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South is awesome! There is always something going on, and the teachers are top notch! All of the students are accepting, and there are so many clubs and organizations!
I have enjoyed being a student at USA. It's a great school with lots of things going on. I wish there was more parking but that's a problem at most schools. I am part of the Greek system and they don't embrace it as much as other schools but that's getting better too. Most of my professors have been great and are willing to help when needed. You get the feel of a big campus with a small town feel which is cool. We have students from all over the world. It's been a great choice for me.
I love my school and there isn'tuch that I woukf change. This place has a wide vast of diversity and I never feel left out. They are allies in every aspect such as with every religion and sexual orientation. They have many clubs where everyone can fit in easily and can make close friends. There's always something going on, whether its a movie night or even just a get together for pizza and games. My first year at this school has been beyond satisfying a do I can't wait to continue my education here.
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The parking is by far the worst part and the some of the dorm areas are rather shotty, but they're old and being worked on to be improved. The area is great and the teachers really seem to care, easy to make friends and easier to get connected with groups. Overall, it's a great place.
I love south, everyone is nice and helpful and the campus is beautiful. The professors want to see you succeed, and there is easy access to tutoring.
I like how hard the campus and its employees work to involve its students in events on and off campus.
i Loved the Campus everything was accessible and transportation was provided I recommend this college to everyone.
Overall my experience at South was not bad. I attended the Mitchell College of Business, majoring in marketing, and enjoyed many of the classes offered. The university is very involved with their students and sends out a daily digest email each night for students to see what the upcoming events are. A big plus about this university is how they embrace diversity and international students, and how these students accept others as well. The big issue I had while attending was the food choices. There are only four fast food restaurants in the student center and the POD stations found around campus are very over priced for a small selection of snacks.
A super nice university with a lot of events and activities to be involved in. All of my professors have been really good, and I feel very at home here.
I personally did not have a great college experience because I worked full time while in college. The facilities are newly renovated and clean, there are multiple programs and activities for student involvement. This institution offers a wide variety of degree options and free tutoring.
I love South!!!! Since my first tour of the school I fell in love. When I finally made my decision to come to South I believe it's been my best decision of my life. They have made me feel so at home even when I got homesick. I'm so thankful for South! I am proud to be a student. GO JAGS!!!
South was not a school I had orginally planned to go to but ended up at. The staff is friendly and helpful and cares about the needs of the students. I am still attending and am happy with the services and classes the school offers.
It's a great school. The teachers are very helpful and there are a ton of resources available to succeed. It feels like home at South Alabama.
I loved how this semester was a bit easier than my freshman year. However I would change the way that the Chemistry courses are set up because it is very challenging.
South Alabama offers a great environment where students can grow and learn from each other. I was a communication major and thought that the program was good and gave me a good foundation of the different professions within communication. However, what I wish they had done differently is including a mandatory internship course, offered both fall and spring semester.
South is not the biggest school which I see was to my advantage. Teachers and advisors took their time to learn to know you and you got more connected with your fellow peers.
I love The University of South Alabama. It is a beautiful campus and has great diversity. You learn not only in the books and studying aspect, but also about life in general.
I love that I can earn my Masters and Doctorate online. I chose USA because they offer a Dual Nurse practitioner program that includes the doctorate.
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University of South Alabama was a little challenging my freshman year. After I was able to adjust, it got better. I rated the school a 5 on academics, because I do think that it well prepares you for a successful future. Even though some of the courses can be more harder than others, the majority that I've taken were fair. I rated 4/5 for campus because I've always saw South as a very nice campus. Two of my favorites are the Student Recreation Center and Shelby Hall. I've actually had the pleasure working at the Rec center. It has been a great experience, from meeting new people to learning fun facts about the school. Shelby Hall looks amazing inside. I don't take any classes in that building. I'm usually just taking advantage of the Starbucks inside between my class periods. I think the school as a whole can agree that one of the biggest concerns is our zoned parking. If they were more lenient about the rules on parking, I think that would make us all happy.
So far, my time at south has been wonderful, I've been exposed to a variety of people from different backgrounds. My professors are very involved in their student's progress.
I feel safe while on campus. I often see campus police patrolling campus.
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