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793 reviews
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I love University of Southern Indiana. I chose this school based on the beauty of campus and how well kept each and every building is. The residence halls are outstanding compared to so many other universities. They are very homey and I have never felt unsafe while living in them. The professors here are incredible as well; they really set you up to succeed.
Attending USI as a freshman has opened my eyes to many opportunities. The campus is lovely and people that attend this university are even more lovely. Being here at USI shows me what it takes to become successful individuals for not just now as a student but for life and I couldn't see myself attending a different university other than the one and only university of southern Indiana.
It's a smaller campus which is ideal for a more comfortable experience. It's kept up very well. I've had very good teachers as well. Many of them are very knowledgeable and helpful to those who need it.
What I like about the University Of Southern Indiana is that the staff and other students are very welcoming. The campus is very beautiful and there is a lot of support on campus for students in need of mentors and tutors for subjects that students may struggle in.
I loved this school. Great teaching staff, great housing and great social events. I would definitely recommend this school.
What separates the University of Southern Indiana from other colleges is the hospitality and strong sense of community that it upholds. Students who are looking to attend an institution that provides a strong support system and sense of family should definitely attend the University Of Southern Indiana.
I have had a wonderful experience so far at USI. I am currently a freshman at USI and I have never felt more welcome. The staff and students are very friendly!
I had a fantastic undergraduate experience. I took advantage of multiple leadership opportunities on campus. I studied hard and earned a Bachelor's degree with cum laude honors from the College of Nursing and Health Professions. I was accepted into multiple graduate schools, upon graduation and feel that USI did a fantastic job preparing me for life after college.
The campus is clean and appealing. I love the size of the campus and the size of the student body. I wish there were more food options and dining areas.
I absolutely love it here at USI. It has allowed me to grow and become the person I have always wanted to be.
I've visited here several times because my boyfriend goes to college here. He enjoys being here and I love visiting. The campus is very tiny and warming. There is always something to do and the food is amazing.
I like the small classrooms. I like my professors because they are very friendly and accessible. I don't like that everything closes super early. I also don't like the loft's food they need more options.
University of Southern Indiana has been a great school. The professors there love their job and they are there to help you succeed. They are willing to work around your schedule for exams, especially if you do a sport or have children. They even help you on their off hours if you need the help. USI wants you to succeed and they will help you accomplish that!
University of Southern Indiana is a great school to attend, with many accredited programs to choose from. Professors and staff are very helpful and compassionate. They are there to educate students and create a relationship with us. The housing is great, because I get the adult life that I want as a college student. USI also has a wide verity of good food to choose from. One thing I really enjoy about USI is the location. There are many organizations to get involved in, off campus, such as volunteering at different nonprofits, shelters, and many hospitals. There are many organizations and clubs on campus to be apart of. USI is a great community with very passionate educators and students. I would highly recommend attending USI for your college.
I am planning on going into nursing and they have one of the best nursing programs I found out there.
  • College Freshman
  • 6 months ago
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So far my experience has been so positive. I knew when I came on my visits to the campus this was where I wanted to be.

Even then staff and students were so friendly, never hesitate to offer directions, when they see you are lost!

The staff you feel like a part of the campus, not a number. And I love the fact that they utilize the upper classmen in

the study labs. So they are getting hands on experience in their field of studies and we under classmen are getting

the help we need.... Great work ethics there.
Our campus is one of the most secure in the state I believe. Campus security drive around 24/7. There are emergency

call boxes on every corner that send out siren and bright flashing light if you push the panic button. Or you can call

and if you are alone and feel uncomfortable about walking back to the dorm by yourself and a security officer will pick

you up on a golf cart an drive you to the dorm. They encourage the students to always use the buddy system at night.

But the best part is the campus has one entrance and exit to drive in, ( a big circle) and it is monitored 24/7 so they know

every car that drives on and drives off.
The Freshman Dorms are outstanding. They are like little apartments, I love that only 2 people share a bathroom.

We have our own common area that 4 people share but only 2 per bedroom and they are very large rooms!

Our RA is very nice and helpful and the dorms are clean and easy to get to and very secure !!!
  • College Freshman
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
I'm still new on campus so I haven't really been directly involved with the Greek life yet.
The Varsity Sports are fun and great to watch. But we also have a lot of intramural sports that even the athletes encourage everyone to participate in. The work out and sports complex are great and I have found it is a great way to meet new people on campus. There is a Large array of work out equipment, walking track, rock climbing wall, pool.... it's great!!
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