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University of South Carolina is a great school. The campus is great and the professors know what they are teaching. The whole campus has great school spirit, especially around football season. There is no school I would rather be at.
I love my school! There is a sense of Carolina Spirit. I always have felt at home. Additionally, my upper level classes are at the right level of challenge.
USC is a great place to experience college life! There's always something to do and somewhere to go and it is almost always within walking distance from campus.
Review University of South Carolina
Great school and has a lot to offer. It has one of the best pharmacy programs in the country and I plan to attend.
The campus is beautiful and the opportunities are endless. The campus has a very diverse set of students and majors.
USC Columbia is such an amazing school, full of professors who want to learn and there is always fun things to do for everyone. Something that you will love or find funny is that at the Russell house during finals week there are stress relievers like bubble wrap!!! USC is awesome. Go Gamecocks!!
I am so happy I applied to the University of South Carolina. I definitely enjoyed my four years at USC from start to finish.
My most favorite part about USC is the campus. There has not been a single day where someone wasn't tending to the grass, flowers, or bushes. The campus is amazing to look at year round. It makes walking to and from class a breeze. I would like to see the school change the access to advisers. It is hard for me to contact an adviser.
My school is culturally diverse and allows its students to be exposed to so much more than the academics. We feel like a family with traditions and loyalty that will carry us for many years to come!
The University of South Carolina is a really great place. The atmosphere of Columbia combines the college town atmosphere with a mid-size city. Most of the university still feels like a campus and Greek Life is one of the best in the Southeast. Five Points is a great area for college bars so aside from the five-star learning programs the school as also a great time. The school is large enough that there is some place for anyone but small enough that you don't feel lost in a sea of people. With Nationally recognized sports and academic facilities which rival colleges worldwide, USC is the greatest school in the world.
USC is an amazing school. The faculty is really helpful and professors want to make sure you pass. There are so many ways to get involved in campus without being in a sorority. And although it may feel like everyone is in a sorority or frat there are plenty of people who are not. The people are really friendly and there is a lot to do around campus.
We have a great athletic program and such great school spirit! I'm in business and our business school is top notch with top notch facility.
I have recently enrolled in the University of South Carolina's Palmetto College Program and have never been happier. I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone! I could not possibly be any happier!
So far all of the professors have given or offered to help me or advise me when I needed it. The biggest problem I have encountered is because I am an older student they don't seem to care what path they send you on. If you don't have the subjects you need to get where you want to go they throw you in a BAIS program instead of helping you take the subjects to get where you want to go. So getting good sound advisement from your academic counselor is the most frustrating part. You usually wind up taking classes that do not fit with anything eating up money and time. Other than not catering to all ages it is definitely a kids school.
So far, I love USC! However, I do not like my dorm roommates. I got stuck with the RM and another guy that I have not seen since Spring break. I love my professors and the campus is beautiful.. I like the free gym access and I use the scooter system a lot! I also like the food choices for my Carolina card and my meal plan!
This university is so amazing and does a lot to keep students involved and in the best position for success. Attending this university is one of the best experiences of my life.
First I want to say how much the representative for USC has gone above and beyond since I was in 9th grade to help me understand what it takes to be an excellent candidate for USC.
USC made me feel at home the first time I toured the campus in 9th grade. I looked at many other colleges and just kept coming back to USC Columbia. I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter and picked it over the five other colleges was accepted in.
I am counting the days to start my Freshman year.
Review University of South Carolina
Extremely friendly campus. The gorgeous buildings are well kept. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The students are extremely
It was an amazing experience that has impacted my life in the positive. The atmosphere at the University of South Carolina is not only loving and welcoming, but also caring and understanding.
My experience at USC has been amazing to say the least. There are great academics, athletics, a great campus atmosphere, and not only do you learn and have amazing exposure to so much, but you're happy and have fun while doing it.
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