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Small class sizes and the informal atmosphere make this university the greatest choice for the working professional. The schedule is very flexible and classes are well suited for those looking to go back to school.
The small class sizes and close instructor and professor contact is nice. I get a USC education as Columbia.
I love the family environment and small town environment of USC Union. The campus is clean and convenient. It is placed perfectly in the middle of town. The staff and faculty are absolutely amazing. They will do everything they can to help a student when needed.
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I love USCU! We are a very small school which helps with alot of the stress that a large school can give you. All of our Professors are always willing to help and give that one on one time that a larger school cannot! I have some health issues and was hospitalized and my professors did all they could plus more to get me caught up and back on track to passing the class. The professors care about their students and want to see them do their best!
From Nearby Counties – Due to the fact that the University of South Carolina Union does not offer dorms for its students, all of the students are from either Union or other neighboring Counties. this however is something that i consider a possitive trait about USC Union because it allows students to be more social outside of the classroom and capable to create study groups and work group class assignments.
I LOVE USC UNION! I love so much about the University of South Carolina Union. All the classes are fairly small in size which allows each teacher to become well acquainted with each of their students. Union is so community oriented and is always having social events for our students. At USC Union we are not just students, we are equals to our professors and staff. I gladly recommend USC Union to anyone who is unsure of their educational goals. The campus is a great place, close to home, which allows students to get a great head start in their educational track.
Career services gives excellent help when you need information and they go the extra mile to ensure you get help you need.
School Experience – This school has been great to attend except for the summer programs and financial aid because I receive full benefits for financial aid during spring and fall semesters but in the summer I have to pay for the left over amount financial aid want cover plus books and I am a single parent living on government needs and unemployed so it is very hard to pay for the rest of school and books and also discourages one from furthering an education during the summer; which summer is more beneficial to a community to keep students from trouble and better ways of occupying their time.
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