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I have recently enrolled in the University of South Carolina's Palmetto College Program and have never been happier. I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone! I could not possibly be any happier!
So far all of the professors have given or offered to help me or advise me when I needed it. The biggest problem I have encountered is because I am an older student they don't seem to care what path they send you on. If you don't have the subjects you need to get where you want to go they throw you in a BAIS program instead of helping you take the subjects to get where you want to go. So getting good sound advisement from your academic counselor is the most frustrating part. You usually wind up taking classes that do not fit with anything eating up money and time. Other than not catering to all ages it is definitely a kids school.
So far, I love USC! However, I do not like my dorm roommates. I got stuck with the RM and another guy that I have not seen since Spring break. I love my professors and the campus is beautiful.. I like the free gym access and I use the scooter system a lot! I also like the food choices for my Carolina card and my meal plan!
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This university is so amazing and does a lot to keep students involved and in the best position for success. Attending this university is one of the best experiences of my life.
First I want to say how much the representative for USC has gone above and beyond since I was in 9th grade to help me understand what it takes to be an excellent candidate for USC.
USC made me feel at home the first time I toured the campus in 9th grade. I looked at many other colleges and just kept coming back to USC Columbia. I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter and picked it over the five other colleges was accepted in.
I am counting the days to start my Freshman year.
Extremely friendly campus. The gorgeous buildings are well kept. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The students are extremely
It was an amazing experience that has impacted my life in the positive. The atmosphere at the University of South Carolina is not only loving and welcoming, but also caring and understanding.
My experience at USC has been amazing to say the least. There are great academics, athletics, a great campus atmosphere, and not only do you learn and have amazing exposure to so much, but you're happy and have fun while doing it.
I absolutely love the University of South Carolina. There are so many opportunities at this college, along with amazing people and a loving, caring staff. Not to mention in a beautiful part of the Palmetto State, where there is always a palm tree nearby and the sun is shining.
USC is the best school out there. From academics, to sports, to research, to social life they have it all.
USC is a good school. My brother and sister both graduated from USC. The university is close to home and offers a variety of majors. I am a transfer student and am currently working with my advisor to maximize my schedule so I will be able to graduate within the next 2 years.
I like USC because of the huge amount of opportunities available to me here. There is a plethora of classes, many study abroad opportunities, and frequent grad school fairs and job fairs. The classes are challenging and the office of disabilities has been very accommodating so far.
A great party school with a wonderful night life. The city is fun to live in, and the people are friendly. Academics are decent, and athletics are a huge focus here. Good location and pretty campus.
The entire Carolina family is extremely close and althought it is a big school, you still have the opportunity to receive a quality education and be involved in so many organizations and activities.
I love USC so far. They have great programs, clubs, professors, and the environment is phenomenal. My only complaint about the university in general is that the advisers are not very useful or helpful. Also, I am an honors college student with a very high GPA. I decided to change from nursing to marketing at the end of my first semester. Despite my academic success, I am finding the transfer process into the business school very inconvenient. They don't answer my emails, and they keep changing their admissions processes. Every time they changed the process, they fail to advertise the changes.
University of South Carolina was my first choice and I don't regret it. It has good academic programs. Beautiful campus and Greek life.
The University of South Carolina is HOME. The way USC makes you feel like you’re at home is incredible. The campus is beautiful – please visit the Horseshoe. We have the best Honors college, best International Business program, 3rd best athletic training program in the nation, nationally recognized music program… you name it, we have it. Occasionally, the core classes you must take for your major can be annoying and have crappy teachers, but you’re going to find that at any university. This university has incredible food on campus and around campus, but the parking is terrible – I won’t lie. There are plenty of shuttles though which make it easy to get around. You’ll love it here.
Review University of South Carolina
USC provided me the absolute best college experience that I could have ever hoped for. The campus is beautiful and constantly being upgraded. The city of Columbia is growing rapidly, with many new restaurants and breweries having opened in the last few years. The sporting events are a blast, and the social scene is always exciting too. The services that the school provides are top-notch, and advisers and professors are always willing to help students out.
I have enjoyed being at U of SC because of the opportunities and visiting artist that come to the school. I am able to work with the professors on their projects and there are many companies that recruit for internships multiple times a year.
My experience has been terrible, just terrible. To start off, this school does not have a proper fraternity rush. It's who you knew from high school. If you don't know anybody going into USC, you have no chance. The city of Columbia is a disgusting and terrible place too. Don't go here. You will regret it.
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