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I love going to USC. The professors are top-notch and willing to talk to you if you're in a huge lecture. If you can, apply to Thematic Option--those have been my most personal classes with only 14 students in each and the professors work individually with you. I have seen such improvement in my writing after one year of T.O. and presented one of my papers at their research conference. USC is the school of diversity and that is what makes it such a rich environment. My view on athletics is not biased despite being an athlete myself; there are always games to go to and cheer on these members of the Trojan Family. Your support is invaluable. ). I have never felt unsafe at USC. My only critique is that the dining hall food needs some work; Cafe 84 was the best option but wasn't amazing. At least there are cats at EVK and Parkside if you're into that. Parkside brunch on the weekends was great though, as I could eat waffles at 2 pm.
I have had some excellent professors. The school has a lot of students who come from money. There is some diversity and USC is working to improve it. The administration believes diversity is important. There are excellent sports. Football is huge. The campus is safe and very nice. The academics are excellent. There are a lot of opportunities and good connections. It's located in Los Angeles, which is great. There is a lot of security since it's located in South Central LA, so students feel safe.
AMAZING campus, excellent academic resources, tight-knit community and ideal location. My dream school...
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Best decision I've ever made. Great atmosphere, academically and socially! Challenging curriculum, but very rewarding. Plenty of opportunities to network.
USC is an amazing school that has given me so many opportunities to grow both inside and outside of the classroom. The professors and classes offered are amazing and campus is unlike any other.
So far, it's really lived up to its reputation as a "work hard, play, hard" school. Although many students can really party it up, when it get downs to it, most know how to hit the books.

Fraternity life is big at USC, but not overpowering. In fact, the current school administration is pretty anti-Greek.

Overall, the school presents a good balance of social and academic, and there just seems to be energy and creativity in most students.
My only complaint is that the dining hall food seems like it'll get boring eventually, but then again I think this'll be a problem at most universities.
Campus is very beautiful. People are very diverse and nice. USC is a great school for students to learn and do research. Go Trojans!
I love the diversity of the campus and how involved everyone is in the city and the community around us. I love how the faculity does everyting to help their students suceed in their chosen fields
USC is an amazing school overall, with more opportunities than most colleges have to offer. That being said, the stereotype surrounding its status as a "rich-kid" school is 100% accurate. Money is kind here and if you can't pay, you can't play.

Academics are overall great, but not what you would except for the money you pay--the professors are either outstanding or verging on awful.

This is a school for business and networking--if that sounds like you, you will fall in love!
Everyone is really nice and supportive of each other, however the academic/ career advisement teams need more people so they can respond to student inquiries faster.
USC was a lovely place to learn. Pros: great education, football, and weather. Cons: extremely expensive, and poor location. Regardless, I felt that I learned a lot. Just wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg.
it is a very nice, well kept school, it offers variety of programs and have good room and boarding and great places to go have free time and study, they allot of places to check out for food or groceries and which gives college student a way to shop and explore their surroundings an they not that far from the beach. great place to get an great education.
Great recruitment outreach activities. Access to faculty and dept heads. Lots of clubs and student activities. Great sports activities! Dorms are older but remodeled. New student apts coming on line in August 2017!
Attending USC has allowed me to have an incredible opportunity to network and further my career in Social Work and grow as a person. As an minority and first generation student I can inspire and help my community with all the great opportunities USC has given me. tHANK you and fight on!
its good i really like it they do a good job i would recommend this school to others it has many sports and are very good at those sports
The campus certainly sets itself apart from the surrounding community, and is impressively small considering the student population. Dorms and on-campus food options are average -- nothing extraordinary, nothing god-awful. As per its reputation, there are definitely plenty of parties and events near campus pretty much every weekend, so if you're into that scene, you definitely won't be bored. Despite its location in a "bad" part of town, I have not personally experienced any safety hazards or concerns beyond what you might expect on/around any other college campus.
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I love attending the University of Southern California! The school has high caliber academics, a competitive yet fun environment for students of all majors, and a gorgeous campus. USC is a bit expensive however, hardworking students can come in with large scholarships to defray this cost. I definitely think that this experience is worth the cost of living and expenses out here and will truly pay off in the end. I have definitely met life long friends and have made unforgettable memories throughout my time here!
USC is the best choice I have ever made. Everyone you meet here are incredibly balanced academically and socially. You have to be able to work hard & play hard to thrive. Academics are great here. All of my professors rock and there's no doubt that the Trojan family is a real thing. I have no major worries about post-grad plans. Diversity is also key and I've met friends of all different backgrounds socioeconomically, racially, etc. Overall, it's been an amazing experience. Being located 10 minutes from downtown LA is also perfect and Santa Monica only 20 or a metro ride away--there is always something to do. It helps that USC has spent over $700m in these past years to renovate the neighborhood around us and open up the village. I don't know how to emphasize that this is the best school ever and I can't imagine being anywhere else. This is the school for you if you love to have fun and are driven while doing it.
I love the small class sizes and abundant resources. The insanely high and increasing tuition costs and incidents of racism aren't too thrilling.
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