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I have really enjoyed my time here so far! I made so many friends and I honestly can say there is no other school I would rather be at. However, the only major downside to my school is the rising cost of tuition and how it is not completely 100% needs met like they say it is. It really puts a financial strain on my physical and mental well-being and my family back home. However, I take these struggles with a grain of salt because this is a part of being an adult, making sacrifices and learning from choices. My schools diversity also lacks a bit. I can say that USC does try to make spaces for our minority students as we do have cultural centers I just was under the impression that when they talked about diversity I would see a lot more people that looked like me. I do love my school for the opportunities they give and the resources for every major, my advisors were very helpful and the coursework is manageable.
The school is great and has plenty of resources, however there can be times where students may feel like just being a number and not a person with valid life experience that can affect academic performance.
I was a re entry student who needed to have my degree before my husband passed away. The administration went above and beyond to find alternative classes and options that enabled me to graduate giving my late husband great peace of mind.
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Coming to USC was one of the greatest decisions of my life! I'm a first-gen, low income minority coming from Texas who had never visited California before, so you can guess just how big of a difference California was from Texas. I thought I was going to feel overwhelmed and flunk out, but I didn't! In fact, I'm thriving here. The university is very beautiful, the brick and gothic sorta architecture is very pretty and really relaxing. There are so many opportunities and a lot of different majors, so I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. There are a lot of different activities to join, so you will definitely find your group of friends as long you get involved!
Wonderful education with professors full of knowledge and design teams meant to impress. There are many benefits and amenities that come with this university. The greek life is very spontaneous and the academics are quite challenging.
At USC I like how the college grounds are used for filming location for many major motion pictures. Also USC has the most Olympic athlete then any university in the world. I like that the campus is near to other great spot in LA to go experience especially if your coming from out of town or another state. What I don’t like about USC it seems to be more of a sport/jock kinda school like that’s what their known for but why not nothing else. Finally, the other thing I don’t like is that it’s overpriced.
I had a chance to meet a very diverse yet smart group of individuals at the University of Southern California.
I am currently a commuter student, which limits the amount of involvement I am capable of. However, there are many different events, clubs, organizations, etc. to where I have begun to find communities and friends here.
The ideal collegiate experience. From the location, education, and school spirit, USC is the undoubtedly the place to be.
The professors are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and are willing to help their students when they need it.
Went on the tour of USC. The students were amazing and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. The university has so much to offer. We were very impressed. I'm from Southern California and although I was planning to go away for college, I can't say "no" to USC after seeing and hearing more about it.
The University of Southern California is has a lot to offer to the students. Professors are always willing to help the students, the campus is beautiful, and there are so many student organizations to get involved in. USC really cultivates each student's passions and prepares them well in their field of study. The connections with USC alumni are very helpful and are useful when trying to find summer internships or jobs. The students are given many opportunities to receive professional experience and real-life applications before graduating. There are many resources available. Also many opportunities for students to study abroad.
The University of Southern California’s educational counseling graduate program has been amazing. The application process was made easy due to all the helpful men touring I got. And currently my student mentor and professors have been very relatable and easy to contact throughout these new educational process.b The University of Southern California’s educational counseling graduate program has been amazing. The application process was made easy due to all the helpful men touring I got. And currently my student mentor and professors have been very relatable and easy to contact throughout this new educational process.
It is easy to get around campus with a great diversity. It is accessible to many stores having a great community. As well as a good buffet. Although safety can become a problem at the campus but besides that overall it is a great university with lots of resources to take advantage.
USC is a great school, as long as you know what you want from the school. Please don't come here thinking that it is all a party scene, that could be a choice that one can make, but it has a great academics program with some of the brightest minds all over the United States. It has amazing research opportunities, especially in some departments which have small numbers of students. Overall, as long as you know what you want from USC and LA, I think you'll have a great time.
I love USC. It is the perfect mix of high-caliber academics and great social life with school spirit and football. I am particularly impressed with the faculty - all of my professors genuinely care that I learn and have a good experience. Even though USC is a large research university, I have had many classes with only 10-15 people.
It's the best college that offers my major which is Sports Physical Therapy. I feel like it has the connections to get me on my feet and make a living. I've heard much about the school growing up and i'm familiar with their Medical Programs. I'm one step away to pursuing my dream and I surely want to spend the last steps at USC.
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I love the campus diversity and the academics offered at this institution. I am drawn to the athletics of this Pac-12 school and interested in its Greek Life.
It is a good school with a bunch of bad politics and average people. It makes you wonder if you made it into the school through merit and whether the school is for academics.
Despite turning down numerous offers from several great universities, I can honestly say that choosing USC was the best decision I've ever made. This university will do it's very best to help you succeed in ANY field you want to pursue, while providing you with the best resources possible.
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