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I am currently a freshmen Nursing major at the University of Scranton. I could not be happier with where I chose to further my education. The strong Jesuit morals that are intertwined with my education will help me pursue my career in a helping profession. The teachers are excellent here and are always available to meet during their office hours. The campus is very nice and everybody is extremely friendly. The only downside is the tuition which is quite high, but I am applying to scholarships in hopes to bring down the cost and focus on my education, rather than the debt I will need to pay off in the future.
My experience so far at the University of Scranton has been great! I love the atmosphere of the school and the professors are wonderful! The food is excellent!!
I am now a Junior at the University of Scranton, and I am proud to call it my home. When I made my decision to attend the University, I applied to be a member of their Wellness Program; it was the best decision I have ever made. The people I met from the program are now my closest friends, and they make my experiences at the University all the better. In addition to the friendships I have made, I have had ample opportunities at the school to challenge myself. The classes really made me think, and I grew to have close relationships with numerous professors.
However, no place is perfect. One thing I would suggest to make the University of Scranton better would be to communicate more with students about internships. At the school it is very hard to find advice on how to enter the job world. If that issue is approached, the school would be absolutely fantastic.
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There is a burglary or sexual assault EVERY WEEKEND in off campus housing. The school is incredibly boring, with the house parties with cocky upperclassmen, they charge $5 and there’s no alcohol and no music. The city is absolutely depressing and Im glad i transferred. If you are from a city or even anywhere with some sort of life you’ll die of boredom or depression here. There's a Rite Aid that closes at 6, Steamtown Mall that has about 6 stores that no one goes to . The liveliest thing about this "city" is the nicely painted sign. The friendly act of the Jesuit university and its employees fades after the first month. The "community" is extremely cliquey and consists all white, upper-class, Catholic, narrow-minded private school kids. This place is not for minorities. You’ll feel excluded and segregated very quickly.
I entered the University of Scranton as a Biology major and shortly after switched to Biomathematics due to the love of math I had in high school. I grew up driving by the University of Scranton and always knew the one day I wanted to attend. My dream came true during the fall of 2015. I love the campus. It is just like home. I love the environment of the school and how nice the other students and faculty are. It was a great choice for me.
Some great things about Scranton were the friends I made, the academics, and the activities on campus. Unfortunately, I find that the cons far outweigh the pros. The friendly facade of the Jesuit university and its employees fades after the first month. The "community" is extremely cliquey and consists mostly of white, upper-class, Catholic private school kids. Many are nice but the others are only there to party, drink, and waste away mommy & daddy's money. Financial aid is awful and will not help you unless you're the child of a rich family. Food is great the first month then gradually declines in quality; it only gets better when there are prospective student tours on campus. Also, there is a burglary or sexual assault every weekend that the students are notified about thanks to campus police. Overall, great academics, nice campus, horrible aid, awful surrounding area.
I've only been here for one semester so far but my experience has been positive-- you're not just a number, people will always help if you ask (the people here are super super nice), and the professors I've had so far have been great! :)
This Jesuit Univeristy has a place for everyone. I do not come from a specifically religious background, but that does not affect my experience at Scranton. The students here are some of the friendliest in the country. It may partially be due to the fact that our food is ranked nationally. Scranton has a noticeably warmer community, even though it can get pretty cold.
The University of Scranton is not diverse, most students have intrest in partying, drinking and drugs. It is also very cliquey here. The school is good for students interested in occupational therapy, nursing, and pre professional studies. It is also very exspensive here even with financial aid. Wifi services barely function correctly. Counseling services here are not as supportive as they should be. I was assaulted and didn't receive proper assistance. There also isn't anything to do off campus. Students often get robbed and there are also a number of burglaries that occur in off campus housing. Class sizes are small and most students are friendly. I would not recommend the college for students who are not party animals, and are from the minority group, or have low income. I honestly feel that for the college to cost almost 60k there would be better services for students.
Beautiful Campus. Many opportunities. 5 star faculty. Very inclusive and wanting to help you. Never Alone in the college process.
I am not in a varsity team but I am a participant and some of the clubs. The gym is newly renovated and frequently used by many students
The class sizes are small and students receive quality instruction in small group settings. The Philosophy of the school is we are all one community and must care for each other. I feel very safe walking around campus at night. Campus police are visible throughout the day and night and available upon our request. The cafeteria has a variety of food catering to many different tastes. Staff is friendly and extremely approachable. The students are diverse and I have made many friends.
Before roommates are selected you have to do a housing survey and you actually get do find a roommate and if you process the survey at a quick enough rate then you get your said roommate
The students and faculty are a big family on campus so everyone is basically out at a sport event and they even provide transportation to and from sporting events.
Walking around the campus during my orientation was by far amazing. The Orientation Assistants were super nice, informal, and gave us the best pointers when we get on campus. The people who were there with me for orientation were also really friendly and above all just amazing.
As an Education major, I was put into the field during the second semester of my Freshman year to observe at a high school nearby. I think it is important that the school put us into the field so early on in our college career to ensure that this is definitely the route we want to take with our careers after college.
Most of the professors that I have had very clearly love their jobs and want to help the students. My Education professors especially are very enthusiastic about their classes and make an effort to get to know each student in the room since the classes are generally between twenty and thirty students.
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I always feel safe when I am on campus. If I do not feel comfortable walking alone, I can call Campus Police to walk me to wherever I need to be. We also receive phone calls, emails, and text messages if something out of the ordinary comes up on or around campus.
I loved living in a traditional dorm-style dorm for my Freshman year because that meant meeting new people in the hallway or seeing people who live at the other end of the hallway in the bathroom. It made it a lot easier to get to know my floormates and adjust to college life. I got lucky because I lived in the best location for a dorm on campus. It was in the most central location and it was very easy to get to the Student Center, all of the buildings I had class in, and was closest to the gym, the Long Center.
We do not have Greek life on campus, so Greek life does not effect the atmosphere of our campus.
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