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campus food is horrible, but there are a lot of restaurant around the campus. I hate how you have to pay around $2,300 for meal plan for first year student; last semester I had ~$300 left from my meal plan. I CAN'T EAT THAT MUCH. (but they sell ben & jerry's ice cream; maybe just buy more ice cream?)
This school is located in the heart of the best city in the world! As a student at USF, you are constantly in touch with the San Francisco community. The professors at USF are knowledgeable and care for their students. Students and faculty are very warm and friendly. The school is also recognized as a highly reputable institution especially in the bay area. Overall, USF is a great school!
Since San Francisco is an urban city, and USF is right in the middle, it's quite easy to find places to hang out and have fun outside of class.
Many of the professors that I had were kind, understanding, and always offered assistance outside of class. Some were slow, hard to understand, but in the end, it worked out, because their curriculum outlined most if not all the points and concepts we needed to understand and know by the end of the course.
The students are amiable and friendly, and many of them are also passionate in their studies and hardworking, whether in the classroom or in the work space.
The only downsides I would say this university has is the limited amount of classes available to take, as well as the requirement for the general education (because it's a Jesuit school, theology and philosophy, for example). ALSO, it's super expensive.
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My experience at USF has been delightful. My professors are full of energy and I am always excited to go to class. The location is key because USF is located in the most happening and sophisticated city. The professors are eager to develop relationships with students, while guiding them for their future.
The University of San Francisco is a highly competitive University. Overall, the experience I had was once in a lifetime.
Fantastic professors who know their students and care about their success. Caring administration trying to make the university, the city, and the world a better and more just place through education and outreach.
What I like most about USF is how engaging the professors are with their students. The professors seem to really care about the welfare of their students, which can be seen by the way they encourage office hours, questions, and take polls to see what the class is most comfortable with. They are very passionate about teaching the material to students and will do anything in their power to help you succeed in the course. The only downside I have noticed about the campus is how it's students aren't very engaging with each other. I wish there were more events that encompassed all students rather then fraternities being the main sources of community.
I love the small-knit community USF offers, both in-class and off. Teachers know your name and you get to see the same faces and create relationships with them. Also, the campus is beautiful and is located in a city full of opportunities!
USF is a beautiful campus located in the middle of the city, which provides a multitude of activities to partake in - from going to the Westfield mall to Lands End Beach. The academics at the university are phenomenal and the professors really encourage achievement. As for campus life, it is a fairly diverse with a plethora of clubs, organizations, and athletics. Overall the University of San Francisco is an amazing school and I am looking forward to the rest of my experience at the school.
I originally came to USF as a nursing major as their nursing program is very highly ranked. I ended up changing majors to biology my sophomore year and am so happy I did. I have loved my class here and have had some of the best teachers with exceptional experience in their field. Moreover, I have made relationships with friends that will be life long. The party scene and Greek life here is not very big, so if that's what you're looking for in a school, you may want to evaluate your choices. What you lose in the party/Greek scene, however, you gain in the amazing setting that is San Francisco and all the activities it has to offer. Overall, I am very happy with my choice here, but the school is not for everyone, so come for a visit to see if it's a fit for you!
Great university in an amazing location. But it is extremely expensive. I believe having a degree from USF opened doors to opportunities I may not have had if I had gone to another school.
Overall University of San Francisco is a great school. The campus is beautiful and the classroom sizes are small.
The campus is beautiful. Over looking the city and not to far from fun activities. The scene makes up for the cold weather.
Although University of San Francisco is ranked in the best city for a college campus, there are other factors that don't help a student have their best interest in staying at this campus. If you are a person that is just barely able to afford this college, I doubt that you'll have an amazing time all four years. You'll be more worried about the money for your tuition more than your studies. I am a full time student currently here, at USF and I pay the full 65K each year at this school. I find that I'm always worrying about money more than other people. And don't think that I am a person that can't afford this school. I definitely can. This school makes it hard to believe you pay so much when other students that have the same GPA, same or no extracurriculars and have the similar background stories, could be granted so much to be only paying 1k.
Great faculty. USF welcomed me as an immigrant. I felt like I am at home again after 3 years.
I am really grateful to have the opportunity to study here. The small class size and caring professors are two of my favorite features of USF.
The environment and community of the university are extremely "close-knit" where the university also provides their students with countless opportunities to follow their dreams and passions. The classes are rather small in student size, allowing the professors to establish a closer relationship with each student. The university also accommodates for students of any background or educational ability, providing very strong curriculum tactics.
I've enjoyed my overall experience at USF, and I especially love student life, the campus, classmates and my professors. The only thing I would like to see change is air conditioning in certain buildings like the Education building and for lower tuition rates.
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I love the diversity at the University of San Francisco, we have students coming to the school from all over the world. What I think should change, is the students should start exploring outside of their friend groups.
The University is what you make of it. Mainly the city is what attracts me. You will make friends on your capability to make friends. People are from close by areas so the campus gets fairly empty on holidays. Most of the college students live off campus and the party scene here is not too much. The gym is alright and the food is way too expensive. Better to eat off campus. The dorms, except Loyola Village aren't too great. They are small and students aren't guaranteed housing. The tuition is way too expensive here. Make sure to have a good social circle to have a good time here.
I love USF because it is located in the middle of the city. It offers a lot of opportunities to grow.