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University of San Francisco provides students with a positive experience with its multiple events, clubs, sports and such that make you feel a part of the school. It has been a good expericence but would be better if dorms were much better in some ways but the area is pretty nice. It is very convenient to have transportation around to go downtown or to the beach. The food is pretty nice, always surprises me.
University of San Francisco is located right in the center of the San Francisco, 8 miles away to Ocean Beach and 8 miles away to down town, Union Square. San Francisco is known for its diversity of food, by taking bus 43, 38,31, and 5 from the school, you can explore from Off the Grid, to Sichuan food, then to soft serve Ice cream. It's a foodie's heaven!
USF has resources and workshops for your major. Intramural clubs and major/ethnic based clubs and programs are great.Housing system is one confusing thing:there is a lottery system so you can get housing,it just depends on the invoming freshman.Converse with upperclassmen.Often,you USF will have class dicussions or events about controversial topics such as diversity,personal identity,safety,and abuse.You have 18 credits for:your core class,major classes,and minor class will range from 1-4 credits.As for books,sometimes professors upload documentation or books and may not require a book at all so always ask if it is.You have a major advisor and a CASA coach.In addition,they have a handshake resource that helps with internships,upcoming events,and jobs;3 internship are required.Join programs:they are very helpful and expose you to more resources.Spend time exploring and applying to internships in down time so you're productive.Time management is key to make sure you make your life easy.
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Love it here, from the minute I stepped onto campus I knew that this school would have my heart. Surround yourself with the right people and experiences, and you're bound to have the college experience of your life! Only thing that I would love to see improve is the food choices offered. Maybe add more healthy options, along with a greater variety in general!
The transition from high school to college can be terrifying and invigorating simultaneously. I was already preparing myself for the worst of what could possibly happen during my first year of college, but USF made the transition simple. Small class sizes, passionate professors, and helpful RA's helped to guide me in the right direction during the first few weeks of college, and without their support, I would have had a hard time navigating my way through classes and other student life activities.
Very inclusive, and diverse. Lot of classes and majors to pick from. Administration is nice and welcoming, but they dont always have answers. Housing is a lottery and limited after freshman year.
As a newbie at USF, the school atmosphere is incredible as well as the professors. However, living in SF can be extremely challenging due to everything being so damn expensive. So be prepared to find another place to stay second year at USF
I transferred out of the University of San Francisco after my sophomore year, but I am slowly regretting it. Looking back on my time there, I really did enjoy myself. The city and the school are so unique and amazing. Every professor was on your side, and the community was politically aware and diverse. The school tries to cater to absolutely everyone, no matter race, gender, or religion. Everyone there for the most part is really nice too. The campus is beautiful. Overall, it's just an amazing experience to go to USF.
Just completed my first year and actually enjoyed it! You really get what you put in for your campus experience. The professors are pretty accessible and will be there for you when you need them. The university does offer plenty of clubs and organizations to join to enhance your experience here.
The University of San Francisco has a breathtaking view. The students and professors from here are all very caring and helpful.As a transfer student from Hong Kong, I have experienced cultural shock, but I have overcome it because of them.
Great school. Opportunities and resources are endless. Professors will support you through all of the opportunities you get being in San Francisco. Strong alumni network close to campus.
I feel really secluded here apart from the niche I've found for myself. People here are rude but my education keeps me here.
Beautiful campus in a beautiful city. If you like the small campus feel, this is a good school for you.
I had a very good experience applying to USF. The staff was very nice and helpful.
Meeting a few of the program’s professors, I was impressed with their personal attention and willingness to help. I enjoyed visiting some of the classes
and taking part in the intellectually-stimulating discussion, where I got a glimpse of the class dynamics and the diversity of students attending the program.
The nursing program here is incredible yet VERY intense and challenging. The major con of this school is the ridiculously high tuition costs. Every single year the tuition rises by several thousand dollars. They never say explicitly what it is being used for.
I really liked the small classes, the values, and that it is in a great location in the city. There's been quite the remodeling of buildings that brought us new technology, advancing the science courses. This school is super diverse, attending is a wonderful experience because you meet people from all over the world getting to know their culture. One thing I would like to see is more on-campus housing for the students.
This school is really nice. I just recently transferred here from community college. the location is really nice; not far from Golden Gate Park or Ocean Beach. The only downside is the San Francisco hills. The staff is really nice and helpful, peaceful campus community, and very helpful teachers. If you have free time go to an athletic event (they're free) or get some food on the 2nd floor of the University Center. Get involved with some of the many student organizations on campus and take advantage of the many resources this school has within the city of San Francisco.
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Super diverse school with endless involvement opportunities. Abundant resources to help you succeed in and out of the classroom. Great location and easy access to fun spots in the city. All around great university that exposes you to new an exciting experiences.
As a current freshman, my experience so far has been an unforgettable one. Before attending classes and moving in, I felt hesitant and afraid about college life. USF has been the best choice I could have ever made. The atmosphere on campus is extremely friendly and it isn't hard to make friends/acquaintances. It's also very exciting to live in an area so diverse and to meet people from different cities, states, and countries.
I know that my time here will be well spent and useful because of all of the resources this school provides for me. The student to professor ratio is fairly small compared to other universities which allows me to become acquainted and familiar with my professors. USF also provides many internship,volunteer, and scholarship opportunities for any student in any major. Not to mention the various clubs and organizations that are very productive and fun.
I am ultimately very grateful for having chosen USF and excited for what these next years have in store for me.
As a nursing major, this university has state of the art equipment, well-seasoned professors, tutoring, lectures from well-known speakers, & various job/social opportunities. The small campus is diverse, with international students & staff. The greek & sports scenes are not notable. The school, one of the few Jesuit universities in the country, is geographically located in the middle of San Francisco, so nothing is ever more than a 30 minute drive (50 minute bus ride) away. While the science, business, & social justice related majors are strong, most other majors offer good, but not notable, programs.
The dorms are quite small & require students to leave during winter break. The food is good for a university, but extremely overpriced if without a meal plan, & disappointing compared to the foodie culture of the city.There are 24/7 campus police & a shuttle available for a 2.5 mile radius of the school, but students should be warned to always be aware of their surroundings off campus.
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