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The University of Southern California has a great alumni network and always gives opportunities for jobs and internships. Although the price of tuition here is very high, it gives students a chance to take all the opportunities and use the resources that are given here at USC.
USC is a great school and offers students plenty of opportunities in and out of the classroom. Over the summer, I was able to participate in USC Summer Program. In a month, I completed a three credit course, and had a chance to visit a couple of video game companies in the Los Angeles area. I earned an A in my class Introduction to Video Game Design and experienced college life as a resident.
I visited USC for a prospective freshman tour. The campus vibe and community aspect are exactly what I look for in a college. USC is academically very high and there is also a nice social life. The opportunities around USC will allow me to further pursue my interests.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Trojan Family. As a freshman, I have many events open to me on and off campus and I am excited to dig more into what USC has to offer. The alumni here is extremely strong which helps me with securing internships and jobs in the future. I do not regret any part in my choice to attend this renowned university. Fight on!
USC has garnered a rather bad reputation over the years- it’s a party school, the students are spoiled, the campus is unsafe. However, everything I have experienced there contradicts this reputation.
The school is large enough that you can find a community that suits you. If you don’t want to party, you’ll find plenty of people that share that sentiment.

Additionally, though some of the students are undoubtedly spoiled, the majority of them are hardworking and down to earth. Since USC is pretty generous with financial aid, many students don’t come from rich families.

Finally, although the surrounding area can be sketchy at times, I have never felt unsafe on USC campus. USC has a very competent security team that is dedicated to student safety.

If you’re thinking about USC, don’t let the reputation offput you. It’s an amazing place filled with amazing people, and if you decide to go, you won’t regret it. Fight on!
Too expensive, one of the most expensive schools of the country and it is not worth the massive amount of debt. The administration is corrupt and has had far too many scandals recently, and they do not care about students as individuals. The professors, on the other hand, are largely experienced and respectful, and are more than happy to help students succeed in their future careers.
It has a beautiful campus with incredible professors and amazing students. It also has a great engineering program that really pushes you.
USC offers amazing opportunities for students who are willing to take advantage of them. Sometimes it can be tricky to navigate, especially because it's a huge school, but almost everyone is happy to help if you just ask. The Trojan Family is an incredibly diverse network of alumni who are dedicated to seeing new Trojans succeed in their academic and post-graduate careers. However, the school itself is not the best at making its students a priority. Sometimes it feels (and honestly the school makes it plainly obvious) that they don't really care about students' well-being and needs, but I hope that with all the new changes coming, that won't continue.
It's fine. It could be better for students from lower socioeconomic statuses. The classism and economic discrepancies between students in the same class are ever present and obvious if you are a student that is not wealthy.
what I like most at the University of Southern California is the academic programme, which I think is the right fit for me. especially the engineering programme. also, the diversity of the activities that the university offers.
additionally, USC helps a lot with the financial aid especially the international student.
finally, I hope to attend USC the nearest time possible
The faculty and location of USC are amazing. I'm thoroughly disappointed in the administration and the cost to attend.
Great professors and school spirit, and overall the academics are quite strong. Their career fairs are also impressive! I chose to transfer from USC because the student culture wasn't what I had hoped. Unfortunately the "University of Spoiled Children" stereotype felt far too real. Also, I definitely felt like I needed to be part of the Greek system to secure housing for sophomore year, as there aren't great housing options overall. I will forever root for the Trojans, and could have stayed, however I found a much better overall fit at UCSB.
A very diverse and active environment, where you will be surrounded by others who will help you grow and develop in the world.
For me, the only downside of USC is the tuition as it is very expensive for an international student. They do not offer financial aid to international students. Other than that, campus life is pretty eventful and the events and activities on campus really caters to its diverse pool of students.
As a transfer student, I was worried about the transition to a four-year school but I definitely found my footing at USC. The class sizes are smaller and you're really able to develop a one-on-one relationship with professors. I loved all the different classes that were available to take and there were always different talks given on campus by different celebrities and renowned individuals in the world of academia. I can hands down say that these were the best two years of my life.
I liked the level of education that the professors provide. I wish there was more of a colored student scene on campus.
My enrollment advisor, Mr. Petronus Williams was invaluable in the process of touting all of the benefits of choosing the University of California as my destination of choice for my Masters degree. We discussed the high academic caliber of professors along with the school's stellar reputation. Of most importance was our discussion of my eventual standing in the world of Gerontology after graduation which clinched the deal for me. The fact that the classes were online did not discourage me because more work is required in online courses. I'm not afraid of hard work and my 3.68 GPA is proof of that. I am looking forward to the start of class and more learning ALL I can in the field of Gerontology. Onward and upward at USC thanks to Mr. Williams. I salute you!
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I am currently a senior at USC, and I can attest to the fact that this university is truly one of a kind. USC's resources know no end and this place does everything it can to nudge its current students and alumni in the direction of success. This is namely done by integrating new students into a community of diverse, highly motivated, fun, unique people. I have found that nearly every person I have met has some kind of redeeming quality about them that earns him/her their place at USC. Fight on!
USC is rich with diversity and culture. The huge amount of student organizations and academic opportunities ensures that every student can find where they fit in on campus. There are always new people to meet and exciting events to attend. Also, the teachers are of the highest quality and truly care about their students' success.
USC has an amazing academic and outside of the classroom atmosphere which makes learning occur constantly. The people are truly incredible.
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