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It was great. I came there for USA Day day in March 2018. It was the best college tour I had ever been on in my life. I took lots of pictures and met a handful of new people to bond with when I get there in the fall.
I loved how at South Alabama had a mobile app instead of safety poles. South has the best staff. My coordinator for my area has helped me through the college process and ensures that I am doing everything I can to benefit me and my time at South. The campus is beautifully well kept and the dorms are worth way more than you are expected to pay.
I had a very awful experience there, if you aren't from that area, don't go. It's a waste of time, those people are so odd. I'm only in touch with one person from that school and that's only because they are from the same state I'm from. My dad was born and raised there and I never understood why he was so eager to leave
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The University of South Alabama is an amazing university. The professors here really care about you and want to see you do well. There is always something going on on campus and you will never be bored!
Upon arriving to South I was very skeptical. The friends I met here have now reassured me. It is okay to branch out from one's hometown in order to grow. This university has challenged me in every way. The academics are above average. The proffers are knowledgeable and care about each and every student. Class sizes are small, and a small number in group work is helpful. The labs I have taken so far have been very hands on. Everyone here is always ready to help, and many different study strategies are available.
Small college and campus so its very personal. More focused on academics than partying and sports. Local area is great and close to a lot of different places for students to enjoy.
Because South is a smaller school, there are more opportunities for one-on-one time with teachers, research opportunities, and other opportunities that make it easier to bridge the gap between professors and students. Though the sports teams aren't as big as some of the bigger schools, there are plenty of fun things to do on the weekend in Mobile. All in all a great place to focus on your education and get the whole college experience.
The professors and staff on campus are all working together to make the students college experience the best that it could possibly be.
I love South Alabama! The classes are smaller than the average and the instructors are awesome! The advisors are very supportive and ensure that you stay on track. The campus is beautiful and is very well maintained by the landscaping department. The athletic department is awesome and the teams are very supportive of each other. South Alabama has a small town atmosphere but is close to all the perks of a larger city. The beaches are close enough for a day trip, the Mobile downtown area is great with a diverse group of people and places to go. South Alabama is a very expensive school, especially for an out of state student as the out of state tuition is double the rate for Alabama residents. Overall, I am happy that I chose South Alabama. I will be applying to the medical school there this summer.
The standard in the Nursing program in Academics and Professionalism are far better than other four year colleges in the Southeast. The Professors strive to bring the best out in all their students through a positive and supportive manner. My experience has certainly been rewarding and remember-able.
The campus is so beautiful! The Jag Guides gave us the best experience to enjoy and show what South is really about!
It is a very good school for any medical degrees. They are up to date with the most recent developments. The campus is great for experiencing college life.
South Alabama has a very diverse community; friends and study buddies are not hard to find. The campus is beautiful and large. There are buses to take you to and from class. It has various academic departments that are ranked high when compared to other universities.
University of South Alabama is my true love.I am a girl from Wisconsin who hates the winter but has a love for science, culture, the city.When I found University of South Alabama, it was like finding a hundred dollar bill in a pile of one dollar bills.The other colleges I looked at, never had the qualities that South Alabama offers like a rich culture, warm atmosphere.However in reality, what sold me is the fact that they have a program for physician assistants. Physician assistant is a rare career path, therefore many colleges do not offer that program. So because University of South Alabama offers my program; I knew this was the place for me.The campus was green, alive, safe, and clean. All the people on and outside of campus were so wonderful and generous.It was right when I walked off campus that I knew I had to be back there, because it had already felt like home. This is how I knew University of South Alabama was going to be my happily ever after.
The University of South Alabama is like a home away from home. It makes you feel like you’re home and it has the best of the best teachers to help you succeed.
The University of South Alabama is a good clean campus to attend the workers are very helpful and friendly, but its a great place to start your own life and meet new people.
So far I love the School and only a few things I would change about it. The campus itself is gorgeous with plenty of places to go to on campus and the areas around it. The only problem I have with the school is the dining facilities. Many of the facilities have workers that seem like they have no need being there or have an attitude when you ask for some food.
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I love this school, everything about it is great! The professors are nice and willing to help you succeed in their class. The advisors are nice and genuinely want to help you. There is also a large variety of things to do on and around campus, so there is never nothing for you to do.
South Alabama is a fantastic school that has superfluous amounts of academic opportunities to be explored with an ever-involved staff that genuinely care about their students' success. The campus is kept very pristine and although undergoing construction, still holds a comfortable feeling of home; the only modification I would make would be the addition of more lamp lights along pathways and throughout the school grounds. Mobile itself is a beautiful city to call home for your college years and a move to such a place would not be regretted!
I love USA. The professors are great and help you with anything they can. I do wish parking was not such a hustle and I wish the advisors would help advise you more to reach your career goals.
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