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The university of South Dakota has a wonderful academic majors. The professors are knowledgeable and so helpful. The campus is safe and friendly. The university has wonderful opportunities in the field of health care and medicine.
Taking psychology at the University of South Dokota a very educational, and sociable experience. All at the same time it was only very easy to focus, and socialize becuse there wasn't anything else to do. Sioux Falls is the closest town of only 300,000 people, and its the biggest in South Dokota!
Professors actually care about the students education. The school has a wide variety of on campus activities for the wide varieties of average, broke, college kids.
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I'd like to see the University place more of an emphasis on the suffering programs rather than overfunding the athletics department.
USD has wonderful teachers. So far, I've had a very positive experience with all my teachers. The dorms are pretty standard and could stand some renovations especially in North Complex. The fine arts building is also in need of repairs. Slagle aka Aalfs auditorium is beautiful .
I attend at the Rapid City Campus. The class size is small so you get more one on one time. The cost of attendance is more reasonable than other colleges/universities.
The small campus brings a lot of family environment around. The town is a everyone knows everyone type of place so it makes the experience even better. The love you will receive from everyone you would think the people are related to you. The football games bring the whole town together!
The University of South Dakota, despite being a state school, has some caring professors and academic advisors. They don't only encourage graduating, but graduating early and in what you love. However, not all are like this. They attempt to give everyone something to do, yet there are so many people who cannot find anything to do.
The University of South Dakota provides great diversity to its students--whether that diversity be in campus events, housing, or academics. There is something for every student at USD, no matter their background or interests.
Exciting atmosphere to be around and there are many opportunities to get involved and meet new people.
I think the University of South Dakota is a great school to go to. They have numerous involvement opportunities for students to sign up for and they make sure to always have something going on each day.
The college is excellent for those who want to go into science or medicine. It's located in a small town (with not a whole lot to do), and the campus is fairly large. I've had a fairly good experience with USD, having only been here a single semester. The faculty is incredible and the majority of the students are also nice.
People on and off campus are very friendly and humble. Even though the campus is very small, it is easier to walk from place to place especially when you do not have a car and you're from out of state.
I do wish there were a variety of places to go to for hangouts and entertainment.
Overall, I think the campus is really nice and affordable school to attend to.
I believe my professors and academic advisers have very well prepared me for success. There are many academic support systems on campus that can be utilized. I feel as though all professors I have met really care about their education as well as mine. Some of the buildings are older and need updating, but overall the school is really great. They do have too much emphasis on athletics.
I've attended the University of South Dakota for 2 years now and I absolutely love it here. USD professors and advisors genuinely want students to do well and will go above and beyond to support you in doing so. Very understanding, professors engage students and are always available to help. I can't recall ever having a bad or even lacklustre professor, all of them (even SI instructors, TAs, and grad school professors) have been incredible. Highly recommend!
As an online student, my experiences in the university are very limited compared to students living on campus.
I like that there are so many different meal options rather than having to eat the same thing day after day. I also like that USD puts on events frequently to keep students involved. One thing that I don't like is that printing isn't free.
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I am a sophomore at USD and I really enjoy going here. It may be in a small town, but USD puts on many events for anyone to do so you always have something to do.
I attend the University of South Dakota through the University Center. It is wonderful, the online classes have great professors and I am getting a lot out of my education! I cannot wait to finish my degree and join the work force as a nurse and be completely prepared.
The University of South Dakota is a good school if you like a small-town vibe. The downtown scene is great, the town is situated right next to a major river, and is only a half hour from a bigger city, and 45 minutes from the biggest city in South Dakota. They have great programs, although I wish they'd offer more classes in certain subjects. The dorms, for the most part, are kept well and there is a variety of options for off campus housing.
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