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It is a great campus with lots of school spirit. There is some clique issues due to the small school, however it is a very welcoming school.
Loved my time here! It’s a lovely campus and town filled with lovely people! USD has been an amazing choice for me and I couldn’t change that for the world
I loved the size and the layout. I love the size of the school and the fact that it's also D1. One thing they can improve on it there map design. I was a struggle to read.
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The University of South Dakota is a Fantastic school! It has a vide variety of majors and classes you can take. You will definetly feel at home when you visit campus.
I could go on and on about how much I love attending USD! The campus is beautiful with lots of blooming flowers throughout the year. The students are very diverse here and with over 10,000 students at USD I have met a ton of new people and will forever be grateful of USD for introducing me to them!
My experience at USD has changed me in more ways than one. I've learned how to finance my money better, especially when grocery shopping. Its taught me how to make my schedule fit the daily rigors of class and studying in the library. Party scene is amazing once I've figured out the different avenues of getting in or just linking up with people to chill with.
The school has a really good environment. All of the people are very nice, and the professors are very helpful.
It is a small student to teacher ratio which I liked! Small town which is hard to adjust to if you go from a bigger town to verm.
The University of South Dakota seems to remind me very much of high school. The school is very interested in sports and pushed funding for the athletes and sport facilities. That is all fine and well having money put toward updating the university, it would be much more appealing to other students if money was put toward academic facilities. The Fine Arts building, for example, is quite old and in need of many updates. Many of the buildings on campus have an older look, similar, if not the same as how it all looked when it was founded, its beautiful, but there is a difference between vintage and run-down. Air conditioning and heating in older buildings, in the midwest is a bit of a necessity.
I currently attend USD. I say is fun going to class. Meeting people. Just enjoying the college experience. To get best out the university like any school you have to get involved in activities and clubs. I join fraternity freshman yr. That made for great experience and I did intramurals floor hockey. I say college is how you decide to live it if you live as hermit and don't try new things. It might not be fun but if your up for the challenge of exploring outside your comfort zone. Usd is great school that you will enjoy.
It's fairly laid back in my experience and everything is within walking distance. USD has a friendly student body and some really great professors. It also has a great party scene and definitely ranks among the top 3 SD state schools.
The University of South Dakota offers a high quality education for a reasonable cost to students. The campus is growing and the programs offered continue to impress me and my fellow students. While the surrounding community is a quintessential small town, this mid-sized college offers exciting possibilities for people ready to experience what the Midwest has to offer.
Great school with great teachers who want you to do well. Flexible format makes it easy for the working student,
While your student life can be a hit or miss, depending on who you surround yourself with, you get a lot of your money's worth here compared to most places.
The University of South Dakota is a small but comfortable campus. My favorite part about USD is their small and personable classes. This offers more one-on-one time with professors, which is very beneficial and makes you feel more involved in the classes. I believe if they had more healthy dinner options on campus, it would make USD 100% awesome.
The University is small enough to walk everywhere, but have very harsh winters with no tunnels. The cafeteria food would fall at 3 stars. Some of the buildings have been renovated and have good architecture/technology, however some have not. The also favor the athletes and don't favor the art majors.
The University of South Dakota is sometimes called South Dakota's "hidden gem" for education. When you aren't stuck with the frustrating experience of a TA teaching your gen-ed course, or one who speaks limited English, the professors there are pretty much amazing. The campus is small enough that you can walk pretty much everywhere, but the student body is large enough to keep it from being "too small" or boring. The night-life is insane for the Midwest. D-days is a force to be reckoned with. USD made the nation's Top 15 party schools. Greek life exists. There are opportunities to be involved in the community. Several churches for small town. School housing sucks. Food is not great, but recently expanded a-la-carte options. Reasonable tuition. VERY BUREAUCRATIC SYSTEM- if you need help with financial aid or an appeal or something "extra" - good luck.
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There are great resources for struggling students as well as a multitude of activities for those who get bored with just coursework. Overall, this is a great university set in a small town.
It is a great college. All the professors are outstanding. They are all very helpful. The dorms are pretty fun and. It is very easy to get involed on campus. There is a club for pretty much anything you can imagine.
Overall, great experience throughout. The campus is beautiful not too big and not too small. I believe it is a perfect size. I am originally from California, but I am glad that I got to experience school in South Dakota. All though the small town vibe can seem kind of daunting at times, the environment and the people make it all better. It seems that you get to know everyone. Professors also seem to put in the time to make sure that everything is being understood, or help with anything necessary. As well as advisors, especially those on campus. They literally help you with everything. Overall, great school!
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