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Overall USF is a great school. There are certain things I would change but most everything was great.
I really like attending University of South Florida. Overall, a majority of the professors are very helpful and responsive to any problems students may have. They usually respond to emails within 48-72 hours sometimes even quicker. The campus has pretty nice scenery and its really easy to get from one place to another. Everyone is nice and inviting. The campus food however is not all the good but it is bearable. There are emergency police poles throughout campus to ensure students safety.
The University of South Florida is a wonderful college. The classes are interesting, the campus is big, and the student population is very diverse.
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Dedicated research school! Easy for undergrad students to get involved with research. Located far enough from the beach for it not to be distracting. The campus is pretty empty on the weekends, though, so people living full time on campus may find themselves bored unless they get involved.
Attending USF has just been amazing so far! Professors are extremely knowledgeable in their practice, student life is diverse and there are many clubs to join, and the campus is beautiful. I often spend my time in the library or walking around and enjoying the scenery. My college life has just been so great and I love this school. GO BULLS!
I loved the community and how the professor gave me advice to be a good student and an honest person with life skill advice too.
My favorite part of South Florida is the diversity. Yes you have your vast majority of kids from the United States but you also have kids who come from other countries. Its from their stories during classroom discussions that we learn what life outside of America is really like.
As a senior, I have had the opportunity to experience so much at USF. It is a very diverse and welcoming school. It provides each student with various oppurtunities to succeed.
I love USF because it is an up and coming school, with various major selections. Not only does USF focus heavily on student academics but also aims at providing a fair opportunity for all students looking to expand their education. I love the campus and teaching staff, also the countless services that are available to students such as education abroad to which I participated in last semester. I would consider applying to USF for a masters degree program.
University of South Florida is an amazing place. Studying there has been great so far. Everyone is so nice and willing to help. Highly recommend.
It was a pretty great school. I think they (along with most schools) pushed school spirit a little too hard. To me it seems childish. I want a degree, not help with my social life. But academically, the school was very good. The resources available were above average and the facilities always looked good.
Mostly all the teachers and and TA and the school are extremely helpful and useful when it comes to helping understand material and making sure the material is explained well. It's a beautiful campus when social and helpful students. The only improvement in would like to see is more student parking.
If you are looking for a diverse campus that offers wonderful programs administered by gifted professors, then the University of South Florida is right for you. The main campus of USF, is located right in the middle of Tampa, Florida. It is surrounded by fine dining, theme parks, a lively downtown, and beautiful beaches. My time at USF has always been a pleasure, and I have been fortunate enough to meet and study beside some of the most gifted individuals. My favorite part of USF is the staff because they are always readily available to help you with anything and everything. They truly have made my experience AT USF an easy one!
USF is a great school that provides a lot of resources to their students and alumni. However, as a research-oriented school, I feel the access to research could be heavily improved. Only honors students really get the opportunity of research handed to them unlike the rest of the students where trying to get into research is like applying for a competitive job. I feel research should be incorporated into the curriculum if you fall under a research based major. Other than that, I am proud to have gotten my degree from USF.
This university is amazing, there's so much diversity and so many clubs you could join. Joining the clubs really help you feel like part of a family. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. The teachers have office hours and are willing to meet up with you if your schedule does not allow you to go to their office hours. The dorms and RAs really do try to make you feel like you're at home.
This is my first year/semester at USF. I do not know what to expect, and I hope I will enjoy my time there. I have been on a campus tour and it really seems like a good school
USF is great once you actually get involved. I made the mistake of not getting involved in any organizations until my third year at USF. My college experience got more fun and memorable once I did. Also, the people there are so down to earth, so intelligent, and so fun! In addition to this, being a black student, the black USF community is a very unified and supportive group!
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USF is an amazing utopia for all different kinds of students. No matter what your interests are , there is something for you. I haven't experienced school spirit and this kind of uplifting community anywhere else. I am proud to say that I am a USF student and can't wait to see where my education takes me.
I liked the many food options that there were to be found in their Juniper Dining hall. Also, I enjoyed staying in their dorm room in Juniper Hall, since it allowed me to have time to myself and study at the same time.
I really liked the campus, the atmosphere, and the perks of being a student. Parking is pretty bad, but that's the norm for a college campus.
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