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Everyone is very friendly and it has an overall good atmosphere. However, there are many factors about the academics that I am unhappy with.
The University of Sioux Falls is an incredibly credible Liberal Arts university that will not just only prepare you for your life-long career, but will also give you opportunities to better yourself and gain connections with active (and influential) professors in what ever field you decide to pursue.
It's there but not very evident.
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I feel very safe on campus, but I also known that if I ever do feel that I am in danger, campus security is always available.
As of last year, 97% of graduates found jobs in their field of study.
I love my professors and my classes.
The support that the fans show is great but it could always be better.
My school has a very welcoming staff and faculty that makes it an easy transition & makes it feel safe & comfortable.
The campus makes me feel safe. I'm not afraid to go anywhere.
The professors are great. They help us when we need it. They encourage us all the time.
They do a good job with having employers on campus. It gives us more opportunity.
The campus life is great because where I love, people interact with each other. The cost is okay but the room could be a little bigger. The bathroom is okay.
Everyone is treated equally here even if we are different. The campus is very accepting to everyone.
Our school spirit is the best. The people and staff always try to get us involved and the events are super fun to attend.
I love my school because everyone is so nice and welcoming. I love the motto whichbis culture for service and I love helping people. In love how it is a Christian based school which is helping me grow stronger in my faith. My campus feels like home and the people here are like family to me.
Campus security is always looking out for students safety. Sioux Falls is a bigger city than where I am from so it does not feel as safe as it does when I am at home.
There are many opportunities for internships, jobs, and alumni networking through the use of the career center and academic advisors. There are employers on campus almost every other day of the week looking to recruit students.
Review University of Sioux Falls
The professors are very involved and want the best possible understanding of the topics for the students. There are many courses offered with very few that have large class sizes.
The dorms seems small and not updated. The cost is high for a low number of amenities and updates. They are conveniently located near anywhere you need to go on campus.
The community and students are very supportive of all school activities. School spirit is constantly shown by alumni, current students, faculty and staff, and surrounding areas.
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