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Great school with smart professors who truly want the students to succeed and learn the material. The campus is very pretty and they are adding more things. The school is overall a nice university and has many opportunities to get involved in campus.
I am curently loving my freshman year at south. I got a 4.0 the first semester and mad the presidents list. it was pretty easy but the professors made it easy. my favorite was Mrs. Delaney Tucker. we really connected over the summer. i ended her class with a 97.
I love the fact that it is very clean around the campus and that students that go there are friendly. If I could change something it would be to change the football stadium and add more parking spaces around the campus because parking is horrible.
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I absolutely love the University of South Alabama. I am an elementary education major and I love the experiences we get in the schools during student teaching. All of my professors have been great to me and have helped me through the hard transition to college my freshman year and now to real life. I think this university is the perfect size for me. It is up and coming and will continue to get better in the future. As of now, some things I would like to see change is student support in athletics. I am on the dance team and we dance at every basketball game, and there are barely any students there. The same goes for football, students will come for a while but leave after the first quarter. I think this will continue to get better as they are building an on campus stadium, but I would like to see it change for other sports than just football. Overall, this University was my top choice and I am so happy that I chose it to continue my education.
The university is challenging. I like the flexibility of the programs they offer. They offer programs for traditional and nontraditional students. The programs are rigorous but doable.
I am encouraged to be a member and student at the University of South Alabama (USA) family.
USA has given me the insight to understand my academics weaknesses and methods to strengthen my abilities to perform at a high level. The campus life has help me make a positive transformation to use great problem solving skills each and everyday. Through God’s will! I will be receiving my second degree from USA in 2020.
Excellent education. Not a party school but it is in the city that’s the “home of Mardi Gras”. So it’s a party at least once a year. The football stadium will make it a real college.
This school is great, it feels like your at home on campus. It athletics are upcoming and going in a good direction as well. The dorms and room a good size for living in. The campus it self is a really good set up too. Another good thing at this school is all the people from around the states and out of country that you are able to me.
I had a phenomenal experience, but am starting to see the accounting program degrade. South's accounting program is trying to shift to online. The online professors seem to care more about their convenience and lackadaisical schedule than ensuring the students learn. The online program should not be continued. Students pay to learn the material, and that is only happening in the in-person format. I'm glad I got through the program when I did before the Business College's Accounting program began shifting away from in person. Greek Life was great but different than the experience you would get at larger schools. It's super easy to get involved and make a difference campus-wide. You literally can make a difference anywhere, and there are numerous opportunities available to you, both relating to your major and external interests.
I am a transfer student. I am currently a junior at South Alabama and I love the people and the atmosphere. I feel at home and very welcomed. There are so many different things going on campus and ways to get involved on campus. If I could change one thing at South it would probably be Parking, but what school doesn’t have those problems. I am also a nursing major, and there are so many opportunities at South pertaining to the medical field. I absolutely cannot wait to start nurisng school and start helping and caring for people, my biggest dream.
I loved how welcoming the faculty at South have made my family and me feel when we visited the campus. The campus is gorgeous, state of the art, and very clean. I'm excited at the possibility of being able to attend USA!
USA is a beautiful campus in the heart of Mobile, AL. Athletics are a big part of the university and are very competitive. Student life is excellent with something to do for everyone. Academics are great with some of the best departments in the country.
The campus is beautiful, and the professors care. Everyone here is generally really nice. There are plenty of opportunities to grow here!
I began taking graduate nursing classes via South Alabama's online MSN program. I selected to apply to this program after doing some research on top programs within the country. So far the courses have been well organized and the professors have been very helpful. I believe this university stands by it's values and mission. I will have to travel to the campus twice throughout the 2 year program and look forward to seeing what the physical campus has to offer.
Overall, my experience with South has been pretty good. Most of the faculty and staff care about your education and are very accommodating when problems arise. For example, I was recently in need of a time-override code, so I could register for some required classes that conflicted with each other. The professors and English Department were very understanding and did everything they could to help. I've had some very good teachers here, and I know what I've learned will stick with me for the rest of my life.
I am currently planning on attending South Alabama. I toured it over the summer and thought it was a great place. The fact that it’s in a sizable metro area like Mobile is nice as well!
excellent academic advisor assistance with application for only MSN-NP program. staff emailed me back quickly. courses work within my schedule and are reasonably priced. online software is more complicated than others (not as easy as Blackboard or Canvas).
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There are so many opportunities at South, and i love the diversity. The school is constantly evolving with its educational equipment and is making student life 100 times better.
USA is a great school if you want to stay close to home and have affordable tuition and live along the gulf coast. It is big enough to give a true college experience but remains small enough that you are more than your student number. Parents can feel secure sending there kids here and it offers a decent education.
University of South Alabama is filled with an amazing student body and an amazing faculty and staff. It is a place that I enjoy being at and I know I want to pursue my college experience.
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