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Overall, nice school. Really good professors that often really care about your development. The logistics around the school can be unsupportive at times though, and you have to fight to get what you pay for.
This school has decent academics. The housing situation is awful and if you live in Gillson it has terrible living conditions. The student life was terrible as there were very little events and there was nothing to do. The party scene is absolutely horrible and there is no such thing as a party scene at this school. This school has no athletics and even though we made the CBI playoffs for basketball no students showed up to the games. This school is for someone who wants to stay in the dorms on the weekends and not go out. The meal plan is absolutely awful as many run out of the meal plan money quick and are left with nothing to eat for two months. On top of the meal plan the food here is also awful and is not worth the price. The students here are ok however everyone understands that there is nothing to do if you are underage or if you dont have a fake id. The only way to even make this school bearable is to join a frat. I do not recommend coming here.
Really great college in one of the best locations in the country. The professors care about you and want you to succeed. Only downside is the housing situation in SF.
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This is a beautiful campus. I don't know what is more inspiring the architecture or the teachers. I cannot get over how many buildings and classes there are. the University Center is great, there are multiple student stores and restaurants. Book prices are low and the staff are extremely helpful!
I took a tour at USF and it was such a gorgeous campus. It is easy to find everything within a day, as long as you have a map in handy of course. The classes are intimate, the student life is amazing, and the professors are very hands on in teaching and allow their students to create that relationship into their education.
The campus is one of the most beautiful I've seen. College is a good size and heart of the city that will provide endless future opportunities.
Great location, opportunity, and education. Professors are top-notch and academics are the best. Housing is tough, and food can be improved, but you can't be USF!
The modern architecture and small classroom sizes instantly made this a top choice for me. I appreciated the several locations on campus, which students could complete homework in peace. The teachers are dedicated to their students and willing to help them with any question they may have.
So far in my time at the University of San Francisco, I have been blown away by the professors. They are all passionate, smart, experts in their fields, and although some styles of teaching may clash I have never felt afraid to go and ask a professor for help. The small class sizes definitely help the close atmosphere one can develop with professors. The number of extracurriculars you can apply yourself to are also amazing. There's a club for everything. And I will plug a little about the theater group the College Players as I am a part of that! We have the second oldest student-run college theater group in the USA, second only to Harvard. How cool is that!
What could be improved is the cafeteria food. It's rather expensive, and not all that good for what you pay for.
The University of San Francisco is in a very nice location and has a beautiful campus, as well as comfortable class sizes and a generally helpful staff.
During my short lived year at USF I faced discrimination by the housing, academic, and student life departments due to a medical disability. I was asked to take an LOA despite the fact I was current in all of my classes. I have epilepsy and they were considered a "disruption" to the faculty and my right to learn was violated. The majority of the students are from affluent households and have that general silver spoon mentality. The only thing I appreciated about this school was the quality of academics.
The food is TERRIBLE - cafeteria is not worth the time. The living environment is alright, but the facilities are a little run down. The teachers are absolutely the best thing about this university outside of extracurriculars. They bend over backwards to ensure their students learn and truly follow their interests.
I am hoping to transfer out of University of San Francisco. I have not been getting the college experience I have hoped for. There is a lack of community on campus, making it feel like everyone is only here to take their classes and get their degree. No sense of "college" whatsoever.
The relatively small classroom sizes and personal connection you can have with your professor's is really nice. There are so many resources available to you as a student.
I trully enjoy the diversity of people at USF. Would enjoy also better campus food so I don't have to spend so much money ordering from outside csmpus. The dorms could also use some freshning up.
I loved how same I felt when i visted the college, I also loved how the campus was pretty small and it had an amazing view. I don't think there is anything I would change about the universty of San Francisco
My experience here at USF has been amazing in the Nursing Program. I believe that this is one of the most hands-on nursing programs that is in California, providing you with endless opportunities and support throughout your time here.
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Positive and supportive faculty, many opportunities for work and involvement in the community. Excellent location.
Great school. Perfect if you know your major and want to succeed in a successful, driven school. Wished they had a bit more of a social scene, however the academics are on point, and the city is truly your campus.
USF is an overall good school. The teachers are for the most part very nice and good. The housing situation is alittle hard due to the school being in the middle of San Francisco. It is hard and expensive to find housing after the 1st year because you are not guaranteed housing and not likely to get it again because it is very limited. You also cannot easily get a parking permit because there are a lot of restrictions for that as well. The campus is nice and they make sure to keep the students safe as much as they possibly can. The school is also very diverse and open minded which makes it a comfortable place for people who are not a majority.