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The campus is beautiful and very safe. There are many helpful on campus resources like a 24/7 library, two gyms, a student health center with 10 free therapy visits, and many tutoring options all included in the cost of tuition.
Definitely a great University. You make you're experience what it is. I would suggest staying in a dorm such as Columbia hall or capstone as you meet way more people.
South Carolina is an incredible value school filled with welcoming people! That being said, it is not the most diverse school and still is very "SEC" (sport-focused, greek-like heavy).
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Great school! Everybody you talk to that goes there or has gone there or knows somebody that goes there or has gone there absolutely loves it and raves about the school. There is so much school pride and the campus is wonderful. About half in state kids and half out of state kids. Both are great. Greek life is very present on campus, but most people are not involved in greek life. There are a lot of options for on and off campus housing. The area is great. Go Cocks!
Had a lot of difficulty getting information from the university. There is not a lot of organization in understanding the admission processm
I love University of South Carolina's school pride and ways for students to become involved. They do a great job of easing freshmen into life as a college student. I highly recommend taking University 101 here as well, where the classes main purpose is to get students acclimated to the university. One thing I would change is on campus parking, as it is fairly limited so the university can get away with charging $400/semester (no, not whole school year) for a parking pass at a garage. Since the university is located in downtown Columbia there really aren't other parking options other than the school's garages.
I started at USC when I was a junior and realized what a great school it was. I am persian, therefore, diversity is important to me and USC in my opinion is very diverse. I would recommend high school kids to definitely take a tour.
I love University of South Carolina. The classes are always interesting and the atmosphere is positive. The food could be better in some locations, though.
I absolutely love the university of South Carolina. There's truly something for every one here. It's a one of a kind university.
The University of South Carolina has a lot of resources available to set students up for success during their time at the university and to be prepared when they leave. However, they are not advertised very well to all students. You have to want to take an initiative to get involved and search for the opportunities to do so. As far as the academics go, they are average. You could go through several courses easily and not retain any information. On the other hand, there are classes require a lot of work. I hope you like group projects!!!!
As an SEC school the football and basketball are incomparable. School spirit is at an ultimate high and the atmosphere surrounding athletics is awesome to be a part of. The university is in a city and so there is always something to do. But, campus itself stays busy constantly with clubs, fairs, music, events. Not to mention, the campus is beautiful. Professors are about like any other college, some extraordinary and some less so. Foreign professors can be tricky to understand, but majority are passable. The weather is Columbia, SC is definitely for those who favor warm weather, with maybe about a week of winter on average.
I love the community, it is very involved! Faculty, staff, and students are heavily involved on campus and very passionate about their school.
USC is a school that makes genuine efforts to foster community, productivity, and education. The school offers a wide variety of majors and a great support system for students in every one of them. Bursting with extracurriculars and clubs- both professional and just for fun- there is a place for everyone to fill welcome. With the school having such successful programs, it continues to draw in more students. This brings about the only real issue of the school; there are many classes where one professor must teach over 400 students. There is a necessary evil for some courses, but I had far too many business classes where the professors could not efficiently teach. Adding in more qualified professors will help USC reach the potential of being one of the best universities in the country.
The university of South Carolina is a great college when it comes to the amount of diversity that is present at the college. Their are lots of opporuntities to get involved with different organizations and activities on campus which is nice. The campus is very pretty and the all the academic buildings are pretty central to the downtown area which is convenient. However, the art building does not get enough funding and the structure of Mcmaster college is falling apart. While they have a nice business building and now a new law building across the street, Mcmaster is a building that is over 100 years old and is in need of lots of repairs but no money is being put into it. Which is very unfortunate considering i have spend most of my college career in that building. The school could care a little more about the arts, but it's clear their priorities are elsewhere.
Overall my experience here has been great. Better transportation or more student parking would be greatly appreciated.
Newer buildings and facilities were great. Dining plan is expensive and can be difficult to use and understand. Some classes are incredibly helpful, while others are not. Many great faculty members
You get out what you put in. USC had its ups and downs, but that's how all students experience college. Great business program, but either than that, everything else can be just as good if you utilize your resources.
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Great experience! I love that they have online classes as well. So, if one is working, education will be easy for them.
I loved the opportunity to get involved on campus and in greek life. I would like there to be more information about how to be involved in the university and greek life available to me post graduation.
Like any other college, USC is what you make of it. You can have the best experience of your life or be miserable the whole time. Being involved in clubs/activities or Greek life will help you build a social circle. My advice is to get involved in something - anything to make your experience more enjoyable. The location is great. Campus is in the middle of downtown with access to stores, restaurants, shops, etc. I love USC so far. My only complaint is that it's uncomfortably HOT all year round. However, I still enjoy going here - best school in the state!
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