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It's definitely a good school with a good reputation but it doesn't feel like home to me. Most of the people give off a very stuck-up vibe. Extremely overpriced as well.
The education I recieved at the University of Scranton set me up for success, both professionally and academically. After graduating from the University I joined the military and served as an officer. The well rounded education I received allowed me to think outside of the box. Although many of my peers were probably smarter than me, I was able to see problems from different perspectives and it reflected positively in my fitness reports.

After leaving active duty, I decided to attend law school. Again, although most of my peers were probably smarter than me (my LSAT score was below the bottom 25%), the well rounded education Scranton provided allowed me to view problems from different perspectives. Therefore, I have excelled and I am in the top quarter of my class.

I highly recommend the University of Scranton.
P.S. I had a lot of fun there as an undergraduate and met my spouse there!
I am more than happy with choosing the University of Scranton to go to college With a variety of clubs and sports, there is something for everyone. Scranton has become my home thank to the university and the helpful professors.
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I had an amazing experience at The University of Scranton. I chose the school for the Counseling and Human Services major. I loved every second I spent at this school because of the amazing professors and individuals who helped me along the way. The sense of community and service for others drew me to Scranton.
I loved that there is a ton to do on campus. There are plenty of job and volunteer opportunities. Their programming board always has events and the courses are definitely challenging. It seems like half of the campus is humble and genuine and the other half are snobs.
The University of Scranton is a private, non-profit, co-educational, Catholic and Jesuit research university, located in the historic Hill Section of Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. It was founded in 1888 by William O'Hara, the first Bishop of Scranton, as St. Thomas College.[2] In 1938, the College was elevated to university status and took the name The University of Scranton.[3] The institution was operated by the Diocese of Scranton from its founding until 1897. While the Diocese of Scranton retained ownership of the University, it was administered by the Lasallian Christian Brothers from 1888 to 1942.[4] In 1942, the Society of Jesus took ownership and control of the University.[5] During the 1960s, the University became an independent institution under a lay Board of Trustees. The University of Scranton is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and is served by the Scranton Jesuit Community.
Endless opportunities for all types of students. Great reputation when applying for jobs, grad school, etc. Many great professors. Many students are rich, snobby, and entitled; but that is just a broad observation.
The University of Scranton is a great school and all the teachers are great. They truly care about all the students. The campus is so beautiful, especially during the spring.
The University of Scranton allowed me to pick a degree to which I love and hope to continue learning about in my future. When I first enrolled into the University, I did not know what to major in. However, with the help of the advising staff within CAS and the professors, I was able to find a major. When I go to class, I truly enjoy talking to my professor. All of them are very personal and will remember conversation and little details. Overall, the University of Scranton is a great place to learn about yourself and find a career path. I cannot imagine myself going to another university and truly appreciate my professors and how far the advising staff will go to help you. The University of Scranton has everything one would need. Opportunities are everywhere. The University would do anything to meet your needs.
My freshman year at the University of Scranton has been a good year with dorm life and academics. I would recommend this opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing higher education.
I love the University of Scranton because of the close knit community and focus on academics. As an occupational therapy major, I have found the labs and teachers to be well above average. The professors care about each individual student and work to form meaningful relationships.
Perfect blend of not too small but also not too big. Everyone is extremely helpful and happy. I would not trade this experience for the world! All of the staff is phenomenal and the food is outstanding!
I went to the "U" in September 1960 and got elected Vice President of my class and I put my energies into ROTC and the college newspaper, The Aquinas," as the Business Manager. My Senior year I became the Photography Editor of the Windhover, the college yearbook. I was selected to be in the senior program for ROTC. ROTC was mandatory for physically draft eligible (One-A) students during Freshman and Sophomore years. (250 applied and 70 were selected for the commissioning program). I did not attend ROTC Summer Camp at Indiantown Gap until after graduation. During my senior year I served as an ROTC Company Commander. I completed camp successfully and was commissioned as a 2LT of Infantry in the Army Reserve. I did well in my leadership training and was designated an "Distinguished Military Graduate," which allowed me to get a Regular Army commission. I went on Active Duty and spent a 20 year career in the Infantry.
Great school, can't wait to be a student there! The U has always been my number one school and I am so excited to have been accepted! Greatest accomplishment of my life to officially become a Royal!
It is a fairly good school with generally nice and respectful people. It can be tough to first flow with the school's vibe, but once one understands the flow of the school, college can be a real joy.
Scranton has given me a multitude of opportunities that have not only influenced my college experience, but have influenced the ways in which I want to move forward in my life.
The University of Scranton has such a friendly and welcoming environment! Academics challenge you and professors make sure you're prepared for after graduation. Many opportunities to get involved with the school and the social aspect of the school is very lively.
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I like the small campus atmosphere and the willingness for the professors to offer help when you need it.
I have made a lot of friends. Most people are very kind and welcoming. There are some minorites on campus despite it being a mostly white school. The food is good, most days they will have ok things then other days you will have trouble picking one thing over the other. I'm struggling with grades but that is only because I have to study harder and longer
The campus is beautiful, and the people there are very welcoming and were so informative in helping me discover ways to pursue my passion and get a great education to lead me on the right path for my future career.
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