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Online classes were seamless for the most part, teachers really embraced it with open arms and continued to make classes work better.
Professors and the USC faculty were very understanding and lenient with online learning based on my experience from Spring Semester. Allowing students to Pass/No Pass their courses instead of letter grades after receiving their final grades was very thoughtful and helpful for many students such as myself after experiencing the drastic change in our learning setting. Nonetheless, students were kept very updated and the quality of education and the professors' hard work to give the best education they could never wavered.
The University of Southern California offers a diverse expertise in multiple fields, both academic and artistic. With world-renowned classes for science, drama, music, business, design, architecture, and so much more, USC is determined to give the best education for students who are pursuing careers in all fields, making sure that different needs, hopes, and dreams are accommodated.
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I did not take any online classes while at USC...I cant skip this question.
I did not take any online classes while at USC.
I have studied at two universities and worked at another and can say without a doubt that USC my favorite. They have a beautiful campus and fun surrounding living area. Most students live near campus. The courses were all interesting and challenging. The professors and TAs were all great and accessible. The opportunities for extracurricular activities were amazing. The reputation of the school is great. I always get great comments when people find out I went to USC. I would recommend it unless you want to study in a small college town, then this might not be for you. I personally learned to love LA and it offered so much fun things to do and great places to intern as well, even while I was in school.
I have not started my fall semester yet. Looking forward to start this online experience. The faculty has made sure that we are all okay and reaching out providing resources to how to prepare for this semester giving instruction is going to be online
I start on August 24th and I can honestly say so far it’s good. The academic advisors are really on top with helping students. Given the current circumstances of the pandemic, the staff has reached out making sure we still build the connections
As a brother of a student who has straight A's and perfect ACT scores and multiple leadership positions worked their butts off for 4 straight years with practically no social life to get into this school. I have lots of hatred for this school for giving my sister 0 financial support or a scholarship, while her billionaire roomates, get everything. This is the same university that got caught with bribes. No kidding. PATHETIC.
University of Streaming Classes (USC) is literally ten times harder than in person. They’re out to get you, you’re expected to download a third party software while taking exams or open your camera on zoom so the professor can monitor you. I personally didn’t like that but I know it’s for the sake of academic integrity. I love how professors utilize break out rooms to promote collaboration and getting to know your peers.
USC is such a well rounded school that it deserves to be on Top 10. It’s like everything you dream of in a college - beautiful campus, diverse student body, rigorous academics, world renowned professors and strong emphasis as a research university. Business, Engineering, Communications, Film, Education & Law are top notch and expect to be competing and working with talented and like minded smart individuals. It almost like when you heard of LA, it’s most likely that USC run it and made it as vibrant as it is today. It’s a Disney for college with a work hard & play hard culture. Trojans don’t just make the work done, they make it fun. Yes, it’s still a party school and what’s wrong with that? College supposed to be liberating you to new experiences not exhaust you to death.
Professors are really nice classes are large but some can be small. would recommend this school teachers really care about students
Its a nice school that is close to many thing in LA. it is very big and full of many people from many places
I love the resources, dynamic environment, and welcoming atmosphere during my first year at USC. The amount of experiences available at my fingertips is clearly shown in every direction I go in, and I am truly grateful for the events and people I have encountered.
The online experience at USC is different from the in person courses at USC. I feel like I tend to be more lazy in my courses when they are online, but the professor and course still have the same type of value.
Classes were conducted through Zoom. Tuition actually increased during this time. Teachers adapted with recorded lectures and virtual labs took place.
The professors are very intelligent and caring about the students. Improvements can be made for increasing diversity.
I'm a very independent person, so learning online was not that big of a deal for me in terms of academics. But when it came to vocal opportunities required for my major, things were not handled very well. I don't know about you, but it's hard to perform online with your family in the house.
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Personally, as a Classical Vocal Performance major, I have had an amazing time at USC. I have had many amazing opportunities, and very capable teachers who understand what I wish to accomplish in my 4 years. I don't have any complaints for myself, but something that all parts of the music school needs to better at is diversifying the types of music and the performers mainly being featured. I myself am a white, European heritage female, which unfortunately allows me to have opportunities that many of my friends are never even given the chance to attempt.
USC was my dream school ever since freshman year of high school. The Trojan Family was the one thing that attracted me the most. Although I didn't have the GPA or the SAT score when compared to the average USC students, I was still accepted due to my passion in studying Psychology. USC is a beautiful campus and it fits me very well. USC does a wonderful job of creating a friendly environment for their students to learn and socialize. Honestly coming to USC has been the best experience of my life. I've grown and learned so much since the beginning of college.
To be honest, online classes are a little disappointing for me as I'm sure that most people including me came to USC for a reason. Online classes are a complete different experience when compared to traditional classes. There are very little human interactions when taking classes online as everyone just sits there and watch the professor talk. I don't really get that much out of it. It's definitely not worth the tuition price.
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