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South Alabama is a fantastic school that has superfluous amounts of academic opportunities to be explored with an ever-involved staff that genuinely care about their students' success. The campus is kept very pristine and although undergoing construction, still holds a comfortable feeling of home; the only modification I would make would be the addition of more lamp lights along pathways and throughout the school grounds. Mobile itself is a beautiful city to call home for your college years and a move to such a place would not be regretted!
I love USA. The professors are great and help you with anything they can. I do wish parking was not such a hustle and I wish the advisors would help advise you more to reach your career goals.
I visited this school's campus for a preview day and enjoyed my experience. The campus was clean and the staff very friendly. The dorm I visited was nice and the faculty I spoke with were nice and seemed very knowledgeable. My cousin already attends the school so attending will have the positive of her being present. I guess this makes my review a little biased, but I truly enjoyed the experience.
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I love the University of South Alabama. At first, I was skeptical about it, but they made me feel very welcome and part of the community. They try in every way possible to make you feel comfortable by hosting movie nights or game nights. The people at South are kind and very generous also. Need a ride to class? Someone there will more than likely help you out. I like the fact that they have special places for us to get help with writing papers for class or math tutoring. I actually feel like I'm at home while I am at South. What I would like to change about there is their food. Some of it is good, but most of it isn't. Everything else on campus is absolutely amazing. I wouldn't want to attend any other university.
South is a decent school, however, they are in the process of forcing good professors to retire and hiring professors from different countries to save money because they don’t have to pay them as much. These professors aren’t very good. A university should care about the quality of the education that they are giving instead of money.
Returning nursing student working on BSN. Great experience with classes and professors. Would change availability of classes for ADN to BSN program though.
So far, my experience at South Alabama has been a great one. There are so many things to do and so many good people and I honestly love being there. The academic side of campus is just as good as the recreational side. The school is very diverse and I recommend any senior trying to find a college to come check us out. Go Jags!
When I went on a college tour of USA, everyone I came in contact with was super helpful. I like the fact that there is a doctor's office on campus. Having asthma, this is a comfort to me. The campus is beautiful. I like that everything (classes, dorms, dining) are all within walking distance. The class sizes are also a plus. I knew immediatley when I visites USA that this was the college for me.
The experience was amazing. It was such a home feeling. Everyone is nice and the campus is beautiful.
The University of South Alabama is a wonderful college to go to with a great education experience. I am Junior and I transferred from MGCCC. The two schools are totally different but I would like to see the student/teacher ratio from MGCCC come to South. If classes were smaller, I feel like that would make an impact on many student's lives. Mostly all of my professors are wonderful, but I will say that the professors at MGCCC were very much involved in the success of their students. I don't feel that at the University of South Alabama. Overall, this is a great school that offers many different education programs.
It was a very enjoyable experience at the University of South Alabama. It was an experience that I would recommend to any and everybody. The facilities were amazing and spectacular and I thoroughly enjoyed being present on the campus.
South is a make it or break it school, there's really no in between . You will either love it or hate it, I love it more than anything. The teachers are great, everyone is very helpful, and the class sizes are not very large (which is a good thing). There is more one on one time with professors.
Love attending this school! Great teachers and very diverse campus despite being located in Mobile. On campus activities/clubs for everyone
In my experience in this campus was above average with an average cultural diversity. The campus is big with a hospital; in my opinion it helps with medical students who want experience in the medical field. Thankfully, one of my friends got a scholarship to this great university. The academics of the facility is above average and good around the region.
The professors truly care about their students' future. There is so much to do at on, as well as off campus. There are so many restaurants that are close by. However, the dorms are quite small in my opinion. I have heard that they are building more dorms so I think they will be good on that.
The faculty and staff are pretty straight forward about the guidelines and expectations. I feel I had generally diverse experience as far as general classes were concerned. As you progress through your program, classes may/may not become smaller or more concentrated. In my case they did. I had a good educational experience, but towards the end of my degree, I did not have enough funding for my final class. If I didn't have my own funding or get it from a family member or credit card, I would have had to wait until the following spring to take my final course. Everything worked out in the end and I took the class and finished my degree. Good experience
very nice, diverse, and safe environment. I love the clean and beautiful campus. The local area is lovely as well.
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The school is pretty good. My only complaint is that when I try to sign up for classes that my advisor told me to take, they would already be filled up before the time I was allowed to sign up for them.
I am currently a freshman at USA and I absolutely love it. The professors are great and the classes are fit to what your major is so you're never bored in class. There are also a lot of clubs and teams to join so there is something for everyone. Not to mention the people are so nice and helpful here.
I am currently a freshman at South. The people here are more than willing to help anyone in need, whether it be to find a class, learn study techniques or just to simply talk to. The classes are rigorous but not impossible to excel. The university offers free tutoring as well as late-night access to the library. The only thing that I would love to see change would be the parking situation. There just simply is not enough parking. Please take caution when parking your vehicle on the campus, as the campus police has been known to issue parking tickets.
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