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Pretty good people there are nice & I liked their Keck School of Medicine. My overall experience with USC has been unique & great, I am glad to have visited & hope to one day attend school there.
Extremely professional setting, cut-throat. Students are as fast paced as the professors. It overall has a pretentious vibe. Nevertheless, still top quality resources, amenities, staff, and food.
I absolutely love this university. However, I wish the tuition was more affordable. The quality of education you get is outstanding and makes the price worth every penny. Though, it's a lot of pennies to pay.
Review University of Southern California
This has been my favorite school since i was in 5th grade, since then i knew this was the college i would attend. This school is been known for having the smartest people, yes it takes hard work to be accepted but at the end it would all be worth it.
Very connected university with a lot of great programs or event. If the heavy price is worth being very prepared for future work, USC is for you.
U can be anyone you want. If you want to study then be a nerd and nobody cares. If you are a party person there are always plenty to attend.
Great school! Awesome chance to network and meet others in your field of interest. Has very good academics and is a great return on investment. The campus is huge and has a great social life, party scene, and food.
energetic faculty and professors and schools continuous investment on buildings, faculty, and safety based on huge endowment is consistently improves the school's environment
This is an amazing school. It has every aspect of the college experience that anyone could imagine, compounded with top-notch academics and an energy to the campus that is almost palpable.
Although diversity within the Greek culture on campus can definitely be improved, USC is making great efforts to increase diversity throughout campus with diversity workshops and initiatives. Aside from that aspect, the faculty, academics, and extra curricular activities on campus are marvelous!
USC is a great school! There is a lot of school spirit around campus, especially during football season. There's so many opportunities to get involved. The campus is beautiful. Other school's cannot compare. Never have had trouble getting any of my classes.
Would not change a thing. Campus life, Curriculum, over all area is ideal for students intetested in Marshall School of Business!
Very clean campus and friendly faculty. Helped me feel right at home right away. Very fun environment to study and learn in.
At USC the two most outstanding things are the sense of community and the amount of resources available to students. The former, also known as the Trojan Family, is a point of pride for all USC students - both past and present. No matter where I go in the world I know that I can find a fellow Trojan who is doing something amazing. The latter has been very helpful throughout my time here at USC as it allows me to explore options that may not be available at other universities.
I start school in two weeks, but I've visited the campus many times and have met many students. It's a diverse place with interesting people and classes.
I was a Spring Admit and have been there fore 6 months. I have never felt that being a Spring Admit affected my academic or social life at school and have really enjoyed my experience so far. Fight on!
I'm extremely proud of USC. The school has come a long way to achieve its world-class status. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful and clean. On any given day, you could spot student groups doing something special such as offering free hugs, doing musical rehearsals or building rockets along the school walk ways. USC offers so much financial assistance to those who are academically qualified, tuition is practically waived. Yes, that is me. I haven't had any difficulty enrolling in classes I need. Waitlist is nonexistent. Academic challenge here is real. Working diligently is the only way to achieve greatness here. Nevertheless, there's always fun things to do around the campus: weekend on-campus concerts, classical orchestra, rocket launches, surfing club etc. All free for students.
Review University of Southern California
I enjoyed going to USC and learning from excellent professors. I loved my classmates and learning from them as well.
I liked my experience at USC but I do believe it's a small bubble, at times. Once you leave campus and the school, you realize how ridiculous some of it all is.
I will never come here ever again. Although the campus was okay, I disliked everything else. The restaurant food was okay, but I only ate there every once in a while because my friend got food poisoning there! Academics are nice, but teachers are creepy and weird. I hate everything about this school! Worst decision of my life!!!
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