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3,754 reviews
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University of South Carolina was my first choice and I don't regret it. It has good academic programs. Beautiful campus and Greek life.
The University of South Carolina is HOME. The way USC makes you feel like you’re at home is incredible. The campus is beautiful – please visit the Horseshoe. We have the best Honors college, best International Business program, 3rd best athletic training program in the nation, nationally recognized music program… you name it, we have it. Occasionally, the core classes you must take for your major can be annoying and have crappy teachers, but you’re going to find that at any university. This university has incredible food on campus and around campus, but the parking is terrible – I won’t lie. There are plenty of shuttles though which make it easy to get around. You’ll love it here.
USC provided me the absolute best college experience that I could have ever hoped for. The campus is beautiful and constantly being upgraded. The city of Columbia is growing rapidly, with many new restaurants and breweries having opened in the last few years. The sporting events are a blast, and the social scene is always exciting too. The services that the school provides are top-notch, and advisers and professors are always willing to help students out.
I have enjoyed being at U of SC because of the opportunities and visiting artist that come to the school. I am able to work with the professors on their projects and there are many companies that recruit for internships multiple times a year.
My experience has been terrible, just terrible. To start off, this school does not have a proper fraternity rush. It's who you knew from high school. If you don't know anybody going into USC, you have no chance. The city of Columbia is a disgusting and terrible place too. Don't go here. You will regret it.
Mostly beautiful campus, very inclined. Different sub-colleges and communities to be a part of. Always something going on on Greene Street. Farmers market every Tuesday. Wonderful sports atmosphere. Top of the line gyms free to students. Delicious food all over campus. Always help sessions available for classes and advisors are very helpful. Zapp mopeds make it easier to get around campus but you do have to pay. Shuttles are free and run just about all over campus but you have to track them on the TransLoc Rider app. Overall I definitely recommend this university to anyone looking to get the most out of college.
The University of South Carolina embodies a perfect college experience. Supportive professors, competitive athletics, and a great atmosphere are among some of the best aspects of the school.
The atmosphere and the people that you meet on campus are nice and friendly. Nice environment to be in whether you are studying or relaxing.
USC is an amazing school with a beautiful campus. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. Most of the professors actually care how well you do in your class and offer a lot of help.
It's a pretty nice campus, and there are tons of opportunities for extra curriculars like clubs and student organizations. A wide variety of classes are offered, some of which are really cool. For the most part I have had excellent teachers.
Wonderful university filled with plentiful opportunities and school spirit! It is a place that everyone and anyone can feel welcome and at home in a community that will always have someone that shares the same beliefs, morals, ideals, dreams, etc. This school has opened up a ton of doors for me and I already feel like I have I have a better understanding of how my future will be shaped after all the help and advice my teachers have given me. I have also met some of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine people I have ever met at this school and believe that it is a strong community that always takes pride in its accomplishments and is a perfect new home for those who are beginning their college careers.
Last year, I took a field trip to, The University of South Carolina. I seen the way the students were living and I just thought, maybe I want to be a part of that. The environment of the school is very well, the food that we ate was good and it looks like all of the students are well educated. From the information that some of the students there gave me, the teachers there are great too.
So far I have very much enjoyed attending the University of South Carolina. My professors have been very good at getting information across that is necessary for success in the class. I have enjoyed out of school activities here such as football and basketball games that make student life here at the university much more exciting. I would like to see more food options at dining halls. It gets very dull and boring eating the same foods pretty much every day.
As a first year student, I find myself constantly fascinated by something new that this university offers. Every staff member and faculty member has shown great investment in my education and well-being. The president of the university is very personal and makes this university seems smaller than it is. The professors are always very interested in my education and my future. I have never felt like I was unable to go to them for help.
USC is an excellent university in the best conference the SEC. There is a vast range of majors to choose from, numerous after class activities and excellent facilities. The campus is in the heart of Columbia which has a buzzing nightlife. When looking for a school with outstanding academics and immense on campus activities to get involved in, look no further than the University of South Carolina.
I was first drawn to the urban landscape as well as the beautiful environs of the University of South Carolina. Next, finally taking classes on things I have wanted to study for a long time has been fun, and the complete freedom that college life allows is exhilarating. There is a great community, good food, great entertainment districts (Five Points and The Vista), and engaging academics. I would give this a 9/10 because the campus can be a bit to get around, and is in some places very hilly, but otherwise perfect.
I love it! I love the campus, I love the greek life. The classrooms are beautiful. Football game day is such a great experience, over 80,000 people cheering for the Gamecocks! Gooooooo Gamecocks!!!
I love the vast resources of the university and the fact that the Darla Moore School of Business is internationally recognized and renown. This enables many international exchange students to come to the university and because of that I have made so many friends who speak different languages with different cultures and even my girlfriend.
I like the atmosphere here at USC, however some of the professors are way to hard and to not care to discuss themselves or help a student when they need it. It's discouraging. Otherwise, nice school.
Even the most hesitant Gamecocks will fall in love with the real USC. I chose USC over other schools simply because of one of the many generous scholarships they offer. I wasn't convinced the academics were as competitive at USC. I've found plenty of ways to challenge myself both in and out of the classroom these past three semesters at USC. Making friends among a highly-spirited student body is easy too. The social life (especially football games) is great. The freshman meal plan stinks, but not any worse than they always do.
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