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University of South Florida - St. Petersburg Reviews

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When I went on a tour of USF St. Pete I was shocked at how gorgeous the campus is and how friendly and personable everyone was. They really seemed to care about you as a whole person and not just a statistic to make their school seem better. I really loved it.
I love the campus at USFSP, it is a perfect size for the people who do not like big campuses and still want to go to a University. The classroom sizes are perfect as well, with being only 20-60 students, and the Professors are always willing to lend a hand in the classroom and outside of it.
Great school at great cost. Campus is beautiful, you cannot beat having a waterfront view during class.
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The University is amazing. All the staff is very welcoming and ready to help. Campuses are beautiful.
The school has a beautiful campus that I always enjoy staying at the study. The professors for the most part are very engaging and the campus programs are diverse.
I would like that the college would offer more social activities to connect students. the academic advisor are very helpful; however, the financial aid department are no very helpful, so it is hard to find guidance when comes to tuition and fees.
I love being a student at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. We're right on the waterfront and within walking distance of downtown so you should never have an excuse to be bored. All the faculty members care about the well-being of all the students and genuinely want us to succeed. Everything that I thought was going to be stressful and difficult about starting college has been made easy by how caring everyone has been. Being a smaller school, you tend to see the same people every day, so you really get to know who a lot of people are. Connections are everything in college depending on what career field you want to go into.
The University of South Florida St. Petersburg is an absolutely beautiful waterfront campus located in the astonishing downtown St. Pete area. The campus has such a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, reducing the common stress of being a busy college student. In addition, the students and faculty are extremely friendly and professional. The instructors are always working hard to ensure students are not only succeeding throughout the course, but also provide the necessary resources to be a successful student. As I begin my last semester at The University of South Florida St. Petersburg before graduating in December, I know I made the right decision by choosing this school.
i would change nothing. Great school. Great location. The teachers are very accommodating. I look forward to my sophomore year. The downtown close to everything lifestyle is Awesome.
The University of South Florida Saint Petersburg is a small public university located on the edge of Tampa Bay, just south of downtown St. Petersburg. The campus is gorgeous. Dolphins and manatees are often seen feeding along the seawall, and egrets can be found on the shore. Class sized are small, making communication with professors easier than a larger university.
What a beautiful campus! I loved attending this university and would recommend it to anyone. Not only are the professors available to help, there are many extra curricular activities offered as well.
I love the educators on this campus, the location - near an upcoming downtown city. Small campus which I prefer. Cool environment, and an excellent attempt at creating/becoming an environmentally friendly campus through projects and education and clubs. Have only met amazing and interesting people.
I am a transfer student from Saint Petersburg college and USF has been amazing with the academic advising in what classes I should take and how I need to prepare for them much better than any other advisors I have had.
I love USFSP! The campus is beautiful, and the waterfront has many activities to keep students busy . There is always something to do, and the community aspect of the school is amazing! Making friends has not been difficult because the activities foster a friendly environment. I have loved all of my professors as well. They are extremely knowledgeable in what they teach, and they make learning engaging and interesting. The smaller size of the school supports building relationships with professors, and the school leadership knows many students by name.
I have wasted so much money and time due to lack of guidance here. I had to medically withdraw from one semester because of a traumatic experience. I then enrolled in the next semester and developed some serious health issues. When I attempted to medically withdraw again, I was told I was abusing the system. It took me 3 appeals to get them to accept my request.

I gave them another shot. Now, this semester, I enrolled in 2 online courses through USF Tampa. Today I have been dropped from both courses without any explanation or reasoning. So I bought the textbook and online homework program for absolutely no reason. I will now be transferring schools. Too many bad experiences with the faculty and staff here. Most of them are absolutely horrible. Unbelievable!
Excellent academics in a beautiful campus by the water. The school is located right by the downtown area of St. Petersburg, FL, which offers great leisure options. Facilities are modern and filled with tools and resources to help the student excel.
USFSP is a beautiful, waterfront campus. For those who like smaller, more laid-back environments, USFSP is a perfect fit. There aren't a lot of parties on campus, but it's situated in a bustling downtown area with tons of events going on all the time. There's also free use of kayaks and other water sports equipment offered to students. But yes, to anyone who's wondering, the food really is that bad.
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I enjoy the small classes because it helps you get to know the teacher and fellow students. The tutoring from each of my professors that i have received is amazing. I continue to talk to my past professors and they help me in some of my future classes.
I love it! They are so polite and so down to earth. I always go there early and mingle, grab a bite to eat, and take the time in the library to study.
I love this school. Everyone from my high school went far away their first year of college and all have come back to St. Pete and to this school so it must say something about USFSP. Location is perfect and everyone is so nice.
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