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I love the educational, networking and involvement opportunities at USF Tampa. I have been able to take courses that have provided me with a strong foundation in the sciences as a Biomedical Sciences major, taught my knowledgeable and caring professors. In addition, I have been able to network with PAs and healthcare providers through USF Health and their affiliated hospitals. Doing so has allowed me to shadow PAs and learn about the profession as it pertains to my career goal. Lastly, I have been able to get involved in the Tampa Bay community through community service trips to Metropolitan Ministries to educate children through wellness activities. Overall, USF Tampa provides a great education and many opportunities for personal and career growth.
I originally came to this school because of its tremendous football program under Charlie Strong. During my year and a half at this University i have learned the culture and what it means to be a bull. Leadership is taught and your professors genuinely want you to accomplish your goals. The campus is beautiful and has clubs for all types of people; in many cases clubs are formed depending on your personal interest. The president of the school is a kind soul and i had the opportunity to meet with her and discuss what was going on with me. I am blessed to be in this position where i feel like I can thrive and succeed. I promise that if you have a strong work ethic that you won't get lost in the crowd of over 40,000 students; hard works shows.
USF has surpassed any expectations I ever had on what life would be at college. Being a relatively new university there is a lot of pride and youthful energy in the professors, administration, and students. The MSC is a great student hub with a good food court, a restaurant, 4 floors of study or “chilling” areas, offices, event rooms, a theater, a ballroom, a pharmacy, a computer store and many more things. The library has resources from state of the art equipment, macs and PCs, digital media equipment with green screens, quiet study floors, a Starbucks, tutoring center, a writing center and so many more things. Central campus is very pretty and very green, with the MLK plaza in the middle and trees perfectly lined up. The athletics are great including the 3 gyms which include an indoor and an outdoor swimming pools, dance studio, wrestling room, cardio floor, weight floor, indoor track, volleyball, basketball and racquetball courts. We bleed green with a heart of gold. Go bulls!
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The campus is huge and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. On days where it wasn't extremely hot outside, it did not feel like I was in Florida. This is a growing university that I highly recommend to those looking for research and innovation opportunities. Their facilities are state of the art and they are continuously growing and improving for their students. I went here for my undergrad and will be attending their pharmacy program in the fall. I feel more than ready and extremely excited to be a part of their program.
I love the Universities Education Program! It has an amazing reputation and provides pre-service teachers with amazing opportunities to explore their beliefs and hone their teaching skills.
The academic programs offered are like none out there. I am an exceptional student education major and they produce some of the best teachers in the nation. I “bank” on becoming of the best special needs teachers in the nation.
If you are on the fence as to whether or not to go here, go here. Nice weather nice campus. Good quality. Nice surrounding area. Awesome shizit motha tucka
I love USF, great programs and great staff. This is my first year as a masters student and they have been nothing but supportive of me. So glad I choose this school. Def would recommend.
Overall, I think this school is wonderful! The campus is beautiful and huge, so there are a ton of opportunities for students of all walks of life, as well as a great international student community!
Great school, beautiful campus and amazing atmosphere. It's a great school for students looking to go far with their education, GO BULLS.
This is a great school. It's incredibly diverse, I can walk down the hall and hear 2-3 different languages. The professors are helpful and caring. The school itself is full of trees and squirrels and ducks and it's beautiful. Love it. If you're here to learn languages and communication this is the place. Lots of intercultural opportunities.
Academics are okay and teachers are good. However, financial aid is a nightmare and they take forever to process paperwork. Traffic on campus is a mess and the on campus housing is very over priced. The area is nice but a bit ghetto a couple blocks from campus.
The USF campus is gorgeous and filled to the brim with clubs, student resources, job/internship fairs and dedicated, helpful professors!
I love that University of South Florida is such a diverse school, while I have been here I have met people from all over the world. I have learned a lot about how other places around the globe work, without even having to go. I also really love the education program for my major, I feel that I will graduate with such readiness that I will be able to be successful throughout my life.
The University of South Florida and a nice and friendly environment suitable for anyone looking to get a great education with the amazing Florida weather. The staff and teacher are all extremely welcoming and the food is to die for. The campus is the perfect size and not only easy to navigate through but extremely safe. Not to mention the school is surrounded by a lot of great landscape and cool places!
Great Place to live and learn. Dining halls fluctuate in quality, the facilities are well maintained. they provide many different programs aimed at assisting students. they push study abroad and provide resources to going on one of the school sponsored study abroad programs.
I am so happy I came to USF. They offer so much for every type of person. There are events every week that you can go to and so many clubs you can join.
At a glance the University of South Florida (USF) is a home of spirit and unity in diversity. A fairly large campus with a diverse student body. Orientation just opens you up to a whole different stage of your life plus it's a perfect time to socialize and make new friends. Professors are very approachable and willing to give you all the time you need. USF takes sports very seriously. Students are introduced to chants, Rocky the Bull (school mascot) and tons of other aspects of the "Bull Pride". The school calendar is packed with events that will keep you busy all semester. Parking is kind of an issue but something you can cope with. Dorms and food are quite standard for a university. The campus itself is much safer than its community. In all USF is a place of bulls with hearts of gold.
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The school is nice as people tend to mind their own business and not bother with anyone. There is a good variety of courses, especially in the sciences. There are many different places on campus where you can sit and do your homework, generally undisturbed. While is it supposed to be a tobacco-free campus, you will find that there are many smokers on the hidden side of the library. It is very 50/50 that you will get a great professor or a horrible professor.
When I toured the campus, it was absolutely beautiful. Not only was is breathtaking, but it felt like a place that I could spend the next four years of my life at. And I am so honored to have the chance to attend USF this coming fall.
I love the flexibility of scheduling. They offer 100% online classes which I take every semester so I can continue to work full time. They also offer a wide range of night classes. They are extremely inclusive of diverse cultures and groups of people. There are hundreds of groups that a student can get involved in on campus to make new friends!
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