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I try to make my schedule available for my free time
I did not enjoy my online course because i am a in classroom learner
i have no idea about this information
  • Feb 20 2016
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It great, a lot of interactions with the professors
Its a lot of hands on work.
Its a great campus not a lot of social activity.
I love this school, not only because it's 6 minutes away from my home but because all the teachers are so eager about helping you and making sure you understand all the materials. There is a group called OSP and they always have workshops, you can go in there and use computers and you can even win scholarships there! I would definitely choose USC-Salk again. If I could do anything different it would be not to take the two hardest classes plus 3 other classes and 2 labs.
the university has many accommodations for students, pertaining to academics and the small class sizes allow students and teachers alike some breathing room
Online courses are very straightforward and make you feel as though you are in a classroom.
even though this is a regional campus it is still a part of USC, most students here are either nursing majors or early childhood education.
  • Jan 8 2016
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the courses vary in difficulty but are very manageable when you apply yourself.
Due to the small class sizes there is plenty of one on one time but the difficulty of the courses make you feel like your in a bigger college.
Salkehatchie has small class sizes and combines students from Walterboro and Allendale creating a sense of unity between the two locations. Professors and faculty are very nice and treat you like a person rather than like some dumb teenager.
It help students get a career in the field of degree they wanted.
  • Jan 1 2016
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it was good to be able to learn about the human body in lab projects and study nursing in my curriculum.
it was easy to transfer my credits from college of Charleston to usc salkehatchie.
The registration in a tradition university is longer than if you do a online courses online.
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The professor is a great help and are nice when it comes to class work and test.
I love how the college helps prepare people for the working field.
  • Jan 1 2016
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They have one of the best consular at the school.
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