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The university is small enough to have one on one time with the Professors, actually, the Professors will step up and help any way they can to help you succeed. It's a well laid out campus with easy access to everything. This university was the one for me the minute I toured, in addition to my first tour, I was allowed to back and meet with one of the Professors in the Computer Science and Engineering. They also offer a 5 year masters program in my major of computer science and cybersecurity. I highly recommend this college.
The campus is beautiful! It is very clean, the people are very pleasant, and the professors are very intelligent. The on campus apartments are very nice. They have pools, computer labs, workout areas, and so much more. I would recommend anyone to go look around, and give it a try.
The atmosphere is absolutely amazing. There are beautiful sceneries and statues that you can not find anywhere else.
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I have been at South Alabama now for one year and have really enjoyed it. I am apart of the Jaguar Marching Band and was very impressed with how organized and put together the program was. I'm looking forward to starting my second year.
Each day I love to connect myself with new students which have a different cultural background. It is amazing to communicate in different languages while making longterm friendships and get support by studying.
South Alabama is an amazing college. There are professors that actually want to see you succeed and they show it. The diversity of people and food is very good and there is an abundance of groups to be with. South is an amazing college to be at.
USA is a very friendly environment and everyone is more than willing to help. The classes aren't too difficult and there are tons of clubs to join. All of the facilities look amazing- especially the rec center. Over all , I love USA and I'm proud to be a Jag!!
I like the school itself. I went to go look at this school when I was a junior in high school, I am now a senior. I really enjoy the environment. I also really enjoy how miraculously easy it is to make friends considering I'm a shy individual. The dorms are beautiful and the environment surrounding the dorms are fantastic. I would really be honored to be going to this University in the fall of 2018.
The University of South Alabama is a growing campus. It's very diverse so you're surround by a lot of other cultures. As a freshman you can stay anywhere on campus from a traditional styled dorm room or even a apartment style dorm.
Overall, the University of South Alabama is a great school for academics and athletics. I came to this school to continue my track and field career and it is the best team i have ever been on. I became more focused on my academics and it is a also a good school for exercise science. I am glad that I chose a school of this nature because I have not been disappointing yet.
My experience as a USA Alumna and Graduate Student has been amazing. My experience as a college student has helped me to develop individually by deciding what field of study I want to pursue. While pursuing my B. A. in Communication with a minor in English, my academic performance soared because I was pursuing my passion in the field of Communication and English, and I enjoyed my courses. I discovered my passion for writing when I decided to have an English minor. My professors were very helpful and worked with me one-on-one to make sure that they did all they can to help me succeed. Now I am currently pursuing my M.F.A. with a primary concentration in Graphic Design and a secondary concentration in Printmaking. Living on campus has been a great experience for me because it helped me to develop my own sense of independence and freedom. Also, while living on campus I have free internet access, and it is convenient for me to go to school/work and attend campus activities.
I love being at South. It is a beautiful campus with great staff members and students that are friendly and helpful.
I had a good experience with the University of South Alabama. The teachers were great and it was a very good environment. There were a lot of people there and if I had questions, they were able to help me. Also, the campus is very big, so if I were to get lost, then I would ask someone for help or look for the nearest map and find where I am going. I have been to several football games and the atmosphere was amazing. There were so many people and everyone had a good time, I was able to enjoy every minute. There is nothing I would change, everything seems good to me so far, and I hope that the University of South Alabama keeps impressing me.
I love the University of South Alabama. The campus is beautiful, and the Marx library is great. The university has lots of resources for students.
What I like about attending University of South Alabama is that academics are at the top of the list of the colleges priorities. What I would like to see change is that everyone could be offered the chance to eat food and have bonus bucks on campus.
I transferred to South Alabama and have only been here for a year, so I don't have the best insight on the overall college. I took all online classes except for two, and am graduating in the summer. Th a campus is very beautiful, even though I only spent a short time there. Some of the troubles I did experience had to do with registration and my tuition. I had so many bad experiences dealing with this in my one year it was ridiculous. Honestly, they need to work a little better with conveying information better. I had a lot of confusion and things that were wrong here and there. So just make sure you get everything figured out as soon as possible, and I hope nobody else really has to deal with these types of problems.
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I absolutely love this school! The only thing that I would change about it is the lack of scholarships for all of their fields.
South is awesome! There is always something going on, and the teachers are top notch! All of the students are accepting, and there are so many clubs and organizations!
I have enjoyed being a student at USA. It's a great school with lots of things going on. I wish there was more parking but that's a problem at most schools. I am part of the Greek system and they don't embrace it as much as other schools but that's getting better too. Most of my professors have been great and are willing to help when needed. You get the feel of a big campus with a small town feel which is cool. We have students from all over the world. It's been a great choice for me.
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