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University of South Carolina - Sumter Reviews

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At the university of South Carolina Sumter i must say iv have enjoyed my stay at the college. i am in my second year for my A.A. the campus is filled with positive people and an amazing faculty and staff. Not to mention that the school has the #3 team in the nation for Esports in the game of Overwatch which for me is very exciting
When I first entered USC Sumter I wasn’t ready for college. It wasn’t my first initial choice. The campus is small, but also very interpersonal. You get to know your professors by name and then some. They are concerned about your well being inside and outside the classroom. I learned how to network and gained new relationships and network opportunities. The staff helps you throughout the semester. I would recommend USC Sumter, for friends, military and one who haven’t been in college for quite some time. The campus is friendly and the cost is very affordable.
Very chill environment. The schedules are very flexible and they will work with you. Most social activities were very enjoyable and memorable. I can truly say my time on campus so far has not been disappointing or overwhelming.
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I liked how easy it was to get around the school. Classes were not too challenging. The professors are very easy to work with and everyone at the school has a great attitude and is willing to help.
A good school to start out at, but be prepared to do nothing. Only 4 or 5 sports teams and the only major club is the eSports (video gaming) club. Only one place to get food (Student Union Building), and pretty small campus. No dorms although you can live at the USC main campus in dorms. Over all the students and faculty are really nice.
This is a good school. More on the small side but more student professor time. Teachers are good and nice. No bad experiences. Grading is fair and all material is taught before assignments and tests.
I like how everyone on the staff is there to help you! They make you feel as if you are at home. If you ever have any questions they are always there to help you. A good school to go to if you want to transfer to USC Columbia after your two years at USC Sumter.
I recently received my Associates degree from the University of South Carolina at Sumter. I am a first generation college student, which means that I am the first in my family to attend college. I was a lost freshman who stumbled into OSP (Opportunity Scholars Program) there on the USC Sumter campus, and was instantly welcomed with open arms. The staff is outstanding, the best I have seen. They guided me through my entire first two years on the campus. I highly reccommend joining the program. They offer free use of the computer labs, printing, acedemic advising, peer coaches and even TUTORING. The other faculty and staff on campus are completely welcoming and the whole campus is like a big family. The campus is small, but I do not regret my years at USC Sumter one bit!
The campus is really nice compared to most college campuses, the staff are professional, and most of the Professors are very cooperative in helping students be successful.
The flexibility of my class schedule has been great and its easy to register for classes that fit around my softball schedule.
The degrees at this school are valuable but most people dont typically stay and graduate from here they transfer to larger schools to complete their degrees.
The professors i have had so far are great. They genuinely care about you learning the material they are teaching and helping yoy to pass.
My school experience has been great so far. Its a small campus and everybody knows everybody. The professors are great and always doing everything they can to help
It's a college education at the same standard and curriculum as the University of South Carolina's main campus, but with smaller, more individualized classes where your professors take the time to get to know you. All the while you're receiving this major university education, you're still in the comfort of you're own town and being close to family and friends.
It has just an uplifting environment.
The career prospects are high because of the accredibility of the school.
There is no personal help with online classes and the professors aren't as dedicated to the class.
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There are groups that fit all ethnic, political, religious groups.
The financial aid office helps when you ask but their attitude can be a little outrageous at times.
The alumni network will help you pursue your career with accredited sources.