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USF ability to allow their student to advance in their feild is exceptional. I was a little fearful of transferring to a university but this school was definitely a perfect option for me. I love very class I’ve taken, wether I passed or failed, and look forward to many more.
I liked the diversity at USF. No matter who you are, where you are from, what you like to do, it is likely you will find a group of people who shares it with you. One of the hardest things at USF is how far apart everything is. You really have to consider WHERE your classes are when you are registering for classes because often 15 minutes is not enough time to get to class. Even driving, with the time it can take to find a parking spot, it is faster just to walk. There is a bus on campus, but again 15 minutes will not be enough time to walk to the stop, wait for the bus, ride the bus, and walk to your next class. I have found the fastest way to get around is via bike, but others will use skate boards or roller blades as well. But then you have to carry those around with you to class, or take measures to ensure your bike will not be stolen - use multiple locks and take your seat with you if it is removable.
As an adult student, I had worries about being accepted and feeling welcomed initially. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, all of that went away. Everyone is eager to help, and explain anything a person may need explaining. The student ambassadors are fantastic! They really take the time to make sure we are taken care of at all times. The professor's are extremely bright, helpful, and have a real passion for each subject they teach. I will forever be thankful, I became a Bull!
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As I toured the university, I fell in love with the campus. I like the environment and the activities and clubs they had available. The staff and faculty were friendly and welcoming. I look forward to attending the University of South Florida.
The university is so beautiful and everyone is friendly. There is always people trying to help out and making the campus better. The only thing I would change about this university is the food options, they don't have much variety which make students who live there tired of the food.
I had a wonderful experience here at this college. I learned a lot about myself and the school spirit was contagious during football seasons.
Parking is the main issue at this university, nice campus but its a commuter school so most people don't live there.
The campus at USF is just beautiful and there is a variety of resources to help you with anything that you need.
In my time at USF, I had the opportunity to get connected to multiple groups and organizations. This has not only aided me in personal gain, but also in academic achievement. These opportunities have furthered my connections with my future career as a physical therapist. The academics have prepared me for jobs in the medical field already, has given me a head start in applying to graduate programs, and polished my resume for my future endeavors. I appreciate my time at the University of South Florida, and hope to continue my graduate studies at the same institution.
The campus is such a beautiful sight. It is a huge campus, but the life of everyone there makes it so friendly and peaceful.
Overall, this is good university. The majority of faculty are eager to help students succeed and will work with you to make sure you move forward with your education.
University of South Florida is an awesome campus the tutors are extremely helpful if you are struggling with classes, the teachers are fair and most of them are fun to be around with at the campus, and the advisors are experience and resourceful. I highly recommended to see an advisor to assist you with choosing your classes and for internships and jobs . There's never a dull moment and there are many activities such as clubs, sports, and special events.
when I went to USF it was a big but pretty campus. I did get help from a student to get to the library and they were super friendly and helpful. on Wednesdays they have like a little plaza. they sell things and have great music.I loved it.
Filled with people of all colors and races, so many majoring opportunities, best teacchers, extremely big campus, really good food on campus in the dining halls, amazing Transportation system with buses, at night you could take a safe team ride on a go cart from any part of the campus to the other to feel safe.
My experience at USF was outstanding. The people are very welcoming and inspirational. The campus is clean and well taken care of. The whole atmosphere is relaxing and full of positivity. Things that I feel can changed is giving a more deep insight of USF.
USF is a top notch school and their teaching medical college is highly regarded. They now have a hotel and parking garage on campus too
So far the University itself seems rather nice. Unfortunately I haven't been able to afford to engage in any activities however.
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The classes and variety are fantastic, and many of the professors really are out there to help you. However, the advisers and administration are extremely slow to process financial aid, and they will give you as little help as possible unless you press extremely hard. You're getting a great quality education for the price though, and despite the frustrations of the administration, the school is fantastic and is absolutely worth your time and effort.
Great college! The campus is pretty big with everything you need right there. I don't have any complaints about any of the classes I took or any of the professors that I had while I was there. Huge availability for classes and easy registration.
I am currently in my junior year and this is my first semester at USF. It has been a wonderful experience so far as a transfer student. The professors are so knowable and want each student to succeed. There are also numerous resources each student has at their disposal including: the student center and the writing center. If anyone is on the fence about going I’d definitely recommend USF. Go Bulls!
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