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I am currently planning on attending South Alabama. I toured it over the summer and thought it was a great place. The fact that it’s in a sizable metro area like Mobile is nice as well!
excellent academic advisor assistance with application for only MSN-NP program. staff emailed me back quickly. courses work within my schedule and are reasonably priced. online software is more complicated than others (not as easy as Blackboard or Canvas).
There are so many opportunities at South, and i love the diversity. The school is constantly evolving with its educational equipment and is making student life 100 times better.
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USA is a great school if you want to stay close to home and have affordable tuition and live along the gulf coast. It is big enough to give a true college experience but remains small enough that you are more than your student number. Parents can feel secure sending there kids here and it offers a decent education.
University of South Alabama is filled with an amazing student body and an amazing faculty and staff. It is a place that I enjoy being at and I know I want to pursue my college experience.
I have enjoyed the opportunity to earn a degree online while remaining in my current employment and community. The opportunity my education will give me from USA is almost limitless.
The faculty and staff are really there to help and teach you. If you have a problem with classes or financial aid or scholarships the professors and the staff have all sorts of recommendations.
USA has great academics and the school spirit is out of this world! The atmosphere is friendly and the campus is beautiful.
South Alabama is a wonderful school with a great atmosphere! It isn't too big or too small so it is perfect size wise and they have great traditions!
I go on-line and this is really challenging. I think they try but its a lot of self-taught time. There's a fair amount of "fluff" and I think some of it is completely extraneous. Staff is nice. The worst part is finding your own clinical sites with no school support.
USA has become a leader in health care education. The upgrades on campus have been great in the last 5 years. Th recreation center is superb.
I have been on tour to South Alabama many times. From what I have seen, USA is the school for me. It makes sure the students are well taken care off and they are enjoying themselves.
South Alabama has very nice facilities, many dorms to choose from, excellent quality of food. They also have many good teachers and many majors to chiose from.
It is wonderful. I would recommend to all of my friends and family who are applying for college. The campus is clean and beautiful. The professors are nice and so are other students.
I love the campus at South Alabama, I like being close to gulf shores so as far as I can tell I wouldn't change anything!
I loved the atmosphere of the campus and how everyone around me is so involved in the student life. There is nothing that I would change about South because South is the place to be!
Just an great environment!!! Very diverse! If you like big classes this is your school! I love being around the different cultures and the different backgrounds of my peers.
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Last school year was my first year in college and going to South Alabama was the best move I could have made. Going in I was very nervous because I felt like it was my freshman year of high school all over again, not to mention I never had the experience of leaving home for a log period of time or even switching schools. Getting to the University if South Alabama, and being comfortable with being there took no time at all. Everyone you meet is very welcoming and nice and your professors are understading. I literally feel in love. If I had to say I wanted to change one hinge about it, I wouldn’t have anything to say honestly because of how great the experience was. Many people had different outlooks on going to the campus but I never let them deter me from going because I knew that everyone’s experience is going to be different. I’m so glad that I chose to go and see for myself because I love it.
It's a top-notch university that is also affordable. There is plenty to do around the city and the campus is centrally located.
South Alabama was a great campus to be a part of. From the young athletic tradition to knowledgeable faculty, I enjoyed everything South had to offer. The Exercise Science faculty was very hands on and interactive with us students which made the learning experience that much better.
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