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I enjoy going to USF. The academic programs are superb, and counselors genuinely care about you. USF is indeed an up and coming school that continues to get better as the years go on. I feel blessed to be able to attend this University.
Great campus and educational services. The administration were difficult to contact and were not accessible. Their online services did not have ease of use.
The University of South Florida flourishes on the diversity of its students and faculty. There is healthy competition coupled with a strong sense of community. Profssoers are enthusiastic and dedicated, working hard to promote student success. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations that allow students to pursue various interests.
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I loved USF when’s I first started and still do in general but why’ve change day somethings that might make me rethink going there if I was starting now instead. I haven’t had a problem with anything other than multiple advisors giving bad advice that led to taking the wrong class or missing application dates.
When I first started at USF, I did not know what to expect. People, there are very friendly and the Tampa campus is very diverse. I really like it there because there are so many opportunities for me here. The only thing that I would consider on changing is the long distance to each class, but I am able to manage that.
I believe all Florida natives should attend this university! The campus is beautiful, weather is great, and the professors actually take the time to cater to their students. Tons of things to do near campus in walking distance. Best school in Florida in my opinion. Only negative thing is the traffic is really bad in the morning and around 5pm.
I simply loved it as soon as I entered on campus. I loved the college life, professors, comunity and all the diversity on campus.
They answer emails and question pretty fast, which helps with the application process. My sister and my cousin went to USF and they enjoyed the modern style campus and the teachers. Overall the campus life is the best and the community is all inclusive. The only problem I personally have is the parking passes. you have to pay a tremendous amount just for a parking pass and its not even for the whole year! Also it a nice good 20 minute walk from the parking lot to your classroom.
I love the USF environment! My favorite aspect is the high levels of diversity and acceptance. I personally favor the small college vibe; USF doesn't have a large Greek community, and provides a progressive and welcoming atmosphere.
USF is a great institution that is improving every year to make itself a major player in the state of Florida. So much money is being poured into the facilities, athletics, research departments. It has deep ties within the Tampa Bay Community and is an integral part of a city that is getting bigger as well.
The campus was beautiful and filled with very nice people. The classes were nice and the environment over all felt warming and comforting.
Lots of things to do. The campus is beautiful with plenty of plants life. There are a lot of opportunities to work on campus, which is very convenient and conducive to learning.
I came to USF as a transfer student from a near by community college and was blown away by not only the academic standards but the community on the campus. Everywhere you look there is groups of students working together towards a better education. The programs and activities offered by the university are astoundingly diverse and help to support the thousands of students living on or near campus. Overall, I am proud to be a bull and cannot wait to pursue my Master's degree at USF.
My experience at the University of South Florida has been absolutely amazing! I enjoy the campus atmosphere and student body that university has. I would like to see more improvement with student involvement at the school. Student support, attending events, etc.
The University of South Florida is great school with many opportunities to get involved with students and organizations. The campus is very scenic and it feels welcoming as you walk around. The students and staff are friendly and willing to help with any problems.
I am in love with the University of South Florida- Tampa campus. The campus is huge, at first, it can be intimidating but there's room for endless exploring. The campus is also extremely visually appealing. Between the beautiful flowers, foundations, and architectural structure you will never find yourself getting bored. You'll really enjoy USF if you take pride in your community. Everyone that goes to USF is proud to be a Bull and it seems the majority of people are passionate about what they're doing. My favorite thing about USF is the endless opportunities to make connections. Coming from so far away, I was terrified that I wouldn't make any friends yet within a week I had more than I could count. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, USF became home in no time. As always, GO BULLS!
University of South Florida is a great school. The campus is beautiful, and there are always so many events going on involving student life. The advisors are very helpful, and they always have the student’s best interest in mind. Everyone at USF has such school spirit and everyone loves the University!
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I am currently a sophomore at the University of South Florida. It is a great school. The education received is excellent, the professors are willing to help beyond the classroom. The campus is beautiful and gives an "at home" feeling. The students here are great as well and it is easy to find somewhere you feel comfortable and surrounded by people who have similar interests, goals, and hobbies as you. There are tons of organizations to join and if you can't find one you are interested in then you can certainly create one!
I love USF! Of course nothing is perfect, however, USF faculty from my experience has always made an effort to teach us and make sure our experience is one that they can do well in order for students to strive. I have never had a bad experience with a professor and my advisors have all been helpful!
The university of Florida has a beautiful campus. I am still in awe at the scenery. I love the free printing and the busing system. Teachers are great!
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