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I like that there are so many different meal options rather than having to eat the same thing day after day. I also like that USD puts on events frequently to keep students involved. One thing that I don't like is that printing isn't free.
I am a sophomore at USD and I really enjoy going here. It may be in a small town, but USD puts on many events for anyone to do so you always have something to do.
I attend the University of South Dakota through the University Center. It is wonderful, the online classes have great professors and I am getting a lot out of my education! I cannot wait to finish my degree and join the work force as a nurse and be completely prepared.
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The University of South Dakota is a good school if you like a small-town vibe. The downtown scene is great, the town is situated right next to a major river, and is only a half hour from a bigger city, and 45 minutes from the biggest city in South Dakota. They have great programs, although I wish they'd offer more classes in certain subjects. The dorms, for the most part, are kept well and there is a variety of options for off campus housing.
The University of South Dakota was one of my top choices when applying to colleges, hence the reason I am here today. The campus here is great, it is not too big so you do not have too far to walk to class. Everything is within walking distance if you are living on campus. The food is great, and you also have many fast food type options as well. The professors are phenomenal, they are willing to do whatever they can to help you in their class. They are easy to talk to and give great instructions.
I really enjoy the town of Vermillion and the home atmosphere it gives you. The best part about USD is the town and the people that reside here. It is a small school and a small town, yes, but both of those factors help to make it feel so comfortable here. I have made so many amazing connections through USD to the town, and I have had some awesome opportunities because of it.
A very good school, small classes and great professors! I wish there was more diversity on campus, but it obvious the University is making a step in that direction with cultural days and speeches.
I am currently enrolled to the University of South Dakota where I will be starting classes in the fall of 2018. In December of 2017 I took a tour of the college with my family and instantly fell in love with campus and its atmosphere. My mother went to the University of South Dakota when she was younger and always tells me how much fun she had and how many great memories she made. I can't wait to make those memories too, and share them with my future family.
I have no complaints about the University of South Dakota. The faculty and staff are respectful, helpful, and kind. There are multiple resources for educational purposes, and plenty of opportunities for recreational fun. Not only is the campus great, but the town of Vermillion is a wonderful place to live.
I have had a wonderful experience while being a student at the University of South Dakota. My first two years of college, I took online courses through USD. Fall of 2017, I finally began to attend classes on campus and am now in the dental hygiene program. I am pleased with the learning experiences I have had, and all of my professors have been very helpful.
The University of South Dakota is an institution dedicated to learning. I love how on campus, one can feel the energy and excitement of a place dedicated to staying current and cutting-edge. However, I believe the school could work on expanding its meal plan options (especially for vegans). But overall, USD is a great institution, and I believe I am receiving a quality education. Go Yotes!
It is a great experience very me I believe. The campus is a good size and is not spread out so you don't have to walk a large amount to get to a class. If there is one thing I could change it would be to add another dining option on campus for students.
My favorite thing about USD is that it isn't a really big school, so it feels more like a family. Nothing is too far away and the people are always nice a willing to help if you need it. You get to meet a lot of great people and the professors are all really nice, and enjoyable to work with. I also love USD because it is not to far from home, it is nice to know that if I need to see my family I can.
I am a sophomore at USD and I love it so far. Vermillion isn't very big and if you don't want to go somewhere that is very big and the town is the college, then Vermillion is the place for you. It is a little higher in price, but that is what you pay for when you go to a University.
It is a great campus with lots of school spirit. There is some clique issues due to the small school, however it is a very welcoming school.
Loved my time here! It’s a lovely campus and town filled with lovely people! USD has been an amazing choice for me and I couldn’t change that for the world
I loved the size and the layout. I love the size of the school and the fact that it's also D1. One thing they can improve on it there map design. I was a struggle to read.
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The University of South Dakota is a Fantastic school! It has a vide variety of majors and classes you can take. You will definetly feel at home when you visit campus.
I could go on and on about how much I love attending USD! The campus is beautiful with lots of blooming flowers throughout the year. The students are very diverse here and with over 10,000 students at USD I have met a ton of new people and will forever be grateful of USD for introducing me to them!
My experience at USD has changed me in more ways than one. I've learned how to finance my money better, especially when grocery shopping. Its taught me how to make my schedule fit the daily rigors of class and studying in the library. Party scene is amazing once I've figured out the different avenues of getting in or just linking up with people to chill with.
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