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Just an great environment!!! Very diverse! If you like big classes this is your school! I love being around the different cultures and the different backgrounds of my peers.
Last school year was my first year in college and going to South Alabama was the best move I could have made. Going in I was very nervous because I felt like it was my freshman year of high school all over again, not to mention I never had the experience of leaving home for a log period of time or even switching schools. Getting to the University if South Alabama, and being comfortable with being there took no time at all. Everyone you meet is very welcoming and nice and your professors are understading. I literally feel in love. If I had to say I wanted to change one hinge about it, I wouldn’t have anything to say honestly because of how great the experience was. Many people had different outlooks on going to the campus but I never let them deter me from going because I knew that everyone’s experience is going to be different. I’m so glad that I chose to go and see for myself because I love it.
It's a top-notch university that is also affordable. There is plenty to do around the city and the campus is centrally located.
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South Alabama was a great campus to be a part of. From the young athletic tradition to knowledgeable faculty, I enjoyed everything South had to offer. The Exercise Science faculty was very hands on and interactive with us students which made the learning experience that much better.
I like that the instructors are very involved with the students and that they genuinely care. I don’t have anything bad to say, so far so good.
South has been great and I'm so glad I decided to stay local when choosing where to attend college. The Pre-Health programs are fantastic and i would strongly recommend the university o South Alabama to anyone wanting to pursue a career in healthcare.
South is a pretty good school. Some departments are better than others, but I would expect you to find that at most other institutions. The dinning hall col serve a better variety of food.
My experience at South Alabama hasn't been great. Campus life is not very exciting because there is very little to do. Dining options are few and the food choices available is not good. South is underdeveloped and their classrooms needs to be updated/remodeled.
The campus is beautiful, the faculty actually care about you. The only reason I did not rate 5 stars is because the city of mobile is not a great place to live. The college tries its best to segregate itself from the rest o the city for safety reasons
I liked the smaller campus and the atmosphere that the school offered. I also liked how easy it was to get around campus and how helpful the staff was with answering any questions I had.
So far, I am having an overall good experience at South Alabama. The students are nice and the staff is both helpful and knowledgeable. I also work at the university as a student assistant in the department that I am studying in and it is a lot of fun. I am learning so much about the inner workings of a university, which will help prepare me for when I become an instructor at South.
I have been at South for 5.5 years. I am an international student who came in as a student-athlete, graduated undergrad, and I am currently in a Master's program.
South offers good, but not necessarily excellent academics, a beautiful campus, a relatively diverse student body, somewhat (but not terribly) limited dining options, limited parking spaces, proximity to the beach, cheap education, and a rapid rise in stature in, not only the Gulf Coast, but in Alabama and the South.
Highly recommended if you are a Gulf Coast resident looking for value for your money whilst still getting the full college experience.
The teachers have been really helpful in my 3 years that I have attended so far. They really want to see you excel and succeed in life.
It’s not too large or too small. Larger universities usually have massive class sizes which make it feel less personalized. But it’s also not small enough that it doesn’t have a limited number of programs and degrees.
The campus is beautiful and well maintained with a pretty average climate year round. I feel the courses offered are varied and well prepared. The professors I've had are very helpful and involved and the students are just as nice. One thing the school needs is a stadium on campus for sure.
During my first and second year at South Alabama I was a member of the Jaguar Marching Band, it was an incredible experience for me providing me with amazing memories and great friendships. There are some downsides including the issue of parking, especially in the areas of on campus housing. But the overall aspect of this University is very welcoming.
I love South, Go Jags! The University of South Alabama is a well diverse campus with lots to do, since it is located in the center of Mobile, Alabama. The classes are pretty easy if you have the right professor, people are friendly. There are lots of great food options on and around the campus. Lots of clubs and opportunities to make new friends. The sports programs here are amazing and the football games are so very excited. Especially the Troy versus South game, since Troy is our rival school. Overall, South Alabama is a great school. One problem I do I have is with the parking situations, there is hardly any parking.
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It was great. I came there for USA Day day in March 2018. It was the best college tour I had ever been on in my life. I took lots of pictures and met a handful of new people to bond with when I get there in the fall.
I loved how at South Alabama had a mobile app instead of safety poles. South has the best staff. My coordinator for my area has helped me through the college process and ensures that I am doing everything I can to benefit me and my time at South. The campus is beautifully well kept and the dorms are worth way more than you are expected to pay.
I had a very awful experience there, if you aren't from that area, don't go. It's a waste of time, those people are so odd. I'm only in touch with one person from that school and that's only because they are from the same state I'm from. My dad was born and raised there and I never understood why he was so eager to leave
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