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The things I like about USC is mainly the campus area and how diverse the campus is. The campus is stationed in an area where I'm familiar with and I'm pretty comfortable with the campus.
Everything about USC is wonderful! Right when I filled out the "more information" sheet I got a call right away. They were so helpful throughout the whole application process and reminded me of deadlines. They were always available for my questions.
The campus is absolutely stunning! I love the architecture of the buildings and the landscape. The professors are amazing and their student life is very busy. There is always something to do at USC!
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This university allows a lifetime of opportunities especially with its surrounding area. There are also a bariety of majors located within the arts.
I love this school!! I transferred here from a small school in Washington, DC. My family also lives there, so it was a completely new place, thousands of miles from my home.
I have never felt more welcome anywhere. The school spirit is ravenous. There is a huge network of transfer students, and never once did I feel out of place. I met so many amazing people, and have several groups of friends. My professors are all amazing and the top of their fields. My advisor took so much time to personalize my schedule and genuinely cared about my concerns. You can do anything you want here; ride the Trans-Siberian, go on an Archeological dig, teach preschool, take dance classes with famous choreographers, learn how to surf, work for Apple. USC would do anything for its students, and I wish I never had to graduate!!
It changed my life for the better. The environment is very inviting and the courses very rigorous. It has definitely exceeded my expectations for my college experience.
I heard a lot of bad things from this university. The area is not safe and the tuition is very expensive. However, it keeps raising the tuition.
It feels like home and it's nearly impossible to be bored. There's plenty of opportunities to get involved and make friends.
I like the resources available to students for optimum success as a student and in future employment.
The University of Southern California consists of beautiful scenery and much diversity in the student body as well as faculty and staff. With easy access to world-renowned professors and researchers, success is easily obtain if effort is put into academic achievements. These resources and well as other organizations focus on professional development to ensure that integration to the work force is a smooth transition.
I absolutely love my school. I grew up going to a small arts school that had 150 kids in my graduating class and going to a huge university like USC was very intimidating at first, but I from the start, I felt like I fit in. The dorms are very social and a great place to meet friends and also being in the small dance program in addition to my sorority, Alpha Phi, made it easy for me to find a community of people that I connected with.
I was huge in how large the school is. There is a-lot of different people that bring the diversity levels up and interests me a lot. The sports department is well known and something I'm interesting in.
I was able to partake on the campus experience in the summer before my senior year of high school. It was so exciting because it was my first time living on a college campus and there was so much to do.
USC was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Coming from a small town, it was truly life-changing to be able to push the boundaries of my perceptions and learn more about myself and the world around me. I was able to meet new people in my residence hall, my classes and just walking around campus. It's a place filled with life and a place where you notice the intelligence and potential of your classmates, as well as come to realize your own. Another great aspect of USC is the camraderie between everybody on campus. Nobody is actively trying to watch you fail; in fact, they are there to help you succeed. There are so many resources for you to take advantage of.
The professors and other faculty are here to help. They genuinely care about the education and success of every student. There is something here offered for every student. One of my favorite things has been the amount of spirit and love that each and every student has for this incredible institution.
I love USC! It's academically challenging no matter what your area of study, but it is all worth it. The faculty, staff, and overall community have made my experience here a phenomenal college experience.
I attended the university in 2 years but I became dislike of the university. Yes, the university became wealthier but our students became poor. I pay more $50,000 every year but still sat in large classroom. And some courses do not have good instructors. Some instructors had bad accent.

Also the neighborhood environment is terrible and not safe. Everything is expensive here.
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It is a beautiful campus with great student life. Its housing is decent and there are many food places.
University of Southern California has a beautiful campus and a lot of school spirit. I was at the school for parents weekend and a football game and it was a sight to see. Every single person on campus had USC gear on and the energy od excitement filled the air.
I liked the strong school spirit at the campus, the diverse international students, and the school's strong culture and dedication towards study abroad. I also really enjoyed how the university was committed to ensuring that there would be a small class size. In terms of school spirit, as someone whose school did not have sports, seeing the excitement of students to Fight on and the USC vs UCLA rivalry were enjoyable aspects as well. Finally, as a film buff, I enjoyed the importance the school gave towards its film school.
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