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The experience and the amount of divers people i have met here is amazing. The class sizes are really good allowing for us to have and make connections with the professors. The on-campus living is really good too. It allows you to make friendships not only on your floor but with people on different floors.
small, beautiful campus with awesome professors. the class sizes aren't too big and they offer such a diverse range of activities and classes.
I love the campus and the courses. One thing that I would like to see change is the attitude of some of the staff.
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Being at the university of south Florida Saint Petersburg location is a very wonderful experience, although; I have no attended for a long time I have had an amazing time at this university. The area is so convient because it is rite in the city of Saint Petersburg and is on the bay! The professors are very helpful and always want to ensure every student understands the material. The class sizes are 20-25 people which is small enough for the professors to know your name! I love all the clubs here at USF, there are over 100 clubs. I love all the water activities that are offered for free of students and the apartment style homes are perfect for college students
Great campus, student body, and faculty. More scholarship opportunities, especially for biology majors, are needed.
USFSP has a beautiful campus. Sadly, the professors are underqualified. It makes sense, the school has virtually no publicity or internal funding. The faculty are mean, and the campus police GET IN YOUR FACE. Really, a terrible experience so far. None of my friends stayed here, except my amazing girlfriend, who's previous Chemistry professor was so bad and underqualified, that she is now being sued by the school. She is also suing the school. Funny, how did she get hired? Nobody has been offered any money towards retaking the class. Very sad, very money hungry. I hope USFSP either changes. The truth is if you go here, you will get an easy degree and do nothing for it but pay $50,000.
I love the amazing Marine Biology program at University of South Florida in St. Petersburg. It offers hands on experiences, and it also offers opportunities to work with Florida Wildlife Research Institution. The campus has an amazing student center and allows for students to have a real community. The surroundings of University of South Florida in St. Petersburg is beautiful, and is close to a beach. Overall, this campus is wonderful and I would definitely recommend this university.
I like the University of South Florida because the energy there is so positive and enjoyable. The faculty cares about the students and all the extra curricular activities are fun. Cool courses , fun teachers , and chill campus.
While the campus is beautiful and there are many great professors, I was disappointed by the university's lack of academic rigor at times. The standards are quite low sometimes, which can affect motivation. Many students are not serious about their studies here, and the school's atmosphere overall feels too relaxed. The academic advisers are not that great either. However, there are many supportive staff and services, and opportunities to be found. Since it is a smaller campus, it is easier to talk to faculty as well.
I have already finished my summer semester and am starting fall, and I am so glad to call usfsp my home. All of my professors are so caring and just amazing. I have already gone to some of my professors for personal things and all they want to do is help. During class they encourage you to ask questions and to learn from each other. There are so many organizations to join, you can even create your own! It is right in the middle of downtown so its the perfect place to walk around with a group of friends. This school is not a party school which is great it is solely all academics. USFSP is amazing.
I loved it here! The size was perfect for me- but not everybody. I normally like doing online classes but I chose to attend physical class here because I loved the campus and the people so much.
It appears to be an Honor College on their website, but it is not. It has a few honors level classes for undergraduates. It also does not go through until the doctorine level, as the website states. It is very difficult to find all the events online. Students only need a 2.5 to get into this college, some majors only require a 2.0. As a transfer student one only needs a A.A. Degree to be accepted. There is a low qualification to get into this college. There is only about 26 different majors offered. There is okay security.
The University of South Florida St. Petersburg is a small school on a pretty campus. The school has nice housing and decent food for those who live on campus, and good amenities. With a small school, I had the opportunity to have the professors give me extra attention and individualized lessons. There does need to be more student participation in extracurriculars. As a Graphic Design major with minors in both Art History and Entrepreneurship, I experienced a variety of classes in different disciplines. As far as the Graphic Design and Art History departments, the teachers were all very talented in their field of expertise and tried to expand student growth in each of those areas. Unfortunately, as smaller programs they had few teachers or course, if it had more the programs would be amazing. The Entrepreneurship minor was probably the best decision I made going to USFSP. Their business department is top notch and their Entrepreneurship program is in the top fifteen in the country.
I loved the USF- St.Petersburg campus as well as my professors! I appreciated the ease of registering for classes and the generous list of offerings each semester. I initially was not sure how long it would take me to complete my bachelor's degree as I was also working full time but thanks to the many offerings, I was able to find and take classes that complimented my work schedule and graduate with my bachelor's degree in just over a year and a half after deciding to return to school. I had a great experience here and highly recommend attending! USF St.Petersburg offers most majors and you truly can get a high-quality education at a very reasonable price!
I love the waterfront view. It's a small campus but a beautiful one. The professors are amazing and the food too. We have amazing security on campus, and student services are great too.
The classes are small so when you need help you get much attention when the professors. I feel as though some of the professors could use improvement in the way they teach. Also, It gets very frustrating with mostly students running the university when you need to speak to someone a little more knowledgable about your academics.
Running into an old friend the first day of classes, he told me and the whole orientation class "get ready for the best four years of your lives". To this date, it has been the most accurate description of the school, positivity and smiles around every-corner with the willingness to help you achieve anything.
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The USF St. Petersburg campus is well known for their marine/environmental science programs and it suits the school very well because the school is located right on the water. It is a much smaller campus than the main campus, but offers the same level of education. This also means smaller class sizes, which means more personalized relationships with your teachers. It is very involved with the surrounding community, and offers many opportunities to apply your learning to real life through internships.
I love my school I'm so glad to be a USFSP bull. We have the unique program of compass for first year students to get students involved and be mentored.
Awesome school! Small class sizes. Great professors who are invested in the students. Prime location in down town with plenty to do just within walking distance.
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