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University of Southern California offers an amazing undergrad experience. The faculty are all very passionate about their subjects!
I did not take any online classes while attending USC. All of my in person classes were taught by very inspired faculty!
I took all of my classes online. Despite this, I still feel like I learned a lot. All of my professors definitely handled everything well.
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Such a great school! Applied here on a whim, but I couldn't be more grateful to attend it. Couldn't be more pleased with everything here.
very enriching. I found that the toxic school culture does not translate onto the Zoom meetings which is very great.
I did not take any online classes. The online resources were fine, although they really should put more effort into improving the job board.
USC has so many resources to give you a headstart in your career. If you want to work in television, you can join Trojan Vision, a fully student-run television station. If you want to start a business, you can test the feasibility in an entrepreneurship class with the support of your professor. USC students work hard and play harder. My only regret is not using every minute I had there to explore something new. Four years is not long enough. And you can't beat the weather.
I have yet to start my first class, but I have received great reviews of several professors who are trying to make the best out of this very difficult and unprecedented situation.
It has the number one film school in the country. Although I have only recently transferred and am about to start my first semester online due to the pandemic, the professors have been working to help provide the best educational experience they can for rising members of the film industry. We have been given incredible opportunities to attend workshops with well respected industry professionals (all from diverse backgrounds/races/genders) and an amazing chance at launching our film careers. I am hopeful, excited, and beyond grateful to have been offered acceptance at such an amazing and respected institution.
LOVE going here! The environment is so encouraging and the professors are willing to help you be successful.
While learning online can be a challenge, USC has done everything they can to ensure that students have the appropriate resources to be successful
As a result of COVID-19, the latter half of our spring semester was put online, as well as this upcoming fall 2020. We are using Zoom like many other institutions, and it has been smooth. There are no faults with how USC has done online learning-- but online learning is definitely not as helpful as in person. It can't be helped, though.
Online classes were seamless for the most part, teachers really embraced it with open arms and continued to make classes work better.
Great school! Love the vibez and blessed to be apart of the Trojan Fam! Fight On Trojans!!!!!!!!!!!!
Professors and the USC faculty were very understanding and lenient with online learning based on my experience from Spring Semester. Allowing students to Pass/No Pass their courses instead of letter grades after receiving their final grades was very thoughtful and helpful for many students such as myself after experiencing the drastic change in our learning setting. Nonetheless, students were kept very updated and the quality of education and the professors' hard work to give the best education they could never wavered.
The University of Southern California offers a diverse expertise in multiple fields, both academic and artistic. With world-renowned classes for science, drama, music, business, design, architecture, and so much more, USC is determined to give the best education for students who are pursuing careers in all fields, making sure that different needs, hopes, and dreams are accommodated.
I did not take any online classes while at USC...I cant skip this question.
I did not take any online classes while at USC.
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I have studied at two universities and worked at another and can say without a doubt that USC my favorite. They have a beautiful campus and fun surrounding living area. Most students live near campus. The courses were all interesting and challenging. The professors and TAs were all great and accessible. The opportunities for extracurricular activities were amazing. The reputation of the school is great. I always get great comments when people find out I went to USC. I would recommend it unless you want to study in a small college town, then this might not be for you. I personally learned to love LA and it offered so much fun things to do and great places to intern as well, even while I was in school.
I start on August 24th and I can honestly say so far it’s good. The academic advisors are really on top with helping students. Given the current circumstances of the pandemic, the staff has reached out making sure we still build the connections
I have not started my fall semester yet. Looking forward to start this online experience. The faculty has made sure that we are all okay and reaching out providing resources to how to prepare for this semester giving instruction is going to be online
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