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It's a great school and everyone is so nice! When I went on a tour my senior year everything was so organized and I learned so much and I knew this was the school I needed to be at. The academics are amazing, I am currently attending the Darla Moore School of Business and I have already learned so much and cannot wait to further my education.
The people at the University of South Carolina are very nice and genuine. They will give you a helping hand whenever you need it. The community is welcoming and friendly. The town and school feel like home.
It really just parties and friend I like. Some professors have been awesome but not all. USC financial aid helps but they also are not always very helpful. The office of international students is rarely of help.
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The university strives to maintain a strong connections with students outside of the classroom. There are always events going on throughout the week.
Amazing such a great University. A big sense of community and pride! I always feel safe on campus and everyone is very accepting of others.
As an African American student here at the University of South Carolina, I would like to see more diversity. I would also like to see more help for students. Most of the departments here only care about one thing, the money.
Coming from Maryland, I absolutely loved spending 4 years in Columbia. With a student population of over 30,000 it was amazing that I felt like I went to a small school. Being an SEC school made for very fun athletic events, there was always something going on on campus, and the university president is very present on campus which is something not common at other public state schools. Columbia is very much a college town but has career opportunities for those looking to stay. Also, it's central location makes for a pleasant drive to Charlotte, Charleston, or Atlanta!
I think University of South Carolina is a great school that provides a plethora of options for their students still struggling to find a major. University of South Carolina also has a great campus with beautiful architecture. USC also has a great sense of community especially during their football games.
The University of South Carolina is a great school. The perks of this university are the professors. Each professor has been very helpful throughout the semesters and if it were not for them, I would not be where I am today. Also, this university has a great campus and provides a great student life. The only thing I would like to see change is the safety around the area. The university is not in a great town so it would be nice to see an increase in safety precautions.
Ever since i was a child i dreamed of coming to the university of south Carolina and here i am living my dream! when i first had my tour of the campus i automatically felt like i was home and i will always be appreciative of this school and i am glad to finally call it home. both of my parents went to USC and my brother and sister as well. we all kept it in the family and i would have it no other way. #ForevertoThee
It's a great campus with lots of diversity and different activities for all types. I love how it feels like a small campus yet it's a large university with lots of opportunities for any interests.
Located in a medium sized city you get the feel of being in an urban setting without feeling lost in a large city. It's size and economic growth give Columbia a great vibe with lots of opportunities.
The housing is also great with lots of different styles and types to appeal to all types. On and off campus, there is plenty of housing options for everyone. The work-based internships and job opportunities the college offers its students really gives you a good look at the work world and helps you determine what you may want to do once you graduate.
Overall, my experience with the university has been positive. It's very generous with scholarships, and I have several classmates from out of state who say they came here because it was less expensive than attending a school in their home state with in-state tuition. The large size of the university is nice when considering available opportunities and the fun of sporting events. The downside to the university's size is that sometimes you have to fight through a little bureaucratic red tape to get things done, especially if dealing with any issues that span more than one academic college.
The undergraduate program is very disorganized and money hungry. I am enjoying the master's program however. It is extremely organized and the teachers care, you no longer feel like a number.
USC is a great place to go to college. As a major in the sciences, I have found many opportunities to connect with professors and join research labs.
While USC has a student population over 30,000 do not let this scare you. It can be as big or as small as you make it. Getting involved with organizations or by living in certain communities such as Capstone/Honors, Galen Health, etc. will help put you in a more close knit environment. As far as the party scene it's pretty big considering 5 points is just at the edge of campus, but you can be as involved or not involved as you want to be - the decision is yours. You will find your people here at USC there's no doubt. In regard to academics, it's kind of hit or miss as far as the quality of professors. It just depends on how early you register and whether you can get the best professor or not. USC is strong in business (my major), obviously, but in other departments I hear great things from my peers. Overall USC is great and I'm proud to be a Gamecock!
My experience at the University of South Carolina has been amazing. My Freshman year has been going well. I also got into an awesome Sorority. Between going to Football games and other various sports and being involved in my sorority and clubs for my major, I was still able to achieve my goal and maintain a 4.0 which I am extremely proud of. I could not have picked a better University to attend and be part of. Looking forward to a great future here for the next 6 years obtaining my doctorate in Pharmacy.
My U of SC professors were all amazing and engaging despite the classes being so large. They were very personable and excited to see students at office hours and get the opportunity to know them. Definitely a party school, which isn't for me, and I often find myself lost or alone, though there are many small groups and clubs that meet. All the ones I've gotten involved with seem to have the overwhelming idea that partying is the best. Housing is very nice and teachers were great but I don't fit in.
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My time at the University of South Carolina was a time to be remembered. You will make lifelong connections unlike any other place. Although I had to leave after my freshman year for financial reasons, I do not regret choosing this University as the place to spend my first year of college. You will enjoy your time if you choose to attend this college.
I fell in love with Carolina on the first day I came here for orientation. Friends are friendly, school is beautiful and I have made such good memories so far. I'm looking forward to spend the next 3 years at USC.
Love my school. Greek life is great. Fell safe near and around campus ,but safety could be improved in down town area. Came to South Carolina after transferring from another smaller school and loved the switch. Tailgates are a blast and there is a lot of fan spirit
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