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I LOVE this school. The professors are amazing and are always willing to meet with their students to give them additional help. There are tons of club activities and extracurricular activities to join. There is something here for everyone. Additionally, the staff is so nice and helpful! The health center is amazing and the food options in the area are great! It isn't in the nicest area, but the school does a great job of keeping their students safe.
beautiful campus great accounting program. It's right there to Los Angeles what else could you want in a college. They really show an effort when it comes to the students. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else
I like the professors within the computer science (CSCI) and information technology program (ITP) because they explain course material well and are available to help understand material. Moreover, support for the classes are outstanding.
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I honestly have no regrets on choosing this school. USC is the perfect balance between work and play and in the end, I have made diverse, lasting friendships through classes, dorm life, and through all the organizations on campus. I could not picture a better college experience... any complaint on this college seems to be so surface level on food or the socioeconomic status of some students but this doesn't have to define your college experience; USC has a lot more than dining halls and rich frat boys, I promise.
Overall, I think USC is a very good college. The campus is beautiful, all of my professors have been extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful, and there is always something to do. While I didn't decide to take part in this, I think that USC is a great school for anyone looking to get involved in Greek life. The party scene is good here, but mainly connected to the Row. One major downside is that EVERYTHING at USC and the surrounding area is ridiculously expensive.
This place is nothing short of paradise. The placement within Los Angeles is perfect, and the staff and teachers are amazing. The academics are challenging and there are great support systems throughout the university. There is a large push for diversity across campus and recently a movement to be inclusive of all genders and orientations across campus. The school is definitely the best school I've ever been to.
USC has a niche for just about everybody, and there is always something to do. Academically you can't go wrong as there is an academic course or a hybrid of courses to fit any academic endeavor. Professors from most schools are supportive and make themselves available to help; STEM professors lack in this area but are improving considerably. Health services are available but could be more widely advertised. Fortunately, the student body participation is strong, so there are hundreds of organizations to give students outlets for any health, fitness, mental health, scholastic, and creative endeavor they desire. Economic diversity may be lacking, but there is definitely diversity in skill and thought. You will meet creative, considerate, ambitious people who inspire you to find your own space for change in the world. College is what you make of it, and USC provides you with ways to make something of yourself and of your experience there.
USC is a phenomenal university that provides degree tracts in almost every major. The network of professors and alumni I have encountered thus far in my two years have been wonderful and have reinforced post-graduation success prospects. While the coursework at USC is exceptional, I would like to see a cleaner process of investigating student concerns. In the past couple of years, multiple staff members have displayed questionable behavior to students and fellow staff members and the cases seemed to be handled at leisure instead of in a timely manner.
At the University of Southern California, I would love to see a greater integration of the diverse community presence within the school. Currently the school does a good job integrating students from different backgrounds through meetings and clubs like the First Gen Club, but I would like to see various clubs that comprise of different backgrounds come together and unite. I would like to see clubs like Christian clubs and Jewish clubs share their varying experiences at USC, in order to greater integrate the community and allow students to understand the background and experiences of students from differing socioeconomic, racial or ethnic backgrounds which would augment student body unity and overall student life at USC.
Academics are good, but definitely a school where the student experience is catered to the extremely wealthy. If you are not a member of the 1%, don't think that you will be getting the USC experience that is advertised. As others have said, many stores on/around campus inflate their pricing to take advantage of the large expendable income many USC students/families seem to have. If you are middle class or lower, the amount of work you will need to put in to keep your head above water financially will preclude you from taking part in a lot of the extracurriculars/social things that make the USC tuition "worth it". Although I was able to work hard and earn a good degree, I wish that was something I had known before I decided to attend USC- I might have made a different decision. I'll also say that I witnessed more racism first-hand from white USC students than I have anywhere else I have been in my life.
I like that they are very informative and that they take the time to explain their your doubts, I would change some things to make it more accessible to students with low income.
Totally my dream school. There are so many opportunities for all students here, and you really can't beat the programs here.
USC is amazing. The campus and facilities are second to none, as is the football gamed experience. We have amazing professors who bring in famous people in the industry you are studying. I want to be a sports broadcaster, and so far Dick Enberg, Bob miller, and Jerry West have spoken in my classes. What a treat. We also have professors who work for ESPN and have been great connections for me. This school is known for setting you up and giving you connections.
Lots to get involved in, but definetly must put effort in to really be involved. Very Expensive to attend, but has best film school in the country.
The university has a lot of opportunities for students to take advantage of. It still needs work in supporting underserved students.
It was a great school! Even though I enjoyed going to frat row every weekend for partying, I actually learned a lot. My major was Applied Math, which helped me figure out what that actually is. From the connections I made here, I was able to secure a full time job. I love this school!
Beautiful campus, great faculty, and a great place to learn and be stretched. Very friendly to military veterans with lots of wonderful transition programs, support, and opportunities available to students.
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I loved my experience at USC! Challenging & fulfilling coursework. Collaborative & supportive environment. Fight on!
The University of Southern California has such outstanding faculty. I am so grateful that I get to learn from their expertise is. It is, I believe, beyond measure. I love how diverse it is. So many students come from all over the world and being in such a community is enriching.
The campus is the most beautiful I have ever seen. It is very well taken care of and buildings are constantly being renovated. It really feels like home.
Safety measures made by the school are excellent.
There are so many different clubs, gyms, and sports teams for those who are interested in physical exercise.
Generally I feel that no matter what one's interests are, at USC you will definitely find community with similar interests and friends with diverse backgrounds.
I have loved my experience at USC. I was a transfer student and they made the transfer process painless. USC has some of the most passionate and hardworking students. It's a great environment that will encourage you to do your best.
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