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University of South Florida - Sarasota-Manatee Reviews

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The staff is more than accommodating. My experience at USFSM has been nothing less than amazing. Everybody I've encountered at USF has made my transfer experience a great one
This school is awful. The professors are not bad but the staff is. The "academic advisers" are no help at all. They take long to respond to you and they don't even address your question or concern. I have gotten really decent grades and I am almost done with my degree but I may have to now transfer due to miscommunication with my adviser. They could care less about you and only want your money. GOOD LUCK!
I enjoy the welcoming feel of the campus. The friendly staff. And helpful, knowledgeable professors. The classes offered and location of the campus is exactly what I need for me to be successful. My only issue was advising. The staff cared and really wanted to help but they weren't always set up for success with students. They often didn't have the information I thought they should, and would ask me to come later in the semester, or for my email. This way they could ask someone and give my an answer when they knew. Overall I enjoyed the campus for the environment and academics. Just not always the processes.
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The small class size is great, it allows for more one on one with professors. And there is always something to get involved with on the small beautiful campus.
When I applied to The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee I was expecting a good school but instead got a great one. I applied because it was close to my home and I didn't have to money to move. It actually worked out in my favor. The campus is beautiful, the staff is very helpful ,and you actually learn from the teachers. Once I registered and came back to set up classes the staff remembered me and greeted me very pleasantly. Any problem i have encountered they go beyond what is needed to make sure I am all set and even follow up with me. MY teachers are quick to email me with answers and stay after school to help me study. Being a small campus you get more personal interaction and attention. The campus also has many festivities going on and plenty of free food being served in the courtyards. I'm glad USFSM happened to be next door.
Don't know much about the safety procedures at my school
These questions don't relate to my school at University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee
Good Questions, though I don't know much about the athlete department.
It was good questions to ask!
Wonderful security officers who patrol the campus all day and night.
They really take the time to get to know you and help you with your goals, wants, needs, while giving a realistic approach.
I live off campus and have no ties to campus housing.
I take mostly online classes and have never seen an issue with the Greek life or atmosphere.
Every student gets involved in the sports and games and it is a lot of fun!
Beautiful scenery. The professors and staff were very inviting and welcoming.
There really isn't any drug and alcohol use because there is no on campus housing. Cigarettes are required to be smoked outside.
The campus is well looked after, modern, and safe.
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The prerecs are mostly boring but the teachers are helpful. The class sizes are small which is phenomenal. The science labs at Mote Marine are state of the art and all the teachers in the biology program are great.
There are a few on campus jobs but it is a small campus. The internship program is unbelievably great. Students in the biology program can actually get paid internships to do real research at Mote Marine.
There are no organized sports at our campus because we are separate from the main campus, but recreational sports are big. There is an on campus gym, basketball courts, beach volleyball court, and hiking trail in the woods behind the university. There are barbeques frequently and people come to hang out and play sports. There are also a multitude of clubs that are popular on campus that involve recreational sports.
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