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Overall, I have had an okay experience at the University of San Francisco. The academics are challenging, which is good, and the professors are great (some better than others). There is a lot of diversity among the faculty and students, which is great. There is little to none school spirit and school pride. USF is a commuter school so it is hard to meet new people, besides your classmates. The party scene is awful which I am somewhat grateful for because I find myself choosing to stay in and study rather than go out to a subpar party/bar. This is good because I am in college to get an education and not to go out every night.
The University of San Francisco has given me opportunities that no other college has given me. This university has opened doors for me, like working at the Graduation Center everyday. What I most enjoy about USF is the diversity and how everyone gets along with everyone. In your small classes, there are people from all kinds of backgrounds. That goes to say that the professors are amazing and the academics here are exceptional. Most professors take time out of their days to help their students with any material that they don't understand. USF was a good choice because it's at the heart of San Francisco.
So far my time at USF has been terrible, filled with bad professors, terrible campus life and horribles dorms and food. I believe that for the amount of money I am paying and for USF being a private university the student life should be way better. I will be trasnfering out next semester.
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Coming from the east coast, it was a hard transition to say the least. If you come to USF, you should be looking to attend college in a city. If you're looking for something more traditional, LOOK ELSEWHERE. I thought the party scene was pretty lame, I had better parties in high school. You have to go into the city for adult bars, that are expensive. There are strict dorm rules, like having people over and can't drink, otherwise you'll get written up, which is so stupid. It creates an us vs them mentality. They must make so much money fining students. If you live off campus, it's far away and have to take the bus, which sucks. Academically, my classes and professors were good though.
Amazing school academic wise, but everyone lives off campus and is spread out across the city so it has a very anti-social feel. Not a typical college experience which is fine, but it was a little too unfriendly for my liking.
Their motto is to "Change the world". They are a Jesuit university in the heart of San Francisco. They have changed my life entirely.
I am a transfer student from another 4-year university, and I truly prefer this university over the last one. There is a strong support system for students which made my transition here easy and has also encouraged me to access more resources. There is so much diversity on such a small campus and a resounding mission for social justice. It does not hurt that this campus is beautiful. I am so happy to be here. I know that I made the right choice.
So far my college experience has been good. My only complaint is the food. It really is terrible food and I keep wishing they get better. Weirdly, they have the same caterer for the cafeteria and event, but the event food is so much better than what students are offered. Other than that, academics are great. I have loved all my classes last year and are loving them this semester. Another great thing about USF is their support for financial aid, it's really good!
Great school in a fantastic location right in the heart of San Francisco beautiful campus. Great professors and students, incredible class sizes not too big and easy to find. Lots to do outside of the classroom as you are in the center of San Francisco just blocks from Golden Gate park.
This is the university is at a very good location. It offers lots of opportunities that helps your career and futhure improvements.
I love that USF has small classes and its always easy to access professors. I never feel lost and the faculty and admin always is helpful with resolving any issues I may have. Its a small but warm and nurturing community.
I love this school especially since it is right in the middle of a city. However, the social scene is pretty weak on campus, so you have to make sure that you love the city life and going out rather than frats and sorority life.
University of San Francisco is a great college to go to. I really love the professor to student ratio in the classes. I also really love how many of the professors really care about your education and success.
So far so good! I enjoy the look and feel of the campus. I also like the location, in the middle of the city!
My favorite thing about USF is the class and overall population size. With less people, there's less pressure when it comes to registering for the classes you need, and there is a greater focus and attention towards each individual in the classroom. It's easy to meet and connect with people in your major and those who fall within your interests outside of academics. The only downsides I've experienced thus far are the high costs (due to USF being a private school and the fact that it is located in the city) and the cafeteria food, although campus food is generally not that great anywhere. All in all, I feel as though I'm getting the education I need, with tons of support and resources if I so need them.
I loved the small classes and the approachable teachers. All the students there are relatively friendly and easy to talk to. There is always something going on on the campus.
Great school and well placed. Could improve on food but wonderful out reach and great teaching and growing skills.
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A private school situated on one of San Francisco's hill. The facilities are clean and technologically up to date. There are a mix of professors who are great at teaching. The tuition is high because it is a private school, but worth it. Food on campus is great and their gym is wonderful. My only negative complaint about the gym is the lack of air circulation.
So far I love my time at the University of San Francisco. I am thriving not only as a student, but as a community leader. This school has great academics and community support. I believe anyone who attends this school will get a good return on their investment.
I am a current student at USF, and theres a lot I can say about the school. It's fairly small, which is nice for getting to class, the class sizes are large enough but small enough to have a good experience. Theres plenty of activities happening on campus, which is a nice break for those that live on campus.