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I thought at first I wouldn't like the capacity of the University, but it's great here. It's as though this school is just homey, and if anybody wants to attend a school like that, this is a perfect choice. Everybody is helpful and actually care about you and your educational needs. The area is beautiful with Hilton Head beach and Savannah, GA close by when you want to go out and explore outside of campus.
Since the University is fairly new, there is still plenty they can add. Eventually the university will grow to include more sports and activities, but as of now there is plenty to do. There are clubs anyone can be a part of, and plenty of diversity on campus so you are bound to find people that you fit in with. Because it is a pretty small campus it is easy to meet people and find your place.
I like the area that the school is in and it is not as far away from home. As soon as graduated from high school I didn’t know how I would feel if I left home because I’m so used to it. Coming to the University of South Carolina Beaufort, everyone on campus going from the dorms to the classrooms were welcoming making us feel like we were home. Now I wouldn’t change anything about so far. The only thing that came to mind was the overly big mosquitoes during the summer when school first started other than that is pretty good.
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My experience here at USC Beaufort has been the best so far. They welcome you in with a helping hand, they also show a lot of pride and school spirit.
Being a student a USCB I have gained a lot friends because there are so opportunities to get involved.
This school is amazing!! Everyone at this school is very personable and eager to help each individual student. There are small class sizes so you can get a one on one experience with the teachers which makes it very easy to go to them if you are having a problem with the material. Amazing environment! They care and listen to the students of their school.
I enjoy attending University of South Carolina - Beaufort because it's a small and beautiful campus. There's a great atmosphere in every class I've attended and the professors are very helpful. The campus is full of positive energy and great scenery.
This school is not as big as the USC campus but they are increasingly growing! With being just 30 minutes from the beautiful Hilton Head Island how can you say no to school on the beach? you dont! The student body is fun, loving and welcome each person with a grateful heart! They truly are a family at USCB!
I attended USCB my freshman year. It was a great transition year between high school and my preferred university. My field of study wasn't a major here but the teachers were great. Small classes. Everyone was friendly. I felt safe. It was good!
I absolutely love South Carolina Beaufort. It is an amazing environment filled with amazing people who truly want to see you succeed.
I am currently a junior and have spent my entire college experience here. The food sucks. Although the dorms are literally like apartments. I love having my own room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry. I am a psychology major and I enjoy my professors and the opportunities offered here that apply to my major and minor which is Sociology. I often hear many people complain about the quality of biology professors but I adore my professors who have real life experience in their careers which makes learning much better. Most people here are friendly. I enjoyed it here most my freshman year because of the landscape but now being a junior they have cut down so many of the trees... the campus isn't the same anymore.
Great school, I love the size and teachers. Everyone is very involved on campus and they have a bass fishing team.
I am currently a freshman at USCB. my current experience as been fairly good. The professors are always welcoming and eager to help you and will do anything to make you pass their class. The dorms are nice and spacious and are close to all the buildings. My only complaint is to add restaurants on campus because the dining hall food is not good, I also would change the fact the freshman are required to have a 17-meal plan because I only eat at the dining hall like twice a week.
Overall, I enjoy being a student at USCB. The campus is small but beautiful, the amenities and dorms are wonderful, and the food isn't half bad. The professors here mostly want to see you succeed and there are a few opportunities for research for students.
You should know that this college is finely tuned toward giving you a close-up and personal experience with your Professors. This place is wonderful and I have learned to become socially adaptive. The population is currently 2,000 and growing, and the campus is gorgeous. Palm trees and open fields are available for your leisure. There is a large fitness center on campus free to the students. As for student life, people are welcoming and clubs are easy to join. They aid local events making you feel a valuable part of your community. Safety here is the best of any school I've seen. The security officers will aid students with most anything they need anytime. As a Computational Science major Senior, four years of living at this schools, I must brag that there were 11 students that graduated in my major last Spring of 2016, and of these individuals, 10 students received high paying job offers. You will be a quality graduate here; not a statistic-booster for school's graduation rate.
Just from attending USC-Beaufort for one semester I have found that I love the environment on campus and off campus. The campus is very laid back and the distractions are very minimal. I love the dorms because you have the option of having a single or double room as well as the apartment style. I feel like I am at home here. The only thing that I would change about USC-Beaufort is the amount of activities available on campus and more available majors and minors. Other than that I enjoy living on this campus and going to school here. I highly recommend this college to those seeking a small class size, professors willing to work with you, and awesome dorms! I believe my choice of choosing USC-Beaufort was the best I've made so far!
So far my experience at USCB has been pretty good as far as my academics go. The professors are willing to work with students on an individual based level and that helps a lot of students. The staffing, security, and dorm life here are very good understanding people and are willing to also help and listen. The only thing i dislike about the how athletics are conducted her on campus and would like to see a change in the amount of student involvement in it.
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The dorms are great and everyone ends up getting their own room. Class sizes are small which is also good but the problem is there is absolutely NOTHING to do. Everything is 20-30 minutes away, the food was great at first but at this point I am half way through my freshman year and it sucks. The amount of people and friends you will meet are scarce audit is VERY small. Too small.
My experience at the University of SC-Beaufort was phenominal! The campus for the first part is beautiful, very airy and clean. When you're walking through the campus, everyone is very respectful, nice and speaks to you! From the students to the faculty. The south is known for their "southern hospitality" and I can see why. I wouldn't change I thing about the campus. I'm happy to be able to say I'm attending this school for the Spring 2017 semester.
From the moment you set foot on campus you feel at home. When choosing a school to go to for the next four years it is important to feel safe and at home. The faculty and students here are all so friendly and helpful. It is all like a huge family. At this campus you really get to choose how involved or not you want to be. Tutoring is offered in tuition which is really nice. Housing here is so nice because we are provided with washers and dryers, dishwasher, full kitchen, and oven. I love it here. I could not imagine going anywhere else.
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