided to rate average due to several factors. They let go some of the best professors and replace them with some who have no idea how to even teach. They have lots of academic workshops and a decent amount of social activities but non-usi students/family members can typically go to. I live off of campus with my Fiance and find it difficult to balance my school social life and our relationship because it is hard to blend the two. Their campus store is overpriced, the food kinda sucks, and Summer Semester prices are crazy.
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They have always been so helpful and such a great resource to go to when I need answers! They have always been direct and clear with instructions and issues.
They offered me a full ride, which was great because I transferred from Texas. The professors are knowledgeable and kind, but push for your best work. They expect dedication and quality in everything you do. It's a good public school with a lot of options.
The University of Sothern Indiana is a wonderful place to learn and grow. There are lots of wonderful professors who are interested in helping you succeed.
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