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USC offers a beautiful campus, a vast variety of student organizations and events, plenty of activities to do and food options, etc. I really enjoyed being a student there.
UofSC is perfect if you crave the big school experience. The campus is extremely diverse in the sense that there’s a beautiful, historic district and a newer, more modern and certainly more urban district. The school spirit is big here, and the City of Columbia is actually full of some pretty great things to do. If you don’t live on campus, staying involved at UofSC is key to a great experience (unless partying in Five Points is more of your thing). There’s not much I would change, except perhaps a bigger focus at the university on prestige. The current vibe is very athletic oriented, and I think UofSC is about so much more.
I love it! It's very diverse, there's lots of activities, tons of classes to choose from, and I would change nothing!
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I'm taking college classes with a fragment off of USC columbia called USCL which is in lancaster and im having a difficult but awesome time with it.
Had Great first year. Great Location. Met great friends. Got into great Fraternity. Great weather.
This school is amazing , I just recently took a tour there and they showed me everything the school has to offer . Russell house had to be my favorite place on the whole campus it self . its every one eats , it also has a variety of stores there that you can shop from.
I am a Freshman! And, so far I can tell you coming to this school has been the best decision I have made. It not only is a beautiful campus; it is walkable. I can get to all my classes without having to think about transportation. My classes have been amazing. I am learning so much. I just sit down and the class is already over. I have no problem getting up in the morning to go to class. I look forward to it. Also, I cannot say enough about the city of Columbia; there is so much to do here. University of South Carolina is the whole package. It has so much to offer.
I am a freshman living on campus. The dorms are ok. I like the proximity to local places is great. The professors are interesting and I like my classes. I enjoy living downtown.
The University of South Carolina is a superb school! I was delighted to meet so many students from around the country (and world). Nearly half of the student population is out-of-state. This creates a dynamic and diverse environment. Because of USC's Honors College and willingness to give major scholarships, the university attracts truly top-notch students. I have been challenged and motivated throughout my time here. Besides the great academic environment, this is a FUN school! There is always something going on. USC football and the famous Five Points bar scene have to be experienced first hand!
I was able to visit the University of South Carolina, while my mother was seeking her Bachelor's degree. I really loved the campus and Columbia area.
All staff and factually members are extremely helpful and want to see you succeed and do everything they can to get you there.
The campus is beautiful and very safe. There are many helpful on campus resources like a 24/7 library, two gyms, a student health center with 10 free therapy visits, and many tutoring options all included in the cost of tuition.
Definitely a great University. You make you're experience what it is. I would suggest staying in a dorm such as Columbia hall or capstone as you meet way more people.
South Carolina is an incredible value school filled with welcoming people! That being said, it is not the most diverse school and still is very "SEC" (sport-focused, greek-like heavy).
Great school! Everybody you talk to that goes there or has gone there or knows somebody that goes there or has gone there absolutely loves it and raves about the school. There is so much school pride and the campus is wonderful. About half in state kids and half out of state kids. Both are great. Greek life is very present on campus, but most people are not involved in greek life. There are a lot of options for on and off campus housing. The area is great. Go Cocks!
Had a lot of difficulty getting information from the university. There is not a lot of organization in understanding the admission processm
I love University of South Carolina's school pride and ways for students to become involved. They do a great job of easing freshmen into life as a college student. I highly recommend taking University 101 here as well, where the classes main purpose is to get students acclimated to the university. One thing I would change is on campus parking, as it is fairly limited so the university can get away with charging $400/semester (no, not whole school year) for a parking pass at a garage. Since the university is located in downtown Columbia there really aren't other parking options other than the school's garages.
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I started at USC when I was a junior and realized what a great school it was. I am persian, therefore, diversity is important to me and USC in my opinion is very diverse. I would recommend high school kids to definitely take a tour.
I love University of South Carolina. The classes are always interesting and the atmosphere is positive. The food could be better in some locations, though.
I absolutely love the university of South Carolina. There's truly something for every one here. It's a one of a kind university.
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