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University of South Carolina - Beaufort Reviews

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I absolutely loved that the campus was so safe. The dorms are great! The diversity is great. I also loved how friendly staff were. I noticed the student to teacher ratio is also great. I do feel like more sports should be offered on the Bluffton campus. It is great that it is such a local school. There are plenty of internships to apply for which is awesome! It is all around a great school.
My experience at USCB has been excellent so far. I transferred here from a JUCO after the fall of my sophomore year so this is two and a half years I have been here. The professors are really helpful and I love playing softball for this university.
I went there for a Robotics fair. The staff makes you feel welcomed but doesn’t get you to interact with other students but overall good.
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USCB is a great university to get your bachelors degree. Campus is small which is great so you don't have to run from class to class. Everyone is friendly and the professors really care.
I love the school, the only thing I would like to change is that there should be more student sport teams.
Brand new campus located just outside Hilton Head, SC. New everything, they also have sister campus’ in Beaufort and on Hilton Head island. Staff is wonderful, great intramural and collegiate athletic programs.
I love this campus and the location. This campus is continuing to grow so good things are coming. The campus is not too small and not to large. The dorms are amazing and are very homey.
Great school for learning, a lot of things to do so everyone can feel included. Not the funnest campus but you can make the best of it. Great school overall just can be boring at times.
Love the school,great dorms and living areas, great staff, the cafe has its best days and some worst days, great communication between professors and students, great basketball team,smoothie bar is great, gym has great hours
It is a great school overall. It's not too big and not too small. The campus police are great, they really are good at what they do. Professors are amazing, I haven't once had a single complaint about any that I have had. The food I feel like could be a little better for having to invest in the entire mean plan during the first year. I also believe there should be three meals a day, everyday of the week. But, overall great school, even better people.
I am an online senior and I like how the professors work with the students even though it is not a face-to-face process. I make the effort to contact my professors and they get back to me by phone or email and it empowers me to succeed even if I am having a problem. I love the degree works program that the university uses because I can see what I need all in one place. I am so excited about being a student at USCB.
In my experience, the administration team was very helpful and friendly. The overall feel of the school was very welcoming. Although the dorms are small, they still provide a good on-campus living experience.
University of South Carolina Beaufort is continuing to grow. I have met wonderful students who have then became friends. The classes are small, so teachers are able to give a little more one on one time with students. The local area is amazing. You have your beaches, kayaking, zip line adventures, and a numerous amount of restaurants to enjoy.
Currently I am a sophomore at University of South Carolina Beaufort. I am very satisfied going to school here. The campus is absolutely beautiful. The dorms on campus are apartment style and they are very nice, roomy, and safe. Everyone is so nice and interactive. We have a wonderful police department that patrols our campus to keep the students and facility safe. The area that surrounds the campus is very nice and there are plenty of activities to do. Our sports programs are very competitive. All of our sports here on campus have very nice equipment and facilities to train on. Recently a new recreation center was build along with a student center to create a more active and enjoyable atmosphere for students. One quality the school the needs to improve on is the selection of food in the cafe.
I thought at first I wouldn't like the capacity of the University, but it's great here. It's as though this school is just homey, and if anybody wants to attend a school like that, this is a perfect choice. Everybody is helpful and actually care about you and your educational needs. The area is beautiful with Hilton Head beach and Savannah, GA close by when you want to go out and explore outside of campus.
Since the University is fairly new, there is still plenty they can add. Eventually the university will grow to include more sports and activities, but as of now there is plenty to do. There are clubs anyone can be a part of, and plenty of diversity on campus so you are bound to find people that you fit in with. Because it is a pretty small campus it is easy to meet people and find your place.
I like the area that the school is in and it is not as far away from home. As soon as graduated from high school I didn’t know how I would feel if I left home because I’m so used to it. Coming to the University of South Carolina Beaufort, everyone on campus going from the dorms to the classrooms were welcoming making us feel like we were home. Now I wouldn’t change anything about so far. The only thing that came to mind was the overly big mosquitoes during the summer when school first started other than that is pretty good.
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My experience here at USC Beaufort has been the best so far. They welcome you in with a helping hand, they also show a lot of pride and school spirit.
Being a student a USCB I have gained a lot friends because there are so opportunities to get involved.
This school is amazing!! Everyone at this school is very personable and eager to help each individual student. There are small class sizes so you can get a one on one experience with the teachers which makes it very easy to go to them if you are having a problem with the material. Amazing environment! They care and listen to the students of their school.
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