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I have visited the campus many times, and it is very diverse. I love seeing how all the students in sports games become a real community and just come together as one big trojan family and fully support one another. The professors are amazing teachers, they try to fully and be there for their students and give them the attention and support they need on what their course is about.
USC is a great place to expand your social network, meet connections, go to school in an amazing location, learn from very intelligent people that care about you and your grades
Did 4+1 program (BS+MS) at Viterbi for Electrical Engineering. Honestly the best school you can choose to go to for undergrad. School spirit is strong, friends you make are real and last a lifetime, location being in heart of LA means that there is always something going on, food scene is great. Campus is just the right size. Professors are fantastic. Rankings matter, but location is key too! USC in LA is the best combo ever!
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The school is beautiful. The professors in my specific department are excited to teach every day and are great at assisting the students in where their passions lie.
Couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. Professors are for the most part helpful, always trying to help you achieve the best you can. Many organizations/clubs where eventually you'll find your place in one. Hundreds of things to do from hanging out on campus or exploring LA!
I like how included everybody makes everybody else feel. The campus itself is beautiful, and USC does everything they can to make everyone feel safe.
I love how friendly everyone is. The fact that I can go to this school and actually want to be here makes me happy beyond imaginable. The professors make me feel very close to them and they always want to listen to me.
It's alright I guess. You're the one that's got to make it happen. Apply yourself to supply your wealth.
USC is an incredible educational opportunity. The USC network really stands out when looking for internships and the career centers is first class!
i love this school! it has always been my dream school and it was rigorous and enjoyable! i recommend it to everyone! p.s., ask for financial aid; they will give it to you!
Almost everything about the school is amazing. The environment, the campus, the professors, the networking.... 5 stars. The one con = it's VERY expensive.
I love the opportunities and the amenities the school offers, as well as the professors who make it worthwhile. However, it is a tad difficult, which is to be expected. The elitist nature is a huge point of contention.
Throughout the duration of my life, I have pointed my creativity in the direction of aiding in these developments and my leadership roles in school have prepared me to tackle this issue by exposing me to understanding different cultures and their problems.

I chose USC for these studies because of its academic credibility and its location, in the heart of Los Angeles, that will provide me with a variety of available resources surrounding its locality.

After graduating from USC, I intend on receiving practical experience in the United States and joining international organizations such as the, Peace Corps and UNICEF, that will give me the opportunity to travel to these countries.

I hope that I will receive positive consideration to assist me in achieving these goals.

Thank you immensely for your cooperation.
USC is a very diverse school located in Los Angeles. Not just racially diverse, they have all kinds of undergraduate schools and majors. Also, believe or not USC has pretty good financial aids. However, there can still be more scholarships or grants provided for students.
I am coming to this school this coming fall and I could not be more excited. The spirit is awesome, the faculty seem great, the facilities and campus are beautiful. I am ready to go here and everyone seems very happy to be here. Price is expensive though.
best school! the school really is full of school spirit and encourages everyone to succeed. There are many resources available before and after graduation. The professors all care about the students and the students are all helpful to each other as well. The connections are unmatched by any other school. Even after you graduate, the networking is unparalleled.
I am a graduate student at USC and have never been happier in my life. The school is quite expensive, but the professors care deeply about their students and create an incredible environment that fosters passionate learning.
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USC really takes care of its students, whether its academics, mental health, or career resources. They instill confidence in their students. Beautiful campus with lots of security.
Incredible! Academics are stellar - accessible and informative professors. Environment is lovely - warm weather and friendly students. Wonderful Neo-Romanesque architecture that inspires a sense of pedagogy. Epitomizes the work hard play hard sentimentality.
USC is an overall great university in all aspects from academics to quality of student life. However, as a spring admit, I believe the integration and transition of spring admits is not fluid. There is a lack of information and communication between the school and students, which can be frustrating. However, once I adjusted and situated everything, I found USC to be a good experience.
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